held on Monday 14th September 2009 in the Pavilion, Lower Road at 7.30pm

Present:      Cllrs Peal (Chairman), Bolton (from 8.35pm), Clements, Perrins, Selby & Whiteley
                 (until 9.25pm)
              County Cllr Bailey (until 8.40pm)
              City Cllr Godfrey (until 8.45pm)
              City Cllr Wright (until 8.40pm)
              Inspector Peglar (until 7.55pm)
              Mr Stuart Fox (until 7.55pm)
              Ms Sandra Tuddenham (until 7.55pm)
              Mr Peter Ward
              Mrs Avril Burt (until 8.35pm)
              Mr Adrian Priddle (until 8.35pm)
              Ms Jenny Jenkins (until 8.35pm)
              Mrs Mary Flynn (until 8.25pm)

09/123        APOLOGIES

              Apologies were received from Cllr Fox, Cllr Sawdon and City Cllr Lipscomb.


              The Chairman suspended Standing Orders.

              Inspector Peglar confirmed that following a reorganisation he had taken over the area
              including South Wonston. A new PCSO and PC will shortly be starting. There has
              been a burglary in Downs Road. The problems experienced at the recreation ground
              were noted, including the series of break ins to the pavilion.

              Stuart Fox, ACSO Team Leader, confirmed that Michael Rice and Jason Sohota had
              been patrolling the area. A beat surgery has been held. Mr Fox produced a record
              pertaining to 24th July – 4th September. The ACSO’s do not provide constant cover and
              there are shift patterns.

              Sandra Tuddenham, WCC Community Safety Manager, confirmed that the partnerships
              were coordinated. In respect of anti social behaviour, individuals identified can be
              worked with. Ms Tuddenham said that records showed that there had been a reduction
              in problems locally due to patrols.

              Clerk confirmed that following the most serious break in to the pavilion on 3rd July
              Council has appointed a private security firm, latterly drop ins but initially a static
              service 11pm to 1am was organised. This has resulted in a drop in problems.

City Cllr Godfrey referred to the motocross enforcement appeal, which could be heard
by Public Inquiry in 2010. There is still time for representation to be made to the
Inspector. Also an appeal has been lodged by Mr Crowther, who claims to own the
Suncroft site. The appeal relates to WCC handling of the enforcement matter. Aside
from this there are issues relating to noise disturbance, particularly barking dogs. Cllr
Godfrey also referred to the closure of the layby on Christmas Hill and presence of the
kebab van near the water tower.

Cllr Bailey confirmed that she had no advance knowledge of the layby closure.

The Chairman confirmed that Wonston Parish Council appear to have sought assistance
from HCC in closing the layby. This was understood to be due to heavy vehicle
movements through Sutton Scotney and unpleasant toilet litter being discarded.

Cllr Godfrey stated that South Wonston was not unduly affected by the kebab van. Cllr
Godfrey referred to the death of a dog on Lower Road, caused by a Landrover illegally
using the route, and urged the Parish Council to press for action.

Cllr Wright referred to the layby closure and confirmed that prior to the presence of the
kebab van there had been instances of improper behaviour taking place there. This had
ceased when the kebab van arrived. The site near the water tower is not ideal and can
result in obstruction for dog walkers etc. Cllr Wright said that additional materials were
being imported to Sanctuary Farm and that the verges would be damaged.

Cllr Bailey confirmed that HCC Enforcement had visited Sanctuary Farm and confirmed
that the imported chalk was part of permitted development, along the edge of the field.

The Chairman confirmed that chalk had definitely been deposited onto the area of
landfill, not the just the edge of the field. There was a 25 minute turn round between
lorries accessing Sanctuary Farm via the main drive.

Cllr Bailey confirmed that this would be re-examined and that Highways will check the

The Chairman asked Cllr Bailey about Lower Road signing.

Cllr Bailey confirmed that this is on the wish list for funding.

The Chairman asked Cllr Bailey about the 19 Downlands Way encroachment onto
Lower Road.

Cllr Bailey confirmed that HCC intends to send a letter to all residents bordering Lower

The Chairman asked Cllr Bailey about 30mph roundels.

Cllr Bailey confirmed that these are permitted only where the speed limit changes.

Cllr Selby confirmed that roundels were in the vicinity of Bedfield Lane and London
Road but no change of the speed limit applies there.

The Chairman asked Cllr Bailey about the verge and trees in Chaucer Close. Chaucer
Close residents are being passed back and forth between HCC and WCC.

Cllr Bailey confirmed that the area was thought to be WCC.

The Chairman asked Cllr Bailey about the inclusion of Wrights Close/Wrights Way in
the gritting route.

Cllr Bailey confirmed that this was being dealt with by Chris Wilson in Highways. Cllr
Bailey also referred to the location of the kebab van in the bell mouth and a meeting in
August, which the Parish Council Chairman attended. The current location is not
suitable. It may be that the layby could be reopened, with height barriers to stop lorries
pulling in.

Mrs Mary Flynn, Assistant Head at South Wonston Primary School, confirmed that a
two week science project will focus on recycling, carbon footprints etc. A pack is
available for what should be a fun project. Colden Common, Olivers Battery and others
have joined the project.

The Chairman confirmed that the Parish Council had dabbled in sustainability and that
there would be a WinAcc meeting in October. The Parish Council would be happy to
support a venture which the school is leading.

Mrs Flynn confirmed that she would leave the first few pages of the pack for perusal. It
is likely that a public meeting will take place.

Mrs Avril Burt, Chairman of the South Wonston Allotment Steering Group (SWASG),
was keen to know why the Alresford Drove landfill site/s would not be suitable for

Clerk confirmed that the email from Mr Tidridge at WCC, detailing the reasons, had
been forwarded to Mr Priddle for information.

Mrs Burt said that pockets of land had been identified, but owners were not known to be
willing to sell land.

Cllr Selby suggested that the SWASG write to Mrs Alexis Norman, Estates Manager at
Defence Estates, and Rev Bailey too, in connection with land for a burial ground.

Mrs Burt said that land for approximately 40 allotments would be required, the size in
acres was not known.

The Chairman resumed Standing Orders.


         Page 1483, 09/108 – Public Participation – Second paragraph
         The third paragraph was amended to read “Cllr Bailey requested the Clerk to inform her
         if she becomes aware of any flooding in the village.”

          Following the above amendment it was RESOLVED to approve the minutes as a
         true record of the meeting.


         Page 1485, 09/110 Item 3 - Matters Arising from June meeting - BBQs
         Clerk confirmed that only one organised BBQ has been requested/permitted – Mr Watts
         at the end of May, which was a booking of the pavilion for toilet facilities and
         BBQ/rounders match on the field. There has only ever been one request refused, last
         summer, to Clerk (via Cllr Selby) when a man from Andover wanted to use the skate
         park, have a BBQ and a ‘fun day’ type event – free of charge. This was refused ie no
         insurance for the event and not a local person. No one else has requested a BBQ via the
         Clerk, or been refused.

         Page 1486, 09/111 Vandal Damage & Security - First paragraph – fire exit door
         Quotation of £654.62 accepted from Centre Security of Fareham for supply and fit of a
         new fire exit door – fitted Monday 14th September.

         Page 1486, 09/111 Vandal Damage & Security - Second paragraph - garage door
         Quotation of £431.00 from The Garage Door Company accepted, and door fitted Weds
         9th September.

         Page 1487, 09/113 Correspondence – Third item – Tree course
         Original training course booked for Philip Keating, Tree Warden, in October - £155 +

         Page 1492, 09/118 Highways – General Matters
         Hampshire County Council (HCC) Highways confirmed the Downs Road carriageway
         surface was made safe on 29th July.


         The Chairman confirmed that the City Council progress report in relation to the
         South Wonston Village Plan confirms reasonable progress.

         Cllr Selby confirmed that he had placed a Village Plan update in the West Dever News.

         Cllr Sawdon has been unable to progress the Village Design Statement (VDS) over the
         summer and asked for a working party to assist. The original VDS working party
         including the Chairman, Cllr Sawdon and Cllr Whitely will reconvene.


         A draft Model Publication Scheme was distributed to all Members for the meeting. It is
         a statutory requirement for all Councils to have a scheme for dealing with Freedom of
         Information requests. Information can be made available on the Parish Council website
         free of charge or hard copies can be provided at a charge ie 10p per A4 sheet, plus
         postage. Some headings under Class 5 have been left blank, however Clerk confirmed
         that details of document retention could be formulated and added. Further work to
         make information available on the website could follow, with the Publication Scheme
         document being amended accordingly. The Publication Scheme will be added to the
         website and reviewed annually.

         It was RESOLVED to adopt the Freedom of Information Model Publication
         Scheme document.


         -   Recently Received

         Reply from Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence regarding purchase of MOD land. Cllr
         Selby confirmed that he had sent a response thanking Sir Tim for the response, and
         confirmed that when the land for the existing recreation ground was procured from the
         MOD similar obstacles must have been overcome then.

         Email from Mr Cezair regarding the Village Plan questionnaire and Council’s
         opposition to the motocross. It was agreed to provide a copy of the page of the Village
         Plan questionnaire which included questions 90 and 91, and verify the reasons for
         Council objecting to the motocross.

         Email from Andy Jones, Stagecoach, regarding possible route changes. Mr Jones has
         confirmed that due to incredible losses in revenue, due to the downturn in the economy,
         all route/journey planning has been shelved and instead efforts are being concentrated
         on cost saving.

         Mr David Chatterton has commented on the above response from Stagecoach, and
         confirms that the “9.00” service may run slightly earlier in future. This would mean that
         even if villagers wishing to use the over 60’s pass walked to Christmas Hill they could
         still be denied use if the bus is on time. Mr Chatterton reminded Council that at the
         meeting last October Mr Pannell from Stagecoach gave assurance that drivers would not
         refuse pass holders on the rare occasion that the service was on time. Mr Chatterton will
         take up the matter with Andrew Jarvis, the Stagecoach Operations Manager, and
         suggests that Council writes too.

         Email from Mrs Felton regarding the overgrown hedge Stainers Lane. This has now
         been cut back but ivy has grown out across the footway making it dangerous under foot.

         Email from Mary Flynn at the Primary School regarding a two week science project at
         School, centred around environmental issues. The School is hoping to launch a Green
         Project, an initiative involving the local community. Full details above in Public

Copy letter from Mr Cornick of Downlands Way to Bellway, regarding issues with the
site. Council has written to Bellway regarding mud on road, works vehicles using the
Drove, very large delivery vehicles getting lost in various areas of the village and
obstruction of private driveways near the site. Council also wrote to Bellway about the
Cloudbank sign on Christmas Hill which was likely to direct motorists along
Lower Road.

An anonymous letter has been received, commenting on details in the West Dever News
regarding the exploration of gating and locking the recreation ground main entrance in
the evening. It is suggested that this would penalise legitimate users of the recreation
ground and instead measures should be taken to apprehend those causing damage and
possibly offer a reward for information.

A letter has been received from the South Wonston Allotment Steering Group
(SWASG) confirming its formation and aim to campaign for the establishment of
allotments within the village. To assist with establishing the group an initial grant of
£200 is requested from Council. It was RESOLVED to approve a grant of £200 to

County Community Safety questionnaire – Clerk and Chairman have completed online
as the deadline was 10th September. The responses reflected the recent problems at the
recreation ground/in the village.

Email regarding a WinAcc Parish Initiative. An inaugural meeting will take place,
possibly in October. Cllr Selby suggested that Council should be represented and that
the Sustainable Energy Group should reconvene.

Email from Littleton & Harestock Parish Council with specific costing for shared SIDs.
It was agreed that the costs were too great and there is a lack of suitable poles for the
equipment to be mounted on.

Email from Mr Gregory, Downs Road, regarding the derelict Mission Church site. Mr
Gregory asked for his observations to be passed on to those responsible for the site, also
for the Parish Council to take the lead in facilitating a solution regarding the abandoned
site. Clerk has provided an interim reply detailing fruitless negotiations which have
previously taken place, and also forwarded Mr Gregory’s email to Peter Clarke. Mr
Clarke has confirmed that a tidy up of the site will take place on Saturday 26th

Letter from HCC regarding the Street Lighting Public Finance Initiative (PFI). It had
been previously understood that if Council did not wish to opt into the 25 year
agreement the arrangements could remain as currently ie with maintenance and energy
being organised through HCC. This now does not appear to be the case. To join the
PFI the cost per unit per year would be £35. Council owns 28 units on Downs Road,
one column and 27 Urbis units (on electricity poles). Annual cost would therefore be
£980 plus energy. As soon as the contractor gets into the area all the units will be
replaced with more energy efficient units which will have a brighter whiter light. Costs
for last year were £355 for maintenance and £605 for energy. The Urbis units tend to be
classified as ‘low risk’ in terms of maintenance. The alternative is to make a separate
arrangement for maintenance with SEC Cosham. It will be verified whether the £35
will increase under the PFI and the matter will be revisited at the October meeting. A
decision is required by the end of October.

         Invitation for a Parish Council representative to attend a setup meeting at Worthy Down
         for ‘Home Front’ on Friday 25th September 10.00am. This is the next stage on from the
         original meeting which Cllr Selby attended. Cllr Selby agreed to attend.

09/130   PLANNING

         - Motocross

         The planning application went before the WCC PDC Committee on 23rd July and was
         unanimously refused 10-0. To date an appeal does not appear to have been lodged
         against the refusal. WCC has served an Enforcement Notice relating to the non
         reinstatement of the land to agriculture by 1st April as required by the original
         planning consent. Council submitted a response to the Planning Inspectorate
         regarding this on 31st July. Indications are that the Planning Inspectorate has agreed
         to deal with the appeal against the Enforcement Notice by way of a Public Inquiry. A
         date for the Inquiry will be set in due course and if the planning refusal is appealed
         against then the two appeals will be linked together and dealt with at the same
         Inquiry. This may not be until late 2009 or even 2010.

         - Applications

         Due to the deadlines the responses to the first five applications below have been
         submitted with Chairman’s approval:

                Case No.               09/01347/FUL                   - Cllr Perrins inspected
                Ref No.                W05265/21
                Applicant              Mrs Helen Fereday
                Proposal               Erection of two storey front and rear extensions
                Location               Bryher, West Hill Road North
                Respond by             7th August 2009

         ‘No comment’ submitted.

                Case No.               09/00255/FUL               - Cllr Perrins inspected
                Ref No.                W21377
                Applicant              Mr C Douglas
                Proposal               Loft conversion with 2 No. dormers to front and 1 No.
                                       dormer to rear (RESUBMISSION)
                Location               41 Goldfinch Way
                Respond by             14th August 2009

         Objection upheld regarding three storeys. See ’Decisions’ below - application refused.

       Case No.               09/00255/FUL                  - Tree Wardens inspected
       Ref No.                WTPO/1094
       Applicant              Mrs Boyden
       Proposal               Fell 1no. Yew tree leaning toward neighbours garage.
                              1no. Yew tree - reduce crown by 10%. Fell 1no Yew tree -
                              a poor specimen
       Location               Timberscombe, Christmas Hill
       Respond by             10th September 2009

Comments submitted - Felling of the Yew tree near to the neighbouring garage would
leave an obvious gap. Crown reduction of the other Yew would benefit the tree and not
affect the street scene. Felling of the third tree may not be strictly necessary.

       Case No.               09/01494/FUL                    - Cllr Perrins inspected
       Ref No.                W21441/01
       Applicant              Mr J Anderson
       Proposal               Single storey front, rear and side extensions
       Location               Hillcrest, 29 Wrights Close
       Respond by             9th September 2009

‘Comment’ only submitted – the increase in ridge height would still have an impact on
the street scene in the vicinity.

       Case No.               09/01175/FUL                   - Chairman inspected
       Ref No.                W21533
       Applicant              Mr Andrew Haines
       Proposal               Conservatory to rear
       Location               7 Goldfinch Way
       Respond by             11th September 2009

‘No comment’ submitted.

The following three applications require a response:

       Case No.               09/01628/FUL                    - Chairman inspected
       Ref No.                W04769/03
       Applicant              Mr & Mrs Butler
       Proposal               Erection of first floor extension over existing garage
       Location               Moygara, 8 Downlands Way
       Respond by             17th September 2009

Cllr Perrins declared a personal and prejudicial interest due to proximity.

Comment only proposed – that the street scene would be affected and no other similar
developments have previously taken place.

In view of the above comments it was RESOLVED to object to the above
application ie the street scene would be affected.

       Case No.               09/01632/FUL                  - Chairman inspected
       Ref No.                W21544
       Applicant              Mr & Mrs Scriven
       Proposal               Single storey rear extension and new porch
       Location               31 Stavedown Road
       Respond by             17th September 2009

‘No comment’ proposed.

There was no objection to the application.

-   Decisions

       Case No.               09/01141/FUL
       Ref No.                W21247/01
       Applicant              Mr P Spencer
       Proposal               Two 2 bedroom chalet bungalows with associated access,
                              cycle sheds, car parking and landscaping
       Location               Land adjacent to Chaucer Close
       Decision               Application permitted

       Case No.               09/00851/FUL
       Ref No.                W21478
       Applicant              Maywood Polo Centre
       Proposal               Change of use and conversion of stables to provide two
       storey                 4 bedroom accommodation for employees
       Location               Maywood Polo, The Old Stables, South Wonston Farm
       Decision               Application refused

       Case No.               09/00508/FUL
       Ref No.                W11928/02
       Applicant              Mr & Mrs Russell
       Proposal               Erection of detached four bedroom dwelling to front of
       Location               Sunnymount, 49 Downs Road
       Decision               Application refused

       Case No.              09/01200/FUL
       Ref No.               W00683/26
       Applicant             Bellway Homes
       Proposal              Conservatories to plots 15-18
       Location              Downlands Estate Development
       Decision              Application permitted

       Case No.              09/01231/FUL
       Ref No.               W21377/01
       Applicant             Mr C Douglas
       Proposal              Loft conversion with roof lights to front elevation and
                             dormer windows to rear (RESUBMISSION)
       Location              41 Goldfinch Way
       Decision              Application refused

       Case No.              09/00573/OUT
       Ref No.               W12073/01
       Applicant             Mrs E Ward
       Proposal              Demolition of existing bungalow and redevelopment of site
                             for 5 No. dwellings (OUTLINE)
       Location              Cloudbank, 64 Downs Road
       Decision              Application withdrawn

       Case No.              09/00873/FUL
       Ref No.               W21441
       Applicant             Mr James Anderson
       Proposal              Two storey rear extension and extension to rear of garage
       Location              Hillcrest, 29 Wrights Close
       Decision              Refused – an appeal has been lodged and a second
                             application submitted (as above)

The following application has been taken to appeal:

       Case No.              08/02714/FUL
       Ref No.               W17362/03
       Applicant             Mrs Rebecca Dickson
       Proposal              Erection of 1 No. two storey chalet style dwelling;
                             alteration to alignment of existing drive
       Location              Rushcutters, 125 Downs Road
       Decision              Application Refused
       Reasons               The proposal is contrary to the spatial characteristics of the
                             immediate area. The proposal would appear to be
                             excessively prominent from neighbouring garden areas.
                             The proposal would have a detrimental impact upon the
                             residential amenity of the occupants of the proposed
                             dwelling due to the close proximity to vehicles parking and

                                        turning in connection with the use of the dwelling to the
                                        rear. The proposal fails to make adequate provision for
                                        public recreation open space to the required standard.

         It was agreed to write to the Planning Inspectorate to reiterate Council’s original

         The above decisions were noted.

         At 9.30pm it was RESOLVED to continue the business of the Council until not
         later than 10.00pm.

09/131   FINANCE

         - Completion of Audit of Accounts to 31st March 2009

         The Audit Commission has approved Council’s accounts/Annual Return. This was
         formally noted.

         - Receipts                                                          Total £

         South Wonston Skate Park Group                                       1930.46
         WCC                                                                 29792.00
         Brownies Inv 1048                                                     46.80
         SWDTC Inv 1047                                                        93.80
         SW Toddler Group Inv 1046                                             41.60
         Bumps & Babes Inv 1045                                                20.80
         Namaste Yoga Inv 1049                                                 46.90
         Mrs Donnell Inv 1053                                                  20.00
         Mrs Cooley Inv 1052                                                   50.00
         Namaste Yoga Inv 1058                                                 53.60
         SW Toddlers Inv 1055                                                  41.60
         Brownies Inv 1057                                                     15.60
         Mrs Hardy Inv 1064                                                    30.00
         Brazilian Soccer School Inv 1063                                      80.00
         Mr Hine Inv 1059                                                      20.10
         Mr Hine Inv 1040, 1050 & 1051                                         66.95
         Namaste Yoga Inv 1062                                                  6.70

         - Direct Debits                        Net             Vat           Total £

         Southern Electric                      75.65          11.35           87.00
         Southern Electric                      75.65          11.35           87.00
         WCC                                   113.00                         113.00
         WCC                                   113.00                         113.00
         BT                                     54.47          8.17            62.64

         - Payments Between Meetings                 Net            Vat           Total £

         Centre Security                               60.00        9.00            69.00
         D Found                                     1140.09                      1140.09
         F Cannon                                    587.18                        587.18
         T Winter                                    154.94                        154.94
         F Cannon                                     75.01          7.24           82.25
         Arboricultural Association                  155.00         23.25          178.25
         HMRC                                        525.30                        525.30
         Viking Direct                                80.97         12.15           93.12
         WCC                                         201.50                        201.50
         F Cannon                                    419.19                        419.19
         T Winter                                    121.92                        121.92
         F Cannon                                     56.42         7.46            63.88
         HCC                                         293.29                        293.29
         Scats Countrystores                          11.82         1.78            13.60
         South Wonston Village Hall                    4.50                          4.50
         Viking Direct                                86.98         2.70            89.68
         The Garage Door Company                     431.00         64.65          495.65

         - Accounts for Payment                       Net           Vat           Total £

         HCC                                         293.29                        293.29
         D Found                                    1026.87                       1026.87
         HMRC                                        311.89                        311.89
         D Found                                     119.88          3.43          123.35
         Viking Direct                                86.89         13.03           99.92
         HPFA                                         20.00                         20.00
         Audit Commission                            420.00         63.00          483.00
         Clearway                                    330.00         49.50          379.50
         WALC                                         20.00                         20.00

         - Transfer

         A transfer of £3000 is required.


         - Vandalism & Security Arrangements

         It was noted that since the appointment of Eagle Hoburne early/mid July there have been
         only a couple of incidents. The alarm has not been set off by vandals. The quantity of
         alcohol consumed is still of concern ie judging by the litter left behind, and is at a
         constant high. Works to rectify vandal damage in June and July are still being
         progressed and costed.

Tues 28th July – Two top slats on picnic table in the play area are burnt and will need
replacing. The debris was cleared and a plastic substance scraped off the table top.
Two local residents saw newspapers and wood piled up on top of the table and being
burnt. The names and addresses of three boys and a girl standing around the table were
passed to Sgt Stribley. An update has been requested.

Noted on 20th August - Metal gate to the field has been damaged, presumed vandalism.
The frame has been twisted near the supporting hinges. Quote for welding repair is
awaited. Also, support wires at the play area end of the tennis court fence have been
pulled out and attached to the play area fence to form a trip wire. Discovered 20th
August. Fernden Fencing attended to rectify ie tidy up and re-tension. The Handyman
does not have the tools to do the job. Damage reported to the Police on 0845 045 45 45.

- Gate Installation & Operation

Cllr Selby attended the New Forest Show and noted a company supplying gates with
automatic timers for opening and closing. The company has attended the recreation
ground. There could be a double gate ie 2 No. 2m gates, mains powered, underground
motors, power taken from pavilion, a digital timer would control the opening/closing
with extra fobs and ‘dial2open’ for entry out of hours by authorised users and
emergency vehicles. Underground safety loops prevent the gates closing on vehicles.
There would be two warning signs and a couple of minutes leeway on the closing time.
Sirens/flashing beacon/s can also be provided to warn of the gate closing. Various other
peripherals can be added. The cost for gates, installation, cables, control box (in
pavilion), signs (but not erection) is £5683. This system would negate the requirement
for employing opening/closing persons.

The anonymous letter from a resident questioning the installation of a gate was noted. It
was agreed that many of the nuisance vehicles are from outside of the village. Cllr
Selby confirmed that in the event of a power cut there is a battery back up.

It was agreed that more investigation is required, ideally an example should be seen in
use and/or other users of the system contacted. Clerk to explore.

- New Pavilion

Cllr Selby and Gary Brown from Swifts FC met on 21st August to examine the amended
plans and had one suggestion. There is a space called female changing, but it has no
access to a shower or toilet. There could be a female match official overseeing a male
football game therefore it was suggested that the space extends into the largest of the
shower rooms to include a toilet and a shower. If all the match officials were female
then the facilities as they are would be sufficient. A window would have to be included.
Apart from that Mr Weakley has adapted the plans to meet the previous proposals.

Cllr Bolton suggested that female changing should not actually be labelled as such as
this limits the use of the facilities. This was noted.

In line with the WCC Statement of Community Involvement, a drop in session will be
organised prior to the planning application being submitted, possibly on a Saturday
morning at the pavilion, which could be manned by the committee members. A
November date could be advertised in the West Dever News, also notices can be
displayed once a date is agreed ie by 12th October to ensure inclusion in the November

- Deterioration of Scorers Hut

Swifts FC (Lloyd Hewitt) has agreed that the hut should go. Ownership has not been
confirmed. It may be that a large skip could be delivered as close to the hut as possible
in order that it can be dismantled and scrapped. Swifts have been asked if they can
undertake the works – no reply to date. The Parish Council container is 16’ long and the
cross bars 24’ approx. The Handyman is not happy about relinquishing the container to
Swifts and it being moved along the field as he would still need to access on a regular
basis. The Handyman has suggested metal posts set in concrete with hanging brackets
for the goal posts, in the position where the hut is. This would be a temporary measure
until new changing rooms are built. Further to this it has been noticed that the corner
store of the pavilion (Swifts use) is not over utilised, presumably the items previously
stored here are in the scorers hut. If that store could be taken back by the Parish Council
then maybe the Handyman could completely vacate the steel container. There would be
one issue regarding the storage of petrol outside of the pavilion and garage ie insurance
requirement. Clerk to explore further.

- Replacement Litter Bins & Signs

Bins - Two green plastic cylindrical bins have been damaged beyond repair, one over a
year ago, which was located near the metal gate to the field and the second, outside the
tennis court, was burnt out in the last couple of months. Replacement with a sturdier
metal and timber bins would cost £190 for the bin, £52 for installation into grass, and
£5.50 for locks to secure the metal inserts ie £247.50 each. The very old bin hung from
a post near the edge of the car park would be removed, as would the sign, which is
illegible, and the post. Arrangements would need to be made for the latter.

It was RESOLVED to order two new litter bins from Neptune Outdoor Furniture
of Marwell. Total cost £495.00 + VAT.

Signs – HCC Sign Shop can supply, with poles, an A2 size Reynobond (metal)
recreation ground sign, new Home and Away signs for the pavilion, ‘no dogs’ and ‘no
cycles’ for the entrances to the play area - for £140.97. Council would have to arrange
installation. The large sign would be set into the front edge of the paved area to the rear
of the pavilion on galvanised posts, which are included in the price. It is was agreed to
remove the illegible signs from above the tennis court gate, the ‘no glass’ and the ‘no
golf’ signs from the metal gate to the field, also the post, sign and old litter bin from the
edge of the car park. The wording for the sign was noted and slightly amended to
confirm that glass is only permitted on the car park ie at the recycling areas.

It was RESOLVED to order new signs from the HCC Sign Shop for £140.97 +

         - Bonfire & Fireworks

         The Chairman and Cllr Bolton met with Ian Johnson and Steve Johnson (who will
         organise the bonfire and fireworks event this year), on 18th August. Cllr Selby
         suggested that the conditions of hire were amended to stipulate that the vehicle route on
         Saturday morning must be roped off, also clearing up on Sunday morning is
         compulsory. The Parish Council conditions do still include requirement for the bonfire
         to be extinguished as the site must be left safe. The event will take place on Saturday 7th

         - General Matters

         There were no general matters.


         - Hire Charges from 1st October 2009

         Cllr Selby declared a prejudicial interest as although he is Council’s rep on the Village
         Hall Management Committee he is also Booking Secretary and therefore in competition
         with the Parish Council in terms of pavilion/village hall hire.

         Cllr Selby wished to confirm that the Village Hall had increased its hire charges by 10%
         and that the pavilion hire rates are heavily subsidised by the Parish Council.

         Cllr Bolton asked if pavilion hire income covers costs. Clerk confirmed that it did not,
         largely because of the cost of the Clerk and Handyman, whereas at the Village Hall other
         than a part time cleaner the bulk of the works/organising is carried out voluntarily.

         Following some discussion it was RESOLVED that the hire rates should remain
         unchanged until 31st March 2010. The rates are:

                £5.20 per hr - regular hire for children’s groups/activities
                £6.70 per hr – regular hire for adult groups/activities
                £10.00 per hr for casual hire ie parties

         The Chairman confirmed that in future, as in previous years, a rate should be set for the
         whole year ie April to March, to save the Clerk having to re-issue all hire agreements.

         There was no discussion of the annual charge to Swifts FC for the coming season.

         The meeting closed at 10.00pm with the remaining agenda items to be held over to
         the next meeting.


         The next meeting will be held on Monday 12th October 2009, 7.30pm at the pavilion.

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