MMSD PD Madison Virtual Campus Guidelines for Instructors by 25r4r3


      MMSD PD Madison Virtual Campus Guidelines for Instructors

 Manage your enrollment prior to the start of your class: change each participant status
  from “pending” to “nrolled”.

 Post credit/grade within 1 week after the last day of course. PAC credit is
  downloaded from MVC to HR every 24 hours. PAC credit for completed courses
  also needs to be posted by:

    PAC approval deadlines:        July 1ST         Oct. 1ST          Feb. 1ST

   THIS IS IMPORTANT! Participants may be due to advance on the salary
   Schedule and HR needs this information at least by the dates listed above.

 Substitute teachers can not earn PAC credit

 Instructors that teach a course out side of the school day can earn only the amount of
  PAC, that is offered for the class. In order to receive credit you will need to register
  and enroll just as a participant would for your course. When crediting your students
  you will also credit yourself.

 Course contact people who do not also teach the course do not earn credit.

 Cancellations: When canceling a participant prior to the start of class, please choose
  “withdrawn” as the status for that participant, in your Enrollment Management screen.
  Do not “delete” them.

 Use a sign in sheet for your participants so you have all of the information you need
  when posting their credit. There is now a “Roster” that can be found when you search
  and find your course after you click on “Enrollment Management” this entire list of
  your “enrolled” participants” includes the type of credit they are requesting and their
  email addresses. There is also a blank attendance form you can use if you prefer, and it
  can be found at and click on “Other Professional
  Development Forms”.

 Everyone (the only exception is administrators) needs to sign up for the course they
  take in MVC, so that credit can be recorded for them in MVC. This includes courses
  requested as “Non Advertised”. FYI: “Non Advertised” classes are now designated as

 IMPORTANT FYI: A course proposal must be submitted for any MMSD PD course
  prior to the start of the course. Among other reasons, because everyone must register
  for it in MVC. There are a few exceptions. Here are the three major deadline dates:

   Second Friday in July – Fall Courses
   Second Friday in November – Winter/Spring Courses
   First Friday in February – Summer Workshops and Institutes

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