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									                       Minutes of Annual General Meeting
                              Black Tusk Village, Strata Plan VR1290
                 Saturday, November 9, 2008 at 10:00 am at the Community House

1) Call to Order:
      a) Ted Stewart, President, called the meeting to order at 10:15 am.

2) Registration of Strata Lot Owners, certification of proxies, distribution of voting cards:
      a) Attendance and Quorum
      A total of 32 owners were present in person and by proxy and a quorum was therefore
      b) Introductions of Owners
      c) Ted Stewart introduced the new Operations Contractor, Jim McKerr of Corewater
          Management, to the owners.

3) Approval of the agenda and minutes:
     a) Proof of notice of the meeting
     Motion – Dave Shefley moved that the Notice of the General Meeting was properly served and
     the agenda be adopted.
     Seconded – Nelson Bastien
     b) Minutes of the previous general meeting held on March 25, 2007
     Motion – Dave Shefley moved that the minutes of the previous general meeting held on
     March 30, 2008 be adopted
     Seconded –Nelson Bastien

4) Business arising from the minutes of the November 12, 2006 meeting:
      a) Scheduling of fall AGM - Jim Watson reported on his findings from his research on the
         issue of whether the Annual General Meeting had to be held within two months as brought
         up by an owner at the AGM. Section 40(2) of the Strata Act states that the Annual General
         Meeting must be held within two months to consider the budgets for the forthcoming year
         and the financial statements for the preceding. As we deal with budgets in the fall General
         meeting, the only concern is the financial statements. The internal statements are available
         in the timeline contemplated in the Act but the audit report is not. The two choices which
         the owners have available to them are:
         (1) Ignore this part of the Act and continue to hold the AGM outside of the required 2
             months in order to be able to consider the audited statements at the meeting. Note – if
             even one owner disagreed, this may not be a option
         (2) Hold the AGM by the end of February and consider only the internal financial
             statements. Note – this would mean that the audited statements would go out after the
             meeting and owners would not have the opportunity to discuss them at the meeting.
         Doug McDonald suggested another option would be to not adjourn the fall meeting and
         then reconvene it at a later date to consider the audited statements. Joe Frank pointed out,
         that in his experience, this part of the Act is generally ignored because of the difficulties
         with compliance and it is unimportant. As no motions were put forward on this issue, no
         change will be made to the way the fall AGM is held.

      b) Valve Covers – Ted Stewart reported that he has now installed a total of 32 covers. Any not
         yet done will have to wait for next spring as it is now too late in the season to build
      c) Insurance coverage re rental of community house – Jim Watson reported that, despite
         several requests, the insurance broker has not yet responded to the question as to whether
         we are covered for rental of the community house. The broker is awaiting a response from
         the underwriter.

5) Reports:
      a) President’s report:
         Ted Stewart extended a thank you on behalf of the community to the people who
         volunteered their time and effort on the community house project. Ted went on to urge
         owners that, if the have an issue which deals with persons or organizations outside the
         community, they first go through Council since that is why Council is there and is elected to
         represent all owners. The effect of going outside may very well undermine any efforts or
         ongoing dealings that Council has.

      b) Operations – Nelson Bastien reported that there were a lot of maintenance difficulties this
         last year, particularly with the sewage collection system. The electrical upgrade in the
         Collection Building is now completed. The well is going to need some work this upcoming
         year to deal with blockage of the infiltration system. Brad Sills enquired whether is was
         going to be necessary to dig up the well infiltration gallery to deal with the problem. Nelson
         responded that the plan is to flush the system and that he and Jim McKerr will work this

      c) Wildland Interface – Dave Shefley passed out a water conservation tips document to
         owners present. Dave reported that patrols were conducted again this year. Dave
         announced that the week of May 9th is scheduled for vegetation control work to be done in
         the community. Ethan Askey stated that he is concerned about possible introduction of an
         invasive plant – the Japanese Knotweed, and requested we be particularly careful with
         bringing in dirt through Kiewit in case this plant is accidentally introduced to the area. Brad
         Sills pointed out that the problems we are having with water conservation are exasperated
         by the number of illegal suites in the community and this problem should be addressed.

      d) Common Land/Lake Committee – Ted Stewart reported that he had received a complaint
         that the lake level is too high at this time of year and causes some flooding along some
         properties. Ted stated that the plan is to reduce the lake level in late September and keep it
         lower throughout the winter – this can be done simply be adjusting the dam.

      e) Cable TV system –Brian Van Straaten reported that quite a lot of work has been done
         recently on the cable system. The signal has been improved, several new channels have
         been added and we have switched to Star Choice as our provider rather than Shaw Satellite.
         Utilizing Star Choice has the advantages of (a) not requiring us to buy the receivers and (b)
         we do not need separate contracts with each channel provider. On the other hand, we are
         paying slightly more but also have the option of adding more channels. In order to respond
         to requests for additional, specific channels, Brian proposed that we expand the “packages”
         available by increasing the monthly fee for subscribers from $30/mth to $35/mth. If we
         were to purchase this line-up on an individual basis, the monthly cost would be
         approximately $80/mth. Bruce McAlpine enquired, since the cable fund has $28-30,000 in
         it, is it necessary to increase the fee? Brian responded that we have spent approximately
         $13,000 recently in making the improvements and we need to build up the fund to deal
         with future requirements. Dave Shefley added that we will need this “war chest” to deal
         with issues such as digital signal, etc.

          Motion – Bruce McAlpine moved that the monthly cable TV charge be increased to $35
          per month
          Seconded – Dave Shefley
          Carried unanimously
          Ed Jones pointed out that a lot of volunteer effort has gone into the TV system and thanked
          the committee.
          Brian Van Straaten added that the committee had looked into the issue of introducing a
          cable line-up channel but the cost was prohibitive and reminded everyone that they can
          look up the TV line-up on

      f) Finance – Bruce McAlpine/Jim Watson
         Motion – Bruce McAlpine moved that the operating budget, as included in the AGM mail
         out be approved with the amended increase in the cable fees.
         Seconded – Ed Jones
         Discussion – Jim Watson gave a brief overview of some of the key elements of the budget
         and invited questions. The strata fees are increased from $175/mth to $200/mth; this
         increase is primarily made necessary by the increased level of repairs and maintenance
         expenditures we are encountering. Other changes in the budget are relatively minor.
         Brad Sills enquired how the extra $875/mth costs for the new contractor arrangement are
         reflected in the budget. Jim responded that this change occurred subsequent to the
         development and was therefore not reflected in the plan, however, it is anticipated that
         these costs will be absorbed by savings in the maintenance line item accounts through less
         reactive spending. Nelson Bastien pointed out that the hiring of Corewater represents the
         introduction of a qualified sewer/water person who can get our maintenance spending
         under control. Ted Stewart pointed out that this change relieves us of the controversy about
         whether the caretaker was an employee or a contractor. Brad Sills made the point that only
         employees of the contractor should be living in the Black Tusk residence. Linda Boronowski
         asked about contacting the Contractor and where he will reside. Jim Watson responded that
         the universal number for Pinecrest and Black Tusk residents to contact the Contractor is
         604-388-8022 and that Jim McKerr will live in the Pinecrest residence and Peter Aucoin in
         the Black Tusk residence. Ted Stewart encouraged owners to make their general enquiries
         through the Contractor Liaison, Paulo Lopes, and emergency enquiries only should go
         directly to Jim McKerr.
         Motion voted on – all in favour
      Contingency Plan – Jim Watson also presented the 5 year contingency plan to the owners. No
      capital spending requests were made for this budget

6) Resolution requiring ¾ approval:
      a) Proposed bylaw addition – 19.1
         Motion – Dave Shefley moved the following proposed bylaw addition:
             Be it resolved that Bylaw 19, Water Restrictions, be added as follows:
             “19.1 - If, in the opinion of Council, it becomes necessary to restrict water use due to a
             pending deficiency of water, Council may impose water restrictions limiting the use of
             water. Owners who fail to comply with these restrictions may be fined $50 per
         Seconded – Nelson Bastien
         Discussion – Janet McClatchy pointed out the difficulty in compliance with automated
         sprinkler systems. Nelson Bastien responded that, when we are under restrictions it is very
         hard to justify sprinklers water lawns and gardens when others cannot. Liz Askey
         questioned the need for a fine to be associated with the bylaw. Doug McDonald stated that
          you cannot have a bylaw without a repercussion for those who fail to comply. Ted Stewart
          suggested that those with automated sprinklers could arrange with their neighbours to
          mange it in their absence. With regard to the fine, Bruce McAlpine pointed out that the
          wording says “may” not “shall” and therefore Council would only fine in the case of blatant
          refusal to comply.
          Motion voted on – all in favour

7) Other Business
      a) Entranceway – Liz Askey, on behalf of the Taylor’s, requested that a committee be struck to
         develop a long term plan for the beautification of the entranceway. Lorna Van Straaten
         pointed out that this would fit into the mandate for the Common Land Committee. Ted
         Stewart, as chair of the Common Land committee agreed and invited interested people to
         contact him to arrange for a meeting to address this issue.
      b) Volunteerism – Brad Sills suggested that we honour volunteerism in the community and
         proposed gifts as a method of doing so. Ted Stewart added that a function to recognize
         these people would be another option. Grant Cousar added his suggestions as well and
         proposed a point system. Dave Shefley proposed a focus group be struck to come up with
         ideas to propose to Council
         Motion – Dave Shefley moved that a committee be created at the appointment of the chair
         to develop ideas to encourage and recognize volunteerism.
         Seconded – Nelson Bastien

8) Adjournment
   The meeting was adjourned at 11:30


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