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									                                     ARMS Academy Summer Fun Activity Calendar
                                            Morningside Middle School

                                                                                ~ June 2012 ~
         Sun                        Mon                       Tue                   Wed                          Thu                          Fri                      Sat
                                                                                                                                   1 Last Day of School! 2 Talk with your
                                                                                                                                                              parents or guardians
                                                                                                                                   Half Day                   about your favorite
                                                                                                                                                              moment of the school
                                                                                                                                                              year. You may even
                                                                                                                                                              write your thoughts
                                                                                                                                                              down in a journal.
                                                                                                                                                              Share your
                                                                                                                                                              proudest school

3 Go to your local          4 Read your library       5 Continue to read       6 Go out to eat for      7 Interview a family 8 Read your                      9 Put on a play for
library and sign up for     book for 20 minutes       your library book for    breakfast, lunch, or     member for their           newspaper to find          your family. Get
a library card. You         each day. Read to a       20 min. Start a book     dinner and try to find   favorite healthy           movie listings. Find a     together with your
must have an I.D.           younger/older sibling     club in your             the most expensive       recipe. Write the          movie you would like       siblings or friends and
See attached                or another family         neighborhood. Asks       meal on the menu. If     directions on how to       to see at a convenient     write a script.
directions. Check out       member. Or find a         friends to join you in   given $10 to spend,      make the recipe.           time and go with your      Practice performing
a fiction or nonfiction     comfy spot                reading the same         what are the different   Prepare the kitchen        friends and family!        the play. Gather your
book.                       outside/inside your       book! Meet once a        combinations you         and make the food,         Don’t forget popcorn!      family members
                            home and enjoy            week to talk about the   could order?             Have fun cooking!          When finished, try to      around and lights,
                            reading alone!            book! Ask each other                                                         retell the main events     camera, action!
                                                      what lessons you can                                                         in the story by            Perform your play!
                                                      learn from the book.                                                         summarizing what you
                                                                                                                                   saw. See attachment.

10 Read to your             11 Help your parent 12 Meet with your              13 Create a game to 14 Flag Day-Make a 15 Go to your local 16 Learn about
parents or guardian         or guardian make a      book club members to       play outside with a      flag pinwheel. See         library and rent a         Gullah Traditions by
for 20 minutes before       grocery list of healthy discuss the book you       group of people.         attached directions!       foreign movie. Watch       going to the website:
bed, or have your           foods. Take the list to are reading.               Write down the rules     Talk with your parents     the movie at home          www.thegullahstorytel
parents or guardian         your local grocery                                 to the game, make        or guardians about         and try to keep up         ler.com
read to you before          store and have fun                                 sure the game            what the stripes and       with reading the           Carolyn E. White will
bed. As you read,           shopping!                                          involves running or      stars of our flag          subtitles. Tell a friend   take you through the
parents or guardians                                                           some type of physical    symbolize.                 about the movie after      wisdom of Gullah
should ask questions                                                           activity.                                           your done watching it!     Tales.
along the way. See
attachment for further

17 Find a map of the 18 Check out the                 19 Father’s Day-         20 Meet with your        21For English              22 Take a trip to the 23 When you take a
United States and           book, “The Talking        write a note to your     book club members to     Language Learners,         Avery Research             ride in the car or bus
map out all of the          Eggs” from your local     father or grandfather.   discuss the book you     write each letter of the   Center for a walk in       either to the store, to
places you have             library. As you read      If you can, do           are reading. Try         alphabet on one index      tour: 10:30 AM. After      visit a family member,
been. Create a map          the book, stop and        something nice for       summarizing what you     card. Practice with        the visit, talk about      to get gas, to go out to
key to represent how        make predictions as       your father, such as     read by retelling the    your child the sounds      your favorite part.        eat,, or any reason,
you traveled to each        to what will happen       mowing the lawn!         section in your own      each of the letters        What was something         look for as many
place (car, train,          next in the story.                                 words.                   make. Compare the          you learned about          words as you can see.
airplane, bus, etc.)        After reading the                                                           sounds the letters         African American           You may see street
                            story, discuss whether                                                      make in your own           culture?                   signs, billboards, store
                            or not your predictions                                                     native language to the                                signs, See who in
                            were right.                                                                 sounds the letters                                    the car can find the
                                                                                                        make in English.                                      most words by the
                                                                                                                                                              of the trip.
24 Read the                 25 Ask your parent 26 Meet with your           27 Go outside and            28 Five Minutes and 29 Take a trip to the 30
newspaper with a            or guardian how to        book club members to observe what you             A Buck. (Activity          Aquarium. Try to
family member and           write a check. Ask if     discuss the book you notice around you.           found from “Dad’s          learn something new         Last Day of June!
compile a list of all the   you can have a blank      are reading.         Think about what you         Playbook,” National        about each animal
new words you read.         check for practice.                            see, smell, and feel.        Institute for Literacy).   you see. Record your
Try to come up with a       Discuss with your         Make predictions as Write a poem about            Try to see if you can      interesting facts in a
definition for each         parents when it would     to what will happen  what you observed.           find the following         journal. Share what
new word by using           be necessary to write     next in your story.  Share your poem with         words on a dollar bill     you learned with a
context clues from          a check.                                       a friend.                    in five minutes. See       friend!
the text.                                                                                               attachment
                                                                                                        for list of words.
                                                                                 ~ July 2012 ~
         Sun                       Mon                       Tue                        Wed                        Thu                          Fri                        Sat
1 Start a writing club 2 Write a list of words 3 Get a copy of the           4 Happy                      5 Pretend you               6 Take a trip to the        7 Take a trip to your
in your neighborhood.      that you feel describe   Star Spangled Banner Independence Day!                inherited $3,000.           beach (Folly, Isle of       local library and check
Meet once a week to        our country. Example:    either online or at your                              What would you do           Palms, Sullivan’s,          out a book of a
either write journal       freedom, liberty,        local library. Sit down                               with the money?             Myrtle Beach, just to       different genre that
entries, poems, or         happiness, etc. Use      with a family member                                  Write out a plan for        name a few!) and try        you haven’t read in a
songs about your           that list to create a    or friends and try to                                 what you would do           to find something           while, such as
adventures of the          crossword puzzle.        translate each line or                                with $3,000. Make a         interesting, such as a      nonfiction, scary, or
summer. Be creative;       Create a hint for each   stanza. What do you                                   list of the things you      unique shell or hermit      adventurous. Read
keep all of your work      word.                    think each part of the                                would spend it on and       crab. Observe that          the book for at least
together in a folder.                               song means?                                           how much each thing         object or animal and        20 minutes!
Share your work with                                                                                      would cost and how          write a short story
your friends and                                                                                          much you would save         explaining an
family.                                                                                                   if you would save any.      adventure that object
                                                                                                                                      went through.

8 Meet with your           9 Visit the College of 10 Find a quiet place 11 Are you still                  12 Go to Study              13 Take a trip to the 14 Watch a show on
writing club. Work on      Charleston. Take a       and read to a younger       reading your library      Island online and           Avery Research              the Food Network
a special poem or          campus tour. Ask         sibling or                  book? Continue to         complete either an          Center for a walk in        channel. Analyze the
song about your            what programs are        neighborhood child. If      read your library book    ELA or Math lesson.         tour: 10:30 AM. After       dish being prepared or
favorite summer            available. Ask about     not, read to a parent       for at least 20           Take the quiz and           the visit, talk about       featured. Is the meal
activity.                  the requirements to      or guardian. Try            minutes. Find a friend    challenge yourself to       your favorite part.         healthy? How does it
                           apply and attend the     practice reading one        or family member and      increase your rating.       What was something          compare to the food
                           college. Is this a       page over and over          retell one of your        Keep practicing until       you learned about           pyramid? Would you
                           college you would be     until you can read it       favorite parts of the     you meet your goal.         African American            want to prepare this
                           interested in            without any errors.         story so far.             Print off your results if   culture?                    dish for yourself?
                           attending? Bring back    This is called building     Afterwards, write         you can!                                                Write a 5 sentence
                           a pamphlet to show       fluency!                    down a brief summary      www.studyisland.com                                     paragraph critiquing
                           your teacher and                                     of what you have read                                                             the dish.
                           friends.                                             so far.

15 Meet with your          16 Visit Charleston 17 Take a walk                   18 Still reading your 19 Go to Park Circle 20 Cut words out of 21 Create an
writing club. Work on      Southern University.     outside with your eyes      library book? After       or simply outside and       newspapers and              obstacle course
a special poem or          Take a campus tour.      closed. Listen for          reading for 20            observe what you            magazines. Arrange          outside either in your
song about the             Ask what programs        nature sounds, such         minutes, draw a           notice around you.          the words to make           front or back yard.
scariest moment of         are available. Ask       as birds chirping.          picture of what you       Think about what you        sentences. See who          Use hula hoops, jump
the summer. Maybe          about the                Bring a journal and         visualized in your        see, smell, and feel.       can make the                ropes, or any outdoor
your dog ran away or       requirements to apply    write down all of the       mind as you were          Write a rap song            silliest/wackiest           equipment you may
maybe you went to an       and attend the           sounds you hear. Try        reading. Try to be as     about what you              sentence. Glue down         have. If you don’t
amusement park.            college. Is this a       to incorporate some         detailed as possible.     observed. Share your        your words on a piece       have any equipment,
Whatever the case          college you would be     onomatopoeia!               Write a brief caption     song with a friend.         of paper. Proudly           make a fitness trail.
may be, write about it     interested in                                        on the bottom of the      Make sure to write          display your work on        Each station requires
and share your work        attending? Bring back                                picture to explain what   down your work to           your refrigerator!          you to do some type
with your friends and      a pamphlet to show                                   you were visualizing.     share with your                                         of physical activity.
family!                    your teacher and                                                               teacher!
22 Meet with your          23 Visit The Citadel 24 Go to your local 25 Go out to eat for 26 Imagine what                              27 Write a note to a 28 Go to your local
writing club and write     College. Take a          library and check out a     breakfast, lunch, or      your life will be like 10   relative or friend that     grocery store and buy
about a moment when        campus tour. Ask         book on magic tricks.       dinner and try to find    years from now. What        lives far away. Let         some vegetable or
you were surprised         what programs are        You may go online too       the least expensive       will you be doing?          him or her know what        flower seeds. Read
this summer. Either        available. Ask about     to look up magic            meal on the menu. If      Will you have gone to       is going on in your life    the package for
write a rap, song, or      the requirements to      tricks. Pick out your       given $25 to spend,       college? Will you still     and ask them some           specific directions on
journal entry. Begin       apply and attend the     favorite tricks, practice   what are the different    be in college? Will         questions you have          how to plant and care
thinking about how to      college. Is this a       them, and then              combinations you          you have a family of        about what’s going on       for the seeds/plants.
put all of your work       college you would be     perform them for your       could order? For a        your own? Will you          in his or her life. Write   Go home and find a
together in a book,        interested in            friends and family.         challenge, try to         still be living in          out an envelope with        nice spot to plant the
folder, or binder.         attending? Bring back                                include a 10 percent      Charleston? Make a          his or her address, put     seeds. Take care of
                           a pamphlet to show                                   tip.                      list of all the things      a stamp on it, and mail     them and watch them
                           your teacher and                                                               you think will happen       it! Wait patiently for      grow!
                           friends.                                                                       to you 10 years from        them to write back!

29 Meet with your          30 Create a map of 31 Last Day of July!
writing club and put all   your home. Use a
of your pieces             ruler to draw out
together in a special      straight lines for the
book. Gather friends       walls and divisions of
and family around to       your house. Make
share what you and         sure to label the
your club have             rooms and
 written.                  furniture!
                               Directions for Literacy Calendar and
                              Further Explanation for Specific Dates

Directions: Choose 10-15 activities to do from each month (June and July). As you complete the activities,
place a check in the box. Each day has a blank box in the bottom right hand corner for you to check off if
you completed it. Bring in a piece of evidence for each activity, such as a pamphlet from a college, a picture
of you doing the activity, or the written work from the activity. Show your pieces of evidence to your ELA
teacher for the fall of 2012 and receive two dress down days and be invited to an Ice Cream Social! Have
fun this summer and be safe!

June 3rd: To get a library card, go to your local library and ask for an application. You must have one of the
following forms of I.D.:
- a valid driver's license or DMV identification card
- employer identification or work badge
- school identification
- social services identification
- passport
- military ID

List of local libraries:

      Charleston County Public Library (Main)
       68 Calhoun Street
       Charleston, SC 29401
      Cooper River Memorial
       3503 Rivers Avenue
       Charleston, SC 29405
      Dorchester Road Regional
       6325 Dorchester Road
       North Charleston, SC 29418
      Folly Beach
       55 Center Street
       Folly Beach, SC 29439
      James Island
       1248 Camp Road
       Charleston, SC 29412
      Mount Pleasant Regional
       1133 Mathis Ferry Road
       Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
      West Ashley
       45 Windermere Blvd.
       Charleston, SC 29407

June 8th: Write a five sentence summary of the movie. Pretend you are re-telling the movie to a friend who
has not seen it. Make sure to recount only the main/important events. Pick at least one major event from
the beginning, middle, and end of the movie.
June 10th: Make sure to ask questions as your child is reading to ensure that they truly understand what
they are reading. You could ask them to re-tell a page in their own words. You can also ask them questions
such as, “What do you think will happen next?” “What do you think about that?” or “Why do you think that

June 14th: See attached directions sheet. (PDF)

June 28th: Activity found from “Dad’s Playbook” from the National Institute for Literacy. Can you find these
words on the one dollar bill? Hint: They are hidden inside other words!

Ate          Wash          Vat
Am           Not           Ash
Rust         Tend          Tar
Doll         Sure          Era
On           Secret        Serve
Eat          Erie          Part
Sea          Depart        Men
Ton          Unit

July 21st: Create an obstacle course in your backyard or front yard. Example: First run up to a hula hoop,
hula hoop for 10 times, next run to a baseball bat, hold bat upright and place forehead on the end of the bat
and spin 5 times, next run to the jump rope, jump rope for 30 times, finally run a lap around the house as fast
as you can! If you do not have equipment, make fitness stations, such as pushups, sit ups, jumping jacks,
and high knees. Be creative and have fun! For a challenge, time yourself and try to beat your first time the
second time you do the obstacle course.

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