Becoming a Teacher

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					           Becoming a Teacher

   Teachers in Transition
   Transition Phases
   Introduction to Bureaucracy
   Classroom Tools and Resources
   Teacher-Pupil Relationships
   Guides and Guardians
   Teachers in Crisis
Teachers in Transition
    Years of successful participant
    Training for separation from
     the student role
    The significance of social
              Transition Phases
   Concern about self
     • Will the students respect and like me?
     • Will I be able to handle every situation?
     • Am I good enough to be a teacher?
   Concern about self as teacher
     • Do I know my subject matter well enough?
     • Do I know enough about teaching to be effective?
     • Do I know and am I able to respond to student needs?
   Concern about students
     • Are my students learning anything?
     • Do my students value what I am teaching?
     • How can I better teach my students?
     Introduction to Bureaucracy
   The socialization rules
   The teacher technician
   Teacher assessment
   Administrative acceptance
    and rejection
   Supervisory symbols of
Classroom Tools & Resources
        The work setting
        Teaching and learning tools
        Technical assistance
    Teacher-Pupil Relationships
   The Teacher’s Attitude Makes a Difference
     • Don’t smile until Christmas?
     • Kind, compassionate, understanding
     • Detached but concerned
   Students
     • The Good Workers
     • The Undisciplined
   Don’t forget PHY 311 resources dealing with
    class management.
         Guides and Guardians
   Teachers & Teacher Groups
   Cooperating teacher
   University supervisor
   Principal
   Other teachers
   Union representative
   Conferral and referral people
                 Teaching in Crisis
   Resource Problems
   Curricular Problems
   Pedagogical Problems
   Social Problems
     •   Drugs
     •   Gangs
     •   Divorce
     •   Lack of respect for authority
     •   Failure to value education
     •   Social standards lower
   Based in part upon the book: Eddy, E. M. (1969).
    Becoming a Teacher: The passage to professional
    status. New York: Teachers College Press.

   3 phases based upon paper from C&I 577 by
    Dent Rhodes

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