Basics of Optical Character Recognition by document.imaging


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 Optical character recognition is generally
  abbreviated as the OCR.
 It is the electronic conversion of images of a
  text to the characters.
 It has the ability to scan text from images of
  hand written and printed texts.
 It helps to edit and search the words in the
  scanned documents like paper and PDF
  files, images.
   The OCR technology is used in office,
    education and publishing fields.
   Users can able to convert the surveys,
    contracts, invoices, receipts, into electronically
    manageable files.
   It makes the old age books into e-books. So we
    can read those books online too.
   In libraries and offices the documents are
    scanned periodically for backup and archival.
   These scanned pages are made editable
    digital files by the OCR.

 The scanner usually takes the
  photograph image of the original
  document into the image based digital
  document in PDF format.
 The scanned documents can be
  available as the large image of the
  scanned file.
 The OCR will turn out the scanned files
  into editable and keyword searchable in
  the scanned files easily.
 Online  OCR software is available
  to make your own e-documents.
 It has been available for
  individual and as per enterprise
  requirements (official use).
 In the recent years the electronic
  medical records are creating the huge
  impression on the optical character
  recognition process.
 It makes the medical reports available
  online and used for medical diagnosis for
 You can make the e-records for your
  medical reports like x-ray, ECG, EEG, etc
  into digital files and used for future
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