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					                    Performance Evaluation Form Instructions
  Materials required to complete the Performance Evaluation (PE) Form:
     1. Job Outline from the Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) for the position
     2. Any/all documentation of employee performance, including the employee’s Self Evaluation Form (if completed)

  Part I: Completing the Performance Evaluation Form (see Figure 1)
     1. Obtain the Job Outline from the JAQ for the position. Departmental budget officers should have a current JAQ.
        If not, contact the Compensation department in Human Resources for most recent version of the JAQ for the
     2. Complete the demographic data at the top of the first page. Employee Name and UKID# on this form must match
        the name and SSN listed on the employee’s pay stub. Indicate the Type of Evaluation (place an “X” in the
        appropriate blank).
     3. Copy Essential Functions from the Job Outline section of the JAQ into the Essential Functions space on the PE
        Form (See Figure 1 below).
     4. Insert measurable Job Standards for listed Essential Functions. Job Standards should describe what is expected of
        any competent, qualified employee working in the position. If you are unsure how to write Job Standards, please
        review the tutorial in the Training section of the Performance Evaluation website.
     5. Insert the Percent of Time spent on the Essential Functions in the designated PERCENT box (See Figure 1). The
        percentage assigned to each Essential Function is typically the same percentage listed in the JAQ. However, this
        percentage may temporarily vary from the JAQ should circumstances warrant. A permanent change in the JAQ
        percentage should result in the JAQ being revised to reflect the change. Important: When all PERCENTs are
        totaled, they must equal 100%.
     6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for remaining Essential Functions on the JAQ.

  *At this point you should have all Essential Functions listed for the employee, the Job Standards for each Essential
  Function, and the Percent of Time spent performing each Essential Function. Now you are ready to rate the employee’s
Figure 1
               JOB OUTLINE (from JAQ)                                  PERFORMANCE EVALUATION FORM
Part II: Completing the Evaluation Process (see Figure 2)
   1. Rate employee on performance of listed Essential Functions. Insert rating into designated RATING box in the
       table using scale listed below the table.
   2. The TOTAL RATING should calculate automatically by multiplying the PERCENT times the RATING. Double-
       check the result to ensure it is correct. A TOTAL RATING should not exceed two decimal places (e.g. 3.25,
       2.87, 3.13, etc.).
   3. Write comments and/or feedback about employee’s performance of the listed Essential Functions and Job
   4. Repeat steps 3-5 for remaining Essential Functions.
   5. Add all TOTAL RATING scores and insert that sum into the OVERALL RATING box on the last page.
   6. Insert comments about overall job performance and recommendations for next year in space provided for
       Supervisor Comments on last page. Save the form on your computer or on a disk.
   7. Print and sign the form.
   8. Meet with your supervisor to discuss the employee’s evaluation. If your supervisor approves the evaluation, have
       your supervisor sign the form.
   9. Make a copy of the form for the employee.
   10. Meet with the employee to evaluate performance, discuss the Job Standards for each Essential Function, and
       clarify questions. Allow the employee to insert any comments on the last page of the form. Have employee sign
       the original form and then give the employee a copy.

Figure 2

Part III: Submitting the form to Human Resources
When the Performance Evaluation form has been completed and signed, provide a copy to the employee, retain a copy for
department file, and send original to Human Resources. Hospital employees send original to Room 21 Scovell Hall,
0064. All other University employees send original to Room 16 Scovell Hall, 0064.

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