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					3c Lotus Boulevard is Disperse over and done with a floundering place on the side of 40 acre landed estate,
3c Lotus Boulevard information system turn out India 'Largest Green Residential Project strategically
situated in sector 100. An excellent intermixes of royal atmosphere active with surroundings, this group
housing wish to be in behalf of reasonably priced luxurious living belongings.

The building is a multi-tenant project that is based on the concept of creating a congenial campus like
environment, where every tenant can share common areas, facilities and still retain their privacy.

Nestled amidst 40 acres of tranquility and solace at Sec 100, Noida, 3c Lotus Boulevard heralds an era of
new world luxuries combined with suburban living. The 'Green' features and benefits of this unique
residential estate, take it much beyond any other project. Right from sprawling acres of refreshing greens
populating every corner, to fresh and cool breezes streaming inside, to the cross-ventilated arrangement
that guides natural light into all corners of the houses, are parts of the exceptional advantages of a lifestyle
in this exquisite 'Green' haven. As if that's not all, it also conserves critical natural resources and huge
amounts of energy & living costs and lets you contribute towards making this planet a greener and healthier

The stilted public realms on the lower floors consist of an amphitheater, a gym, a cafeteria and shops,
helping to form an area of common interests. The shaded stilted landscape areas provide easy visual &
physical connections, which create an interactive environment.

The private areas (offices) start from the second-floor upwards. The towers are designed around shaded
landscape courts with water bodies & plants, which help to reduce the ambient temperature. The building
depth has been optimized to capture daylight and to maximize views.

3c Lotus Boulevard Noida has been registered for the IGBC Green Homes LEED Certification
Programme. The registration number for the project is: 'GH091022'

There north-south orientation of the building ensures minimum direct sunlight from the north while the
clever horizontal projection design feature cuts off the high sun from the South side. All the exterior shading
systems are designed to cut off heat and get glare-free light. Pre cooled fresh air; the heat recovery wheel
and free cooling during fair weather further help in energy conservation.

It was ascertained as per the building simulation results that the Active and Passive features of the Green
Boulevard, together, help in saving 40% energy from other office buildings in India. The inherent design
principle of the Green Boulevard strives to balance environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, and
resource efficiency, comfort of the occupant and community sensitivity.

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About The 3c Company
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. With
this simple thought in mind and driven by the motto to “Create, Care and Conserve”, the 3C Company has
rapidly established itself as the leader of Green Revolution in Delhi NCR. The pride of being the
only team in Asia Pacific to have Three Platinum and Four Gold Rated LEED Certified Green buildings by
IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) under the umbrella of USGBC (US Green Building Council) speaks
volume about the architectural excellence and impeccable planning. And all this is aimed towards creating
sustainable habitats and work places which are energy efficient and ecologically friendly.

Felicitated in 2005 by the then President of India – Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam for developing the largest Platinum
rated LEED Certified building in the world – Wipro Technologies, Gurgaon, this is a team that brings together
three nationally acclaimed professionals from the field of design and development. Led by Vidur Bharadwaj,
Surpreet Suri and Nirmal Singh, the team has progressed to become the pioneer of environment friendly
creation in Delhi-NCR. The 3C Company is the founder member of IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) with
Vidur as the Chairman of the Delhi Chapter. He is also the Advisor for Hong Kong Development Group on
“Sustainable Architecture in Urban Cities”. Adjudged as the Green Developer of the Year during
the Estate Award 2010, 3C has already delivered, more than 13 million square feet of niche
developments and is currently developing an area of about 33 Million Sq. Ft. worth Rs. 18000 Crores.
More than the impressive numbers generated in the short span of time, it is the satisfaction of having done
our bit for environment which remains the driving force behind the company.

Company’s Green Residential projects not only brought a paradigm shift in the industry but also witnessed a
major shift from an investor driven market to that of an end user. Taking its perspective of innovations
forward, this team has showcased the next level of Green Technology called Net Zero Energy Home –
Shunya. This energy efficient house Utilizes renewable energy from sun to make it independent of any
electricity grid.

Under an exclusive 25 year deal for its high end mixed used development in Noida, 3C has recently tied up
internationally renowned Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts to develop a Five Star Hotel and Serviced

In its quest to reduce the carbon footprint from the Earth, The 3C Company has been working on various
offline ways to create awareness about Green. This includes adoption of clovers on the DND Flyway, Earth
Water campaigns through varied media, distribution of saplings, jute carry bags, seeds of native plants
etc. These initiatives have been acknowledged and awarded at the BIB Leadership Awards 2011 and
at Realty Plus Excellence Awards 2010.

“At 3C, the green design, architecture and detailing is one of the hallmarks of the buildings that we „Create‟.
In an industry bereft with unfulfilled promises, we take „Care‟ of our customers by standing true to our
commitments. We listen, we inform, we understand and we deliver. And this eventually leads us to
„Conserve‟ our relationships.”

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