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									Title            Fantastic Food
Type             Lesson Plan
KLA              English Language
Levels           F.1

             Background     Objectives   Implemetation     Files for download

This is a lesson plan which aims to promote a healthy eating and living lifestyle.
The plan is adapted from the textbook “English Treasure 1A” – “Fantastic Food”.
Since speaking is the development focus chosen, students are encouraged to speak in
English through pair work, group work, interviews, reading aloud and in-class
mini-presentation. It is hoped that students’ motivation and interest in learning
English can be maximized and their speaking skills can be enhanced.

Students will be able to:
        show their personal preferences and experiences through interesting interactive
        develop their speaking skills through interviews, discussion and presentation
        integrate and apply the vocabulary language items they have learnt in this
        chapter through meaningful tasks
No. of lessons: 13
Duration: 35 minutes per lesson
Topic: Fantastic Food
Lessons    Teaching Objectives       Language    Language                     Procedures
                                       Skills Forms/Vocabulary
1         introduce                  Reading    -different kinds of   Motivation:
          - different kinds of       Speaking   flavours (e.g.        - use a newspaper cutting of
          flavours                              sweet, spicy, sour,   healthy and junk food for
          - WH questions                        salty)                discussion
          - the concept of healthy              - WH questions (      - ask students what should
          lifestyle                             e.g. What do you      be included in a healthy
                                                like to eat?)         lifestyle and why
                                                                      -introduce through using a
                                                                      mind map (I) (the concept
                                                                      of a healthy lifestyle)
                                                                      Pre-task Activity:
                                                                      - introduce the vocabulary
                                                                      of different flavours by
                                                                      asking students to taste the
                                                                      food brought into the
                                                                      classroom by the teacher
2         - help students            Reading    as above              Motivation:
          distinguish between        Speaking                         - revise the flavours that
          healthy food and junk                                       students have learnt in Unit
          food                                                        1
          - practise skimming                                         Pre-task Activity:
          and scanning skills                                         - introduce the 2 characters
                                                                      of the reading
                                                                      comprehension of Unit 3
                                                                      - introduce through a mind
                                                                      map (II) about (the
                                                                      difference between junk
                                                                      food and healthy food)
                                                                      - ask questions, practice
                                                                      skimming and scanning
                                                                      - comment on the lifestyle
                                                               of the 2 characters, Daniel
                                                               and Kitty

3   - introduce the names    Reading    - names of different   Motivation:
    of different kinds of    Writing    kinds of food (e.g.    - read the article “Smart
    food                                pizza, hamburgers,     Food, Junk Food”
    - understand the                    vegetables, hot        - ask students what smart
    concept of healthy and              dogs, sushi, curry     food and junk food are and
    junk food                           and chocolate)         ask them to give reasons by
                                                               reading the article
                                                               Pre-task Activity:
                                                               - show students the
                                                               PowerPoint of Food (I) and
                                                               Food (II)
                                                               - do worksheet “Smart
                                                               Food or Junk Food”
4   - learn the food         Reading    as above               Motivation:
    pyramid                  Speaking                          - give students a blank
    - understand what a                                          food pyramid worksheet
    healthy diet is                                              and ask them to put the
                                                                 food in the correct
                                                                 position of the food
                                                                 pyramid (*Food
                                                               Pre-task Activity:
                                                               - introduce and explain the
                                                               food pyramid to students by
                                                               visiting the following
                                                               - introduce the concept of
                                                               healthy diet (e.g. low-fat
                                                               diet, high fiber food)
                                                               - comment on whether
                                                               students are having a
                                                               healthy diet for their lunch
                                                           by using the self-reflection
                                                           table given
5&6   - make reflection on     Reading     - use of WH     Pre-task Activity:
      one’s lifestyle          Speaking    questions       - ask students to talk about
      - exchange information   Listening                   their lunch and comment on
      with others              Writing                     whether it is healthy or not
                                                           Task 1:
                                                           (Knowing about each
                                                           other’s likes and dislikes)
                                                           - ask students to share their
                                                           eating habits with their
                                                           classmates by filling in the
                                                           relevant information in cue
                                                           card (I)
                                                           - ask some students to
                                                           report their information
                                                           written on cue card (I)
                                                           - give students cue card (II)
                                                           and ask them to find out the
                                                           information from their
                                                           - ask students to comment
                                                           on their partners’ lifestyles
                                                           and give suggestions for
                                                           - choose some students and
                                                           observe their speaking
                                                           skills using the feedback
                                                           Follow-up Activity:
                                                           - for remedial class,
                                                           complete the worksheet
                                                           “My partner’s lifestyle (I)”
                                                           - for elite class, complete
                                                           the worksheet “My
                                                           partner’s lifestyle (II)”
7&8   i) introduce             Reading     countable and   Motivation:
     - countable and             Speaking   uncountable nouns      - revise the food items and
     uncountable nouns                      (e.g. meat, bread,     the food pyramid
     - the indefinite article               apples, tomatoes,      Pre-task Activity:
     ii) develop dictionary                 milk, soup, etc.)      - introduce the concept of
     skills by checking up                                         countable and uncountable
     words in the dictionary                                       nouns by doing the exercise
                                                                   on p.56 of the student book
                                                                   - teach students how to
                                                                   check whether the nouns
                                                                   are countable or
                                                                   uncountable by using the
                                                                   - introduce the usage of the
                                                                   indefinite article
                                                                   - ask students to name the
                                                                   objects in the classroom to
                                                                   introduce the concept of
                                                                   - ask students to circle all
                                                                   the nouns in passage (I)
                                                                   - ask students to indicate
                                                                   whether the nouns are
                                                                   countable or uncountable in
                                                                   passage (II)
9    introduce                   Reading    - the noun phrases     Motivation:
     - the noun phrases used     Speaking   used to talk about     - bring things such as paper,
     to talk about food                     food portions (e.g.    money, Coke, water and
     portions (e.g. a slice of              a slice of bread, a    chocolate to the class
     bread, a piece of cake,                piece of cake, etc.)   - ask students to count the
     etc.)                                  - the use of “some”    above uncountable nouns
     - the use of “some” and                and “any”              Pre-task Activity:
     “any”                                                         - introduce the noun
                                                                   phrases which can be used
                                                                   to talk about the portions of
                                                                   uncountable nouns
                                                                   - introduce the concept of
                                                                   “some” and “any”
10   - introduce the adverbs     Reading    - adverbs of           Motivation:
     of frequency           Speaking   frequency (e.g.    - ask students some general
                                       usually, often,    questions about their daily
                                       sometimes, etc.)   eating habit and lifestyle
                                                          Pre-task Activity:
                                                          - introduce adverbs of
                                                          frequency by modifying the
                                                          answers given by students
                                                          - read the table about
                                                          adverbs of frequency on
                                                          p.56 of the student book
                                                          - ask students to read the
                                                          reading passage on p.54 of
                                                          the student book and
                                                          complete the reading
                                                          comprehension worksheet
11   - revise the use of    Reading    as above           Motivation:
     adverbs of frequency   Speaking                      - tell students they are
     - teach students                                     going to have interviews
     interviewing skills                                  with their classmates
                                                          Pre-task Activity:
                                                          - tell students that they want
                                                          to understand the lifestyles
                                                          of their classmates and try
                                                          to give advice to their
                                                          - interview a student by
                                                          using the interview form as
                                                          Task 2:
                                                          (Conducting a survey on
                                                          knowing more about your
                                                          classmates’ lifestyles)
                                                          - ask students to use the
                                                          interview form to interview
                                                          their classmates (at least 2)
                                                          and give them advice
                                                          according to the
                                                          information they have
                                                                       - ask students to give a brief
                                                                       oral report on their findings
                                                                       by using the presentation
                                                                       guidelines given
                                                                       - choose some students to
                                                                       observe their speaking
                                                                       skills by using the feedback
                                                                       Task 3:
                                                                       (Writing a short report
                                                                       about the lifestyle of their
                                                                       - ask students to write a
                                                                       short report about their
                                                                       classmates’ lifestyle
                                                                       - for more able students,
                                                                       complete writing task(I)
                                                                       - for less able students,
                                                                       complete writing task(II)
12 & 13   i) revise                 Reading     - names of food        Pre-task Activity:
          - names of food           Speaking    - different flavours   - revise the concept of
          - different flavours      Listening   - use of countable     healthy diet with the
          - use of countable and    Writing     and uncountable        students by using the food
          uncountable nouns                     nouns                  pyramid
          - the use of “some” and               - the use of “some”    - revise the names of some
          “any”                                 and “any”              food items, different
          ii) develop students’                                        flavours, the use of “some”
          reporting skills                                             and “any”, countable and
                                                                       uncountable nouns by using
                                                                       the teacher resources
                                                                       Task 4:
                                                                       (Designing a healthy
                                                                       menu for your class party
                                                                       celebrating Chinese New
                                                                       - motivate students by
reminding them Chinese
New Year is coming
- ask them to organize a
class party for the festival
- ask students to prepare a
healthy menu for the party
- give students some criteria
for preparing the food
- divide students into
- ask each group to design a
poster of food menu
including the amount and
flavour and report back to
the whole class
- show students the sample
menu as an example
- ask each group to give
reasons why they have
chosen such types of food
- choose some students to
observe their speaking
skills by using the feedback
- ask students to evaluate
their classmates’
performance by completing
the peer evaluation form
- ask students to make a
self-reflection by
completing the self
evaluation form

Post-task Activity:
- each group chooses one
type of food and prepares
the food for the class party
Ms. Ho Kit Man, Jessica, Ms. Wong Pak Yi, Peggy, Mr Leung Pak Hin, Mr Chor Kam
Fai, Mr Or Kim Ming and Mr Tsang Man Chun of Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School
Files for download
                     File description                    File type           File size
Mind map (I)
Mind map (II)
Smart food and junk food worksheet
Food pyramid
Self-reflection table
Cue card (I)
Cue card (II)
My partner’s lifestyle (I)
My partner’s lifestyle(II)
Passage (I)
Passage (II)
General questions
Reading comprehension
Interview form
Presentation guidelines
Writing task (I)
Writing task (II)
Sample menu
Feedback sheet
Peer evaluation form
Self evaluation form

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