THE ORANGE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION


This is an advertising contract (“Contract”) between the Orange County Bar Association (“OCBA”) and
        (“Advertiser”), dated      . The advertisement supplied by Advertiser shall consist of Advertiser’s
listing on OCBA website, specifically through a direct link from OCBA homepage menu to a dedicated vendor
page on OCBA’s website. The information shall be available to OCBA members and the public and shall be
advertised via OCBA’s media, including but not limited to: distribution to all OCBA members in The Briefs
magazine; notification to new OCBA members via welcome mailing; notification to potential members via
recruitment campaigns; notification to memberships via email blasts; and means as deemed appropriate by
OCBA. Insertion of Advertiser’s advertisement will be at the sole discretion of the OCBA.


OCBA publishes advertisements on the Vendor Marketplace Online Listing bi-monthly. OCBA desires to sell
Advertiser, and Advertiser desires to purchase, advertising space in the 2011 Vendor Marketplace Online Listing.
Accordingly, the parties agree to the following:

    1.   Term. This Contract shall be effective one (1) year from acceptance of Contract by both parties.

    2.   Insertion of Advertising. OCBA agrees to display Advertiser’s advertising copy, pending acceptance, on
         OCBA’s website for one (1) year.

    3.   Payment. Advertiser agrees to pay OCBA a one-time fee of $300.00 (three-hundred dollars) at time of contract.
         Advertiser and/or Advertiser’s assigns are jointly responsible for payment of advertisement insertion.
         Advertisement shall not be posted to OCBA website until after payment is received.

    4.   Cancellations. Cancellations are not accepted after signed Contract is received. Advertiser shall submit
         payment with signed Contract. The OCBA reserves the right to cancel publication of the Vendor Marketplace
         Online Listing function and shall refund to Advertiser or Advertiser’s assigns a prorated fee of one-twelfth (1/12)
         of $300 for each month Advertiser’s advertisement is not published.

    5.   Advertisement. Advertiser shall provide advertising at time the contract is signed by both parties.
         Advertiser’s copy, typed by Advertiser on this Contract, shall be published on OCBA’s website as submitted by
         Advertiser. Logos, illustrations, graphics or elements other than text and URL shall not be published. Changes or
         corrections to copy requested by Advertiser after submission of Contract cannot be guaranteed.

    6.   Position of Advertisement. The location of the advertisement on the Vendor Marketplace Online Listing shall be
         determined at the discretion of OCBA.

    7.   Errors or omissions. This Contract is not subject to cancellation or termination because of any online publication
         errors or omissions. Advertiser’s copy as submitted by Advertiser in item #19 shall be published on OCBA’s
         website no later than two weeks after OCBA’s receipt of signed Contract. It is the responsibility of Advertiser to
         review its online listing within one month of online publication. OCBA’s liability for any errors or omissions is
         limited solely to correction supplied by Advertiser and republication by OCBA.

    8.   Approval of Advertising. The subject matter and copy of the advertising provided for by this Contract shall
         be subject to the approval of OCBA. OCBA shall make no changes in such advertising without Advertiser
         consent. No proofs of final version shall be provided to Advertiser. Attorneys only: Any advertisement submitted
         for publication must comply with the rules and regulations of The Florida Bar.

    9.   Type and Style. Any special handling of electronic files shall be billed at an additional charge to Advertiser.
         Publication type, style, and fonts shall be determined by OCBA. Logos, illustrations, graphics or elements other
         than text and URL shall not be published.

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10. Publication Schedule. OCBA reserves the right to change the publication schedule without prior notice.

11. Indemnification of OCBA. Advertiser represents that OCBA is authorized to publish the contents and subject
    matter of the advertisement covered by this Contract. Advertiser agrees to indemnify OCBA against any loss or
    expense resulting from any claims, actions, or proceedings based on the contents or subject matter.

12. Rates. Advertising rate is based on Advertiser’s copy submitted in accordance with the specifications as listed in
    item #19 below.

13. Entire Agreement; Modification. This Contract contains the final, complete, and exclusive expression of the
    understanding among the parties with respect to the transactions contemplated by this Contract and supersedes any
    prior or contemporaneous agreements or representation, oral or written, by the parties.

14. Binding Effect. This Contract is binding on and is for the benefit of the legal and personal representatives,
    successors, heirs, or assignees of the parties.

15. Choice of Law. This Contract shall be governed by, and construed and enforced under, the laws of Florida.


        Accounting                          Advertising                         Food/Beverage/Catering
        Legal Support Services              Office Equipment/Services           Personal Services
        Professional Services               Miscellaneous

17. Administrative Instructions:

    Submit completed and signed Contract, including advertising copy and URL, if available, via
    email only. Submit Contract and copy in Microsoft Word document to
    PDFs will be returned to Advertiser.

    William M. Remensnyder
    Online Vendor Marketplace Representative
    407-422-4551 ext. 225

    Send payment at time of Contract submission to:

    Orange County Bar Association
    880 N. Orange Ave.
    Orlando, FL 32801

18. Please complete the information below:

 Advertiser:                                                           Orange County Bar Association
 Contact:                                                              William M. Remensnyder
 Billing Address:                                                      880 N. Orange Ave.
 Billing City, State, Zip:                                             Orlando, FL 32801
 Contact Phone:                                                        Phone: 407-422-4551
 Contact Fax:                                                          Fax: NOT ACCEPTED
 Contact Email:                                                        Email:

 Authorized Signature:                                                 Signature:
 Date:                                                                 Date:

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19. Type Advertiser’s copy in gray box below. Additional text, logos, graphics elements shall not be
accepted nor published. Please proof carefully before submitting text for publication.

Vendor Marketplace Online Listing:

Company Name:


Contact person’ name:

Contact person’s title:


City, State, Zip:



Email address:

Description of company or service and any discount offered (limited to 15 words):

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