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									Nelson Mandela

By Kieran and Jake
welcome to our presentation about Nelson
Mandela And South Africa under apartheid
     We hope you enjoy and learn
• Nelson Mandela was born on the 18th of
  July 1918.
• Nelson Mandela won the Nobel peace
  prize for all his effort.
• Nelson Mandela is still alive.
• He had a rock consort to honor his 70th
• Nelson Mandela was once the first black
  president of south Africa for 5 years.
         Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela is a black man who spoke
against apartheid. He has been through
lots of boring years and lots of important
      When, why and where
Nelson Mandela in 1964 was put in prison
 for speaking against the apartheid. The
 prison he was put in was a island prison
 called “robin island.” He was put in a cell
 which was very small and with out a bed to
 sleep on. He was released in 1990.
          What is apartheid
Apartheid is when black people are treated
 differently to the white people for example
 black people can’t sit on the same bench
 as white people and black weren't aloud to
 go on the same transport as the white.
     When apartheid stopped
Apartheid stopped in 1989. Thanks to, not
 just to nelson Mandela, a lot of other
 people protesting against apartheid too.
     Nelson Mandela's wife's
Nelson Mandela had a wife called Evelyn
 Ntoko and that was his first wife but sadly
 they got divorced. His second wife was
 called winnie Mandela but they got
 divorced. His last wife witch he is married
 to, today is called graca machel.

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