Parent Portal Letter by pbBYgb7


									November 18, 2011

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Pomfret Community School is pleased to announce the launch of our Blackboard Connect Portal
Website! Blackboard Connect will allow the school to notify you if school is delayed, closing early, or
closed due to inclement weather; a bus is delayed; a sports practice or game has been changed or
cancelled, or for any other reason requiring notification to parents. This new tool will also enable you to
manage your contact information right from your own computer.

You can access our new Parent Portal by click on the link on our website or by typing the following URL
into the web browser on your computer:

Once the page is open, click the Sign Me Up! link to set your preferences. In order to set your
preferences you will need:

       An active email address. (If you do not have an active email account, you will still receive all
        notifications through the phone number in our database which you have supplied to the school.
        Please contact the school should your phone number change.)
       Your student’s SASID (State Assigned Identification) 10-digit number. Once on the site you will
        be asked for a reference code. Please use the SASID number for the reference code. (You will
        need to call the main office to get this number.)
       The phone number or email address that we have on file for your student.

Once you have logged in, you can check and edit any contact information by clicking your name in the
upper right corner and selecting Contact Information. You will need to do this for each child
registered at PCS. When you are logged in, the system will ask for the child's reference code
(SASID number), then a phone number. At that point you will have an opportunity to edit the
first child's information. If you click on Find Contacts, you will be able to find your other
child(ren). The same preferences need to be set for all children in your family. You will not
receive multiple calls as the system will recognize duplicate phone numbers and email addresses.

We are very excited to launch our new Parent Portal and invite you to visit our new site and take control
over your notification preferences.


Jane O. Dion

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