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									                                                                                         Role Profile

Job Description                                       Ref no:
 Job Title                  ICT & Digital Communications Manager
                                                                            Benelux and Global Gateway
 Directorate or Region      EU Europe             Department/Country        Brussels
 Location of post           Brussels              Pay Band                  G

 Reports to                 Robin Davies          Duration of job           Permanent

 Purpose of job:
 This position includes aspects of Information Technology, Communications, Digital and Knowledge
 Management. The post will require a blend of technical, administrative and communication skills, and will
 help increase the media reach and impact of our office, while supporting local components of corporate-
 wide IT, Knowledge Management, Digital and Communications works and initiatives.
 S/he will also play a key role in advising on, specifying and reviewing any development work, e.g.
 software/hardware upgrades or other customisations.
 The post will be working closely with the British Council Communications and Digital teams and also with
 Global Business Solutions (GBS).

 Context and Environment:
 Brussels is home to the European Commission, EU Council of Ministers, European Parliament, European
 Economic and Social Committee. These institutions formulate policies, laws, and recommendations which
 are relevant to British Council work, and the European Commission funds a global portfolio of
 programmes in our core areas of Arts, Education and Society and Languages.
 The Global Gateway in Brussels:

 - informs Regional teams and HQ (London) leads about EU funding sources, supports them in exploiting
 these, and provides the EU cultural policy context to strategic planning in all sectors;

 - represents the British Council in the centre of European political and cultural debate, advocating the
 Council’s purpose and strategy to a highly influential European and international audience of policy
 makers, including through high profile events;
 - builds relationships and partnerships with Brussels based major international organisations, influencing
 them positively about the value of cultural relations to enhance their work and brand,

 This ICT and digital post provides operational support to the Global Gateway Brussels and Benelux
 teams, based in Brussels and Netherlands respectively.
 The job holder will also provide IT support to Resources and Examination Services colleagues in both
 offices and to the members of the EU Regional team working in Brussels.

 Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:

 Digital Services: (products, presence and support) (35%)

 The job holder will offer advice on the most effective/efficient form of communication, and develop and
 utilise a range of high quality, interactive and engaging online and offline resources such as: toolkits,
 collaboration sites, intranet, bulletins, newsletters, videoconferences, teleconferences, face to face
 meetings and events for maximum impact and effect.
       Manage BC Benelux and Global Gateway Brussels digital presence including the websites,

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      electronic newsletters, twitter and facebook accounts.
    Ensure that colleagues (projects, exams and Overheads when necessary) are using an
      appropriate infrastructure regarding digital platforms in terms of the partners involved. Liaise with
      them to provide appropriate advice.
    Maximise use of Digital tools, share best practice and manage the longer term planning and
      development of Digital tools used to ensure it is ‘future proof’.

IT Management (25%)

The job holder will perform local components of IT management, complementing services of Global
Service Desk as defined by Global Business Solutions:
    Identify, develop, and manage effective relationships with GBS, ISPs, telecommunications,
       videoconferencing, and networking suppliers and partners.
    Ensure ICT Systems are managed in a fashion which enhances the business impact of British
      Council Benelux and EU Office
    Ensure the integrity and security of ICT systems used in Brussels and Netherlands.
    Provide ICT support for event and projects
    Provide local user and application support for ICT issues and also as per assignments through the
      service-now portal, in accordance with the GBS guidelines.
    Manage ICT hardware in Benelux offices
    Homeworking, Blackberry and iPAD support
    IT equipment inventory

Knowledge Management (30%)

The job holder will be responsible for all aspects of knowledge management:
    Retaining team knowledge, including knowledge transfer at handovers and making it readily
      available to internal BC stakeholders
    Maintaining legal compliance over handling of data, and supporting the management of records.
    Assist colleagues to make the most of valuable information and knowledge assets including
      shared drives, intranet and Sharepoint sites, and contacts management database.
    Maintaining a ‘map’ of the knowledge management structure and a ‘clean shared drive’ content.
    Training/updating staff on essential documents (strategy, communication plan, staff lists, business
      continuity plan).

Admin Support (5%)

    Administration of CCTV, security/alarm, and access card systems
    IT Budgets

Key relationships:
Benelux and Global Gateway Brussels Office colleagues
Communications, Marketing, Digital, Information & Knowledge Management teams
Contractors and suppliers for ICT services
British Council Global Service Desk (GSD)

Other important features or requirements of the job

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This job involves travelling twice a month to the Netherlands office
The job holder may be expected to work some evenings given the nature of his IT duties

Please specify any               Right to work in Belgium
passport/visa and/or nationality
Please indicate if any security  No
or legal checks are required
for this role.

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Person Specification
                   Essential                                                Assessment stage

 Behaviours        Creating shared purpose –                                Interview only
                   More demanding
                   Working Together –
                   Being Accountable – More
                   Making it Happen – More
                                                                            Not to be used for
                   Connecting with others -
                   Shaping the future -
 Skills and        Knowledge of ICT systems &      Business facing          Short listing
 Knowledge         tools and digital products      presentation and         and Interview
                                                   influencing skills.
                                                   Project management
                   Communication skills – level    skills – level 1
                   Ability to communicate
                   technical aspects effectively
                   to stakeholders/customers

                   Marketing and Customer
                   service –level1
                   Understanding and
                   responding to customer

                   Fluency in English (CEF C1)

 Experience        Proven track record of          Managing web projects    Short listing
                   delivery of IT projects         with complex technical   and/or Interview
                   including digital.              requirements
                   Proven experience in
                   managing suppliers and
                   building positive long-term
                   relationship with internal
                   and external stakeholders
                   and partners

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Qualifications                  Demonstrable                    Short listing and/or
                                French\Dutch language           interview
                                skills to CEF B1 / B2
                                Microsoft Certified
                                Systems Engineer
                                MCSE (Desirable)

Submitted by     Robin Davies         Date           12 April 2012

                                            5 of 5              Recruitment Team June 2011

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