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									Ben Franklin

 Jacob Sowers
    4th Hour
         Benjamin Franklin
• Benjamin Franklin
  was an important
• Without him we could
  be lost forever.
Franklin’s Inventions
           • Franklin invented the
             first circulating
           • He also invented
             bifocal eye-glasses.
           • He invented the
             Franklin Stove, too.
           • The idea of daylight
             savings time was his.
                    Franklin’s Life
• Franklin was one of the
  founding fathers of the United
  States of America.
• It’s strange because he was
  born on January 17, 1706, and
  died on April 17, 1790.
• He was an American
  Statesman, a writer, a printer,&
  last, but not least, he was an
• He was a great person.
Gone On
    • Sadly, Benjamin
      Franklin has moved
      on, but he can relax in
      peace in Heaven.
       Inventors of Tomorrow
• Anyone has a chance
  of being an inventor.
• They could easily
  create something on
  accident or through
  hard work.
• Students today will
  become the inventors
  of tomorrow.

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