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									                                                 COMPASS GROUP UK & IRELAND – COSHH PRODUCT ASSESSMENT

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           Please refer to the Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS), a copy of which must be attached to this assessment, when completing the information in the boxes below

 What is the name              What is the                  What is the                What does the                 Describe the hazard warning                     What are the Risk
 of the chemical              manufacturer’s             product used for?           product look like?            (e.g. Corrosive, Irritant, Harmful                     Phrases?
     product?                   name and                                                                                  or Non-hazardous)                         (e.g. Causes severe
                                telephone                                                                                                                                  burns)
                                 number?                 See product label,
  See section 1 of            See section 1 of          information sheet or           See section 9 of             See section 3 of SDS or product                 See section 15 of the
       SDS                         SDS                    user instructions                 SDS                                  label                                     SDS

How frequently is the product used?                                                              How long is the product used for at any one time?
(e.g. Hourly, Daily, Weekly)                                                                     (e.g. 10 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 1 Hour)
    What are the Safety Precautions, including PPE where appropriate? See sections 7 & 8 of SDS and any safety information on the product label
                          Safety Precautions                                                         PPE Required

         For further information regarding first–aid, fire fighting, spillage or accidental release, handling, storage and disposal considerations – see manufacturers Safety Data Sheet

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 This COSHH Product Assessment must be reviewed every 12 months or sooner if there are any changes to the product or its use and after any accident or incident involving this substance.

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