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									                                    Year of Birth      TAA Member No           Title             Forenames:                      Surname:

                                    1950               96                      Dr                Robert                          BLACK

 Sex      M    √      F                  Nationality   British                         Marital    Married                Children
                                                                                       status                            (Note 1)
 Record of posts and assignments (Note 2)
Year         Job Title           Organisation                       Country                        Responsibilities (Note 3)
2006-        Consultant in       Self-employed                      UK-based                       Took early retirement in 2006. Since then providing
present      Biosecurity Law                                                                       consultancy services and training in law, regulation and
             and Risk                                                                              technical aspects of Sanitary and Phytosanitary issues,
             Assessment                                                                            including risk analysis, legislative reviews and legal
                                                                                                   drafting, pesticides, quarantine, food safety, etc.
2007-2008     Key Legal Expert        British Standards             Russian Federation             Harmonisation of Russia’s laws in line with EU and WTO
              in EC-funded            Institution/EC                                               including legislative drafting, training in law, risk analysis
              project                                                                              and other SPS issues.
              ‘Approximation of
              EU and RF
              legislative and
              basis in Sanitary
2002-2006     Reader in               Department of Law,            UK-based. Short visits         Research, consultancy and training in Biosecurity law and
              Biosecurity Law &       University of                 to various countries.          regulation, (see below). Lecturing in law.
              Risk Assessment         Greenwich
1990-2002     Principal Scientist     Natural Resources             UK-based. Short visits         Research/consultancy (DFID, EC, IFAD, GTZ, etc.) in legal
                                      Institute, University of      various countries              and regulatory affairs in Biosecurity
                                      Greenwich                                                    (agriculture/environmental protection; phytosanitary
                                                                                                   operations) incl. plant quarantine and pest risk analysis,
                                                                                                   pesticides control, fruit fly quarantine/eradication.
                                                                                                   Teaching and training in these and other subjects.
1989-90       Plant Pathologist       ODA                           UK                             In-Service Training Scheme: advanced study in plant
                                                                                                   pathology and diagnostics.
1986-89       Plant Pathologist       ODA (OSAS)/Govt. of           Belize                         Plant Pathologist i/c Plant Protection & Quarantine Section.
                                      Belize                                                       Executive Officer of Pesticides Control Board.
1980-89       Plant Pathologist       ODA                           Thailand                       Plant Pathology R&D; extension and advisory services.
1976-79       Lecturer in             University of West            Jamaica                        Lecturer and research in microbiology etc.
              Botany                  Indies

 Self-employed        X        Retired                  On Retainer                               E-mail
 Employed by                                                              Remarks
 Available for:    (Note 4)                   Short-term tasks                         Medium-term                Long-term
                                                                      √                                    √
Best contact Address         6 Nursery Road, Rainham, Kent ME8 0BD
Phone (Office hours)         +44 (0) 1634 379186                                          Mobile     +44 (0)7905 425011
Residence                    +44 (0) 1634 379186                                             Fax     +44 (0) 1634 379186
Principal Discipline (Note        Agriculture / Environment/Training and Education
Up to 8 subsidiary fields         Agrochemicals, Crop Protection, Horticulture, Institutional/Organisation, Public Sector Reform (including Legal and
(Alphabetically: Note 6)          Regulatory Issues), Quarantine, Training, Tree Crops
Higher education (Note 7)         BA Agriculture, Oxon., June 1971. PhD Soil Microbiology, Stirling, Dec. 1974.
                                  Common Professional Examination (Law), July 1997. LLM, 1999.
Countries worked in               Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Botswana, China, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Georgia, Honduras, India,
(alphabetically)                  Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kenya, FYR Macedonia, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, Poland, Réunion, Russian
                                  Federation, Rwanda, Seychelles, St Helena, St Vincent & Grenadines, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Zambia

Spoken                French         G                 Spanish        G                   Thai       E                 German       F
(Note 8)                                                                                                                        Web Page:
                                                                                                                   Full CV available here
Comments on availability (Note             Short-term overseas visits subject to other commitments.                     Date                31/01/2011
9)                                         Short/medium desk work any time.

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