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 We would like to introduce the newest member to our group.
  Dr. Anna Schliessmann
  Bio to follow.


 Equine Strangles: Due to recent local outbreaks of “strangles,” we are recommending early
 vaccination for all horses that are potentially coming in contact with other horses (shows, trail
 rides, clinics, events, fairs, etc.). Strangles is a bacterial upper respiratory infection caused by
 Streptococcus equi. It is highly contagious and can be spread by both direct contact with
 infected horses and indirect contact with contaminated tack items, brushes, barn equipment
 and clothing of people who come in contact with these horses. Keep in mind that no vaccine
 offers 100% protection so backyard bio-security is your best defense – quarantine all new or
 traveled arrivals for three weeks and limit contact by human spread (handling, tack, stable
 equipment). The vaccination is a modified live bacteria given up the nose and is best given at
 a separate time from the other injectible vaccinations so as not to cause complications like
 abscesses at the sites of the other inoculations.

 We recommend three visits for our equine clients. First, we are recommending the Strangles
 vaccine. The second visit would include Rabies, Flu/Rhino, and an updated Coggins test. The
 third visit is for the EWT/West Nile Combo, and Potomac Horse Fever. As a courtesy to our
 clients, there will be no house call charge for barns vaccinating more than 10 horses at one
 time. Please consult with us for specifics for your health care program as your horse’s
 inoculation needs will vary with your intended use this summer. We also offer equine dental
 services by means of a PowerFloat or a standard float, if desired. We offer fecal exams,
 worming program and nutritional counseling.

 Remember, you can now haul-in for $15 for among other things, vaccinations and Coggins.

 Sheep, Goats, Llamas and Alpaca:

We recommend annual vaccinations for Rabies, CD&T, worming and BoSe (vitamin E and
selenium). We offer surgical castrations, dehorning, tail-docking, dental services and hoof
trimming for ruminants as well. Current recommendations for alpaca and llamas include
EWT/West Nile vaccinations. This would be done in a series of two shots this year followed by
an annual booster. There is evidence that parasites are becoming resistant to the wormers that
are available so ask us about strategies to help protect your flocks and herds.
In accordance with recommendations of the AVMA disaster preparedness planning, we are
recommending that all 4-legged animals be identified with ear tags (sheep, goats, cattle) or
microchips (horses, llamas, alpacas, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs and cats). We will provide the
Home Again Chips for you. If you would like your animals ear-tagged, please let us know.
All sheep and goats over the age of 18 months that are sold must be ear-tagged or micro-
chipped in Massachusetts now.

Please use the following VETcode NEZS39 when ordering your supplements from
Smartpak. This allows us to keep track of the supplements your horse is receiving.

Platinum Performance:
 We have partnered with Platinum Performance to offer you a line of excellent nutraceutical
products. If you order, please use our veterinary practice name to enable us to keep track of
what your animals are receiving.

Email List:
If you would like to receive email alerts or timely news briefs, please subscribe to our email
list through our website under the Newsletter Section or email the office at

Our Clinic at Whit Acres Farm, 111 Circuit Street in Norwell, MA is up and running. We are
proud to offer haul-in capabilities for $15. We are offering on-site pre-purchase exams,
lameness evaluations, in-patient care, cooled and frozen semen inseminations, stallion
collection and minor day surgeries. We offer full service field radiography, endoscopy of the
upper airways, gastroscopy for gastric ulcers, cryosurgery, thermography and
ultrasonography. We offer lay-up recovery services, intravenous medication (Lyme treatment)
and intravenous fluid therapy. This is in addition to our ambulatory service with three full-
time veterinarians providing routine and emergency coverage.

We offer Digital Radiography both at the clinic and in the field. The benefits to you include
viewing radiographs on site (needs to be pre-arranged) and the ability for us to easily email
copies or burn them to a disk. The digital radiography offers several enhancements including
high resolution and zoom enabling better interpretation of radiographic studies.
 We are striving to provide the best quality medical care available in an ambulatory and haul-
in setting. Check our website periodically as we are always adding articles from time to time
We look forward to seeing you and your animals!
The Doctors and Staff of Black Pond Veterinary Service

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