Multimedia e-learning design - PowerPoint by F0zNb96v


									Multimedia e-learning design
   After analysis (audience, needs, goals,
    content, resource requirements and
    schedule), you are ready for design
   But don’t skimp on analysis!
   Why emphasize getting analysis right?
Outputs of multimedia design
   Produce a complete specification of all
    media elements and interactivity
   Explicit enough that developers know
    exactly what to implement
   Products of e-learning design:
    1) User interface design
    2) Content design
    User interface design
   Develop a mock-up of look and feel
   Indicate all functions
   Write developer guidelines—standardizing
    screen layouts, text, graphics, audio, video,
    and conventions for interactivity
   See CIMEL guidelines
Content design: flowcharts
   Navigational maps or flowcharts show
    overall structure of piece
   See Lopuck’s flowchart: p. 12 and p. 13
   Structure may be linear, hierarchical,
    multi-linear, web graph, or composite
Content design: storyboards
   Storyboards show scenes of a story in
    pictorial form, screen by screen
   What earlier media uses storyboards?
   See examples from Lopuck and UM
   Each sketch may come with text
    describing non-pictorial details and
   Cates’ template standardizes details
   Like movie or TV scripts
   Provide complete details in textual form
   See Jennifer Birch’s script
   Scripts may incorporate some graphics
    (another example)
   CIMEL project’s script writing guidelines
Iterative design (1)
   First iteration describes high level
    navigational structure and key scenes
   Rough, initial storyboards (as in UM
    example) may be useful
   Show key scenes: Lopuck calls these
    “places” or “environments” for action
Iterative design (2)
   Successive iterations show more detail
   See more details in Lopuck
   Develop script and/or storyboards that
    show each scene, screen by screen
   Cates’ template shows details to be
    considered for complete storyboard

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