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									                    Handling Exceptions in Structural Engineering:
                         Structural Systems, Accidental Scenarios, Design Complexity

                    Rome, July 8 and 9, 2010 –

Paper title
Author1 surname, N.1, Author2 surname, N.2
    Affiliation 1
    Affiliation 2

ABSTRACT: To be written here, with format style “ABSTRACT”. Not exceed 400 word.

1 FIRST TITLE (LEVEL ONE)                                           3. list numbers.
                                                                    Here an example of pointed list:
First title and title on the first columns should use style
“FIRST TITLE”. Then the first paragraph of each section              list numbers;
should use the style “FIRST PARAGRAPH”. The same                     list numbers;
format applies to the paragraph after figures, itemized              list numbers.
lines, tables etc.                                                  Itemized lines can follows different styles. Lines can be
                                                                    itemized with numbers, dash, points etc., using the
Paragraph after the first one follows the style “NOR-
                                                                    formatted styles “LIST SIGNS”, “LIST NUMBERS”,”LIST
                                                                    POINTS” respectively. Remember to start with the style
                                                                    “FIRST PARAGRAPH” after the list.
                                                                    Remember to start with the style “FIRST PARAGRAPH”
Itemized lines can follows different styles. Lines can be           when you start a sentence at the beginning of a new
itemized with numbers, dash, points etc., using the                 column. Remember also that if you start the column
formatted styles “LIST SIGNS”, “LIST NUMBERS”,”LIST                 with a title, you should remove the line spacing before
POINTS” respectively.                                               the title in the style, in order to get the text in line with
                                                                    the other column (as in the style “FIRST TITLE” and also
Here an example of dashed list:
                                                                    shown for the title after the figure in the following
 List signs                                                        page).
 List signs;
 List signs.                                                       2.1 TITLE LEVEL TWO
Remember that here the paragraph continues with the                 You can divide your text in subsection using 4 levels of
style “FIRST PARAGRAPH”.                                            titles for paragraph, as shown below.

Here an example of numbered list:                                   Figure can be inserted in the column between para-
                                                                    graphs (see Fig. 1) and can have colours. The figure has
1. list numbers;
                                                                    to be inserted as external file (.bmp, .emf, .jpg, etc) us-
2. list numbers;
ing the style “FIGURE” and cannot be pasted in the                   c  0.35 % s  1.0%                            (1)
                                                                  Remember that after formulas the paragraph contin-
                                                                  ues with the style “FIRST PARAGRAPH”.

                                                                  The symbol used in formulas can be listed by using the
                                                                  proper defined style “LIST SYMBOLS”:

                                                                  c          ultimate deformation of concrete;
                                                                  s          ultimate deformation of steel.
                                                                  Tables can also be inserted in the text using the style
                                                                  “GRIGLIA TABELLA” for the grid and the style “TABLE
                                                                  TEXT” for the text inside; tables can be quoted exten-
                                                                  sively into the text or within parentheses using cross-
                     Figure 1: HE2010 logo.                       ing references (e.g. see Table 1: Table format.).

Remember that after figures and tables the paragraph              Please pay attention to distribute the text above and
continues with the style “FIRST PARAGRAPH”.                       after the table so that table rows won’t be interrupted
                                                                  in two different columns.
Figures can be cited extensively into the text by refer-
ring to them as Figure 1: HE2010 logo. (e.g.) or briefly          Table caption should be inserted above the table fol-
cited in parentheses (see Figure 1: HE2010 logo.).                lowing the style “DIDASCALIA” as for figures but using
Crossed reference to the figure can be used, as shown             the etiquette: “Table”.
                                                                                      Table 1: Table format.
2.1.1 Title level 3                                                Table text      Table text      Table text   Table text*
                                                                   23432.322       32423.233       4234.324       425.000
Formula should also be inserted as Microsoft equation
                                                                    234.435          23.005         212.445      3445.005
object and not pasted into the file. The line should fol-
low the style “FORMULA” and be cited into the text ex-                   *Note can be inserted following the style “NOTE”
tensively as Equation 1 or in parentheses (Eq.1).

                                                 Figure 2: Large HE08 logo.   Title level 4                                           Figures can also take the whole page with. In this case,
                                                                  pay attention to the format of the text above and be-
A maximum of four title level should not be used. In
                                                                  low the figure. Blank areas should be avoided as much
case a further level is needed, please try to use item-
                                                                  as possible.
ized paragraph instead.

References can be cited into the text as number within
squared parentheses, like that [1].

In this case the references text should follow the num-
bered format named “REFERENCE NUMBERS” and can
be linked to the quotes in the text with crossing refer-
ences as in this example.

Otherwise, you could also quote the references using
the author surname and the year of publication within
parentheses like (Surname, 2005).

In this case the literature should be listed in alphabeti-
cal order and should be use the style “REFERENCE


Please try to follow strictly the proposed format and
use only the styles available in this file. This would
greatly help a prompt publication.


[1]   Author Surname, N.: “Paper title”, Journal, Year.

[2]   EN 1991-1-2: “Eurocode 1: Actions on structures – Part
      1-2 : General actions – Actions on structures exposed
      to fire”.

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