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									Mother Teresa Regional School
8th Grade Parent Presentation
Summer 2012
Table of Contents

1. Sacramental Preparation
2. High School Application Process
3. Dress Code and Privileges
4. Yearbook
5. Special Events
6. Graduation
7. Fees
Sacramental Preparation

Parish Directors of Religious Education
    Holy Family Church, Patricia McCarthy
    Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Barbara Hardiman
    Saint Agnes Church, Barbara Hardiman
    Saint Ann Church, Sr. Mary Cleary, RSM
    Saint Catherine Church, Jackie Callahan

Process for Sacraments
    Each parish holds a parent informational meeting
    Parishes have different requirements for service projects
    The school will teach the necessary catechetical material for
     the sacrament
    The parish is responsible for the immediate preparation of
     the sacrament, (ie practices, retreats, service)
    Students have an excused absence the day of Confirmation
    Information received from the parishes will be posted under
     the spirituality page on the school website
High School Application Process

Catholic School Process
    Catholic High Schools will be visiting on in September
    Mater Dei, Red Bank Catholic and Saint John Vianney
     have the same test on Saturday, November 10 (be sure to
     take the test at your first choice school)
    CBA has a separate entrance exam on Saturday,
     November 3
    Catholic schools all hold Open Houses in the fall
    Any information received from the high schools will be
     posted on the website under High School Information
High School Application Process (continued)

Vocational School Process
    Vocational Schools also hold open houses in the fall
    You must attend the open house of the school you wish to
     apply to in order to pick up the application
    You must use the original application that you receive from the
     Open House
    The vocational schools will hold an exam in January/February
    Dates for Open Houses will be posted on the website under
     High School Information
High School Application Process (continued)

School Requirements
   Students should give the transcript request form to the school so
    that transcripts can be prepared
   Applications should be given at least one week in advance of the
    due date
   The school will send applications out after report cards have been
    printed directly from the main office
   Please do not wait until the last minute to turn applications into the
    office. Allow four days for the application to be processed in the
    main office
Dress Code and Privileges

   Students are expected to be in perfect uniform. Please refer to
    the handbook for information.
   Boys must have their hair cut above their eye brows, and collar
   Girls may only wear two rings, one simple necklace, two
    bracelets, and small earrings no larger than a quarter
   8th grade students may wear Uggs, Ipaths, and Etnies (that do
    not look like sneakers)
   Students may order lunch out once a month
   Students may carry a small purse or drawstring bag with school
    supplies and personal items- not cell phone or ipod
Dress Code and Privileges (continued)

Privileges (continued)
   Students may buy soda once a week at lunch
   Once students are accepted into high schools, the students may
    wear the sweatshirt of their future high school (in January)
   Girls may only wear makeup on dress down days

 Privileges may be revoked at any time from a
  particular student or the class as a whole

Requirements for 8th Grade Students
   Each 8th grader is asked to sell $100 in advertisements for the
   If advertisements are sold, the 8th grader gets to design a page
    with their cap and gown photo, and family photos
   For the student page- families are asked to send in photos the
    student wants for his/her page either digitally or uncropped
    photos (15 photos only)
   For the advertisements- some families choose to honor the
    graduate with baby pictures and family pictures, messages from
    relatives. Mrs. Patrizio will send home instructions for parents to
    do this via the yearbook website or how to send to her to be done
   All 8th graders who sell advertisements will receive a free
   A request will come home for photos in September for the
    student page
Special Events

Cap and Gown Photo
 Cap and Gowns are ordered early in the year so that school
  photos can be taken
 Students will have a group cap and gown photo taken as well
 Photos must be ordered from the photo company in order to
  receive the group cap and gown photo
Pin Ceremony
   Pin Ceremony will be held February 1, 2013
   Parents are invited to attend and pin their child during Mass
   A light breakfast will be served after the ceremony
   8th graders will be allowed to go home after the breakfast as a
Special Events (continued)

 The lockin is a privilege for students who have succeeded with
  academics and responsibility. Students with excessive signatures
  and failing grades will not be invited to the lock in
 The lockin occurs at the end of the school year
Class Trip
 The 8th grade trip is held at the end of the school year
 The class goes to Woodloch Resorts in the Poconos
 Class captains are given preference for parent chaperones and
  due to space limitations only four parents are able to attend as
 The students may also have additional educational trips.

   Baccalaureate Mass
 Mass is held at 9am in Saint Agnes Church
 All family members are invited to attend and join the school for the final
  liturgy of the school year
  Graduation Ceremony
 Graduation is held on June7th at 6:30 pm at Mother Teresa Regional
 All family members are invited to attend
 Each family will be given a row for their invited guests
 Guests may also sit in the back bleachers for overflow seating
  Graduation Party
 Post graduation, students and guests are invited to a party
 The party begins immediately after graduation and goes until 12:00 am

 Graduation Fee- $75 covers the cost of the cap and
  gown, diploma, lock in, ceremony costs (doesn’t
  completely cover the cost)
 Yearbook- $100 in advertisements
 Graduation Party- yet to be determined (plan approx
  $30 per student and $40 per adult)
 Class Trip- $ 125 fundraisers will be held to
  supplement and reduce this cost

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