Government Jobs vs. Private Jobs

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					Government Jobs vs. Private Jobs

Government jobs are being applied for the applicants who want to see themselves in the same
office for longer period of time. On the other hand, users take up private jobs for which they are
highly paid for.

Every individual aspires to be independent after completion of studies. In order to give this
thought a proper purpose, it is necessary to take up a job. However, one should determine
which sector to be considered when it comes to get hired. In other words, a candidate is
required to choose whether to proceed with job application in government sector or private
sector. The two of these streams are known for their distinguished features. With the rapid
development in India, numerous private firms and MNCs are attracting the attention of
youngsters largely. The current scenario of employment is a biggest challenge for government
job stream as today’s generation is applying for private jobs comparatively.

Government jobs were very popular in the 80s and 90s but gradually, the private companies
flourished in India. This led to the fading beam of government’s best jobs in India. Delhi,
Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore are the major domains where job opportunities are
touching the heights, if the statistics are observed. Getting low exposure to the job openings is
the root cause of individuals’ migration to the metros in India. Practically speaking, MNCs drive
these job-seekers popularly as the career growth offered by these companies is comparatively
more. On the other hand, jobs which fall in government sector may not be highly paid for but
their nature is permanent.

Employees who work for government jobs enjoy prestigious life ahead, especially, if they
belonged to a family with low standard of living. The salary structure of government jobs
remains same even after years, but in the exceptional cases, it is enhanced. In simple words, at
some point of time, salaries of government employees are revised which implicates hike in the
payment to a certain extent. Applicants coming from rural areas have high expectations and
indeed apply for jobs in Delhi and NCR. The employers who serve for government sector from
many years hire the job aspirants after few formalities. For instance, the applicants who wish to
pursue a career by working in the direction of banking, then, they have to appear for exam
designed for very purpose.

Exam meant for banking is appeared for youngsters who want to serve government sector. Its
schedule gets updated in the competition magazines or ‘employment news’, a weekly
newspaper. This weekly newspaper should be subscribed for by the job aspirants who want to
stay updated in an offline manner. Tender invitation notice, news about job openings and related
details are mentioned in this newspaper which is beneficial for the candidates looking for better
career opportunities in the government job domain. On a contrary, Delhi even invites those
applicants who want to shape their career by applying for private jobs in BPOs, MNCs or
likewise. In totality, metros in India witness several job seekers frequently whether it is for
government or private job. The central idea is to offer job prospects on the basis of the
qualifications of applicants. The mode of application chosen by users may be distinguished but
it is aimed for a common goal of getting employed.

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