Consumer Services Domain/All by HC120727091717


									Consumer Services Domain/All

Consumer Services Domain/Automatic meter reading (AMR) – I2G
Consumer Services Domain/Customer Management – Not I2G
Consumer Services Domain/Customer trouble call management – Not I2G
Consumer Services Domain/Real-time Pricing (RTP) – I2G
Consumer Services Domain/Load management – I2G
Consumer Services Domain/Building/Home Energy Management Services – I2G/B2G/H2G
Consumer Services Domain/Weather – I2G/B2G/H2G
Consumer Services Domain/Third party services – I2G
Consumer Services Domain/Power Quality – I2G
Consumer Services Domain/Electric Vehicle / home co-gen – H2G
Consumer Services Domain/Energy efficiency monitoring – I2G
Consumer Services Domain/Indoor Air Quality – I2G/B2G/H2G
Consumer Services Domain/ISP services to customer – I2G ???? , T&D
Consumer Services Domain/Third party Service Support – H2G/T&D
Consumer Services Domain/Transmission and Distribution Operations Support – T&D
Consumer Services Domain/Calculation of home R factor – H2G

Demand Response Functions/All

Demand Response Functions/Interconnection planning (months to years) I2G/B2G/H2G
Demand Response Functions/Real-time interconnected DR management (micro EMS concept) -
Demand Response Functions/Advanced Distribution Automation (ADA) with DR on Dist
system - I2G/B2G/H2G
Demand Response Functions/Post operations- I2G/B2G/H2G
Demand Response Functions/DR equipment maintenance - I2G/B2G/H2G
Demand Response Functions/Market operations- I2G/B2G/H2G
Demand Response Functions/Wind-related issues/functions/applications- I2G/B2G/H2G
Demand Response Functions/Dispersed Storage (functions unique to this form of DR) -
Demand Response Functions/Non-grid connected generation (monitoring for safety)-
Demand Response Functions/DSM (Demand Side Management) - I2G/B2G/H2G
Demand Response Functions/Residential generation devices- I2G/B2G/H2G

Distribution Operations Domain/All

Distribution Operations Domain/Long term distribution planning (1 year to 5 years)
Distribution Operations Domain/Short-term distribution planning (1 week to 1 year)
Distribution Operations Domain/Operational planning (1 day to 1 week ahead)
Distribution Operations Domain/Real-time operations
Distribution Operations Domain/Automation of distribution operations
Distribution Operations Domain/Real-time emergency operations
Distribution Operations Domain/Post operations
Distribution Operations Domain/Power system equipment maintenance
Distribution Operations Domain/Engineering
Distribution Operations Domain/Construction management
Distribution Operations Domain/Power Quality Management
Distribution Operations Domain/Dispatcher Training Simulator
Distribution Operations Domain/Distribution Asset Management

Market Operations Domain/All

Primary Generation Operations Domain/All

Transmission Operations Domain/All

Transmission Operations Domain/Long term distribution planning
Transmission Operations Domain/Short-term distribution planning
Transmission Operations Domain/Operational planning
Transmission Operations Domain/Realtime Normal Operator Actions
Transmission Operations Domain/Network Analysis
Transmission Operations Domain/Realtime Emergency Operations
Transmission Operations Domain/Post Operations
Transmission Operations Domain/Power system equipment maintenance (mobile enabled work
Transmission Operations Domain/SCADA/EMS Maintenance
TransmissionOperationsDomain/Operator and SCADA&EMS personnel training
Transmission Operations Domain/Black Start

Federated Systems Management Services

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