Campus Testing Coordinator Checklist April 23 26 by Xy5ibUm0


									                       Campus Testing Coordinator Checklist
                                 April 23-26, 2012
NOTE: NO student test assignment/accommodation changes AFTER March 30, 2012, as per
                            Administrative Procedure E11.

  Complete Campus Testing Plan Part B and submit to the Testing Dept. by Monday, April
  16, 2012.
  Prepare binder for April 23-26 Test Administration.
  Select test administrators and distribute test administrator manuals PRIOR to your campus
  training. They will sign manuals in and out to the campus testing coordinator.
  Create testing rosters and check/verify special testing assignments:
     Small groups
     Extra Time
     Oral Administration ALL
     Oral Administration PART
  Conduct campus training by April 20, 2012.
  Ensure that you have a signed oath for all selected test administrators.
  Check the materials list sent via email and ORDER additional materials off of the emailed
  materials list.
  Pick up and verify shipment. Verification will be done by emailing
     Email subject line is----VERIFIED: _____________ES March Materials
  Supervise and verify precoded labels/answer documents.
  Supervise and verify handgridded answer documents.
  Make copies of the following documents:
     Extra science charts (8th)
     State Attendance Verification Page
     Seating Charts (TEA)
     Rosters for Test Administrators with information on testing specifics
     Testing Day Schedule
     Material Control Form
     Monitoring Logs
  Gather the following materials:
     Dictionaries (6th and 7th grade reading)
     Blank Paper/Grid Paper/etc. for scratch paper
     Extra math charts (3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th)
     Index cards
     Completed Accommodations Envelopes with Verified Materials                        Over
Prepare folder for main office with campus specific information to include schedule,
student locations, test administrator locations, and any other pertinent information for
testing days.
Identify rooms being utilized for testing and walk through for an environment check.
Organize materials needed for testing in tubs/bins to include test booklets, answer
documents, and all ancillary materials.
          One extra blank answer document in each tub for test administrator
            demonstration purposes.
          STAAR M- all students and test administrator MUST have the same form
          Oral administration for STAAR, STAAR Spanish, STAAR L, or STAAR M cannot be
            tested together, BUT the test administrator and students in the room MUST
            have the same form number.
Create Material Control Form.
Assign campus monitors (administrative staff) to classrooms with Monitoring Log form.
Distribute/collect materials on test day; verify the SECTION of the test administrator
manual being utilized.
Monitor test sessions.
Reorganize test materials for day 2 of testing (if needed).
Verify student absences on State Assessment Verification forms, pull materials and
organize make up sessions.
Create make-up sessions, watch for accommodations that require same book form, such
as oral administration.
Gather and sort all materials after testing. Return dictionaries, etc.
Pack all materials appropriately.
   NOTE: ALL scratch paper, reference charts that was written on will be put behind a
  band and marked DESTROY and returned with test materials.
Check answer documents for TEST TAKEN INFO., SCORE CODES, and ACCOMMODATIONS.
Finish and complete binder for the specific administration.
Return ALL state testing materials to the testing department by the DEADLINE; bring
administration binder for verification.

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