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      1.1.   Innovation, design and sustainability
      1.2.   Applications and product range
      1.3.   Technical features: research and development


      2.1.   Manufacturing systems
      2.2.   New concepts of architecture: “Cradle to Cradle” and LEED


      3.1.   Care for the environment
      3.2.   Policies and actions supporting sustainability and environmental

               Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group
1. ECO BY COSENTINO®,                 A   NEW      MATERIAL    FOR       ARCHITECTURE      AND

 ECO by Cosentino® is a new and ground-breaking surface for modern architecture and
   decoration composed of 75% recycled materials (i.e. porcelain, glass, mirrors, glazed
                                          ashes, etc.)
       The ECO by Cosentino® launch sets an unprecedented standard for sustainable
         construction and design creating a new type of brand: “Recycled surfaces”

1.1.       Innovation, design and sustainability

ECO by Cosentino® is the latest surface for architecture and decoration created from a
challenging research and development project conducted by the Spanish multinational
company Cosentino, in which innovative colors, amazing finishes and high-quality physical-
mechanical properties have been achieved.

Cosentino Research and Development (R&D) Department, aware of the importance of
constant innovation along with customers’ new requirements and concerns, have
succeeded in creating a decorative surface of the highest-quality design, properties and
performance, which at the same time is a real example of sustainability and an eco-friendly

The main and distinguishing value of ECO by Cosentino® lies in both its composition and
manufacturing process. ECO is composed of 75% recycled materials among which we can
find porcelain, glass, mirrors and glazed ashes resulting from industrial furnace combustion.

Another achievement of this product is the recycled materials come from the waste
produced by the end consumer of a material stream (post-consumer) together with waste
materials and scraps of different industrial processes (post-industrial).

The remaining 25% is composed of scraps of natural stones and an organic resin, which is
partly vegetal. Consequently, the final product is an avant-garde material which uses natural
resources efficiently and rationally, becoming a real sustainable and eco-friendly product.

                         Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group
 With ECO by Cosentino®, the Spanish multinational company offers a state-of-the-art and
      versatile surface to users as well as interior design/decoration and architecture
  professionals. Its wide range of colors along with a commitment to the environment and
   sustainability aims at satisfying the current basic needs and concerns of our society.

Thanks to this new surface, Cosentino has shown that reusing recycled materials from
several origins is compatible with design and high-quality properties. ECO is available in up
to 10 different colors of varied shades and appearances in tune with the latest decoration
trends and tastes from all over the world.

The process of innovation undertaken by Cosentino reuses products whose useful life is
over as they cannot be included in any other type of product or industrial processes. By
doing this, the Spanish multinational company has reached the highest global status
regarding the application of concepts such as “Cradle to Cradle” in the construction and
decoration sectors, which is already, and will continue to be, crucial to the future of

For all these reasons, ECO by Cosentino® sets an unprecedented standard in sustainable
green building, which goes beyond the current rules and regulations and invents a new type
of brand within the worldwide stone industry: “Recycled Surfaces”.

Developed by Cosentino R&D Department, ECO® joins design, high-quality performances
and physical-mechanical properties together with sustainability and care for the
environment. This research and development project, currently underway, has been
endowed with financial support by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development

                       Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group
1.2.       Applications and product range

ECO by Cosentino® surfaces are designed to be used for the most practical and useful
kitchen worktop to the most innovative and attractive commercial project. It can be applied
to all building types, commercial as well as residential whilst also being a sustainable

ECO by Cosentino® possibilities of application are as follows:

       • Kitchen worktops

       • Bathroom countertops

       • Pavements

       • Wall coatings

       • Other applications: Large-sized

ECO is available in a wide range of colors aimed at living up to interior designers and
architects’ expectations and preferences. With this objective in mind and depending on the
different recycled components of each surface, the range of colors is as follows:

                            White Diamond                      Riverbed

                         Stunning, intense and bright colors producing a unique
                                           decorative effect.

                                Terra                           Iron Ore

                     Colors of average-sized grain with intense shades and full of
                            personality where glazed ashes are prominent

                            Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group
              Polar Cap                         Crystal Ash                         Star Light

    Almost plain colors of transparent shades allowing a greater variety of applications

                Luna                           Crystal Sand                        Black Forest

     Colors of thick-sized grain with intense shades full of personality, which make it ideal for kitchen
         and bathroom countertops. Black Forest outstands with a glamorous black background.

The ECO color range is available in large-sized slabs of 327 x 159 cm. with 1.2; 2 and 3 cm
thickness and also in several standard measures for coatings (30 x 30 cm; 45 x 45 cm. and
60 x 60 cm.). Likewise, ECO can be found in a Polished finish which endows surfaces with
extraordinary gloss and appearance. In any case and with the purpose of satisfying the
most demanding requirements of designs and trends, all those colors can also be found in
the unique mat Leather finish, which has been added to ECO catalog.

On the other hand and according to this innovative spirit developed by Cosentino, every
material and tool involved in ECO production is environmentally-friendly, maximizing natural
resources. In this way, the amount of paper used in the slabs’ manufacturing processes is
reduced and instead, recycled cardboard packaging is used to create the ECO collection. In
addition to this, eco-friendly paper and criteria will be used and followed for the promotional
and POP material of the product.

Lastly but not least, the product labeling will be made in accordance with the government
guidelines on eco-friendly and recycled products.

                          Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group
1.3.    Technical features: Research and Development

ECO by Cosentino® has utterly changed the building sector as it is a sheer new surface
which reflects how we can carry on innovating in decoration and construction materials.

Underpinned by the well-known warranty of Cosentino materials, ECO surfaces have been
created after a long Research and Development process. Not only has a reliable material
been invented composed of 75% recycled and reused materials, but also high-quality
physical-mechanical properties have been achieved. This innovative technological process
carried out for ECO by Cosentino® production is pending to be awarded its relevant patent.

ECO is highly resistant to bend, which makes it easier and more flexible to work with. It also
is a low-porosity surface, which means it has a low rate of liquid absorption and eventually,
the manufacturing process ends in a compact and hard surface which is highly resistant to
impacts and scratches.

In addition to this, the research work undertaken by Cosentino is shown in its own
manufacturing processes which comply with strict environmental criteria. The said
processes range from the selected previous micronization treatments, cleaning and
categorization of reused components to an almost complete recovery of the water used
during ECO manufacturing process along with the reduced percentage of polluted particles
sent out to the atmosphere.

In the same way, ECO also incorporates scraps of natural stones from quarries. Another
revolutionary and pioneering component is an organic resin composed of 22% corn oil.

Therefore, we are dealing with a clean, efficient and environmentally-friendly manufacturing
process, which uses natural and energetic resources. The milestone of this invention has
been to face the challenge of reusing high-quality waste materials whose lifecycle was over
in pursuit of a product with the highest level of performance, design and color.

                       Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group

  2.1    Manufacturing process

  The entire production of ECO by Cosentino® is carried out in Cosentino Group industrial
  park located in Cantoria (Almería). The Spanish company has developed revolutionary and
  new technologies in the stone industry for every stage of the process in addition to being
  entirely respectful towards the environment.

  ECO manufacturing process begins with collecting raw materials coming from an industrial
  level (post-industrial) and private consumers (post-consumer), whose useful lifecycle has
  reached an end.

        The 75% of recycled materials included in ECO composition is as follows:
            •   Mirrors from dwellings, buildings and factories
            •   Glass from windows, cans and bottles which have already been used.
            •   Porcelain from slabs, sinks, toilets and decorative pieces
            •   Stoneware porcelain from tile scraps
            •   Glazed ashes resulted from industrial furnace combustion

  All these materials are provided by independent organizations from all over Europe, which
  are specialized in waste management. Under Cosentino exhaustive supervision, the
  materials are subject to a comprehensive cleaning procedure where glue, silicon or any
  other hazardous substance are removed and thrown away. Once recycled materials are
  ready, they classify and store them in silos in order to begin the manufacturing process.

        Furthermore, ground-breaking technologies of reusing, recycling and the treatment
        of eco-friendly products, are applied to the remaining 25% which is made up of:
            •   Stone scraps from quarries and different manufacturing processes
            •   The use of a unique organic resin which is 22 % corn oil.

                         Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group
ECO raw materials, coming from both recycled and non-recycled origins, once they have
been treated and classified, are poured in a mixer of five colors and blended with
Cosentino’s organic resin. This novel resin is the fruit of a research and development
project conducted by the Spanish company and has become pioneering in the whole stone

Next, once the resin and materials have been crushed, the mixture is poured onto a
conveyor belt and compressed through sophisticated vibrocompression machinery. Thanks
to this technology, the mixture is put under extremely high pressure (over 1,300 kg. per
cm ), removing all the air bags of loose particles and producing a compact and thick slab.

Afterwards, the slab is treated in an industrial furnace for two hours. Once we have taken it
out, we will leave it to cool for two days so as to avoid potential damage. Finally, the slab is
gauged and polished with a diamond sheet to make it shiny.

The ECO technological process developed by Cosentino is pending to be awarded its
relevant patent at the moment.

This environmentally-friendly policy does not only affect materials but also the whole ECO
manufacturing process. Cosentino has conducted research schemes which have brought
about real eco-friendly practices, among which we will highlight:

       •   Reduction of the emissions sent out to the environment during each stage of the
           manufacturing process.
       •   99% filtering of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
       •   Reduction of water to a minimum, from which 94% is recycled.
       •   Non use of cleaning solvents on the machinery after the combustion furnace
       •   Catalysis of all waste processes.
       •   Use of advanced filtering systems.

                         Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group
2.2 New concepts of architecture: “Cradle to Cradle” and LEED

ECO by Cosentino® has included in its production one of the most relevant innovations in
the stone industry over the last few years. This is because it constitutes a global pioneering
example of how to apply concepts such as “Cradle to Cradle” concerning decoration and
construction materials, which will be a cornerstone in the future of architecture.

By using recycled materials, Cosentino recovers products that have finished their useful
lifecycle offering high-quality design and performance. These products cannot be reused in
any other industrial process and will otherwise be collected in landfills.

According to Cosentino R&D Department, 3,000 glass bottles are equal to approximately a
ton of raw material. ECO production is expected to reuse the equivalent of 65 million of
                                                                                     2      2
bottles per year. In the same way, ECO will use the equivalent of 2 million 1 m (10.5 ft )
                                              2            2
bathroom mirrors as well as over 50, 000 m (583,195 ft ) of ceramic tile. Lastly, one year of
                                        2         2
ECO production means to reuse a 1m (10.5 ft ) base tower with a height of 530 m. (1738.8
ft approx.) filled with glazed ashes.

The objective is to avoid packed landfills by reusing this great amount of materials and thus,
reduce the need of searching new resources and raw materials.

ECO by Cosentino® durability is almost the same as the highest rate of quartz surfaces and
exceeds that of traditional materials such as granite and marble. It is highly resistant to
stains, scratches and heat without damaging or causing impacts to the environment. ECO is
the ideal product for the current environmental concerns of final consumers as well as
decoration and architecture professionals, who are looking for functionality and
sustainability without putting design and performance aside.

It is precisely in the professional field where ECO becomes a real example of a material to
be used in the new sustainable architecture. Certifications such as “Cradle to Cradle” and
LEED are of great importance in the building sector of Anglo-Saxon countries and will
shape preferences in the construction and decoration of commercial and residential

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) is a new approach of an environmentally-intelligent design focused
on analyzing and categorizing the whole product or material’s lifecycle from the moment it is
produced to the end of its lifecycle. Its goal is to promote the use and production of
environmentally safe and healthy materials which are 100% recyclable and thus, to find
                        Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group
revolutionary industrial methods and analyze all the raw materials used in manufacturing
processes. Several products have been granted “Cradle to Cradle” (C2C) certification as
their manufacturing process complies with these values.

C2C certification aims at supporting a new industrial revolution, which leads to creating a
building industry where every material has to be reused, either the product goes back to
land as a “biological nutrient” or to industry as a “technical nutrient” and in this way, it can
be recycled again and again. Besides, this new trend distinguishes between “upcycling”,
meaning the recycling process created more valuable material and “downcycling”, which
means a loss of quality.

The aim is to remodel the architecture and building industry through the balance of natural
ecosystems. ECO by Cosentino® is a pioneering example of decoration and construction
materials in the industry of natural stones as 75% of it comes from recycled materials and
on the other hand, the own material scraps as well as the surfaces which have reached the
end of their lifecycle can be reused to continue producing ECO. This is why ECO has
already been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Silver Certificate.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) follows a similar policy. It
consists in a U.S. green building rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building
Council (USGBC), which other countries have started implementing too.

LEED provides building owners and operators with a concise framework for identifying and
implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and
maintenance solutions, which are universally accepted. Additionally, the LEED system
offers a differential market advantage since building and architectural projects conceived
under this system are automatically awarded with LEEP points. This rating system
measures five key areas: sustainable sites; water efficiency; energy and atmosphere;
materials and resources and finally, indoor environmental quality.

Due to ECO production and composition features and because of its GREENGUARD
certification, its architects and surveyors are awarded with LEED points more easily.

GREENGUARD certification awarded by the Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI)
focuses on the Indoor Air Quality and certifies that construction and furniture materials as
well as finishing systems release low emissions of chemical substances to the air. Every
product, like ECO by Cosentino®, has to go through tests of chemical substances
emissions. The said tests mainly pay attention to the volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
emissions (formaldehyde, styrene and aldehyde).

                       Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group
  Furthermore, with GREENGUARD certification, ECO helps designers and building
  professionals through a low emission product which offers improved indoor air quality
  without putting design and performance aside.


   3.1.   Care for the environment

  Cosentino growth is closely tied to principles of environmental respect, prevention
   and supervision in every manufacturing process it carries out, from the extraction
          and transformation to distribution. By doing this, it invests in the best
   environmental technologies of the market so as to implement enhanced systems
                                committed to the environment.

   Over the last few years, Cosentino has developed sustainable policies becoming a
   worldwide reference in the natural stone industry. On the same line, we should highlight the
   opening of international facilities, its constant improvement and enlargement projects
   undertaken in its Industrial Park located in Almería (Spain) and the incorporation of new
   production lines or innovative development schemes in its wide range of brands and

   All these investments would not have been realized if we had not first established
   consolidated directives on environment respect, protection and supervision in every
   industrial process Cosentino is involved in from the extraction of raw materials to the
   distribution of the final product.

   From its origins, the company has devised actions and measures targeted at improving the
   environmental variables that may cause a more direct impact, investing in the most
   advanced technologies and working in accordance with its commitment to the environment.
   The objective is to develop the best practices concerning eco-friendly systems to be
   applied in production processes which are carried out every day.

   With this objective in mind, the Company has not hesitated to reinvest a significant
   percentage of its turnover to set in motion pioneering and ground-breaking practices within
   the natural stone industry. All this makes Cosentino one of the most aware multinational

                           Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group
Spanish companies of the care for the environment and the production of novel eco-
friendly products such as ECO.

3.2.       Policies and actions supporting sustainability and environmental prevention

Cosentino is currently one of the top international companies regarding investments in
policies and actions aimed at enhancing sustainability and environmental protection.
Among many other actions we will enumerate the following:

       •    Collection, storage, transports and crushed mixing systems with dust collectors, vacuum
           cleaning and bag filters.

       •    Tools to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) through Thermal Oxidation.

       •   Water Treatment plants of Manufacturing Processes.

       •   Quarry restoration.

       •   Clean manufacturing processes.

For Cosentino, the search of sustainability is always a challenge. The aforementioned
actions are not directed at a goal, but they constitute a permanent investment in order to
reach the level of environmental, social and financial welfare which the company wishes to

Environmental challenges bring an opportunity to consolidate the company leadership and
from this position, Cosentino will continue implementing and developing the most
innovative management systems and environmental actions.

To achieve these goals, the company has created a technological observatory to find and
take in emergent technologies that can be implemented in the stone industry coming from
any source, either universities, customers or suppliers, specialized forums and especially,
its own employees.

As for their employees, Cosentino has created a method which awards the best initiatives
put forward by its employees so as to improve the social scope and work atmosphere.

All these initiatives pursue the same and clear goal: to be more environmentally respectful
to our society and surroundings every day.

                           Eco by Cosentino® Press Kit – Cosentino Group

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