For participating in Tender by 6Zm93B8d


									                                                      Tender Book No.   ….

           TENDER BOOK
Tender No. 5-73/2004-07/CFO/ 2404                     Dated: 11-10-2011

                  PORT BLAIR-744101

                       TeleFax : +91 (03192) 232697
                         PORT BLAIR-744101
                Tele Fax : +91 (03192) 232002, 232697
     Tender No. 5-73/2004-07/CFO/2404                      Dated: 11/10/2011

                               Notice Inviting Tender

       The sealed tender in two bid system duly superscribed with Tender No. and
due date are invited from reputed manufacturer /proprietary fabricator for the

      Fabrication of 01 No. DCP Foam Tender on TATA model LPT 1613/42
chassis BS-II/BS-III fitted with Cummins engine as per specification/
functional requirement at Annexure – A and equipments as per Appendix -A.
The fabricator has to procure 01 Nos. TATA model LPT 1613/42 chassis BS-
II/BS-III fitted with Cummins engine from the nearest TATA dealer on behalf
of A & N Police Fire Service. For participating in Tender, a proforma invoice
for 01 No. TATA model LPT 1613/42 chassis BS-II/BS-III fitted with Cummins
engine drawn in favour of Director General of Police, A & N Islands should be
submitted in second sealed envelope. After finalization of the tender, 98%
advance payment against the proforma invoice shall be released along with
authorization to collect the same on behalf of the DGP, A & N Islands.
Remaining 2% of payment alongwith cost escalation differential, if any, shall
be made as a part of final payment. The terms and condition may be seen in
the tender documents.
      The list of accessories / equipments, their specifications, terms and
conditions may be collected from Office of the Chief Fire Officer, Andaman and
Nicobar Islands, Port Blair-744101 Ph: 03192-232697, Fax: 03192232002 in
person or by sending self addressed envelope (stamp value must be speed post
value) 15 days prior to the last date of receipt of tender OR The Deputy Resident
Commissioner, Andaman and Nicobar Administration, Andaman Bhawan No. 7 DP
Block, Sector-5 Salt Lake, Kolkata- 700 091, Phone no. (033) 23577628 and Fax
No. 033-23577629. The tender notice is also available in the website of Andaman
and      Nicobar       Administration       i.e.,      or

      The sealed tenders super-scribing “Fabrication of 01 No. DCP Foam
Tender" will be accepted till 1530 hrs on 28/11/2011 in the office of the Chief
Fire Officer or can be dropped in the tender box (MAIN STORE) kept in the ground
floor of Fire Service HQ, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Port Blair which will be
opened on the same day at 1600 hours in the chamber of Superintendent of Police
(South Andaman District) in the presence of tenderers or their representative(s), if

         The Director General of Police, Andaman & Nicobar Police, Andaman
   and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair reserves the right to accept or reject any
   tender without assigning any reason thereof.


                                                                   Chief Fire Officer
                                                      For Director General of Police
                                            Office of the Director General of Police
                                                    Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Copy to:-
   1. Incharge, Hindi Cell, PHQ with request to translate the above Tender Notice in
   2. I/C Computer Cell to upload the quotation letter in police website.
   3. Notice Board (PHQ) ‘T’ HI (PHQ).
   4. Notice Board SP (D) S/A Office ‘T’ R to SP (D) A.
   5. Notice Board Police Line ‘T’ RI Police Line.
   6. Inspector F/B (P/B), Inspector (PMT) & Inspector (Store) F/B.
   7. Notice Board (F/B) ‘T’ STO FS, Aberdeen


                                                              Chief Fire Officer
                                                    Andaman and Nicobar Islands

                            TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1.      Tender documents can be obtained from the Office of the Chief Fire
        Officer, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Port Blair on all working days upto
        1000 Hrs. on 14/11/2011 OR The Deputy Resident Commissioner,
        Andaman and Nicobar Administration, Andaman Bhawan No. 7 DP Block,
        Sector-5 Salt Lake, Kolkata- 700 091, Phone no. (033) 23577628 and Fax
        No. 033-23577629. Tender documents are also available in        of    A&N      Administration     and     website of Police which may be downloaded by the
        interested tenderers.
2.      Request for tender documents from outstation/mainland firms should
        bear the tender reference and full address of the firm and reach at least
        15 days prior to the last date of receipt of tender.

3.      The sealed Tenders/Quotations will be accepted up to 28/11/2011 by
        1530 Hrs. in the office of the Chief Fire Officer, Andaman & Nicobar
        Islands, Port Blair or can be dropped in the Tender Box (MAIN STORE)
        kept in the Ground Floor of Fire Service HQ, Port Blair and the same will
        be opened on 28/11/2011 at 1600 Hrs. in the Chamber of
        Superintendent of Police (South Andaman), Port Blair in the presence of
        tenderers or their authorized representatives, if any.
4.      The manufacturers /proprietary fabricator should submit the tenders
        with the document indicating that they are the authorized
5.      In the absence of documentary evidence indicating that the firm is either
        the manufacturer /proprietary fabricator the quotation shall not be
6.      Quotation should be submitted in 2 Bid system specifically mentioned
        on the top of the each envelope as FIRST ENVELOPE (TECHNICAL BID)
     A. FIRST SEALED ENVELOPE (i.e. Technical Bid) should contain the
           i.   Annexure-I, IV & V duly filled in and signed by the Bidder
                alongwith with seal of the Firm.
           ii. Dealership/Manufacturer        Certificate/Proprietary  Fabricator
           iii. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)
           iv. Related catalogue/Leaflet.
           v. The firm must furnish previous track record, list of various
                departments to which they had supplied such items. The firm
                should have experience of fabricating at least 05 DCP Foam
                Tender and furnish the details of such organization to which the
                DCP Foam Tender are supplied.

           vi.  The firm should submit list of plants and Machineries and list of
                technically qualified personnel available in their firm for execution
                of work.
           vii. Detailed drawing of the DCP Foam Tender. The Drawing should
                  (a) Organizations which have approved their drawings earlier.
                  (b) The load distribution & center of gravity details.
                  (c) Details of materials to be used for fabrication.
                  (d) Item wise details of accessories to be kept in each locker to be
                  (e) Drawing details to be furnished in CAD/CAM format with 3D
                  – details if possible.

     B. SECOND SEALED ENVELOPE (i.e. Financial Bid) should contain the
        price offered, must be in the form provided herewith Annexure-II.
        (Including Freight, Packing, Forwarding and Insurance charges) and
        Annexure-III (Cost of one No. TATA 1613/42 chassis along with proforma
        invoice of nearest TATA Dealer). Price bid shall be quoted for fabrication
        of 01 No. DCP Foam Tender alongwith accessories as per
        specification/functional requirement Annexure -A and equipments as per
        Appendix -A and cost of 1 No TATA chassis.

7.      The Technical and Price bid shall be put in one big size envelope and
        sealed properly before depositing in Tender Box or while submitting by
        post/courier. Tender envelope(s) must be sealed and superscribed
        “FABRICATION OF 01 No. DCP FOAM TENDER” which shall be addressed
        to the Chief Fire Officer, A & N Islands, Port Blair, Pin - 744101.

8.      The Technical bids are to be opened by the purchase committee
        comprising Superintendent of Police (S/A) at the first instance and
        evaluated by a competent technical committee. Only those firms who
        qualify in the Technical bid will be considered to open their financial bid
        at the second stage.

9.      The bid form supplied by the Committee at Annexure-II may be used for
        bidding. The additional sheets containing the same proforma may be used
        for the purpose duly signed by the bidder. The price bid must be in the
        form provided herewith Annexure-II & III.

10.     The bid prepared by the bidder and all correspondence and documents
        relating to the bid exchanged by the bidder and the purchaser, shall be
        written in English language provided that any printed literature furnished
        by the Bidder may be written in another languages so long as
        accompanied by translation of its pertinent passages. In such case, for
        purposes of interpretation of the bid, English translation shall govern.
                                    -   5–

11.   The bid shall contain no interlineations, erases or overwriting words
      except as necessary to correct errors made by the bidder, in which case
      such correction shall be initiated by the persons signing the bid.
12.   The bidder has to go through and must understand all instructions,
      forms, terms and conditions and specifications mentioned in the bidding
      documents. Failure to furnish all information required by the bidding
      documents or submission of a bid not substantially irresponsive to the
      bidding document in every respect will be at the bidder’s risk and may
      result in the rejection of the bid.
13.   Documents, literature, diagrams/ leaflets, samples etc., enclosed in the
      tender shall become the property of the Andaman and Nicobar Police
      without any payment.
14.   The manufacturer /proprietary fabricator should specifically indicate in
      case they have ISO 9000 certification from competent authority.
15.   The validity period of the tender should be up to 30th June, 2012
      in all respect. No price variation will be admissible beyond the original
      scheduled delivery date for defaults on the part of supply.
16.   No escalation on any ground such as changes in fiscal policy, consumer
      price index, rise in duties, Taxes or any other levy etc. or any other
      contingency thereof shall not be considered. The price quoted and finally
      negotiated and agreed upon shall be treated as final, and no variation in
      any prices thereof shall be considered.
17.   EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT: The tender for fabrication of 01 No. of DCP
      Foam Tender with accessories and equipments (projected in the Tender
      document) and as per our work order shall be accompanied by Earnest
      Money Deposit of ` 60,000/- (Rupees sixty thousand only) in the shape of
      Call Deposit Receipt drawn from any Nationalized Bank/ Scheduled Bank
      of Government of India. The Deposit Receipt shall be made in the name of
      Chief Fire Officer, Port Blair, A & N Islands.
18.   All firms who are not registered with DGS&D/NSIC for the subject stores
      as per specification shall be required to deposit fixed amount of Earnest
      Money as mentioned above along with their offer. Offers received without
      Earnest Money or with Earnest Money other than the amount specified
      will be liable to be summarily ignored. Registration with any other
      organization or to any other specification will not exempt them from
      depositing Earnest Money. The firm registered with DGS&D/NSIC with
      some monetary limits for the stores of required specification shall be
      treated as unregistered for the value exceeding their monetary limit of
      registration. Such firms shall be required to deposit proportionate
      Earnest Money over and above their exemption limit. In no case the
      Earnest Money deposited should indicate the price quoted by any firm.
      Tenders received not in conformity to the EMD guidelines would liable to
      be rejected summarily.
                                     -   6–

19.   The EMD shall be valid and remain deposited with the Purchaser for the
      period of 45 days from the date of tender opening. If the validity of the
      tender is extended, the validity of the BG or any other document
      submitted in lieu of EMD will also be suitably extended by the tenderer,
      failing which the tender after the expiry of the aforesaid period shall not
      be considered by the purchaser.

20.   No interest shall be payable by the Purchaser on the EM deposited by
      the tenderer.

21.   The EM deposited is liable to be forfeited if the tenderer withdraws or
      amends, impairs on derogates from the tender in any respect within the
      period of validity of his tender.

22.   EMD of the successful bidder will be refunded on receipt of performance
      security deposit as required in terms of the contract which is furnished
      by the bidder and EMD of all the unsuccessful tenderer shall be returned
      by the purchaser as early as possible after the expiry of the bids validity,
      but not later than 30 days after placement of contract. Tenderers are
      advised to send a pre-receipted challan along with their bids so that
      refund of EMD can be made in time.
23.   If the successful tenderer fails to furnish the performance deposit as
      required in the contract within the stipulated period, the EMD shall be
      liable to be forfeited by the purchaser.
24.   Any tender not accompanied with EMD or with less amount of EMD will
      be rejected without intimation to the tenderers.
25.   Update valid Income Tax Certificates, CST and VAT Registration
      Certificate, PAN Number of the Firm, Current Trade License, and Last
      three years audited Balance sheet, Performance statement figure and
      previous track records must be submitted along with offer.
26.   PERFORMANCE SECURITY DEPOSIT: - After finalization of the tender,
      10% of the order value quoted by the lowest bidder will be taken as
      Performance security deposit valid for a period of 60 days beyond the date
      of completion of all contractual obligations of the supplier including
      guarantee obligations which will be 12 months from the date of receipt of
      01 No. fabricated DCP Foam Tender at Port Blair. Firms on their own, will
      have to direct their banker to extend the security deposit to be valid till
      guarantee period and beyond 60 days. The security deposit shall be in the
      shape of Account Payee Demand Draft, Fixed Deposit Receipt from a
      Commercial Bank, Bank Guarantee from a Commercial Bank in an
      acceptable form safe guarding the purchase interest in all respect of A&N
      Police Fire Service drawn in favour of Chief Fire Officer, A&N Islands.

27.   One No. TATA LPT 1613/42 chassis is to be procured by the firm from the
      nearest TATA dealer on behalf of A & N Police Fire Service for which 98%
      advance payment against the proforma invoice shall be released along
      with authorization to collect the same on behalf of the DGP, A & N
      Islands, remaining 2% of payment alongwith cost escalation differential, if
      any, shall be made as a part of final payment.

28.   After procurement of chassis, a Bank guarantee equivalent to the present
      value of 01 No. TATA 1613/42 chassis BS-II/III and comprehensive
      insurance coverage as admissible for the safe custody of 01 No. of chassis
      at firm’s worksite to be furnished within 07 days in favour of CFO,
      Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair drawn from any Nationalized
      Bank of India. The Bank Guarantee will be returned only after successful
      handing over of 01 No. DCP Foam Tender to our interim consignee which
      will be intimated in due course and also after fabrication as per
      specification/functional requirement at annexure-A and equipments as
      per Appendix -A and as per our work order.
29.   The fabrication work of 01 No. DCP Foam Tender as per
      specification/functional requirement at Annexure –A and in terms of our
      work order, have to be completed within 90 days (Ninety days) from the
      date of receipt of chassis at firms worksite. Date of receipt of 01 No.
      chassis at the worksite of the firm has to be intimated to the Chief Fire
      Officer, Port Blair.

30.   GUARANTEE PERIOD The fabricated DCP Foam Tender alongwith the
      associated accessories and equipments as per our work order shall be
      guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of receipt of DCP
      Foam Tender at Port Blair. If any of the equipment fails/ develops fault
      within the guarantee period the firm shall repair/replace the defective
      part/ equipments in full, free of cost failing which the bank
      guarantee/security deposit shall be forfeited.

31.   INSPECTION: Inspection of 01 No. of DCP Foam Tender will be carried
      out in three stages as mentioned below at your work site by our
      inspecting team on receipt of confirmation from the firm for each

         a) Verification of the chassis after erection of super structure of DCP
         Foam Tender.
         b) After Paneling and Internal Locker arrangements.
         c) Final Inspection as per standard procedure.

32.   The fabricated DCP Foam Tender with its accessories as per Appendix-A
      will not be accepted unless the same is fabricated as per IS
      Specification/functional requirement at Annexure-A and equipments as
      per Appendix -A with good workmanship and quality which will be
      certified by our inspecting team at firms work site. A copy of Specification
      /functional requirement of DCP Foam Tender is enclosed herewith for
      reference of tenderer and strict compliance.
33.   The 01 No. fabricated DCP Foam Tender are to be handed over to our
      interim consignee which will be intimated later and after satisfactory final
      inspection by our inspecting team for its onward transshipment to Port
34.   DELIVERY PERIOD: If the fabrication work of DCP Foam Tender are not
      completed within the stipulated period of 90 days, liquidated damage
      charges will be charged @ 0.5% per week delay upto maximum 5% of the
      total cost and will be deducted from the final payment and incase the firm
      fails to supply the DCP Foam Tender, the security deposit of the firm will
      be forfeited and legal process will be initiated against the defaulter firm.

35.   PAYMENT: Necessary payment will be made on fulfilling the conditions
      as laid down at (a) to (d) below for fabrication of 01 No. DCP Foam
      a). On satisfactory completion of works and final inspection by our
          inspecting team and supply of equipments as per work order.
      b). On receipt of report from our inspection team about successful
          completion of fabrication works in conformity to our work order and
          tender enquiry as per specification/functional requirement at
          Annexure-A and equipments as per Appendix -A and after complete
          supply of equipments as per our work order.
      c). On handing over 01 No. of DCP Foam Tender duly fabricated as per
          specification/functional requirement at Annexure-A and equipments
          as per Appendix -A and as per our work order to our interim consignee
          by the firm and after satisfactory final inspection for its onward
          transshipment to Port Blair.
      d). Submission of pre receipted bill (in triplicate) to the Chief Fire Officer,
          A&N Islands, Port Blair for fabrication work and balance 02 % of the
          chassis cost alongwith cost escalation, if any, for payment

36.   The tender would be regarded as turned down, if no award of contract
      has been obtained till the expiry of the tender validity. No separate
      communication will be made in this regard.

37.   In case the date of opening of tender is declared as Public Holiday, the
      tender   shall be    opened on the next working day at the same time.

38.   Late and delayed tenders will not be considered and may be returned
      unopened to the Bidder.

39.   The Tender Notice No. 5-73/2004-07/CFO/2404 dt 11/10/2011 (The item code
      number is given in the specification sheet) must be invariably quoted in
      the bid and during further correspondence in this regard.

40.   The successful tenderer will have to furnish undertaking to supply spare
      parts/Spare modules of the equipment on payment for 07 (seven) years
      after the warranty period.

41.   All the Tenders should be addressed to:

      The Chief Fire Officer
      Andaman and Nicobar Islands
      Port Blair-744 101

42.   The DIRECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
      reserves the right to reject any or all the Tenders without assigning any
      reason thereof and also do not bind himself to accept the lowest tender.
43.    “The successful bidder shall execute an agreement with the department
      containing the terms and conditions of performance of agreement”.

44.   All disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the court of A & N


                                                               Chief Fire Officer
                                                  For Director General of Police
                                                                  A & N Islands
                                          - 10 -

Tender Book No. ………………

                                  APPLICATION FORM
                                (To be filled by the bidder)

1.   Name and full address of the bidder            :
     Postal, telephone and Fax number

2.   Name and Designation of the Head of            :
     the Firm/ Supplier and his Telephone

3.   Item Code Number quoted for                    :

4.   Whether Earnest Money Deposited                :

5.   If yes, Demand Draft No. Date and              :
     Name of Issuing Bank

6.   If no, reason       with     documentary :

7.   Validity of offer                              :

8.   Latest     Income     Tax        Clearance     :
     Certificate attached.
     If no, reason

9.       PAN number                                            :


                                                   Legally Binding Signature with Stamp
                                          - 11 -

                                      BID FORM – I
Tender Book No. ……………

  Details showing, specification and other details of the equipments offered (to be
             filled by the bidder and must be kept alongwith the Bid)

Sl/No. and    Name of   The                Difference in      Unit         Taxes and      Total
item code     equipment specification      specification      price (in    other          Amo
no. of                  offered by         s of tender        Rupees)      expenditure    unt
equipment               the                documents          excluding    sales   tax,   Col.
s as per                committee          and that of        rates at     CST, Excise    (5+6)
our tender                                 Bid, if any.       col. No. 6   duty,
document                                                                   Freight up
     1             2              3                  4             5             6          7

NOTE: If this sheet is not sufficient to accommodate the bid, additional sheets containing
      the same proforma but all such sheets including this one must be signed by the
      Bidder along with seal. This Annexure must enclose in the Proforma Invoice price
      bid for item wise.

                                                   Signature with date & stamp of the Bidder

                                   BID FORM – II
Tender Book No. ……………

Sl.   Name of the TATA dealer with complete address,               Amount in Rs.
No.   phone, fax & e-mail                                          (inclusive of all taxes
                                                                   & levies)

NOTE: If this sheet is not sufficient to accommodate the bid, additional sheets containing
      the same proforma but all such sheets including this one must be signed by the
      Bidder along with seal. This Annexure must enclose the Proforma Invoice of TATA

                                                 Signature with date & stamp of the Bidder
                                       - 13 -


                                                      Date ………………………….....
                                            Tender Notice No…… ………………………
       The Chief Fire Officer
       Andaman & Nicobar Islands
       Port Blair-744101
       Phone No. 03192-232697

       Having examined the conditions of Tender Document and Specifications of
the equipments, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. I, the undersigned,
offer to supply, deliver and installation (if necessary) the following equipments.


      (Please add additional pages, if required) The above supply, installation shall
be in conformity with the specifications and conditions of supply.

      I undertake if our bid is accepted to deliver the equipments quoted by me, I
shall deliver and install with in the period indicated in the terms and conditions of
the Tender Notice.

     I agree to abide by this bid for a period upto 30th June, 2012 and it shall
remain upon me and may be accepted at any time before expiration of that period.

     This Bid, together with your written acceptance thereof in your notification of
award shall constitute a bidding contract between us.

      I understood that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any bid you may

Dated this ………………. day of ……………………. .

                  Signature of authorized person, name with stamp & full address.
                                                      - 14 -
                                                                                        Annexure- V

      ITEM CODE NO. 01:           Fabrication of 01 Nos. DCP Foam Tender on TATA model
                                  LPT      1613/42     chassis    BS-II/BS-III as    per
                                  specification/functional requirement at Annexure-A and
                                  equipments as per Appendix -A

No                                                                           OFFERED BY THE
                                                                             / SUPPLIER
1              2                                  3                                 4           5
1      Fabrication     of   Fabrication of DCP Foam Tender on TATA model
       DCP          Foam    LPT 1613/42 chassis BS-II/BS-III fitted with
       Tender on TATA       Cummins engine as per specification/functional
       model         LPT    requirement at Annexure – A and equipments as
       1613/42 chassis      per Appendix -A.

              Authorized Signature with seal of the firm
                                                        ANNEXURE- A


      The DCP Foam Tender shall be fabricated on TATA LPT 1613/42
TC. All accessories shall be designed and manufactured as per BIS/ISI
& Sound engineering practice. It shall be fitted with Towing Arrangement
at the rear having adequate strength to carry one ton trailer.   The unit
shall be well balanced on the chassis equally on all wheels. The DCP
Foam tender shall be manufactured as per IS: 10993/84 and water cum
foam system generally confirming to IS 10460/1983, with the following
technical specifications for fire brigade use and the specification given
1. Scope:-
      This standard lays down the requirement regarding design,
material, Construction, Workmanship and Finishing, Accessories and
Acceptance test of DCP Foam Tender.

2. Requirements:-
      (i) The appliance shall carry:-
             (a) 2700 Ltrs Capacity of Water Tank.
             (b) 550 ltrs. Capacity of Foam Tank
             (c) 1000 Kg (1 x 1000 ) DCP vessel
             (d) 22.5 Kg Co2 Extinguisher – 2 Nos.
             (e) Extension Ladder 10.5 mtrs.- 01 No.

      Incorporated with Power Take –Off (PTO) unit, Gunmetal single
stage pump having capacity to discharge water @2250 lpm at 7 kg/cm2.
3. Design and Construction:-
(i) Chassis: The appliance shall be fabricated on TATA LPT 1613/42 TC
Chassis fitted with power steering. The structural drawing shall be
prepared by the successful tenderer and shall be got approved in
advance from Chief Fire Officer before commencement of the work.

(ii) It shall be assumed that the set of drawings submitted for approval
are prepared taking into consideration the R.T.O. rules and regulations,
and any Error thereof shall be treated as contractor’s responsibility.

(iii) The unit shall be designed to be as compact as possible, compatible
with ease of accessibility to all service parts.     The pump and foam
making equipments control shall be so arranged that one can operate
Foam or Water lines most conveniently.
(iv) Lever type valve control shall be preferred through unless
impracticable in any case.
(v) The appliance shall be supplied complete with equipment at
Appendix-A and accessories mentioned in Sl.No.18.
(vi) The appliance shall be equipped with all accessories necessary to
clear traffic, clear fire hazards on the approach roads, protect itself from
fire, while in operation.
4. The Materials Selections and treatments :-
(i)     The materials used for construction of the appliance should be
         used with a view to combine lightness with strength and
(ii)    In no case timber or plywood shall be used in ‘Body Construction’.
(iii)   All parts which are coming in contact with water, such parts shall
        be treated with anti-corrosion compound /paint (Epoxy coats)etc,
        and all metal parts exposed to atmosphere shall strictly be made
        from stainless steel materials only.
(iv)    Ferrous metal shall not be used for chromium plated fittings and
        all such fittings shall be of extra heavy quality.
(v)     The structure shall be carried out of 32 mm x 32 mm x 14 gauge
        rigid, heavy duty secure CRC tube-box section.
(vi)    Stainless steel sheets used for foam tank shall be strictly approved
        by Steel Authority of India Ltd.(SAIL).
(vii)   All items mentioned in Accessories at (Sl.No.18) should be ISI
        marked with ISI certificate.

2.      The choice of material used in construction of the appliance shall
be made with a view combining lightness with strength and durability.
All the parts fitted in the vehicle shall be easily available and
replaceable. All metal parts exposed to the atmosphere and the parts
coming in contact with the powder shall be of corrosion resistant
material (or) treated suitably to resist corrosion.

5. Water Tank.
        A Water tank of 2700 ltrs. Capacity shall be mounted on chassis.
It shall be fabricated out of mild steel sheets of minimum 4 mm
thickness. The suitable baffle plates shall be provided with the sheet
having minimum thickness of 4mm. The bottom plate of the tank shall
be of Mild steel sheets having minimum thickness of 5mm. The shape of
the tank shall be rectangular with cover top and bottom tank shall be
mounted on flexible mounting to prevent tank destruction due to the
chassis deflection (flexion). The mounting shall permit full contents of
the tank to flow into the pump. The inner walls of the tank shall be
quoted with epoxy paint after sand blasting to prevent extensive damage
to the water tank due to corrosion.               The water tank should be
hydraulically tested at 0.3 bar pressure to find out any leakages.
        Suitable hooks shall be provided on the top of the tank to enable
the tank to be lifted off the vehicle. The bottom of the hooks shall be
further strengthened with flange type plates mounted on the top of the
tank to avoid any damage to the tank during process of lifting off the

        A inspection manhole of 450 mm diameter shall be provided on the
top of the tank which shall be fitted with a GM blank cap marked
WATER which shall also solve the purpose of the filling orifice. The drain
pipe shall be of not less than 75mm diameter which shall be taken down
to a point well below the chassis without reducing the effective ground
clearance when fully loaded, and the water shall be discharge away from
the wheels. A cleaning hole of not less than 250 mm diameters shall be
provided at the bottom of the tank and it shall be fitted with bolted cover
and drain cock where ever necessary.

        One overflow pipes of not less than 75 mm internal diameter shall
be fitted to the tank. The discharge end of the overflow pipe shall be
taken down to a point well below the chassis without reducing the
effective ground clearance when fully loaded and water shall be
discharged away from the wheels. The pipe shall be designed, in such a
way that it ensures the water only flows while refilling the tank, but no
water shall flow through these pipes when the appliance is in motion,
standing on uneven ground or brakes are applied.

        Filling pipes (Hydrant connections) shall be provided with an
internal diameter of not less than 65mm shall be fitted to the tank. The
connection shall be fitted with a 63mm, instantaneous male coupling
with strainer.     Full proof arrangements shall be made to prevent
pressurization of the water tank while refilling through the filling pipe.
The inlet of the filling pipe shall be fitted on or near the pump control
     A Tube type water level indicator for the water tank shall be
provided close to the control panel.

     The tank shall be connected to the pump and hose reel in such
manner that pressurization of the water tank or water tank pump
connection is not possible when pumping water from an outside source
of supply.

     The plumbing between the pump and the hose reel shall have a
clear and unobstructed water way of not less than 25mm throughout
without any obstructions. The draw off shall be protected by a wire
screen file shall preferably be also fitted with an anti –vorate device.
Arrangement shall be made for venting the tank to the atmosphere when
water is being drawn from it. The plumbing shall be reasonably
accessible for maintenance purpose.     Drain cocks shall be provided
wherever necessary and controls for these shall be readily accessible
and so arranged as to prevent the cocks from being opened by vibration.
The direction in which the valve/cock opens/closes shall be clearly
marked near each valve/cock.

     The tank shall have the following connections to facililatite The
             1.   Hydrant-Tank
             2.   Tank-Pump-Hose Reel
             3.   Tank-Pump-Monitor
             4.   Hydrant-Pump-Hose Reel
             5.   Tank-Pump-2 Deliveries
             6.   Pump-Cooling Tank
     The tank shall be connected to the pump with a butterfly valve.
6. Cooling System:
        Indirect cooling system of open circuit type consisting of a special
 heat exchanger shall be provided on the chassis to enable full power
 output to be maintained during the pumping operation without over
 heating and hot water discharge.

        Water discharged through cooling system shall be connected to
 suction inlet or main tank through 25mm special plumbing the
 discharge point near the heat exchanger taping should be provided to
 check the temperature of cooling water while in continuous operation.
7. Hose Reel:

        One hose reel shall be provided and mounted at convenient place
 of the appliance. Swiveling guide rollers should be fitted to prevent the
 tubing from kinking.      The hose reel shall be of 60 mtrs in length and
 20mm bore and shall be fitted with shut off nozzle. The hose reel shall
 be of DUNLOP make (or COSMOS) and recent manufacturer’s test
 certificate of the same shall be submitted at the time of inspection.

 (i)    The foam compound tank 550 Ltrs. Capacity shall be mounted on
 the chassis in addition to the water tank and as a separate and distinct
 unit which can be removed for replacement, maintenance etc.

 (ii)   The foam compound tank shall be of rigid type. The stainless steel
 (SS) tank should be fabricated out minimum 5 mm thick SS sheets and
 the bottom thickness of the foam tank should be of 5mm. The foam
 tank should be hydraulic tested at 0.3 Bar pressure to find out any
 leakages. Rigid tank shall be of stainless steel sheets and should be
 marked with Steel Authority of India (SAIL). In addition 2% of
 expansion space shall be made in the tank, over and above foam
(iii) The tank shall have a filling orifice of not less than 150 mm
diameter with a removable strainer fitted to it. The strainer shall be of
such material which should not be affected by constant contact with
the foam compound and its total screening area shall be adequate to
permit quick filling of foam compound into the tank.      The filler cap
shall be clearly marked ‘FOAM’ preferable pressing, casting or

(iv) The rigid tank fitted shall have its top dished tunneling
arrangement provided to enable easy filling from 20 ltrs. Drums.
Suitable sharp-edge tin opener may also be provided at the foam tank
filling mount for puncturing the foam compound drum for facilitating
quick filling of the foam compound directly from the drums into the
tank. The tank shall suitably be baffled to prevent surging while the
vehicle is in the motion/standing on uneven ground or brakes are
applied to the moving appliance.        The design of the tank shall
incorporate a cleaning hole of 250mm and a drain pipe fitted with a ball
valve.    The foam compound draw off tube shall be positioned in the
centre of the tank in such a manner that foreign body or sludge shall
not pass into the compound line. The draw-off tube shall be fitted with
gauze strainer of suitable material, mesh, size, and adequate straining
area. The tank shall be removable and it shall be ensured that the joint
between the top and the body of the tank is leak -proof. The rigid tank
shall be flexibly mounted unless attached to a rigid structure. The tank
shall be separate and distinct from the body and shall be easily
removable as a unit

(v)   Means shall be provided for automatic venting of the foam
compound tank when the foam is being produced or the tank is being
filled.   This shall not be incorporated with the cap.       The device
employed shall be as simple as possible and shall not easily operate
during the normal use of the appliance.

(vi) The draw-off tube shall be connected to the foam compound
proportionator/inductor (Around the Pump Proportioner) as necessary,
and an automatic flow control valve shall be incorporated in it so as to
maintain a constant induction rate of not more than 6% with varying
foam output.    The plumbing for this purpose shall have a clear and
unobstructed passage of not less than 50mm and shall-
(a)   be as short as possible.
(b)   be capable of being easily dismantled for internal cleaning.
(c)   be provided with means of thorough flushing after use.
(d)   not form ‘U’ bend or abrupt angle at any portion and be capable of
      being drained easily without dismantling.

(vii) A suitable transfer pump manually operated having not less than
25mm connection shall be provided for transferring foam compound
from drums to the foam compound tank without causing any frothing
in the tank. Necessary connection shall also be provided for
transferring the foam compound through this pump.

(viii) Provision shall also be made for drawing foam compound from the
external source through a pick-up tube into the foam proportioner.

(ix) Foam compound proportionator/inductor- Magirus-German make
with import paper and documents. Or any equivalent which should be
got approved from CFO. Automatic proportionating arrangements shall
be provided where the induction ratios of foam compound/water
solution and flow    of water is automatically varied as per demand,
merely by opening and closing the monitor/hand-lines. This shall be
achieved without any complex system of linkage that may be
 susceptible to distortion due to chassis flexion, The system shall be
 reliable and shall not require frequent calibration checks.

 (i)    A foam monitor shall be mounted on the roof of water tank in such
 a manner that it can be manually operated by a member of the crew
 enabling the vehicle to be capable of operation by one man in an
 emergency. The monitor shall be capable of traversing through 360˚ on
 a horizontal plane, elevating from horizontal to 45˚ and depressing from
 horizontal to not less than 15˚ and fully rotating in both directions.
 The monitor shall be fitted with deflector to enable it to lay a wide
 carpet of foam for quick coverage of spill fires when necessary.        The
 change from jet to spray shall be instantaneous by the operation of a
 simple lever.     The monitor should be capable to throw the foam
 produced towards a fire at a minimum of 12 mtrs. Ahead of the cap
 when the monitor is at its maximum depression from horizontal.

 (ii)   The monitor should be of the self-aspirating type with a flow rate of
 at least 2,000 L/min of water at 10 kgf/cm2. It shall give an expansion
 ration of not less than 1:6 using foam compound confirming to IS:

 (iii) The monitor shall be capable of projecting the foam discharge to an
 effective distance of not less than 45m. In still air when operated at the
 designed pressure in a straight jet pattern without dripping.
 (iv) The foam producing equipment should be capable of being
 converted later to suit use of equipment with AFFF also, without major
              The 1000 Kg. DCP system shall be conforming to IS:
 4308/1982. It shall consist of 1 Nos. 1000 Kg DCP vessel made out of
 boiler class plate as per ASME Code VIII-Div-I.         The tank shall be
hydraulically tested to 30 kg/Cm    2.   The material used for fabrication of
the vessel shall be of 12mm or 14mm thick SA 515 Gr.60/70 or SA 516
Gr.60/70.     The vessel shall be provided with separate filling cover,
chain, plug, safety valve, pressure gauge, isolation valve, discharge
valve, common manifold and arrangement shall be provided to expel
the powder through the monitor or 2 hose reels or both at a time. The
vessel shall be provided with separate expellant gas supply and fitted
with pressure reduction valve.
            The DCP vessel shall have treatment for anti-corrosion on
internal surface, sand blasting/Epoxy Painting from inside, lead tin
coating outside synthetic enamel P.O. Red in colour (tin not less than
10% and having minimum thickness 0.12 mm).                One number long
range DCP monitor shall be mounted on the roof of the DCP Tender.
There shall be proper and sufficient moving space around the platform
for movement of the operator. The discharge rate of the powder shall
be not less than 5 kg. per second through each hose reel and throw
shall be not less than 10 mtr. horizontal and 8 mtr. vertical while
working on both the lines. The discharge rate of the monitor shall be
adjustable 15.25 to 40 Kg./sec at 14kg/cm2. The throw of the monitor
shall not be less that 40 mtr. horizontal and 30 mtr. vertical in still air.
The total discharge of the powder shall be not less than 90 percent of
the total contents. The vessel shall be provided with arrangement for
discharging the excess expellant gas into the atmosphere with all other
            The expellant gas system shall have nitrogen gas. The
capacity of N2 cylinder is 50 ltrs,. And 4 Nos. be used for vessel. The
filling pressure of N2 cylinder is 200 kg/ cm2. The above quantity of N2
gas is sufficient to discharge 1000 kg DCP powder through monitor and
hose reels.
            Two number hose reels, one on each sides of the vehicle
shall be provided. Arrangement shall be made to prevent over running
  of the reels. Each reel shall be provided with 30 mtr. long x 25mm dia
  high pressure rubber hose fitted with trigger type pistol grip nozzle
  capable of discharging 5 kg of powder per second at a pressure of 14
  kg/ cm2. All other standard fittings and instruments to be provided.

           The following controls and instruments shall be provided.
  (i)      Pressure gauge for expellant gas cylinder.
  (ii) Pressure gauge to indicate operating pressure
   (iii)        Operating levers for:-
           a)    Expellant gas valve
           b) Monitor valve
           c)    Valve for hose reels
           d)    Pressure release valves
           e) Flushing valves for monitor
           f) Flushing valves for hose reels
           g) Switches for lighting arrangement
           h) Instrument place for operating with line diagram

           All the controls/instruments of equipments shall be clearly
marked/identified by fixing suitable labels.

                The suitable power take-off capable of transmitting an
   adequate power to the pump having ratio not less than 1:1.27. The
   power take-off unit should be of SYALL make only.

13. PUMP:
  (i) The pump shall be of Kirloskar/FIREX/or any other equivalent
  make that should be got approved from CFO made of Gun metal
Compatible with given light water, besides Indian made foam
compound with stainless steel shaft suitable for use with brackish
water. The pump capable of delivering not less that 2250 LPM water
at 7 Kg/ cm2 pressure.     The pump shall be single stage and close
impeller type where the impeller is hydraulically balanced to reduce
thrust. The pump shaft shall be preferably desire to run off to deep
groove ball bearing lubricated by oil bath to ensure long trouble free
service.   A automatic mechanical seal (gland packing) should be
provided which shall be capable of running dry for long period without
damage.    The pump design shall be such that, the desired outputs
indicated in specifications shall be obtained at maximum efficiency.

(ii) The pump shall be rear mounted. The pump control panel shall be
located on rear side on the enclosed type chequered plate cabinet
provided for the pump.

(iii) The removable strainer and blank cap shall be provided to the
suction inlet of the pump.     The suction inlet shall be fitted with
standard round thread connection.

(iv) The delivery outlets of the pump shall terminate in standard 63mm
female instantaneous coupling incorporating a blank cap and means
for reliving pressure between the wall and the cap.      The standard
63mm female instantaneous coupling shall be in accordance with
IS:903-1975 and marked with said ISI number. The outlet shall be
fitted with ball valves.

(v) Plumbing, if any, for deliveries and the monitor shall be adequate
in dimension to ensure that it shall feed adequately the foam
producing mixture at its maximum rates of output.
14. Priming Device:-
             The Reciprocating type positive displacement, Primer capable
  of lifting water from 7 mtrs. at the rate of 30cm/sec, at NTP condition.
  Any other priming device should be got approved from the CFO.
15. Control Panel:-
             The control panel adequately illuminated shall be provided
  on the rear portion of the appliance. The following controls shall be
  provided on the control panel made out of aluminium chequered plate
  with marking and metal plates for instructions.
  i. Auxiliary throttle control for engine.
  ii. Pump pressure gauge ( 0 to 25 kg/ cm2)
  iii. Compound gauge: i) Pressure (0 to 16 Kg/ cm2)
                        (ii) Vacuum (0 to 769 mm mercury)
  iv. Water tank level indicator (Tube type) on tank side.
  v. 2 Nos. 63 mm-female instantaneous coupling with threaded
  vi. One No. 100 mm suction inlet with round threaded coupling.
  vii. Hydrant connection filling pipes with 2 x 63 mm male
  instantaneous coupling
  viii. Auxiliary foam compound pick up tube connection..
  ix. Control valves for flushing out the foam equipments and piping.
  x. Primer control lever
  xi. Cooling system valve.
  xii. Pump to monitor valve.
16. CO2 System:
    2 x 22.5 kgs. CO2 Trolley mounted Cylinders shall be provided with
   appliance and one extinguisher should be kept in side locker of
   A)     Enclosed accommodation for seven men including driver and an
  officer shall be provided in a full enclosed flexible mounted crew
compartment. The design of the cab shall be such that it shall afford
maximum possible vision for the crew and shall ensure adequate
ventilation. Adequate lighting in the cabin shall be provided on both
side of crew cabin giving ready access to driver and crew. The doors
shall be opened outwards these shall be hung forward and have locks
with double catch striking plates. Non-slip steps and rails/handles
shall be provided to assist the driver to get in and out. Driver’s seat
shall be adjustable. All window glasses shall be splinter proof, Safety
belts shall be provided for each seat in the cabin structure shall be of
30mm x 30mm x14 gauge CRC tubes. (Box sections).

B)     On structural frame work of CRC tubes (Box section) of 30 mm x
30 mm x 14 gauge CRC tubing and flooring shall be made of 14 gauge
MS sheets on which aluminum chequered plate of 12 gauge shall be
fitted.   In no case chequered plates of MS sheet used for super
structures shall be made in pieces and as far as possible single piece
to be used. Particularly for the top of foam tender base platform for
DCP installation, (flooring) Driver’s Cabin ( Front Cabin) rear foot
boards and other such areas super structure of one piece MS Sheet
of 14 gauge be fabricated on which aluminum chequered plate of 12
gauge without use of small pieces.

     Aluminum paneling work shall be strictly of 16 gauge superior
quality aluminum sheet with each side fabricated with maximum two
pieces of Aluminium sheet and in no case small pieces shall be used.

C) No part of the body works shall reduce the ground clearance to
less than 36 cm or increase the overall width of the vehicle to more
than 2.50 mtrs. The highest part of the appliance with the extension
ladder and the monitor mounted on it shall not exceed 3.60 mtrs.
  D) The flooring shall be provided over the super structure with 12
  gauge Aluminum chequered plates. Drain holes of suitable size shall
  be provided.

  E) Suitable gallows shall be provided to carry an extension ladder of
  10.5 mtrs. and designed to facilitate easy and quick removal of the
  ladder from the rear portion of the appliance, 10.5 mtrs. Aluminum
  ladder shall be mounted on gallows.

   F) Drag hooks/eyes shall be fitted on each chassis number at front
  and rear and one towing hitch shall be provided at the rear portion for
  towing one ton trailer.

   G) Lockers: Lockers and other suitable accommodation shall be
  provided for all equipments required for DCP/WATER Tender.
  Lockers shall be accessible from the ground level to a man of average
  height. All lockers shall be fitted with an internal light with ON/OFF
  switch operated automatically while opening and closing of the
  doors/shutter. Extra master switch isolating the electric supply for
  lockers lighting shall be provided in drivers cabin.      Provision of
  suitable brackets, belts, holder and clip for equipments shall be
  provided inside lockers.

   H) The pump shall be covered with rigid structure of CRC box tubes
   frame with 12 gauge chequered plate rigid covers on the same
   pressure gauge, compound gauge and other all control leavers shall
   be installed.


           The following accessories shall be fitted/provided on the
   appliance according to IS.
         a) Fire bell, 10” hand operated.                ..    01 No.
         b) Electric siren                               ..    01 No.
         c) Fog lamps.                                   ..    02 Nos.
         d) Reversing light to assist reversing.         ..    01 No.
         e) Amber blinker light.                         ..    01 Set.
         f) Trafficator or blinker type.                 ..    01 No.
         g) Search light with 30 mtrs. Cable reel        ..    01 No.
         h) Inspection lamp with brackets to be
            Clamped to the battery of the engine.        ..    01 No.
         i) Hydraulic jack with lever – 7.5 ton          ..    01 No.

            Trickle charger-having capacity of 250 Volts having capacity
   to charge 24 -Volts battery along with pilot lamp to indicate whether
   the    battery is being charged.        This is required to be fitted at
   appropriate location on the appliance.

           Battery operated public address system of (Philips/Ahuja
   make) consisting of amplifier, loud speaker and mike shall be fixed
   inside the Drivers cabin in front of the officer’s seat. Amplifier and
   microphone shall be clamped/fixed type in front of officer’s seat.
   Horn unit/loud speaker shall be mounted on roof of the cabin. The
   range of the sound of the public address system should be up to 500
   mtrs,. 12 Volts power supply shall be drawn from the battery of the

            The inspection shall be carried out by CFO or his authorized
Acceptance tests:
           The following test shall be applied before accepting the
vehicle.   These shall be carried out at manufacturer’s works or a
place to be mutually agreed upon:-

a)   Road    tests   to   check   chassis,    manufacturers   rating   for
     acceleration, maximum speed, breaking efficiency and turning
     circle. These shall be carried out with appliance fully loaded,
     up to a maximum of 12 tones pay load.

b)   When the vehicle is brought to a stop in 9 mtr while traveling at
     a speed of 32 km/h in fully loaded condition and manned on
     pavement without any adverse affect on mounted equipment.

c)   Stability Test-the stability of the appliance be such that when
     under fully loaded and equipped condition, excluding crew, if
     the surface on which the appliance stands is tilted to either
     sides, the point at which overturning is not passed at an angle
     of 30 degrees from the horizontal.

d)   Pump test to check rated output at varying pump pressures for
     a continuous period of 4 hours.              During this test the
     temperature of engine shall not exceed the rated temperature of
     and that of lubricating oil i.e. 79C˚.

e)   Primer Tests: The Primer shall be tested with a vertical lift of
     7.0m. The rate at which the priming is done shall not be less
     than 30cm/s.

f)   Foam making equipment tests: This shall be applied to check
     the induction ratio of foam compound, total foam discharge
        rates and expansion ratio of foam production using the foam
        compound, as per IS specification.

   g)   Carbon Dioxide/Dry Powder: The system shall be tested to
        ensure it’s functioning as specified in this specification. In case
        of CO2 system the cylinders shall confirm to IS-2878-1976.

   h)   Dry powder system The system shall be tested to ensure its
        functioning as specified in this specification.

   i)   Every items should be as per is specification and marked with
        relevant IS No. and its certificate shall be submitted by the
        supplier. In case if any if the items mentioned in specification
        are not vendors supplies and readily available in the market
        successful contractor shall get equivalent standard alternative
        item duly approved by the Chief Fire Officer before its
        replacement or fitting on DCP Foam Tender.

  j)    For imported items such as power operated saw, power take-off,
        BA sets etc. its import documents and original papers shall be
        submitted by the supplier.
  k)    Where specific make is mentioned, documents of purchase and
        its evidence vendor’s guarantee etc., shall be submitted by the
        successful contractor.
            A set of illustrated book of the guidance of the users
  including both operating and normal maintenance procedures for
   a)      Appliance
   b)      Power take-off unit.
   c)      Priming device and pump
   d)      Pump
   e)      Dry Chemical powder system etc.
   f)      Foam system
   g)      2 Nos. Breathing apparatus sets.
          The instruction book along with the drawing should be item
   wised and illustrated spares list giving reference number to all
   wearing parts are made easily available, when necessary, it shall also
   include line diagrams showing all plumbing connections between
   water tank, foam compound tank Primer heat exchanger and foam
   proportioning apparatus, three sets of these books shall be supplied
   with the vehicle.
   Each appliance shall be clearly and permanently marked with the following

           a) Manufacturer’s name or trade mark
           b) Year of manufacturing
           c) Pump No. & capacity of pump in ltrs/minute.
           a) Capacity of water tank, foam tank & DCP vessel.
           e) DCP vessel pressure test & next due date
           f) All instruments control shall be identified with name place.
                         APPENDIX –A


  Item   Equipment                                       Qty.
  01.    Aluminium extension ladder 10.5m (IS:4571- 1 No.
  02.    a) Rubber lined delivery hose according to type 10 Nos.
         II of IS: 636-1979 in 22.5 m lengths fitted with
         63mm delivery hose couplings (see IS:903-
  03.    Suction hose of rubber of 100 mm internal 04 Nos.
         diameter in 2.5 in lengths (see IS: 2410-1963)
         fitted with 100 mm suction hose couplings (see
  04.    Suction strainer 100 mm size (see IS:907-1984)   01 No.
  05.    Basket strainer (cylindrical type) (see IS:3582- 01 No.
  06.    Suction wrenches for 100 mm suction coupling 01 Set.
         (see IS:4643 -1984)
  07.    Diffuser Branch,                                02 Nos.
  08.    Foam making branch FB-4 with pick up tube 02 Nos
         (see IS: 2097-1983)
  09.    Power Operated saw (reputed brand)              01 Nos
  10.    Self-contained breathing apparatus (compressed 02 Nos
         air type) complete with spare cylinder and tool
         kit (see IS: 10245-Part-2)

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