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									                       Banchory Community Council
               Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 16TH August 2010
                           Banchory Academy Library

Present; Margaret Thom (Chair) Rob Sadler (Vice Chair) Wendy Sadler
(Secretary); Charlie Abel, Vera Abel, Lex Corris (Treasurer);Aileen Black,
Sue Turner, Enid Riddell, Lorna Barker, Jean Henretty, Cllr Linda Clark,
Gillian Provan (Deeside Piper), PC Andrew Mathieson and 5 Members of

1.      Welcome - MT welcomed everyone. Nice to see Aileen at the meeting

     2. Apologies - Linda Gray

     3. Police Report - PC Andrew Mathieson reported some details from
        Inspector Todd, Youth Shelters things have been taking a length of
        time due to the amount of people involved, looks like someone could
        be charged sometime soon. Also some concerns re: riverside rubbish,
        the police are patrolling that area. Banchory Marquee was a success
        apart from a serious assault, which the matter has been sent to the
        procurator fiscal.

     4. Guest Speaker- Tesco Project Manager Craig Nairn

        Craig Nairn came along and updated the members on the ongoing
        building of our new Tesco store being built.

     5. Matters Arising -

        A planning application has been received for some 2 bed roomed flats
        in the grounds next to the police station, LB had emailed the concerns \
        queries etc from BCC but heard no response and will email back on
        behalf of BCC.

6.      Approval of minutes - Mins were approved by LC and seconded by

     7. Correspondence -

     Marr Forum - Wed 18 Aug @ Finzean Hall

     9. Financial Report -

Lex advised that the A\Shire grant had been received and now in the bank,
balance is now£1856.66

      10. Sub Committees

      a) Planning - No Report

      b) Marr Safety - WS attended the last meeting and saw the first edition of
         the First on Scene DVD. Was very impressed

      c) Traffic & Transport - Seems to be a problem with parked cars on the
         first bend outside the florist on station road. LB will look into this.

      d)     Education/ Leisure/Arts - JH is to be arranging a meeting with
            landscaping dept to see about enhancement around Bellfield Park.

      e) Paths/Environment - No handrail at Glebe Park stairs

      f) Youth - No Report

      g) Health - No Report

      h) Local Issues/ Heritage - AB & MG would like to arrange\organise
         something about Banchory in the years gone by.

      i) Town Forum -JH is hoping to arrange a meeting before Oct hols,
         hoping for last week in Sept.

      j) Councillors

      11.     A.O.C.B./Other Issues
            a) Silverbank Playing Field - Mr Burgess came along to our meeting
            with another member of the public to voice their concerns on the letters
            that they had received regarding the possibility of building at Silverbank
            and taking away the green spaces, it was explained that these are just
            suggestions for the future.

            b) AB commented that the lights at Upper Arbeadie are still on.

12.         Date /Time of next Meeting - Monday 13th September 2010

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