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									                                                                    HPS CODE: --
        General outbreaks of infectious intestinal disease

           Please fill in this form when the outbreak investigation is complete

               (Tick & return blank form if: Not an outbreak  or Duplicate i.e. form already completed or in progress )

Form completed by:
Name                                            NHS Board
Position                                        Local Authority (of outbreak location)

The illness:
Pathogen or disease

Confirmed                Suspected                Phage/serotype + toxins

Suspected mode of transmission: (Please tick only one box)

Mainly foodborne                              Multiple modes including foodborne
Mainly waterborne                             Multiple modes excluding foodborne
Mainly person-to-person                       Other
Mainly environmental                          If other, please specify

The place:
Mainly food or water: where prepared or source takes precedence. Any other mode: where outbreak occurred. Tick
one box only.

 Private house (excl. farm)
 Farm                                               Specify private/open to public etc
 Canteen                                            Specify work/college etc
 Catering business                                  Specify caterer’s name
 Hotel etc (eating place residential)               Specify hotel/guest house etc
 Restaurant etc (non-residential)                   Specify restaurant/café/pub/club etc
 Mobile retailer                                    Specify market trader/van etc
 Shop/retailer                                      Specify butcher/baker etc
 Armed services camp                                Specify army/navy/air etc
 School                                             Specify nursery/junior etc
 Hospital                                           Specify type
 Residential institution                            Specify nursing/residential home
 Other                                              Provide details

 Name and address of place:
                                                                    Postcode (if known)

Was the outbreak the result of a single point exposure? (e.g., wedding, barbeque, scout camp etc)

Yes         No             If YES:                 Date of exposure       --
 Nature of exposure:

Section 7 Form 2                                                                                                            1
The date of onset:

First known        --                     Last known        --

Numbers of people involved: (Please provide your best estimate but if necessary, enter N/K)

Total ill, whether positive or not
Total ill, who were also positive
Total at risk
Total admitted to hospital (Enter N/A if already in hospital)
Total number known to have died

Was a specific food or water vehicle suspected?                 Yes       No 

If yes:

Suspect vehicle               What was the evidence for this suspicion? (Please tick as many as apply)
                              Microbiological    Cohort study       Case-control study      Descriptive/other

If Descriptive/other, please specify …………………………………………………………………………………

Foodborne outbreaks – Faults thought to have contributed to outbreak: (Tick as many as apply)

Infected food handler                    Give details
Inadequate heat treatment                Give details
Cross contamination                      Give details
Storage too long/too warm                Give details
Other                                    Give details

Rating of food premises A-F by local Environmental Health Department:          
Date of last inspection of food premises, prior to outbreak:                   --

All other outbreaks - Faults thought to have contributed to outbreak:     (Tick as many as apply)

Poor personal hygiene                     Give details
Poor handwashing facilities               Give details
Other                                     Give details

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.


Section 7 Form 2                                                                                                          2

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