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					        Logical / Mathematical – Evaluation & Synthesis
Task: Using an MI/BT matrix, create four learning activities for a literature circle group.
You must use 2 lower (Knowledge, Comprehension, Application) and 2 upper level
(Analysis, Evaluation, Synthesis) Bloom’s concepts, and 4 different Multiple

Of course, if your discipline is not Language Arts, you can have students design their
own mini-unit for your applicable subject matter.

Time: One hour period.


By this point, because this is a synthesis activity, students should have many handouts
with MI and BT concepts or should have been directed to MI and BT websites. If not, a
booklet of information should be handed out.

A blank copy of an MI/BT matrix, attached.

Procedural notes:

   -   At this point in their MI/BT exploration, students should have experienced many
       activities that have utilized the concepts. This activity should extend their
       thinking on the subject matter as opposed to informing it.

   -   The assessment of this activity should include some facet of self-evaluation after
       students have experienced the activities that they have created. Their experiences
       in the activities they have created should stand as evidence that they can properly
       utilize MI/BT concepts.

   -    If possible, create a forum for conferencing with groups. Excellent feedback can
       be given during the process. This is also a good time to ensure that the proper
       amount of challenge is included in the tasks that groups create.

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