POLICIES AND PROCEDURES
                                    ANNAPOLIS JAYCEES

                      CHAPTER A.        PLANNING AND PROGRAMMING


      The Planning Guide for Chapters as enumerated in manuals published by the United States
      Jaycees from time to time provides the framework for the chapters planning and programming.
      The chapter commits itself to developing a coordinated series of projects in areas, which the
      membership deems important.



      Between January first and the March General Membership meeting in each year, the problems and
      needs of the community and membership shall be identified. In addition, the Board shall examine
      the problems and needs as already identified to evaluate which have been solved and which
      require further work.

      1.       Suggestions for determining community problems are:
               a.      Chapter brainstorming.
               b.      Member interviews of neighbors, friends and fellow employees.
               c.      Interviews with concerned public officials and organizations.
               d.      Public meetings.
               e.      Community survey utilizing newspaper and radio.
               f.      Door to door canvas.
               g.      Tours of neighborhoods to observe conditions.

      2.       Suggestions for determining membership problems are:

               a.       Membership brainstorming
               b.       Member interviews conducted by Board.
               c.       Interviews with former Jaycees or prospects who never affiliated.
               d.       Written chapter survey.
               e.       Evaluation by officers of other chapters or of the Maryland Jaycees

      B.       PROJECTS

      At the General Membership meeting in February or March of each year, a “Plan of Action” shall
      be adopted consisting of the project or series of projects designed to accomplish the goals and
      objectives of the chapter. Projects shall be outlined and discussed at planning sessions to be
      conducted by the Board.

      C.       RE-EVALUATION

      The priorities, goals and projects of the Plan of Action shall be subject to review and re-evaluation
      at each General Membership meeting and Board of Directors meeting. When new problems or
      needs are identified, the priorities and goals shall be readjusted, as the chapter shall deem
      appropriate. Adopted projects shall be altered or eliminated as necessary and new projects to
      accomplish identified goals shall be adopted as required. All new projects must be approved by
      both the Board of Directors and the general membership. A formal re-evaluation of the Plan of
      Action shall be conducted at either the June or July Mid-Year Review meeting of the Board of
      Directors in each year.

      D.       ANNUAL REPORT
       The success of the chapter in accomplishing the Plan of Action shall be analyzed by the Board of
       Directors in December of each year and the analysis presented to the chapter in an address by the
       President at the December General Membership meeting.


       The details of each project shall be identified and recorded no later than two (2) weeks before the
       first action contemplated under that project is set to be taken. The “Chairman’s Planning Guide”
       (CPG) shall be used for this purpose as it is a tool for effective planning, financial management,
       continued success evaluation, systematic record keeping and format for presenting a final report.
       Within thirty (30) days following the completion of a project or, for a continuing project, no later
       than December first, each chairperson shall submit all of the material related to his/her project
       together with his/her completed CPG to the responsible Vice-President or assigned Director for
       their review and submission to the President for filing with the chapter records. A project
       chairperson shall complete one project before beginning another.

                               CHAPTER B.         CHAPTER MANAGEMENT


       A.       The Board of Directors of the Annapolis Jaycees is empowered to act upon all matters of
       business of the chapter coming before it, but shall take no final position on any matter of external
       policy nor shall it take final action affecting any project unless compelled by necessity.

       B.       The general duties and responsibilities of each Board member are:

       1.       To attend each meeting of the Board and General Membership.
       2.       To understand the details of the Plan of Action, the Chapter By-Laws and Policies and
                Procedures and parliamentary procedure.
       3.       To develop personal goals to be accomplished as a Board member and to actively work to
                attain those goals.
       4.       To participate in a Program for Personal Progress in order to communicate with and
                motivate each member of the chapter.
       5.       To enthusiastically participate in as many facets and activities of the chapter as possible,
                assist and cooperate with other members of the Board.
       6.       To tell the Jaycee story to family, friends, neighbors, bosses, employees and any others
                with whom you come in contact.
       7.       To present relevant personal views and those of absent members at all meetings.
       8.       To admit frankly when other commitments outweigh Jaycee commitments and to
                thereupon resign so that chapter will not suffer and so that another Jaycee can have the
                opportunity to serve and to lead.
       9.       To serve as a non-voting advisor to their successor in office for a period not to exceed
                two (2) months, following the expiration of their term of office.

       C.       Particular duties and responsibilities of each Board member, in addition to those
                generally enumerated, are:

       1.       President

                a.       Supervise the affairs and activities of the chapter.
                b.       Represent the chapter within the community.
                c.       Oversee the preparation of the Plan of Action and budget and insure the
                         relevancy thereof.
                d.       Preside and maintain order at all meetings.
                e.       Represent the chapter at all State, Regional and District Jaycee functions.
                f.       Supervise and assist the officers in the performance of their duties.
                g.       Distribute material of state and national mailings.
                h.       Write monthly article for Newsletter.
                i.       Prepare an agenda for each meeting.
                j.       Arrange for any programs at meetings.
                k.       Supervise the filing of all required Jaycee and governmental forms and reports.
     l.      Appoint the Legal Counsel and Chaplain.
     m.      Serve as Executive Committee chairperson, Awards chairperson and as an ex-
             officio member of all other chapter committees.
     n.      Supervise the formal publication of the Plan of Action, a membership roster and
             a calendar of chapter activities.
     o.      Supervise the care and custody of the permanent chapter records.
     p.      Establish a personal acquaintance with all members.
     q.      Assign Directors responsibilities with the approval of the Board.

2.   Vice-President for Management Development

     a.      Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
     b.      Serve as ex-officio member of all Management Development project
     c.      Institute or assist in programming and supervise all other projects assigned to the
             Management Development area.
     d.      Supervise and assist assigned Director (s); assign project coordination to
             Director (s).
     e.      Assist project chairpersons.
     f.      Provide encouragement and assistance for project participation.
     g.      Review internal project activity for fullest chapter expression.
     h.      Assist Treasurer with financial records.
     i.      Supervise publication of Newsletter.
     j.      Write monthly article for Newsletter.
     k.      Procure and supervise the care of a place for each meeting.
     l.      Supervise the custody of chapter flags and banner and see to their display at
     m.      Supervise the serving of refreshments at meetings.
     n.      Supervise public relations activities for chapter.
     o.      Serve as chairperson of the Chapter Management Committee.
     p.      Submit monthly report of area’s activities to President at each Board meeting.

3.   Vice-President for Individual Development

     a.      Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence and in the absence of
             theVice-President for Management Development.
     b.      Review Individual Development project activity for most effective and relevant
             chapter expression.
     c.      Serve as ex-officio member of the Individual Development project committees.
     d.      Supervise and assist assigned Director (s); assign project coordination to
             Director (s).
     e.      Supervise the planning and execution of all assigned projects.
     f.      Write monthly article for Newsletter.
     g.      Submit monthly report of area’s activities to President at each Board meeting.

4.   Vice-President for Community Development

     a.      Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence and in the absence of
             theVice-President for Management Development and Individual Development.
     b.      Review Community Development project activity for most effective and
             relevant chapter expression.
     c.      Serve as ex-officio member of Community Development project committees.
     d.      Supervise and assist assigned Director (s); assign project coordination to
             Director (s).
     e.      Assist project chairpersons.
     f.      Assist in developing new ideas for organization development.
     g.      Supervise public relations for assigned projects and provide liaison with media.
     h.      Supervise the planning and execution of all assigned projects.
     i.      Represent the chapter in the community with regard to assigned projects.
     j.      Write monthly article for Newsletter.
     k.       Submit monthly report of area’s activities to President at each Board meeting.

5.   Vice-President for Membership Development

     a.       Review Membership Development project activity for most effective and
              relevant chapter expression.
     b.       Serve as ex-officio member of Membership Development project committees.
     c.       Supervise and assist assigned Director (s); assign project coordination to
              Director (s).
     d.       Supervise the planning and execution of all assigned projects.
     e.       Write monthly article for Newsletter.
     f.       Submit monthly report of area’s activities to President at each Board meeting.
     g.       Institute or assist in membership and recruitment.
     h.       Issue Dues notices and keep membership records.
     i.       Institute or assist in activation and retention of current members.
     j.       Provide or arrange orientation for new members.

6.   State Director

     a.       Supervise the interclub relations of the chapter
     b.       Represent the chapter together with the President at all State, Regional and
              District Jaycee meetings.
     c.       Become aware of State and National Jaycee programs and policies and advise
              chapter thereon.
     d.       Write monthly article for Newsletter.
     e.       Organize and encourage individual and chapter participation in the affairs and
              activities of the Maryland Jaycees, United States Jaycees and Junior Chamber
     f.       Submit monthly report of area’s activities to President at each Board meeting.

7.   Secretary

     a.       Maintain meeting attendance records.
     b.       Maintain the chapter calendar.
     c.       Take minutes at all meetings. (Minutes shall contain the type, date, time, place
              and purpose of meeting; attendance; reports presented; subject of any general
              discussion; wording of all motions with action taken thereon).
     d.       Prepare synopsis of Board action for the Newsletter each month.
     e.       Print Board minutes for distribution and for approval at next Board meeting.
     f.       Print General Membership meeting minutes for distribution and for approval at
              next Membership meeting.
     g.       Supervise the sending of all required meeting notices.

8.   Treasurer

     a.       Maintain the financial records of the chapter.
     b.       Report on the financial status of the chapter at each Board and General
              Membership meeting.
     c.       Supervise the receipts and expenditures of each chairperson.
     d.       Maintain a list of chapter assets and the location of each.
     e.       Prepare written reports as required herein and as directed.
     f.       Maintain membership records showing name, current address, age, social
              security number, date of affiliation and dues anniversary date in conjunction
              with Membership Development Vice-President.
     g.       File all income tax returns required by law.
     h.       Serve as chairperson of the Financial Management Committee.

9.   Director (s)

     a.       Supervise and assist each assigned chairperson in the planning, execution and
              evaluation of his/her project.
            b.      Insure that all records of a completed project are submitted to appropriate Vice-
            c.      Attend initial planning meetings with newly appointed chairpersons and
                    assigned Vice-President.
            d.      Attend all committee meetings of assigned projects.
            e.      Keep informed at all times on progress of assigned projects and report at all
                    meetings when requested.
            f.      Communicate regularly with and learn the duties of assigned Vice-President.
            g.      Write articles for Newsletter on all current assigned projects or assist
                    chairpersons in doing so.

      10.   Immediate Past President

            a.      Serve as Honorary Chairman of the Board
            b.      Serve as Elections chairperson
            c.      Coordinate liaisons with Past Presidents and Exhausted Roosters.
            d.      Provide advice to Board based upon experience as President.
            e.      Enlighten members regarding the roles of officers and encourage candidacies.
            f.      Serve as chairperson of Long Range Planning Committee.

      11.   Legal Counsel

            a.      Render legal advice regarding chapter affairs.
            b.      Serve as Parliamentarian at all meetings including the Board of Directors,
                    General Membership and Special Meetings as required.
            c.      Instruct the membership in the elements of parliamentary procedure.
            d.      Assist in the filing of all required governmental reports and returns.
            e.      Supervise the maintenance of the tax-exempt status of the chapter.
            f.      Review all contracts and agreements to be entered into by the chapter.
            g.      Supervise the handling of any chapter legal difficulties.


            1.      An elections committee shall conduct and supervise elections of the chapter and
                    shall settle any dispute that might arise. The Immediate Past President shall be
                    chairperson and shall designate at least three (3) regular, associate or life
                    members not seeking office as their committee.
            2.      Any candidate to an elected position which is contested by two (2) or more
                    candidates may appoint a designee to observe the ballot counting for that

            1.      The chairperson shall determine those members who are present and eligible to
                    vote before the election shall begin.
            2.      A regular member may vote only if the member:
                    a.       Is present
                    b.       Was a member on November 1.
                    c.       Has their dues in the possession of the Elections committee chairperson
                             or President by midnight two (2) days prior to the day of the election.

      C.    Nominating and seconding speeches and campaign demonstrations shall be permitted for
            the following positions when the position is contested by two (2) or more candidates and
            with a duration no longer than as follows:
                     a.       For the office of President          10 minutes
                     b.       For the offices of Vice-Presidents 4 minutes
                              with voice second only.
                     c.       For the office of Secretary, Treasurer        3 minutes
                              with voice second only

     1.       After each nomination for the office of President, the candidate shall address the
              membership no longer than five (5) minutes. Following the address (es), a
              question and answer period not exceeding with five (5) minutes duration for
              each candidate may be conducted.
     2.       All questions for the Presidential question and answer period shall be submitted
              to the Election Committee chairperson by 8:00 PM on election night and the
              chairperson shall randomly draw the questions to be asked of the candidate (s).
     3.       A member may submit only one (1) question.
     4.       Each selected question will be addressed to all Presidential candidates with
              thirty (30) seconds allowed for a response by each candidate.

     1.       After each nomination for each of the offices of Vice-President, the candidate
              shall address the membership no longer than three (3) minutes. Following the
              address (es) by the candidate (s) for each office, a question and answer period
              not exceeding two (2) minutes duration for each candidate to that office may be
              conducted, if requested by any candidate for that office.
     2.       A Vice-Presidential question and answer period shall be conducted in
              accordance with the policies and procedures for a Presidential question and
              answer period, as applicable and with the exception that questions may be
              submitted immediately prior to the question and answer period.

F.   After the nominations are closed for the offices of Secretary, Treasurer and Director (s), a
     question and answer period not exceeding two (2) minutes duration for each candidate
     may be conducted.

G.   The election for each office shall be conducted following the address (es), if any, and the
     question and answer period for that office.

H.   Voting shall be by secret ballot and numerical results shall not be revealed by the
     committee. The requirement of secret ballot may be waived by unanimous consent when
     there is only one (1) nominee for a particular office.

I.   The order of election shall be as follows:

     a.       President
     b.       Vice-President for Management Development
     c.       Vice-President for Individual Development
     d.       Vice-President for Community Development
     e.       Vice-President for Membership Development
     f.       State Director
     g.       Secretary
     h.       Treasurer
     i.       Director (s)

J.   An unsuccessful candidate may be nominated for another office.

K.   A majority vote shall be required for the election of all officer(s); but, in the case of
     Director(s), corresponding with the number to be elected obtaining the greatest plurality,
     shall be declared elected.

L.   If an office remains unfilled after the first ballot, the balloting shall be repeated as many
     times as are necessary and as specified in this section to obtain a majority vote for a
     single candidate. The candidate who receives the fewest votes on each ballot shall be
     dropped from the list of eligible candidates.

M.   When a vacancy shall have occurred in any elective office, an election shall be conducted
     to fill the vacancy in accordance with the By-Laws and these Policies and Procedures as
       N.      Each candidate shall be responsible for removing all of his/her campaign material from
               the meeting place.

       O.      No modification of these election rules may be made between the September General
               Membership meeting and the November election.

       P.      Campaign material cannot be placed in the election hall prior to 5:00 PM on the day of
               the election.


       A.      The chapter shall maintain a permanent post office box at the Annapolis Post Office,
               which shall be the chapter office mailing address. No member should use any other
               address as a return or RSVP address for any purpose unless specifically authorized by the

       B.      The chapter shall maintain a permanent listed telephone number with a local answering
               service. The answering service shall be supplied with an up-to-date listing of the name,
               address, work and home phone numbers of the President and Vice-Presidents.

       C.      The chapter shall maintain adequate insurance against liability for all functions and

       D.      The historical records, equipment and supplies of the chapter shall be maintained in a
               single, accessible location, if possible.

       E.      DUES

               Notwithstanding any act by the Board, membership or any member, any applicant shall
               become a member of the Annapolis Jaycees after the requirements for affiliation are
               satisfied including the payment of a year’s dues in advance. Thereafter, annual dues for
               each member shall be due on the first day of the month which is the anniversary month
               during which that member’s name was enrolled on the membership roster of the United
               States Jaycees. The By-Laws of this chapter govern dues notices and the consequences of



       The Long Range Planning committee shall consist of the Immediate Past President who shall act
       as chairperson and one (1) past member of the Board of Directors and two (2) current members of
       the Board of Directors and one (1) other member, all of whom shall be appointed by the
       chairperson. The committee shall determine whether present projects and activities are meeting the
       long-term goals of the chapter. The committee shall, from time to time, formulate and prepare for
       presentation to the Board of Directors and the membership a statement of the extent to which
       current projects fulfill the chapters long term goals.


       The Chapter Management Committee shall consist of the Vice-President for Management
       Development who shall act as chairperson, the Legal Counsel, the Treasurer and four (4) other
       members to be appointed by the President. The committee shall be empowered to study and report
       on any matter referred to it by the President and the Board of Directors. This may include such
       matters as administrative procedures, By-Law revisions, chapter fundraising, financial procedures,
       public relations and other subjects that relate to the general maintenance and functioning of the

        The Executive Committee shall consist of the President who shall act as chairperson, the four
        Vice-Presidents and other members of the Board of Directors that the President may appoint from
        time to time. The Executive Committee shall review and evaluate the chapter’s programming
        activities, overall functioning and general well-being and shall make policy recommendations to
        the Board of Directors and the general membership.

                                 CHAPTER C.        FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

I.      The fiscal year of the Annapolis Jaycees shall commence on the first (1) day of January and end
        on the thirty first (31) day of December of each year.

II.     The Treasurer shall be the custodian of the financial records of the chapter together with the
        checkbook and savings account passbook.

III.    The financial records shall consist of a monthly journal for the entry of each item of income and
        expense, a journal summary and a ledger account for each project or budgeted item.

IV.     The Board-elect shall prepare a budget for the fiscal year to be adopted no later than the January,
        February or March General Membership meeting.

V.      The report required of the Treasurer at each meeting shall consist of the balance on hand as of the
        previous report, the receipts and disbursements recorded since the previous report, the current
        balance, the accounts payable and the accounts receivables.

VI.     The Treasurer shall render written reports quarterly or otherwise as directed by the Board which,
        for each project or budgeted item, shall reflect the budgeted figure, the activity since the last such
        report, the activity since the commencement of the fiscal year and the anticipated balance at the
        end of the fiscal year.

VII.    Any overrun of a budgeted item or expenditure shall be presented to the Board for appropriate

VIII.   The budgeted funds and any receipts for each project shall be maintained in the chapter accounts
        unless a separate account is authorized by the Board.

IX.     No expenditure shall be made to or on behalf of any member or for any product or service except
        upon presentment of a written bill, a paid invoice, or a verified voucher accompanied by cash
        receipts or other evidences of expenditures.

X.      The practice of advancing sums on behalf of members for registration fees shall be discouraged
        except when dictated by chapter necessity. When such sums are expended, the chapter shall be
        entitled to immediate reimbursement. The Treasurer shall bill members periodically for these sums
        and any other amounts due the chapter.

XI.     All bills, prior to submission to the Treasurer, shall be approved by the appropriate Vice-President,
        Director and Committee chairperson for accuracy.

XII.    All project chairpersons before requesting any money for a project, shall submit a proposed budget
        to the Treasurer.

XIII.   Advances shall be handled in the following manner:

        A.       The Treasurer shall give the project chairperson a check to cover one (1) or more areas of
        B.       The chairperson shall return to the Treasurer any all receipts, bills, etc., for expenditures
        C.       If any of the advances exceeds the expenditures, then the difference shall be returned to
                 the treasury.
XIV.   A prior written cost estimate shall be required before any printing is contracted for or on behalf of
       the Annapolis Jaycees.

XV.    Every contractual agreement entered into or on behalf of the Annapolis Jaycees, Inc. which
       exceeds the value of $200.00 in the aggregate shall be in writing and be signed by the President
       and Legal Counsel of the Annapolis Jaycees, Inc.


       A.       The chapter shall maintain a separate and non-lapsing “Reserve Fund” bank account for
                the purpose of having contingency funds, available in the event of an unexpected cash
                flow emergency. The Reserve Fund shall be funded at a suggested minimum level of
                $2,000.00, which the Treasurer and the President shall administer in accordance with the
                other financial management procedures outlined in the By-Laws and Policies and

       B.       The Board of Directors may draw upon the Reserve Fund when circumstances dictate,
                subject to the following limitation: at the time the Board of Directors approves a release
                of monies from the Reserve Fund to cover emergency expenditures, it must also approve
                an implementation plan to fully reimburse the Reserve Fund within ninety (90) days of
                the withdrawal of such monies from the Fund. The membership shall be notified of these
                actions at the next occurring regular membership meeting. If the implementation plan
                cited in this provision requires the undertaking of a previously unapproved project, then
                the membership shall have the right to approve the project in accordance with other
                provisions contained in the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures.
                               CHAPTER D.        PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT


       The overall success of any Jaycee chapter is frequently directly proportionate to the percentage of
       its members who are active in chapter projects. In order to insure the greatest degree of
       participation by the greatest number of members, some membership activation device should be


       Methods to facilitate members’ personal development and to keep members active in chapter
       activities, such as the Springboard and Degrees of Jaycees programs, shall be utilized as interest


       The responsibility for the proper utilization of personnel in chapter projects rests with the project
       chairperson, or, in the case of a large project, with a designated sub-chairperson. Their
       responsibility for manpower effectiveness is not total, however, as each project within the chapter
       is supervised by a Director. When a chairperson experiences difficulties in recruiting or effectively
       utilizing workers, he/she should seek the assistance of the Director designated for that project.

       Because the ultimate responsibility for the success or failure of a project remains with the Vice-
       President, his/her guidance is also valuable when personnel problems are encountered.

       Chairperson should be encouraged to seek help from the Director and Vice-President in solving
       problems which plague their projects.

       A Chairman’s Planning Guide should be given to the chairperson when he/she volunteers to chair
       a project. In addition, the assigned Vice-President and Director shall hold a planning meeting with
       the chairperson to review the questions of the Chairman’s Planning Guide.

                      CHAPTER E.        RECRUITMENT AND ORIENTATION


       A.       IN GENERAL

       Obviously, no organization can grow without new members and the Jaycees are no exception.
       Based on the theory that members should want to share their Jaycee experience with others,
       considerable effort should be exerted to bring new members into the chapter. Experience has
       proven that many young people need only be asked, and this simple act of inviting a friend,
       neighbor or co-worker to attend a Jaycee function can be the first step toward a rewarding and
       enriching experience for them. Every member serves as an unofficial recruiter and the
       organization will grow on the strength of its reputation and that of its members.


       Periodic membership drives serve two (2) primary purposes: to provide encouragement for
       members to seek out and find prospects within a specifically defined period of time, and to bring
       to the public, through effective publicity methods, the Jaycee story and the chapter’s desire to
       reach out into the community for new blood.

       To be successful, membership drives should contain two (2) essential ingredients. First, there must
       be a concerted effort on the part of all members of the chapter to bring in new members; real effort
       by only a handful of member’s serves only to dissuade the chapter from becoming interested in
       future drives. Conversely, a successful membership recruitment effort, utilizing the talents of
       many members, gives encouragement to all members.
      Second, the effort must go beyond the traditional “Join This Club” approach and provide for the
      prospective member a relevant set of reasons for joining the Jaycees as opposed to any of the other
      service clubs vying for his/her membership. Each member must determine for themselves the
      needs and interests of the prospect and how the Jaycees can meet this young person’s objectives.

      Above all, the membership effort must provide accurate information for the prospect on what the
      Jaycees are and are not. Confusing rhetoric on “what a great bunch of people” the Jaycees are can
      often have little effect in influencing the decision of a bright, active young person to join the
      Jaycees. Appeals based more on the Jaycees record of achievement, their service to the community
      or their value to the individual are frequently more palatable to the prospect and more effective
      upon his/her decision.

      C.       JAYCEE WEEK

      Each year, one (1) week is set aside specifically for the purpose of encouraging new member
      campaigns and spreading the news about the Jaycees throughout the community. This week,
      commencing on the third Sunday in January, provides an excellent opportunity for the chapter to
      join with other local chapters and with the Maryland and United States Jaycees in recruiting new

      D.       M-NIGHTS

      Another effective recruitment technique is the M (for membership) Night. An M-Night is a social
      program for prospective Jaycees (and, frequently, their spouses), attended by chapter officers and
      State officers, during which the prospect is given an orientation into the Jaycees and is encouraged
      to delve deeply into the organization’s philosophy and objectives.


      Orientations should be given before each General Membership meeting. Included should be a
      general overview of the organization, its officers and their duties, affiliations with the State and
      National organizations, chapter programming and a question and answer period.

      As an outgrowth of the verbal orientation, each new member, upon joining, should be given a
      membership kit which includes a current copy of the Plan of Action and other relevant material.

                         CHAPTER F.         INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT


      The Annapolis Jaycees recognize that its members deserve no less than the ultimate opportunity to
      develop their individual abilities in the areas of leadership and community service. Article II of the
      Articles of Incorporation of the Annapolis Jaycees states that it is “the further purpose (of the
      Annapolis Jaycees) to provide the young persons constituting its membership with training in
      leadership and civic consciousness.” The Jaycees effect this development through giving members
      the opportunity to participate in projects for the benefit of the entire community. By rendering
      service to the Annapolis area, members of the Jaycees constantly increase their potential for
      personal growth.


      The objective of the Speak-Up Jaycee, another seminar in leadership development, is to teach
      skills in public speaking. A fundamental public speaking course, Speak-Up develops self-
      confidence and courage in Jaycees to the end that the chapter and the community will benefit from
      the member’s newly acquired ability and desire to speak out clearly and convincingly on matters
      of interest.

      Because Speak-Up merely gives the participant know-how to become an effective public speaker,
      it is the duty of every chapter officer and every veteran Jaycee to encourage the Speak-Up
      graduate to use their skills whenever appropriate both within and without the chapter.

       If a member determines that their interest in the Jaycees and their work is sufficiently intense to
       motivate them to more active participation with their chapter, their entry into a campaign for a
       Jaycee office should be encouraged by every officer of the chapter.

       “Officers’ Orientations” are an effective way of making the members knowledgeable in the
       various chapter offices. During such sessions, members (hopefully prospective officers) are shown
       the responsibilities and duties of the various offices and can thereafter determine in which area
       their main interest lies and to which office they will commit themselves.


       Family Life Development provides seminars for the study and discussion of marriage, parenthood
       and family life in general. Through study and the exchange of ideas, the Jaycee couple will find
       encouragement and guidelines to strengthen their marriage and family relationship together with
       strengthen their relationship with other couples participating in the seminar. The Jaycee couple
       will be aided in achieving the appropriate balance among demands of family, vocation and
       community service.

                                  CHAPTER G.        PUBLICATIONS


       In an effort to provide information to members and others interested in the progress of the
       Annapolis Jaycees, the chapter distributes several publications, including a monthly newsletter, an
       annual schedule of the chapter’s activities and a guide to the management and operation of the
       chapter. No cost is assessed to the members for any of these publications and expenses are paid
       out of the Chapter Operating budget. Wherever possible, the publications should be self-
       supporting by revenues generated through paid advertisements.


       The Capitol Hill Times is the name given to the chapter’s monthly newsletter. An editorial staff,
       directed by the newsletter Editor, should work actively with the Board of Directors in an effort to
       provide the members with the widest possible range of information of interest to the chapter.

       The Editor of the Capitol Hill Times is one of the most important contributors each year to the
       chapter’s success. Through this person’s skill and tenacity, the chapter members are made aware
       of the chapters progress and growth and are kept informed of projects and developments effecting
       not only their chapter, but also their individual lives as Jaycees.

       Among the items included in the Capitol Hill Times each month should be columns by the
       President and Vice-Presidents, information of interest for the members, the minutes of the
       preceding Board of Directors meeting, articles on current or upcoming projects of broad interest
       and appeal and a list of all sponsors. The Editor has free editorial license to comment on affairs
       involving Jaycees and letters from members are encouraged.

       The newsletter should be mailed no later than seven (7) days preceding a Tuesday meeting and
       should display in a prominent place the date and time of the upcoming meeting.

       Newsletters should be mailed not only to all regular and associate members, but also to all
       newsletter sponsors, the President of the Maryland Jaycees, the District Manager representing
       Annapolis, the Maryland Jaycees Awards chairperson and the United States Jaycees in Tulsa,

       In order to help defray the expense of the newsletter, sponsors should be solicited in January of
       each year for an annual financial contribution. These sponsors are generally businesses in the
       Annapolis area owned or managed by those who have exhibited interest in the Annapolis Jaycees.

      Each year, following the adoption of the schedule of projects and the chapters annual fiscal
      budget, the chapter publishes a booklet containing a calendar for the Jaycees year, a list (and, if
      possible, a brief description) of all projects and a directory of the names, addresses and telephone
      numbers of all regular and associate members.

      This booklet is traditionally called the chapter’s Plan of Action and should be made available to
      the members no later than the April General Membership meeting each year.

      Here again, sponsors should be solicited for financial support and a copy of their advertisement
      should be placed in a prominent place in the publication if the sponsor so desires.


      In order to provide a ready reference of the chapter’s organization, government and policy, the
      Annapolis Jaycees publish and maintain a Chapter Reference Manual.

      The Manual contains a copy of the charter and By-Laws of the Annapolis Jaycees Inc., a glossary
      of Jaycee terms and policy guidelines for the following areas of Jaycees life:

      A.       Planning and Programming
      B.       Chapter Management
      C.       Financial Management
      D.       Personnel Management
      E.       Recruitment and Orientation
      F.       Individual Development
      G.       Publications
      H.       Meetings
      I.       Interclub Relations
      J.       Individual Recognition


      In addition to the publications provided by the Annapolis Jaycees, the club receives through the
      mail the Jaycee magazine, the official publication of the United States Jaycees and the Junior
      Chamber International, as well as occasional publications from the Maryland Jaycees.

                                    CHAPTER H.        MEETINGS


      A.      Regular Board meetings shall be conducted on the first Tuesday of each `
      month at a time and place established by the Board.

      B.       Membership participation and interclub visitations are encouraged at these meetings.

      C.       Comprehensive discussion regarding all facets of chapter programming and management
               shall be encouraged.

      D.       The Board-elect shall attend and participate in the regular Board meeting in December of
               each year.

      E.       The Board-elect shall meet and organize in December of each year and assume
               management of the chapter on January first.


      A.       Regular General Membership meetings shall be conducted on the third Tuesday of each
               month at a time and place to be designated by the Board.

      B.       The primary purpose of the meetings shall be to conduct the business of the chapter.
      C.       Items recommended for inclusion on the agenda are:

               1.       Call to Order
               2.       Invocation
               3.       Pledge of Allegiance
               4.       Adoption of Agenda
               5.       Introductions
               6.       Induction of New Members
               7.       Reading and Approval of Minutes
               8.       Reports:
                        a.       Management Development
                        b.       Individual Development
                        c.       Community Development
                        d.       Membership Development
                        e.       State Director
                        f.       Financial
                        g.       Special Committees
               9.       Special Orders of Business
               10.      Unfinished Business
               11.      New Business
               12.      Chapter Recognition
               13.      Pass the Gavel (general discussion)
               14.      Announcements
               15.      Jaycee Creed
               16.      Adjournment

      D.       Meetings shall begin promptly at the schedule hour and shall terminate no later than two
               (2) hours thereafter.

      E.       Any scheduled program which does not pertain to chapter programming shall be
               conducted following adjournment/

      F.       Regular meetings shall be open to the public and members shall be encouraged to bring

      G.       All motions shall be submitted by the maker thereof in writing to the Secretary on the
               form provided.

                           CHAPTER I.         INTERCLUB RELATIONS

I.    Article IX of the Articles of Incorporation of the Annapolis Jaycees provides as follows:

               The corporation shall be…affiliated with the Maryland Jaycees, the United States
               Jaycees and Junior Chamber International, and shall be subject to the constitution and by-
               laws of those organizations insofar as they affect and prescribe the functions of local
               Jaycee Chapters.

      The Annapolis Jaycees participate in State projects and regularly attend all Maryland Jaycee
      Board meetings. In addition, chapter delegations will attend the Annual Meeting (Convention) and
      members and officers are encouraged to attend Maryland Jaycees Executive Board meetings.


      Visitations by members of the Annapolis Jaycees to other Jaycee chapters are strongly
      encouraged. A visitation team should consist of at least four (4) members, including the State
      Director, whose responsibility it is to organize the team and make contact with the chapter to be
      visited. The State Director should provide the members of the visitation team with clear directions
      to the meeting place, or arrange for a car-pool trip to the meeting and should be prepared to
      introduce the members of the team at the meeting.
       The purpose of the chapter visitations is to allow Jaycees to have the opportunity to see how other
       chapter meetings are run, to meet other Jaycees, to gain a more diverse insight into the types of
       projects run by Jaycee chapters and to show other chapters the pride the Annapolis Jaycees have in
       their organization.

       Although no members should be discouraged from attending as many visitations as desired, an
       effort should be made to encourage new members and those who have never before been on a
       visitation to participate in this most worthwhile endeavor.

       Visitations are also encouraged for District and region meetings and seminars conducted for
       Jaycees throughout the State.
III.   The Interclub Relations area generally, and the activities connected with it, are the responsibility
       of the State Director of the Annapolis Jaycees.

                          CHAPTER J.         INDIVIDUAL RECOGNITION

                                 BUT IN DESERVING THEM.”

I.     The chapter recognizes that one basic need and desire of individuals is to be recognized for their
       efforts. Appropriate recognition can provide strength to the weak, speed to the slow and
       enlightenment to the ignorant. Keeping in mind these needs and desires, awards and individual
       recognition can become a vital tool in the management of the chapter and ultimate fulfillment of
       the goals of the membership.

II.    The Board of Directors shall determine the recipient of each award established herein except as
       otherwise indicated.

III.   The Board shall from time to time make presentations of certificates of appreciation and other
       forms of recognition, as appropriate.


       A.       JAYCEE OF THE MONTH

                1.       A Jaycee of the Month award may be presented to an Annapolis Jaycee not
                         serving on the Board of Directors for a given monthly period in recognition of
                         their outstanding achievement in promoting, supporting and exemplifying the
                         tenets of the Jaycee Creed and the goals of the Annapolis Jaycees in general.

                2.       Any regular member of the chapter not serving on the Board of Directors, in
                         good standing, shall be eligible to be nominated.

                3.       In no event shall it be construed that a Jaycee of the Month be selected for every
                         month. The Board may decline to make such a selection merely by failing to
                         cast a majority for any nominee or by making no nominations.

                4.       Each Board member who nominates an individual shall be responsible for
                         submitting the reasons and qualifications for their nomination to the other
                         members of the Board for their consideration and judgment.

                5.       The general membership shall be encouraged to submit suggestions for
                         nominees to any Board member.

                6.       The recipient of the award for any given month shall be selected at the first
                         Board meeting following the last day of the month for which the award is to be
                         given. There shall be no delays for voting on nominations or any tabling of the
                         balloting. Selection shall be based solely on the presented and the known
                   information and qualifications and not on any information and qualifications or
                   other material to be presented at a later date.

          7.       Voting shall be conducted by secret ballot. Paragraph IV.A.1. above shall be
                   read by the Secretary before the balloting. Each member of the Board who is
                   present may cast a blank ballot or a ballot indicating his/her choice. Each
                   member shall cast only one (1) vote notwithstanding the number of nominees.
                   The President shall cast a vote only when there would otherwise not be an
                   uneven number of Board members voting. When the President is not voting
                   because an uneven number of Board members are meeting, he/she shall cast a
                   vote if a tie has resulted upon the counting of the other ballots.

          8.       Jaycee of the Month will be awarded to that member receiving a simple majority
                   of the votes cast. If no majority is reached, the lowest vote total will be dropped
                   from consideration and voting will continue. If four (4) or more persons are
                   being considered and there is a tie among the nominees, those receiving the
                   lowest total votes will be dropped from consideration and voting shall continue.

          9.       The nominee who shall receive a vote of the majority, as opposed to plurality, of
                   those members voting shall become the recipient of the award.

          10.      After the selection of a Jaycee of the Month, balloting for a second Jaycee of the
                   Month shall proceed. (Provided no member of the Board shall interpose an
                   objection). Such a motion would pass with the affirmative vote of two-thirds
                   (2/3) of those Board members present. The above provisions shall govern the
                   selection of the second Jaycee of the Month, as applicable.


          1.       A Board Member of the Month will be awarded to that member of the Board of
                   Directors, excluding the President, who has best fulfilled the prescribed duties of
                   office and has also best exemplified those qualities of friendship, cooperation
                   and service in all activities related to the organization. The Board member
                   selected for this honor will be at the sole discretion of the President based on the
                   input he/she has received from other Board members.


     A.   A Jaycee of the Quarter award may be presented to the outstanding Annapolis Jaycee for
          the quarter based upon the criteria for Jaycee of the Month. Similar recognition may be
          awarded a member of the Board of Directors at the discretion of the President.

     B.   For purposes of this Section, the quarters shall be as follows:

          1.       January 1 – March 31;
          2.       April 1 – June 30;
          3.       July 1 – September 30;
          4.       October 1 – December 31;


     A.   The awards year for annual awards shall begin January 1st and December 31 st. Selection
          of the recipients shall be made at a special Meeting of the outgoing Board of Directors in
          December or January. Announcement and presentation of the annual awards shall be
          made at the Awards and Installation Banquet.

     B.   The following annual awards are hereby established:

          1.       Projects of the Year. Presented to the chairperson of the most outstanding
                   project completed in Management Development, Individual Development,
                   Community Development, and Membership Development during the awards
                      year. It should be noted that a project cannot be submitted in more than one (1)
                      area. This does not preclude the project from being nominated for Project of the

             2.       Project of the Year.        Presented to the chairperson of the single most
                      outstanding project of the year.

             3.       New Project of the Year. Presented to the chairperson of the single most
                      outstanding new project of the year. New project of the year is defined as a
                      project that has never been run before within the chapter.

             4.       Chairperson of the Year. Presented to that chairperson, the success of whose
                      project was a direct result of their understanding and utilization of the
                      Chairman’s Planning Guide and of the manner in which he/she coordinated the
                      efforts of their committee.

             5.       Director of the Year.        Presented to that Director who during the year
                      fulfilled his/her duties in an exemplary manner and made outstanding progress
                      in accomplishing his/her personal goals. This honoree is selected by the Board
                      rather than the President.

             6.       Officer of the Year.         Presented to that officer who during the year fulfilled
                      his/her duties in an exemplary manner and made outstanding progress in
                      accomplishing his/her personal goals. This honoree is selected at the sole
                      discretion of the President.

             7.       Bill W. Fillingham Memorial Award.          Presented in memory of the late
                      thirteenth President of the Annapolis Jaycees (1960-1961) to that past member
                      of the Board of Directors whose service to and efforts on behalf of the chapter
                      were outstanding considering the magnitude of their past service already given
                      to the chapter.

             8.       Keyman Award. Presented to that individual whose service to and efforts on
                      behalf of the chapter. In the absolute discretion of the President, have constituted
                      the key contributions which have made the President’s year as successful as it

             9.       William Brownfield Memorial Award.            Presented in memory of the author
                      of the Jaycee Creed to that Annapolis Jaycee, who concluded his/her first year of
                      Jaycee affiliation during the awards year, in recognition of his/her achievements
                      in accomplishing personal goals and of his/her outstanding service to the
                      chapter. The first year of affiliation is understood to mean that period of time
                      from when a member joins through the second annual convention in February of
                      the Maryland Jaycees.

             10.      Annapolis Jaycee of the Year.         Presented to the Annapolis Jaycee who has
                      demonstrated outstanding support, dedication and enthusiasm beyond his/her
                      first year of affiliation, as defined in the Brownfield Award, in recognition of
                      his/her achievements in accomplishing personal goals and of his/her outstanding
                      service to the chapter and to the community on behalf of the chapter.

             11.      Other awards may be created by the Board of Directors from time to time.
                      Business or private sponsorship for all awards shall be encouraged.


       A.    The affectionate honorary title “Exhausted Rooster” may be conferred on an Annapolis
             Jaycee whose regular membership has terminated or is about to so terminate by virtue of
             their arrival at age forty (40) who is deemed by the Board of Directors, in its discretion,
             to have exemplified the tenets of the Jaycee Creed, in general, and, in particular, to have
             brought credit to and been a credit to the Annapolis Jaycees.
B.   Maryland Jaycees Militia. This high honor is to be voted upon by secret ballot. The
     requirements for this award are as stated in Maryland Jaycee publications.

C.   JCI Senator.       This high honor is to be voted upon by secret ballot. The requirements
     for this award are as stated in Maryland Jaycee publications.

D.   USJCC Ambassadorship. This high honor is to be voted upon by secret ballot. The
     requirements for this award are as stated in Maryland Jaycee publications.

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