Blank stationary of the ticket width to be attached to by 89YpOi


									              Annexure of Case No.1110/ 06/10/5662 due on 05/10/10
                                          EASTERN RAILWAY

                                          ANNEXURE- ‘A’
Sealed quotation are invited for and on behalf of President of India by the Controller of Stores Eastern
Railway, Kolkata for printing & supply of the PRS tickets with commercial publicity as under:-

SL.NO.    Tender No.           Brief description (For details specifications and       Quantity    (In
                                    description refer to special condition).                Rolls)
1         06/10/5662     Printing and supply of passenger reservation system 60,000 (each Roll
                         ticket (Pre-Formatted standardized tickets) with of tickets shall
                         commercial publicity thereon conforming to Railway’s contain 200 Nos.
                         specification, terms & conditions as per tender of tickets)
1.0 This tender will be in two parts Part-01 of the above tender will contain the rates/total value
    towards printing and supply cost of PRS tickets with commercial publicity printed thereon as per
    terms & condition, where railway will pay such cost to the suppliers. Part-02 of the above tenders
    will contain the rates/total earning towards commercial publicity which will be printed on the PRS
    tickets as per terms & conditions where the supplier will pay such earning to the railway.

2.0 Eligibility Criteria: Corporate bodies desirous of advertising their products or firms having proven
    track record in the field of printing and supply or advertising agency are eligible to quote against
    this tender. The tickets must be got printed from ISO 9002 certified printing press approved by
    RBI/Indian Bank’s Association as security printers for security documents. Details eligibility criteria
    in the tender documents should be referred and complied.

3.0 Eligibility Criteria of Tenderers:-

    The tickets must be got printed from ISO 9002 certified Printing Press approved by RBI/Indian
    Bank’s Association as security printers for security documents. The tenderers/printer has to
    maintain complete records of each and every ticket from the point of printing to the finishing
    product and wasted tickets during manufacturing will be destroyed within premises with full
    security. The printing press must have full-proof arrangement to print tickets numbered in 8-digits
    as per Railway’s specifications. The printing press must have experience in supply of similar tickets
    roll in Indian Railway of which tenderers should submit documentary evidence of the printing press.
    The successful tenderers if not an approved printer as above, must get the tickets printed from
    approved printing press as indicated above. Performance statements should be submitted and
    documentary evidence should also be submitted along with the offer. Consent letter from the
    respective printing press consenting to undertake printing works on behalf of the Tenderer should
    be submitted if the order is placed on the Tenderer other than the RBI/IBA printers enlisted for
    printing of Security Documents, failing which offers are liable to be ignored.
                                          SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERERS

                                                                Annexure of Case No. 06/10/5662
4.0 Detailed Specification for Pre-Formatted Standardized Tickets of PRS:
    The detailed Specification of Newly Introduced Computerized Reservation Tickets (with multi
    colored advertisement) stationery and other conditions are mentioned below:-


               Pre-Formatted Ticket Stationery (PRS of 200) Rolls. Each Roll consists (Two Hundred)
               tickets commencing from 001 to 200. The supply can be made either in Roll of Fanfold.

               QTY.: 12,000 Thousands i.e. 60,000 ROLLS/FANFOLD containing 200 Tickets each. 30%
               quantity option clause is applicable.

                      i)   GRAMMAGE                  : ER- 110 GSM (+/-) 5%.

                      ii) SIZE                       : 18 cm. x 10 cm.

                      iii) THICKNESS                 : Less than 140 Microns.

                      iv) BULK                       : Not more than 1.00 cms./Gm.

                      v) SMOOTHNESS                  : JS-Smoother than 500 ml./min.

                                                              MS-Smoother than 480 ml./min.

                      vi) COLOUR & BACKGROUND : White.

                      vii) Ticket should be printed on continuous Security Bond Paper (Reg. Content) of
                               ‘A’ Grade Paper Mills as per IS No. 1848/91.

                      viii) Each ticket will have the distinguish Water Mark of INDIAN RAILWAY’s with
                               Railway Logo “IR” by dandy roll.

                      ix) The ticket should have sprocket holes on both sides and perforation between
                             consecutive tickets for easy detachment, having front side Multi-colour
                             printing on Security Bond Paper with accurate format positioning as per
                             Railway’s design.

                      x) The Roll/fanfold will be packed in good quality tamper-proof, shrink wrap with
                               content level pasted on it, mentioning the details of quantity, lot No., Serial
                               No., Quality Check, Date of Supply etc.

                 i)        Printing to be done on both sides of ticket.

                 ii)       Print area of ticket details shall be restricted to 13 cms. X 9 cms. in the front of
                              the ticket and remaining portion shall be used for advertisement.
                    iii)   Advertisements shall be printed on the front of the ticket with advertisement
                             strips at the bottom and right margin. On the back side of the ticket, a strip at
                             the bottom and right half of remaining pace shall be used for advertisements.

                    iv)    The advertisement shall be in multi-colour (Four colour printing.)

                    v)     There should be no picture in the advertisements on the front of the ticket and
                             it should be in text only. Advertisements with picture may be allowed on the
                             back of the ticket. However, The picture should not be indecent.

                                        SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERERS

                                                                Annexure of Case No. 06/10/5662
                    vi)    Printing may be done using UV (Ultra Violet) Ink.

                    vii) General Instructions shall be printed on the back of the ticket in the area 9 cms.
                           X 7 cms. On the top left side.

                    viii) Space for Advertisements:

                                   a) On front side- 5 cm. x 10 cm. & 13 cm. x 1 cm.

                                   b) On rear side- 9 cm. x 10 cm. & 9 cm. x 1 cm.


       i) Tenderers desiring to see sample tickets with advertisement can see in the office of the Asst.
              Manager Printing & Stationary/Eastern Railway Howrah on any working Day. The sample is
              just for giving an idea regarding nature of work and likely design but actual supply and
              printing to be done as per specification and approval of CCM/PM/PM/ER/Kolkata.
              Advertisement material on the PRS blank ticket shall have prior approval of
              CCM/ER/Kolkata. The contractor shall undertake bulk printing after the sample copies are
              inspected and approved by CCM/PM/ER/Kolkata.

       ii) The advertisement will be subject to the normal restriction in respect of certain category of
               advertisement such as smoking, wines and alcoholic drink having erotic background scenes
               advertisement from competitors such as road transport companies/airlines etc. and from
               private insurance companies offering politics against railway accident. The advertisement
               should not propagate any religion or religious behalf or have picture of the leaders of the
               particular sect or religion.

       iii) Advertisements that are considered objectionable in the eye of Law or otherwise shall not be
                printed. Advertisements prohibited under various act and Law of Central/State
                Government and various local government bodies shall not be printed. There shall not be
                any sort of obscenity in the design and matter of advertisement material, the tenderers will
        be fully liable for any contravention in this regards and will be liable under the law of the

iv) The successful Tenderer may be permitted to change the content of the commercial publicity
         along with the colour of tickets in each lot of 25000 Rolls (Each Roll containing 200 Nos.

v) Front Side: Advertisement with text and logos of company and only product shots. No human
       pictures should be printed.

vi) Rear Side: All approved advertisement.

      Tickets should be numbered in Eight Digits. The number will be prefixed on the top by an
      alphabetic code ‘KKK’ out of the eight numerical digits the first 5 (five) digits will signify the
      ID No. identifies which should change serially. The last 3 (three) digits will be ticket identity
      should vary from 001 to 1000 tickets contain in 5 (five) Rolls/Fanfold. Each Roll/Fanfold
      consists 200 (two hundred) tickets.

                                  SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERERS

                               Annexure of Case No. 06/10/5662
      The ticket in rolls/fanfolds will be serially numbered and starting from: -

      1st ID No. E-38651001 to E-38652000 contain 5 (five) rolls/fanfolds.                 2nd ID No.
      E-38652001 to E-38653000 contain 5 (five) rolls/fanfolds                        and 3 ID No. E-
      38653001 to E-38654000 contain 5 (five) rolls/fanfolds. So on for

      12000 ID Nos. contains 60000 rolls/fanfolds commencing from ID No. E-38651001 to E-

               i. Each roll/fanfold consists of two hundred (200) tickets and each roll/fanfold
                  should be packed with Polly packing and thirty (30) rolls/fanfolds should be
                  packed in a corrugated box and each box should also be packed with GUNNY
                  PACK or LDPE sacking cloth PACK.

               ii. Paper to be reeled on hollow card board core of Dia. 1” (One Inch).

              iii. Blank stationary of the ticket width to be attached to the end of each roll to
                   allow for printing of even the last ticket in the roll/fanfold.

              iv. A company rubber stamp should be put on the joint of the packing slip on each
                  rolls/fanfolds. Each roll/fanfold should have an identification slip pasted on it
                  indicating the ID Serial No.
                          Each Box will contain 30 rolls/fanfolds wrapped in thick strong polythene and
                          packed in corrugated boxes, corners of which should be reinforced by pasting of
                          cloth to prevent damage during transit.

                          The boxes shall have to be sealed with cello-tape of appropriate width. Another
                          identification slip is required to be pasted on the box indicating Sl. No. and Box
                          No. etc. the corrugated boxes shall have to be securely packed with Hessian
                          cloth or LDPE sacking cloth pack. Identification Slip mentioning ID serial
                          numbers have to be pasted over the Hessian cloth or LDPE sacking cloth pack.
                          No damage boxes will be accepted by AMPS/Sty./ER/Howrah or by the
                          respective nodal points as mentioned by the CCM (PM) office.

                          The winding of the roll/fanfold should be done in such a way that printed ticket
                          should face inside the roll/fanfold.

    6    Delivery Schedule:
                 i)       1st lot of 30000 Rolls/Fanfold (Each Roll of tickets shall contain 200 Nos. of
                          tickets) to be delivered within two months from the date of receipt of approved
                          art work/sample by consignee.

                 ii)      2nd lot of 30000 Rolls/Fanfold (Each Roll of tickets shall contain 200 Nos. of
                          tickets) to be delivered within next two months.

                                        SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERERS

                                                                   Annexure of Case No. 06/10/5662


        Part-I : 100% payment for Printing & Supply of tickets as per Part-1 of Annexure ‘B’ of Tender Schedule
        will be made by Railway against receipted challan towards receipt of material in good conditions and
        inspection certificate of RITES as per contracted rates from time to time in 02(Two) Lots as per delivery
        schedule in the supply order. This is subject to the commercial publicity fee of total value as per Part-II to
        be paid by the contractor within 15 days from the issue of “Letter of Acceptance” by Railway.

        Part-II: The contractor shall pay to Railway the total value of commercial publicity fee as per accepted
        rate in Part-II within 15 days along with 10% of the ordered value as per Part-1 of the Rate Chart extra as
        Security Deposit from the issue of the “Letter of Acceptance”.

8   Inspections: To be carried by RITES in premises of the Printing Press.


                 i. The firm must have ISO 9002 Printing Press approved by RBI as
    security printers for security documents i.e. Draft, cheques

    etc. for which they must enclose documentary evidence failing

    which their offer will be summarily rejected.

ii. The firm must have experience in supply of similar ticket Roll in

  Indian Railway for which they submit documentary evidence.

 iii. The firm has to enclose detail of supply of similar ticket Indian Railway

    Government Department with respect of quantity and delivery period

    mentioning the reference of purchase/supply order thereof.

 Vi .The firm should furnish Indemnity Bond for the loss of tickets in transit or any

    defective printing number or any other way from their custody. The Railway

    reserves the right to raise the debit against the supplier amount for such

     ticket being the fare for the maximum Nos. of passengers that can be

    booked on one ticket from the issuing station to the furthest destination

    available in the system by the highest class.

      v. The firm has to submit one printed sample for approval of AMPS/Sty./HWH before bulk
         supply after inspection by the RITES within 15 Days from the date of P.O.

     vi. The firm(s) should submit the Art Work (Both Front & Backside) to the CCM (PM) office
         for approval before final printing of PRS Rolls /Fanfoldds within 30 Days from the date
         of P.O.

    vii.    Specimen for the CPT for colour scheme, Layout, printed matter, print area etc. may be
           seen at AMPS/Sty./HWH on any working day

                        .SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERERS
                                        Annexure of Case No. 06/10/5662

viii. The blank CPT roll/fanfold with pre-printed machine number

 should be treated as money value item for the purpose of

 accounting, storage, issue and irregularities as per code


iX, Railway reserves the right to forfeit “Security Deposit”

   deposited by the firm in case of non-supply of ticket as

   per delivery schedule of contract.

                             Annexure of Case No. 6/10/5662

                                                                                 Annexure- B
                                      RATE CHART
PART- 1 Printing & Supply of PRS Tickets:

     I/we quote our rates which will hold good for 120 days from the date of opening of this
tender. Acceptance of this tender shall constitute a binding contract between us and the
President of India acting through Controller of Stores, Eastern Railway, Fairlie Place, Kolkata.

Sl. No     Description of material to be supplied.    Total Qty. to   Unit    Rate per     Total value
                                                      be supplied             Roll both    of offer
                                                                              in words     both in
                                                                                 and       words and
                                                                                           figure (In
                                                                             figures (In
01       Printing and supply of passenger            60,000 (each Per
         reservation system tickets (preformatted    Roll of tickets Roll
         standardized tickets) with commercial       shall contain
         publicity thereon conforming to Railway’s   200 Nos. of
          specifications, terms and conditions as per tickets)
          tender schedule/documents.

Consignee: AMPS/ER/HWH

The rate should include basic rate, taxes and duties, packing & forwarding, insurance, freight
with transit risk up to consignee location & the Tenderer must quote all inclusive unit rate

PART- 2, Commercial Publicity to be printed on PRS Tickets- Advertisement Fees:

Sl. No       Description of material to be       Total Qty. of      Unit             Rate per     Total value
                       supplied.                PRS tickets on                       Roll both      of offer
                                                    which                            in words       both in
                                                 commercial                             and       words and
                                               publicity to be                      figures (In    figure (In
                                                   printed                              Rs.)          Rs.)
01        Rate for commercial publicity to be 60,000      (each Per Roll
          printed on PRS tickets as per the Roll of tickets
          terms & conditions per roll payable shall     contain
          to railway by tenderers.            200 Nos. of

                                       SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERERS

                                                             Annexure of Case No. 06/10/5662

Net amount payable to railway:

I/we agree to pay the railway the net amount of ------------------------------------------------(Rupees ---
N.B. Net amount payable to railway = Total value of commercial publicity fee payable to railway
(Part-2) – Total value of printing and supply for PRS tickets receivable from railway.

i/We have carefully gone through all your tender conditions as per printed set of tender
documents as purchased or obtained us or as downloaded from website which is enclosed duly
signed on all pages in token of our acceptance of your all tender conditions. I/We have clearly
understood your requirement as per above tender schedule as regards the material and total
quantity required to be supplied, consignee-wise quantity and delivery period requirement as
also the terms and conditions specific to this tender.

                                   SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERERS

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