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									Client Logo/Letterhead/Business Card Preferences Questionnaire

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Client Name:
[   ] Logo      [   ] Letterhead   [   ] Business Card

Recall some logos, letterheads,
or business cards that you’ve
seen that you liked? Why did
you like the color? The layout?
The design? The graphics?
The typography? The body

In general what type of logo do
you like? Classic? Modern?
Trendy, stylish or chic?
Elaborate or simple? Light
colors or dark colors? Simple
graphics or elaborate graphics?

List some logos, letterheads or
business cards you have seen
that you disliked, and why?

What are the primary goals of
your logo, letterhead, or
business card?
Who are the primary and
secondary audiences?

What are the interests of the
target audience?

What would be new to the
target audience in regards to
the image you convey?

What do they find appealing?

What is their average age?

What is their average income

What aspect of your logo,
letterhead of business card do
you expect to be the most
popular with your target

How will your potential
customers see your logo,
letterhead of business card?

What are the main strengths of
what you can provide to your
customers? (We want to
emphasize those on your logo,
letterhead or business card).
What are the weaknesses of
what you can provide to your
customers? (We want to avoid
these areas on the logo,
letterhead or business card)

What is the #1 key message
you want your image to convey
to prospective customers?

Describe your company's

Is there an official color scheme
for your company? If so, what
is it?

What colors would you like to
see used on the logo,
letterhead or business card?

I need copies of your past
marketing material and also a
digital copy of your logo if you
use one. How do you plan to
provide all of this?

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