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									    June 2009 Police Department
                                July 5, 2009

•   Department Personnel

    ••    Officer Cesar Celada retired on June 30th, after serving the
          Kensington Police department for ten years. Officer Celada will
          receive a Silver Commendation for his service at the July 9th Board

    ••    We are in the background process with four candidates for Reserve
          Police Officer and hope to have the backgrounds completed by the
          end of summer. We are also continuing our efforts to identify
          possible full time police officer candidates.

•   Commendations and Correspondence

    ••    Officer Keith Barrow received a letter of compliment from Sergeant
          Ricky Hull for his efforts of the week of June 15th in providing patrol
          officer cover and assisting with police administrative duties during
          the week.

•   Investigation of Alleged Misconduct

    ••    Department Investigation # 08-07 was initiated in October on an
          allegation that an officer had falsified a police report. This
          investigation has been completed, and it has been determined that
          an officer did falsify a statement in a police report. Discipline to be
          administered pending a Skelly Hearing which is scheduled for July

    ••    Department Investigation # 08-08 was initiated in November on an
          allegation that an officer had failed to properly prepare for and
          testify during a court appearance. This investigation has been
          completed and no further action will be taken.

    ••    Department Investigation #08-09 was initiated at the end of
          November on an allegation that an officer failed to report a traffic
          collision involving a District vehicle. This investigation has been
          completed and no further action will be taken.

    ••    Department Investigation #09-01 was initiated in January on an
          allegation that an officer failed to perform his duties during his shift.
          This investigation will be closed and no further action taken.

    ••    Department Investigation #09-02 was initiated in April on an
          allegation that an officer was absent without leave for a period of
          three days. An investigator has been identified and the investigation
          is continuing.

    ••    Department Investigation #09-03 was initiated in April on an
          allegation that an officer was absent without leave for a period of
          three days. An investigator has been identified and the investigation
          is continuing.

    ••    Department Investigation #09-04 was initiated in April on an
          allegation that an officer was absent without leave for a period of
          seven days. An investigator has been identified and the
          investigation is continuing.

•   9-1-1 / Richmond Communication Center Information.

    ••    The Ring Time Report for May identified 39 total 911 calls received
          by dispatch, of which 10 had a ring time of over 20 seconds.

          Of these ten, six were between 21 and 40 seconds. The other four
          are as follows:

          On 05-02-07, at 10:04 PM, a ring time of 41 seconds occurred on a
          non- police call, possible misdial.

          On 05-04-09, at 6:40 PM, a ring time of 1:21 seconds occurred on a
          non-police call, possible misdial.

          On 05-20-09, at 1:17 PM, a ring time of 55 seconds occurred on a
          medical call for an elderly woman with a swollen leg.

          On 05-30-09, 10:39 PM, a ring time of 1:49 seconds occurred on a
          medical call of a report of an elderly person that had fallen.

          I will be contacting the dispatching supervisor to speak to him
          voicing my concerns with these ring times.

          On Monday, 06-08-09, at 11:27 AM, there was a loss of radio
          coverage affecting El Cerrito, southern Richmond, parts of San
          Pablo, and Kensington. This loss of coverage was the result of a
          power issue at one of our repeater sites. The issue was resolved at

          12:35 PM and repairs will be continued to assure that the power
          outage does not occur again.

•   Communication Center Service Complaints

    ••    No complaints received this month however, this is a good time to
          remind everyone that for police non-emergencies, you need to
          contact the dispatch center at “236-0474” and not the KPPCSD
          business line of 526-4141. The KPPCSD business line is only
          monitored 6 hours a day during the week and should not be used to
          report police matters.

•   Community Networking

    ••    On 06-01-09, Chief Harman attended the KCC meeting at the
          Community Center. During the meeting, it was agreed the KCC and
          the KPPCSD will hold a public information meeting regarding
          improvements in the park on Saturday, July, 25th, between 10:00
          and 12:00.

    ••    On 6-03-09, Chief Harman attended the Kensington Community
          Council meeting.

    ••    On 06-04-09, Chief Harman participated as an evaluator for class
          projects of a Police Administration course at Cal State Hayward.

    ••    On 06-05-09, Chief Harman presented patches to the new scouts
          of Troop 100. Troop 100 is sponsored by the Kensington Police

    ••    On 06-08-09, the second Kensington Public Safety Council meeting
          was held at the Community Center at 6:30 PM. Both Chief Harman
          and Officer Doug Wilson attended the meting.

          The Kensington Public Safety Council will expand upon the issues
          of police services to include those of emergency preparedness and
          other public safety issues affecting the community. It is hoped that
          by meeting in the evenings, we will be able to increase community
          participation and feedback on those issues concerning Kensington.

          The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 13th, at 6:30 PM at
          the Community Center, Room 3.

    ••    On 06-24-09, Chief Harman attended the Contra Costa County
          Police Chief’s Association meeting in Martinez.

             Chief Harman then attended the monthly County Hazard Mitigation
             Committee meeting in the afternoon.

•     Community Criminal Activity

      ••     This section of the report has been prepared by the Watch
             Commanders reporting on their areas of responsibility.

•     Watch Commander Reports

••    Sergeant Khan Team 1

    09-2537 On 6/1/09 at 2114 hrs. Officer Stegman took a missing person
     report from a resident on Purdue Ave.
    09-2551 On 6/2/09 at 0743 hrs. Officer Wilson took a theft from an
     unlocked vehicle report from a resident on York Ave.
    09-2552 On 6/2/09 at 0846 hrs. Officer Wilson took an auto burglary
     report from a resident on Wellesley Ave.
    09-2554 On 6/2/09 at 2114 hrs. Officer Stegman took a theft of a license
     plate report from a resident on Franciscan Way.
    09-2650 On 6/8/2009 at 0031 hrs. Officer Stegman committed a suicidal
     subject on Sunset Dr. for a mental health evaluation.
    09-2656 On 6/8/2009 at 0847 hrs. Officer Wilson took a hit and run report
     on Wellesley Ave.
    09-2657 On 6/8/2009 at 1011 hrs. Officer Wilson took an auto burglary
     report on Colgate Ave.
    09-2661 On 6/8/2009 at 1708 hrs. I impounded a vehicle on Arlington
     Ave. for expired registration.
    09-2675 On 6/9/2009 at 1027 hrs. Officer Wilson took a hit and run report
     from a resident from Purdue Ave.
    09-2770 On 6/15/2009 at 1831 hrs. I took a missing persons report of a
     visitor to Kensington. I eventually located the person in Yolo County.
    09-2783 On 6/16/2009 at 1545 hrs. Officer Wilson took an auto burglary
     report from a resident on Kenyon Ave.
    09-2784 On 6/16/2009 at 1837 hrs. I took an attempted residential
     burglary report on Stanford Ave.
    09-2877 On 6/22/2009 at 1248 hrs. Officer Wilson took graffiti report in
     Kensington Park.
    09-2879 & 09-2880 On 6/22/2009 at 1734 hrs. Officer Wilson arrested a
     DUI driver involved in an accident on Oberlin Ave.
    09-2887 On 6/23/2009 at 1541 hrs. Officer Wilson took a vandalism
     report from a resident on Colgate Ave.
    09-2980 On 6/28/2009 at 2009 hrs. Officer Stegman took an injury
     accident involving a car and a bike.

      09-2983 On 6/29/2009 at 0815 hrs. Officer Wilson took an identity theft
       report from a resident on Stratford Rd.
      09-2984 On 6/29/2009 at 1118 hrs. Officer Wilson took a passing of
       counterfeit money report on Arlington Ave.

No training was conducted.

For those of you that are bicycle enthusiasts, I want to remind you that the
vehicle code applies to you. What I mean is that bicycles must stop at stop signs
and obey the speed limit. There is even a section that covers driving under the
influence of alcohol when on a bike. With all the traffic, steep and narrow roads it
is all the more important that bicyclists follow the rules of the road. Although
bicyclists 18 years old and older are not required to wear a helmet, it is a good

To those in cars and trucks, I ask that you be careful and courteous around


Officer                              Wilson                Stegman

Days Worked                             14                    12
Traffic Stops (no cite)                 1                     19
Moving Citations                         0                     3
Parking Citations                        7                     1
Vacation/ Security Checks               42                    38
Field Interviews (FI’s)                  0                      2
Cases                                   11                      1
Self Initiated Cases                     0                      0
Arrests                                  0                      0
Calls for Service                       36                    26

••       Sergeant Hull Team 2


Officer:            Martinez (K31)          Medina (K35)
                    (0600-1800)             (1800-0600)
Days Worked         13                      14
Traffic Stops       27                      12
Moving Citations 3                          13
Parking Citations 19                        6
Vacation/Security 72                        61
FI-Field Interview 0                        2
Cases               4                       2
Self initiated Cases0                       2
Arrests             0                       0
Calls for Service 34                        24

        Officer Martinez was sick for one shift.


        2009-2604 – On 6-4-2009, at 1750 hours, Officer Martinez responded to a
         report of a vehicle burglary in the 300 block of Yale Avenue. A neighbor
         found the victims check book on the sidewalk which prompted the victim to
         check his vehicle and discovered several items had been stolen from his
        2009-2615 – On 6-5-2009, at approximately 1530 hours, residents in the
         00 block of Norwood Ave. filed their request for a court order to prevent
         domestic violence with KPD.
        2009-2616 – On 6-5-2009, at 1630 hours, Officer Martinez responded to a
         report of identity theft in the 00 block of Highgate Road. The victim
         discovered an on-line account was opened with their SSN by an unknown
         person who also closed the account leaving a $900.00 over draft.
        2009-2721 – On 6-12-2009, at 1325 hours, Officer Martinez responded to
         a report of petty theft in the 300 block of Colusa Avenue. A suspect
         entered a business, walked into an office and stole a wallet from a purse.
         Witnesses on scene can identify the suspect if located.
        2009-2936 – On 6-26-2009, at 1428 hours, Officer Martinez responded to
         a report of residential burglary in the 00 block of Kenyon Avenue. The
         home is under construction and the owner discovered his tools had been


         Reviewed KPD Policy 304 – Shooting Policy
         Reviewed KPD Policy 306 – Leg Restraint Device
         Reviewed KPD Policy 308 – Control Device and Techniques
         Reviewed KPD Policy 310 – Officer Involved Shooting
         Partial review of the County Protocol for Fatal Incidents
         Reviewed Peace Officer Obligations for Handicapped Assistance at Gas
          Stations; Business and Professions Code 13660
         Started evidence room audit.


         A verbal informal complaint was made against a KPD employee with
          respect to a resident’s perception of ill treatment. After speaking with the
          complainant, no further action was requested.

••        Detective Keith Barrow

     Kensington Police Department Investigations June 2009 Monthly Report


2009-2408 Felony Vandalism, Auto Burglary.
Through follow up investigation, I was able to arrest one suspect in this case, a
Kensington resident, and I believe he acted alone. Case Closed by arrest.

2009-2541 Missing Person.
A Kensington resident reported a visitor to the District as missing. The missing
person is a recovering drug addict who was supposed to return to a rehabilitation
facility. The person was found lying on the ground by the Fremont Police
Department severely intoxicated. The missing person was transported to a
hospital by FPD. Case closed.

2009-2621 Identity Theft.
Unknown suspect(s) opened a bank account using a resident’s social security
number then closing the account with an outstanding overdraft. The bank is
handling this matter internally. Case Closed.

2009-2650 Mental Patient.
Juvenile placed on a 5150 W&I hold to be evaluated. Juvenile was transported
by AMR to the Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center. Case Closed

2009-2656 Hit and Run.
Unknown Suspect(s) vehicle hit a parked vehicle and fled the scene.               Case


2009-2675        Hit and Run.
Suspect hit a parked vehicle and fled the scene. Suspect found and case was
forwarded to the CCC DA’s Office in Richmond. Prosecution was denied in the
"interest of justice" and for "insufficient evidence", though the suspect gave a full
confession. Case Closed.

2009-2721 Petty Theft.
Wallet stolen out of unsupervised purse. Case Suspended.

2009-2757 Attempted Residential Burglary.
Suspect(s) threw a 1/4 piece of brick through the rear sliding glass door from the
outside of the residence. No entry was made into the home and nothing was
taken. Case Closed

2009-2770 Missing Person.
An out of state visitor with residents in Kensington was reported missing. The
missing person was located by CHP after being involved in an accident in
Sacramento, Ca. and arrested for DUI. Case Closed.

2009-2784 Attempted Residential Burglary.
Front door to basement jammed but deadbolt held and no entry was made. No
suspect leads developed. Case suspended.

2009-2807 Auto Burglary.
Unknown suspect(s) smashed rear passenger side window and entered a locked
vehicle. Clothes and a sleeping bag were stolen. A second vehicle also
sustained a smashed window but did not suffer any property loss. Case pending.

2009-2877 Vandalism.
Graffiti found in the Kensington Park. Unknown suspects used green spray paint
and black ink to vandalize the ground and a bench. The vandals painted a
dinosaur, happy face, “LCK,” “FGSHY.” No suspect/s identified at this time.
Case suspended.

2009-2879 & 2009-2880 DUI & Hit and Run Accident Arrest.
A Kensington resident was driving in the city of El Cerrito where the collided into
a parked vehicle and fled the scene without leaving a note or attempting to
located the damaged vehicle’s owner. The driver was arrested by KPD Officer
Wilson after finding the suspect vehicle parked with driver sitting behind the
steering wheel semi-conscious. Driver was charged with colliding with the
vehicle in El Cerrito and driving under the influence. Case Closed by arrest.

2009-2912 Grand Theft.

Unknown suspect/s stole a $3,000.00 bicycle from a locked bicycle rack that was
secured to the top of a vehicle parked in the public parking lot between Coventry
Rd. and Ardmore Road. The bicycle rack sustained damage during the theft. No
suspect/s or leads identified at this time. Case suspended.

2009-2936 Residential Burglary.
Unknown suspects pried the front door of a residence on Kenyon Avenue.
Suspect/s stole tools from the garage. No items appeared to have been stolen
from the living area of the residence. The responding officer lifted fingerprint that
will be examined by the Contra Costa Crime Laboratory. Case pending.

2009-2983 Identity Theft.
Fraudulent checks were deposited into account of a Kensington resident. An
attempt was made to retrieve the deposited funds unsuccessfully. This case is
pending the development of suspect/s identity.

2009-2984 Counterfeit Money.
Three counterfeit $10.00 bills were recovered by businesses in the Arlington
store group. The suspect was described as possibly a Middle Eastern female
with long wavy brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a red or white t-shirt and
blue jeans. A copy of this report will be forwarded to the Treasury Department.


2009-2408 Felony Vandalism, Auto Burglary.
DA’s Office declined prosecution due to lack of corpus and insufficient evidence.
This case will be returned to the investigating officer for follow-up then re-filed
with the DA’s Office. Case Closed by arrest.

2009-2676     Hit and Run.
DA’s Office declined prosecution in the "interest of justice" and for "insufficient
evidence". This case will not be resubmitted. Case Closed.

2009-2493 DUI Arrest.
This case is currently under review at the Richmond DA’s Office.

2008-5203 Elder Abuse.
I have been attempting to contact involved parties, for interview at several
addresses throughout the Bay Area. I was able to make contact with a family
member in Brentwood Ca. and during the interview I was informed that the
person had a no bail warrant out of Martinez California. The wanted person was
taken into custody. Several days following the arrest I contacted and interviewed
two individuals I had originally had been looking for. This case is still under


      Made several court runs for filling cases, citation drop off, and search

      Attended Department of Justice training in San Francisco for tracking
       vehicles for the West Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Team

      Facilitated the repair of 11 patrol radios.

      Calibrated two KPD intoximeters ( DUI breath analyzers). One Intoximeter
       was sent to the company for repair.

      Updated the KPD residential burglary log.

      Facilitated the reimaging KPD patrol car computers with the assistance of
       Stephanie Fries.


I am currently assigned to the West Contra Costa County Narcotic Enforcement
Team (West-NET) one day per week.

While on this assignment I work with other West Contra Costa County law
enforcement Officers and agencies. I participate and aid in the service of search
warrants, surveillance and on going narcotics investigations.

This month West-NET took down marijuana grow house, located in El Cerrito,
which I am assigned as the primary investigation officer. Working this case we
wrote a search warrant, arrested two suspects, ceased over 3200 grams of
marijuana, and seized 46 marijuana plaints. Interviews associated with this case
have lead to information to a second marijuana grow house in El Cerrito that is
currently being investigated.


In the month of June the District of Kensington saw a rise in Auto Burglaries, and
vehicle accidents. The District of Kensington sustained 1 Residential Burglary
and 2 Attempted Residential Burglaries. 4 Auto Burglaries and 2 Thefts from
unlocked vehicles. 2 Identity Thefts, 4 Vehicle Accidents, 2 Hit & Run Accidents,
1 DUI Arrest, and 2 Vandalisms.

In the month of May the District of Kensington sustained 4 Residential Burglaries
and 0 Attempted Residential Burglaries. 1 Auto Burglaries and 0 Thefts from
unlocked vehicles. 2 Identity Thefts, 1 Vehicle Accidents, 2 Hit & Run Accidents,

1 DUI Arrest, and 4 Vandalisms.

Please be aware if you witness criminal activity to contact KPD immediately.

••    Chief Harman

      Residents on Kingston Road can rest a little easier now that the suspect
      wanted by the Sheriff’s Office for the murder of his brother in Rodeo was
      arrested in Pinole on June 2nd.

      The murder occurred on September 28, 2008, at 11:00 PM. Shortly after
      the murder, Officer Stegman was in a vehicle pursuit with the suspect who
      abandoned his stolen vehicle on Kingston Road and avoided arrest. It
      wasn’t until two hours later that we learned that the suspect was driving a
      stolen vehicle and he was wanted for the murder. The suspect had been
      traced back to a residence on Kingston via his cell phone. A search
      warrant was obtained and served; however, the suspect had already left
      the residence prior to a perimeter being set.

      The suspect is believed to be responsible for at least two other homicides
      including his brother’s.

      This case demonstrates that even in Kensington, our officers can come up
      against some very dangerous criminals. It is believed that the suspect was
      still armed at the time he was being chased by Officer Stegman, who at
      the time had no idea that the vehicle he was pursuing for a vehicle code
      violation was stolen, or that the driver was wanted for murder.


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