Newbery Book Report by GGpb0Gx


									Newbery Book Report                                  Name______________
Due date: _____________
Choose and read a historical fiction book that is a Newbery Medal Winner or
Honorable Mention. The school librarian has a list of these books.

1) Your report must have a front cover (a back cover is optional). The front
cover should have the title and author of your book along with a descriptive
illustration relating directly to the book. On the top of the cover, it should
say, A NEWBERY AWARD BOOK. In the bottom right corner of the cover,
you must put the following information: 1) your full name, 2) your teacher’s
name, and 3) the report's due date.
The (optional) back cover may remain blank.

2) Page 1 should be labeled SUMMARY at the top of the page. Write a
three to four paragraph summary of the book you read. Your summary
should include a brief description of the following:
  - main characters              - major events              - conclusion
  - problem(conflict)/solution (briefly- you will cover this in detail later)

3) Page 2 should be labeled SETTING. Draw a picture of your favorite
scene. Below it write a detailed sentence describing the setting of the book.
Write another sentence thoroughly describing this scene. HINT: fill up all
the white space on the paper with a colorful, detailed picture. In the
drawing, try to depict as many elements of the setting as you can, including
the time it takes place.

4) Page 3 should be labeled MAIN CHARACTER. Write a well-structured
paragraph describing the main character of your book. Tell how she or he
changed throughout the course of the story. There are many ways in which
a character can change throughout a story:
             - physically            - morally
             - emotionally           - intellectually
             - socially              - maturation
Think about these elements as you consider the ways in which your
character might have changed. Give several examples of these changes.
5) Page 4 should be labeled MAIN PROBLEM. Write a detailed paragraph
about the main problem (the conflict) in the story. Write a second
paragraph describing the solution. HINT: In the topic sentences for the
two paragraphs, describe the problem or solution. Discuss the development
of the problem or solution in the detail sentences.

6) Page 5 should be labeled PROBLEM AND SOLUTION. Draw a line down
the middle of the paper. Label the left half, PROBLEM and the right half,
SOLUTION. Draw a picture of the main problem and the solution as
described on page 4 of your report. HINT: It is a good idea to draw your
pictures in pencil first and then outline them with black marker. Erase your
pencil lines before coloring in the pictures.

7) Page 6 should be labeled ME AS A NEW CHARACTER. Write a
paragraph that answers the following: As a new character in the book, what
would your role be? What would you have done in the story?
HINT: You are creating a brand new character, not using one already in the
story. Use your creative-thinking skills to write yourself into the story.
Would your character change the outcome of the story? What is your
relationship with the other characters in the story? Are you a main
character or a secondary character?
Include a detailed picture you draw of yourself in a scene in the story.

8) Page 7 should be labeled WHY THIS BOOK IS A WINNER. There
must have been a good reason your book was a Newbery Medal Winner.
What was it about your book that makes it so outstanding? Write a
complete and thoughtful paragraph. Cite specific examples from the book to
support your feelings. HINT: Brainstorm a list of ideas before writing your
final draft. When citing examples from the book, include their page

9) On the bottom half of Page 7 make a heading for NEW WORDS. As you
read your book, you will come across words that are new or unfamiliar to you.
Look up these words in a dictionary. List, alphabetically, ten of these words
that were unfamiliar to you along with their definitions.

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