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									              Write to Learn 2011
                  “Passionate Pedagogy”

Educational Solutions International, the Missouri Association of Teachers of English,
the Missouri Writing Projects Network, the Missouri Reading Initiative, and Missouri IRA
announce the 2011 Write to Learn Conference, to be held at the Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage
Beach, Missouri, March 3-5, 2011.

The conference theme will be “Passionate Pedagogy.” Some of the world’s most passionate
and effective teachers will be presenting keynote addresses and other sessions at the conference
(including Sharon Draper, Linda Rief, Alan Sitomer, Tim Rasinski, and Kelly Gallagher,
among others). We would love you to join them (and us) and present a breakout session at this
year’s conference.

Our focus will be on how passionate teachers, through best practices in language arts
instruction, can ignite a similar passion for reading and writing in their students. Please join
us for this exciting and informative conference, and please consider submitting a proposal to
present a session using the enclosed proposal form. If you know other teachers who would
make good presenters for our conference, feel free to send a copy of this form to them. Thank

Willy Wood
Write to Learn Conference Coordinator
                                       Write to Learn Conference 2011:
                                                  “Passionate Pedagogy”
                            March 3-5, 2011  Tan-Tar-A Resort, Osage Beach, MO

                                                          Call for Proposals

The Write to Learn Conference is a communication arts conference presented by Educational Solutions International in cooperation with the
Missouri Association of Teachers of English, the Missouri Writing Projects Network, the Missouri Reading Initiative, and the Missouri IRA.
The conference is for all educators interested in the communication arts. We invite you to submit a proposal for presentation at the
conference. The theme for the 2011 conference is “Passionate Pedagogy.” Proposals that address the theme in some way will be given
priority, but selections will not be limited to the theme. Breakout sessions will be 75 minutes long. You may present by yourself or with a
co-presenter. Sessions will be limited to two presenters. Your proposal should be specific enough for reviewers to grasp the nature of your
presentation. The description you provide here, if accepted, will be used in writing the conference program. Proposals must be
postmarked no later than September 24, 2010. Selected presenters will be notified by October 22, 2010. If you are selected to present
as a solo presenter or as a co-presenter, your full conference registration fee will be $139 (a savings of approximately $100). You
may have more helpers, if you desire, but the discounted presenter rate will only apply to two people. If you attend the conference
on Friday only, the presenter (and co-presenter, if applicable) fee will be $79. There will be no fee reduction for presenters who
attend Saturday only. If you are asked to present more than one session, your conference registration will be free. Breakout session
presenters must register for the conference unless they obtain a waiver from the conference coordinator, Willy Wood.

                                                  Complete this form and return it to:
                                                       MU Conference Office
                                                        344 Hearnes Center
                                                       Columbia, MO 65211

                      If you have questions, call (573) 214-2297 or e-mail Willy Wood at willy.wood@yahoo.com

Title of Presentation: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Presenter (Contact person: All conference correspondence will go to this person):

Name ________________________________________ Home phone _____________________ Work phone _____________________

Title _________________________________ School District ___________________________ School __________________________

Home Mailing Address _____________________________________ City _________________________ State _____ Zip __________

Work E-mail Address ________________________________________ Grade or Courses Taught ______________________________

Co-Presenter (If applicable):

Name ________________________________________ Home phone ____________________ Work phone ______________________

Title _________________________________ School District ___________________________ School __________________________

Home Mailing Address _____________________________________ City _________________________ State _____ Zip __________

Work E-mail Address _________________________________________ Grade or Courses Taught ______________________________
Please fill in the appropriate grade level for your presentation. Use numbers to represent grade levels. For example, if your presentation
would be appropriate for kindergarten through third grade, write “K-3” in the blank. If it would be appropriate for high school teachers,
write “9-12.” Please be accurate; do not “stretch.” Teachers get upset when they attend a session labeled as being appropriate for
their grade level and find out too late that it was not!

Grade Level _____________________________

Description of Presentation:
Please provide a description of your proposed presentation (100-200 words). Be specific about content, about how the session will be
structured, and about materials used. Please use active voice in your description. See past copies of the Write to Learn program to see the
style we like to use for our workshop “blurbs.” You may attach a separate page to this proposal form if you prefer.









Audio-Visual Equipment
All rooms will be equipped with a head table with table-top podium, one display table, and a screen. If you need an overhead projector, a
TV/ VCR, a TV/DVD player, or an LCD projector, check the appropriate box below. All other AV equipment and handout materials are
your responsibility. Please also check if you will need Internet access in your presentation. Then, for our information, please list below any
other audio-visual equipment that you will be bringing for your presentation.

            I will need an overhead projector
            I will need a TV/VCR
            I will need a TV/DVD player
            I will need an LCD projector
            I will need Internet access

Other audio-visual equipment that I will be using (I will provide): ________________________________________________________

Room Set-Up:
Rooms will be set to hold the maximum number of attendees either theater-style (chairs in rows) or with round tables. Please be aware that
the conference is allowed only a certain number of rooms set in round tables, so only request round tables if you must have them. Also be
aware that the use of tables reduces the available seating for your presentation. Please check your preference below:

            Theater style
            Round tables
            No preference

   Note: Promotion and/or selling of materials during the workshop is strictly prohibited. You may purchase a booth space in the
                              exhibit hall for this purpose. Contact Willy Wood if you wish to do this.

                      Please make copies of this form and distribute to all who might be interested in presenting!

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