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					                          WASHINGTON STATE
                            MONTHLY REPORT
                                   MAY 2012

               CATEGORY                    MAY         MAY       YTD     YTD
                                           2012        2011       12      11
      DOE INCIDENTS                            0        0          1      2
      FIRE                                     30      26          95     54
      HAZMAT                                  214      206       1115    985
      OTHER                                    83      68         348    323
      911 OUTAGES                              1        1          12     6
      SAR                                      76      59         267    218
      TERRORIST                                0        0          0      0
      WEATHER                                  3        1          22     17
      CGS INCIDENTS                            0        0          0      1
      ESAR (NOT INCL IN TOTAL)                (4)      (8)         21   (27)
      TOTAL                                   407      361       1860   1609

      CSEPP       Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program
      DOE         Department of Energy, Hanford Site
      SAR         Search and Rescue Missions
      HAZMAT      Hazardous Materials Incidents
      WEATHER     Weather Incidents (throughout state, i.e., Flood, High Winds, and
      CGS         Columbia Generating Station
      FIRE        Forest Fire Incidents
      OTHER       This category includes a wide variety of incidents, i.e., Tsunami,
                  Earthquake, Critical Incident Stress Debriefings, Bomb Threat,
      911         911 Service Outages
      ESAR        Evidence Search Mission (not included in total numbers)


     On May 1, a search was conducted in Mason County for a 15 year-old male who
      walked away from his residence in Shelton. Additional resources were
      coordinated from Grays Harbor to assist with the search. The resources were
      canceled a short time later when the subject was located in good condition.

                         WASHINGTON STATE
                           MONTHLY REPORT
                                  MAY 2012

   On May 1, the Washington State EOC was activated to Phase II Enhanced in
    support of the City of Seattle’s activation for the May Day protest marches.

   On May 3, at 1330 hours King County issued an Amber Alert for Helen and Alice
    Smith, a 7 and 3 year-old believed to be abducted by their mother Dorreen
    Starrich. At 2030 hours the Amber Alert was cancelled when the children were
    located with a relative.

   On May 4, King County re-opened a SAR from April for a 52 year-old female
    near Carnation. Resources were coordinated from Snohomish, Skagit,
    Whatcom, Kittitas, Pierce, Thurston and Mason Counties to assist in the search.
    The individual was not located and the mission was closed on May 10th.

   On May 8, the Alert & Warning Center participated in the Columbia Generating
    Station’s Quarterly Exercise Drill. The drill commenced at 0818 hours and was
    terminated at 1408 hours.

   On May 10, the State EOC assumed Phase II Enhanced Awareness Operations
    effective 1642 hours in response to the potential failure of two small earthen
    dams located just north of the Canadian-US border threatening homes in
    Okanogan County. Canadian dam safety engineers constructed ditches into the
    dam to release water and eliminate any risk downstream. The State EOC
    resumed Phase I Normal Operations effective 1630 hours on May 11th when the
    threat of failure had been reduced.

   On May 10, the Olympic National Park Service opened a search requesting 6
    technically qualified mountain rescue volunteers from the Olympic Mountain
    Rescue organization in Kitsap County to aid in the search for a missing 55 year-
    old male near the Quinault Ranger Station. A helicopter from NW Helicopters,
    Inc. and at least 6 Park Rangers had been searching for some time with no luck.
    Additional requests were later made for a German Shepherd Search Dog
    (GSSD) from Pierce County and another helicopter with Forward Looking
    Infrared Radar (FLIRR) from King County. Finally on May 12th the individual was
    located alive using a King County helicopter which then provided a hoist rescue
    to extract the individual and fly him to the hospital.

                         WASHINGTON STATE
                           MONTHLY REPORT
                                  MAY 2012

   On May 12, Snohomish County called to request a SAR mission number for a
    male climber that fell 50 feet from the Index Climbing Wall near the town of
    Index. A helicopter was coordinated from the Coast Guard in Port Angeles to
    assist, but was unable to extract the climber due to the difficult terrain.
    Responders later packed the climber out by foot with extensive injuries.

   On May 15, The National Weather Service issued a Flood Watch for the
    Okanogan River near Tonasket in Okanogan County, and the Stehekin River
    near Stehekin, in Chelan County.

   On May 16, the National Weather Service cancelled the Flood Watch for the
    Stehekin River and issued a Flood Warning for the Okanogan River near
    Tonasket. Minor flooding was predicted for low lying areas. The Flood Warning
    was cancelled early May 19th.

   On May 16, King County re-opened a search for a missing 52 year-old female in
    the town of Carnation. Additional Germen Shepherd Search Dogs (GSSD), and
    Cadaver Search Dogs were coordinated from Kitsap, Snohomish, Grays Harbor,
    Whatcom and Pierce Counties to assist in the search scheduled for May 19th.
    The search concluded without locating any physical remains of the missing

   On May 22, at 1400 hours, the WSP issued an Amber Alert for Jamier Riley, a 7
    month old black male, and Jeremiah Watkins, a 2 year old black male, believed
    to be in the company of Michael Riley, a 23 year old black male. The Amber
    Alert was cancelled at 1650 hours the same day after Michael Riley was arrested
    and the children found unharmed.

   On May 24, The National Weather Service in Spokane issued a High Wind
    Warning for the extreme north end of Spokane County and the extreme south
    ends of Stevens and Pend Oreille Counties from 0500 hrs on Thursday, May
    24th, to 1536 hrs on Friday, May 25th. The Warning was later cancelled without
    any major incidents.

                             WASHINGTON STATE
                               MONTHLY REPORT
                                      MAY 2012

      On May 25, Kitsap County opened a search for a missing 59 year-old man in the
       Bremerton area. Additional resources were requested using German Shepherd
       Search Dogs (GSSD’s) from Pierce County. Pierce County responded with 4
       GSSD teams to assist. The missing person was later found deceased.

      On May 27, Island County activated their EOC to monitor pollution from the
       sunken derelict vessel at Penn Cove (incident 12-1595) and to monitor the
       raising of the vessel on May 30 or 31. As of the end of this reporting period the
       ship was still being rigged to be raised from the bottom.

      For the month of May 2012, the SEOO’s:

 Issued four warnings to jurisdictions for imminent or occurring emergencies

 Issued two warnings to tribal nations for imminent or occurring emergencies

 Conducted 715 notifications to state agency liaisons for imminent or occurring

 Coordinated 33 resources for search, rescue, recovery and response operations

 Participated in 15 exercises of which four were marine vessel spill drills

 Made 1,483 and answered 1,756 telephone calls

 Conducted 1,982 National Warning System tests and 355 Comprehensive
  Emergency Management Network (CEMNET) radio tests (connects all counties and
  many cities via Zetron Radio Console)

 Conducted five dedicated line tests with the Department of Energy, Hanford Site

 Conducted seven dedicated line tests with the Columbia Generating Station

 Conducted five Emergency Alert System (EAS) tests (broadcasts emergency
  information to the public via television and radio mediums)

                            WASHINGTON STATE
                              MONTHLY REPORT
                                    MAY 2012

 Conducted 31 All Hazards Alert Broadcast System (AHAB) daily function tests (tests
  functional capability of all coastal and Puget Sound AHAB siren systems)

 Conducted one All Hazards Alert Broadcast System (AHAB) siren test (activates
  coastal and Puget Sound voice and tone sirens during tsunami and other hazardous

 Conducted 30 Olympic Peninsula Public Safety Alliance Network (OPSCAN) tests
  (connects public safety organizations throughout the Olympic Peninsula)

 Conducted 28 State Agency Emergency Network (STAEN) tests (connects state
  agencies to the Alert and Warning Center via an 800 MHz radio system)

 Conducted four King County 800 MHz radio system tests (connects the Alert and
  Warning Center with King County key emergency management and response

 Conducted one satellite phone and radio test (connects local, state and federal
  organizations via satellite systems)


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