5th Grade Curriculum Night - PowerPoint by 89YpOi


									Mary Evans Elementary
   August 23, 2010
     Mary Evans Elementary
       Mission Statement
• All students, with support of staff, parents,
  and community will be provided a safe,
  nurturing, and engaging learning
  environment that empowers them with the
  knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be
  lifelong learners and citizens of good
  character who are prepared to contribute
  to an ever-changing, global society.
     Mary Evans Elementary
• Mary Evans’ students will be able to think
  critically and creatively, solve problems, and will
  learn to communicate effectively. Our students
  will learn to work effectively as individuals and
  as group members, develop self-confidence,
  self-discipline, and respect for others, recognize
  the contributions of individuals, groups and
  cultures in society, and demonstrate civic
   Mary Evans Elementary Beliefs
• We hold ourselves accountable for:
  – Creating a safe environment where each member is
    valued is paramount to establishing an exemplary school
  – Setting high academic and behavioral expectations yield
    high student achievement
  – Developing strong relationships, clear communication, and
    continuous reflection among all members of the Evans
    learning community is basic to the success of our school
  – Establishing the connection between academic objectives
    and real life application is fundamental in creating life
  – Accepting a role in developing citizenship in all students is
    essential to their life long success and the future of our
          5th Grade Teachers
• Kelli Abohosh – Science
  972-747-3373 ext 213
• Diane Clements – Math
  972-747-3373 ext 217
• Leslie McGuire – Problem Solving; Social Studies
  972-747-3373 ext 219
• Lauren Greci – Reading and Writing
  972-747-3373 ext 221
Care about others and be honest.
Obey teacher and adult directions.
Respect all people and property.
Keep all body parts and objects to myself.
Yearn to be punctual and prepared daily.
         6 weeks Report Card Equivalent:
            Outstanding 0-3 signatures
             Satisfactory 4-6 signatures
         Needs Improvement 7-10 signatures
           Unsatisfactory 11+ signatures
• Rider Communication Chart – calendar of monthly
  events and conduct signatures (sign daily)
• Daily Agenda (sign daily)
• “Wednesday Folder” – Weekly communication and
  graded papers will be sent home in this folder. Grades
  that will be recorded in the grade book will be circled.
  (sign weekly)
• Emails and phone calls will be returned after
  instructional time or during our planning period.
• 5th grade teacher planning period is 9:30-10:15 am daily.
        Assessment Calendar
• Benchmark testing for reading and math will occur during
  the week of November 8th
• Benchmark testing for science will occur during the week
  of November 15th
• Simulation testing for reading and math occurs during
  the week of January 31st
• Simulation testing for science occurs during the week of
  February 7th
• Math TAKS will be April 4th
• Reading TAKS will be April 5th
• Science TAKS will be April 28th

  The state requires that all 5th grade students pass the Math TAKS
  and the Reading TAKS to advance to the next grade level.
• 60% daily work and homework; 40% tests, quizzes, and
• Late work – 10 points per day will be deducted and the
  student will be required to remain in “homework hall”
• Make up work – for each day of an excused absence,
  one day will be given to the complete assignment(s).
• If your child is absent for any reason, please send a note
  of explanation or call the office. Absences without notes
  are considered unexcused.
            Daily Schedule
7:55-8:10 – Homeroom (Announcements)
8:10-9:30 – Block 1 (snack)
9:30-10:15 – Specials
10:15-11:25 – Block 2
11:25-11:30 – Break/Restroom/Wash Hands
11:30-12:00 – Lunch
12:00-12:20 – Recess
12:20-1:30 – Block 3
1:30-2:40 – Block 4
2:40-2:55 – Homeroom/Pack Up
2:55 - Dismissal
• All papers turned in by a student should display the
  proper heading:
   o On the left, the first line shows the student’s first
      and last name.
   o The second line indicates the date.
   o On the right, the first line shows the student’s
      homeroom teacher’s name.
   o The second line indicates the subject block
                        First Name Last Name           Homeroom Teacher
                        8/23/10                           Subject Block #
       5th Grade Field Trips

• November 17th-19th: Sky Ranch

• December 10th: Science Fair

• April 21st: Enterprise City

• Second Semester: Music Field Trip
• A “Volunteer Background
  Check” is required for all
  volunteers and field trip
• Please register quickly
  online at www.allenisd.org
     5th Grade Expectations
• Report Cards and Progress Reports – sign
  and return the next day
• Handwriting – cursive is highly
• Spelling – “Have to Know” word list
• Agenda – homework and reading minutes
• Parent Conferences
• Supplies
  Math and Problem Solving
• Daily homework Monday – Thursday
• Math journals used to reinforce objectives
• Family games and activities online at
  – Math vocabulary
  – Family games
  – Homework – practice of new objectives
    taught in class
        Reading and Writing
• Develop good reading habits at home
  – Make 20 minutes of daily reading part of your daily
    routine (agenda)
• Reading and writing journals used daily
• Reading logs to prepare them for middle school
•   Science journals
•   Tests and study guides
•   Arbor Day Contest in the Fall
•   Science Fair on December 10, 2009
           Social Studies
• States and Capitals
• Constitution Week
• United States History
   5th Grade Website
Visit www.allenisd.org
  • Open Evans Elementary
  • Click on Faculty tab
  • Select your teacher
Things to look for:
  • Activity and Academic Calendars
  • Test study guides and projects

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