Urbanvs Rural by j5uNBk


									Urban or Rural?
 A look at where we live.

                      Charmaine Brooks
                      Albert Education
       Urban or Rural?
This is rural. How do you know?
       Urban or Rural?
This is urban. How can you tell?
        Urban or Rural?
This is the view from Mrs. Morton’s front porch.

    If you said “RURAL”… you are right!
               Urban or Rural?
This is rural Alberta.   Do you live in rural Alberta?
                  Urban or Rural?
    This is urban Alberta.
Do you live in urban Alberta?
                                What city do you live in?
      This is Elmo. He is a house cat.

He is an URBAN pet.    He stays in the house.
Midnight and Fluffy are farm cats.
  They do not live in the house.
              This is Duke.
He is a RURAL pet.     He stays outside.
        Rural pets have houses, too.
Can you see the house    It keeps him warm on
  that Duke sleeps in?       cold winter nights.
 Garbage, garbage everywhere!

What do you do with garbage in an urban area?
In a rural area, people put their garbage in a
              garbage can, too.

   Then they burn it. This is called a burning barrel.
This is a Blue Box. What do you put in a Blue Box?

     In an urban area, the garbage man takes
              the recycling items away.
  In rural areas, people recycle, too.

Mrs. Morton collects cans and bottles in the
Then she drives them to a recycling
     center in an urban area.

 Have you seen these bins before?
What kind of building is this?
   Is this urban or rural or both?
  It is hard to drive a tractor to the gas station!

In rural areas, farmers have their own gas stations.
            What is this?
        What goes in a mailbox?

How does the mail get into your mailbox?
               What is this?
           This is a rural mailbox.

The mailman drives the mail to the box. He
      picks up our outgoing mail, too!
            The red box is for the newspaper.
The paperboy drives a car to deliver the paper. He has biscuits in his
                  car for Duke. Do you know why?

    Notice the blue sign. It is our rural address.
Urban or Rural?

 Where do you live?

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