Race and Ethnic Relations in the United States

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					                Race and Ethnic Relations in the United States
                   Sociology 215, section 010: Spring 2007

Time: 10:00 p.m. to 10:50 p.m. M, W, & F
Room: Quigley 208
Instructor: LaSheila Williams
Office: Faner Hall Room: 3425 Phone: 618-453-7622
Departmental Office Phone: 453-3384
Office Hours: M 11:30-3:00pm, W 11:30-2:30pm, and by appointment only
Email: lasheila@siu.edu

Course Learning Objectives:
This course examines the status of racial, ethnic, and cultural minority groups from
historical, economic, and political perspectives. It is designed to expand knowledge of
theory, research, and current events in regards to the relations of race, ethnicity, gender,
and class in the United States. It is the intent of this course to introduce key topics,
stimulate individual thought, and enhance the understanding of group interactions in
American society.

Upon completion of this course:
Students will be able to: (a) demonstrate an understanding of such concepts as
assimilation, pluralism, ascribed and achieved statuses, prejudice, and discrimination; (b)
display basic knowledge of historical, socioeconomic, and political demographics of the
U.S.; (c) demonstrate critical thinking about different theories and perspectives pertaining
to race, class, gender, and sexuality; and (d) apply sociological concepts to the analysis of
race and ethnicity to personal and/or family experience.

Required Textbook: Vincent, Parrillo N. 2006. Strangers to These Shores 8th Ed.
Course Format: Lectures, class discussions, and audio-visual media.

Classroom Rules:
Many sensitive issues may raise and different opinions will be expressed, I ask that
everyone respect each other. Students will respect, honor, and learn from diversity in the
classroom and on campus. All students are expected to exercise a level of lecture
etiquette. I will not allow any talking to fellow classmates during lecture or while
another classmate is addressing the class. In addition, cell phones are turned to be off
during lecture.

See the Student Handbook. Students are not allowed to copy or use someone else’s work
without giving them credit for it. If you have questions about how to properly cite
another’s work, please see me during office hours. Plagiarism will result in a failing
grade for this course.
Course Requirements and Grading:

Four exams (100 points each). Examinations will consist of multiple choice and
true/false questions, although I may include one or more essay/short answer questions or
any combination thereof. Examinations will contain materials from the required textbook,
lectures, discussions and/or materials presented by a guest speakers that may or may not
be covered in class. Makeup examinations will be given only if you are out of class
because of personal illness (accompanied by documentation from a physician), illness
and/or death of an immediate family member, or you have to be away on university
business accompanied by a official university letter. Makeup examinations must be taken
with in one week following the in-class examination. If the makeup examination in not
completed within one week, will receive a grade of “0” for that examination. There will
be no make-up examination for the final exam!!!

Movie Review Paper:
Students will be assigned one movie paper (4-5 pages) throughout the semester worth 50
pts. Handouts with questions concerning the movie and its sociological relevance will be
distributed before the showing the film. The title of the movies, as well as the date the
movie will be shown in class, are noted on the tentative schedule. The handout will serve
as a guide for writing the movie review paper.

Discussion/Questions Due:
Classroom discussions are open forms, comments should be respective and educationally
effective. Discussions are based on the discussion questions from the websites that is
listed on the syllabus, textbook, and class lectures. The discussions should reflect course
readings or expand on topics discussed in lecture. Read and come to class prepared. Each
student will submit a total of 10 discussion questions throughout the course (Discussion
Question Due Dates are indicated on the schedule). Students are required to submit 2
discussion questions worth 10pts (5pts each). One discussion question should reflect the
readings from the text. The second discussion question must come from lecture,
discussion, or information on the listed websites.

Attendance/ Quizzes:
Attendance will not be taken on a regular basis. However, the exams will cover material
presented in lecture and YOU are responsible for any missed announcements or
assignments made in class. To help insure that you will be in class, there will be an
occasional pop quiz at the beginning of class. The quiz will be based on the previous
night’s reading. There will be 5 quizzes given over the course of the semester. A total of
50 points will be allotted for quizzes. Each quiz is worth 10 points. If you miss the quiz
(i.e. late or absent) you receive a 0 for that particular quiz. If you miss class and are
excused for legitimate reasons (see exam guidelines).
Grading Scale:
                     A = 495 & above             Assignments (550 total points)
                     B = 494-440                 4 exams (100pts each)
                     C = 439-385                 1 Movie Review Paper (50 pts)
                     D = 384-330                 5 Quizzes (10pts each)
                     F = 329 and below           5 Discussion Questions (10pts each)

Week 1: January 15-19
      M - Holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday)
      W- Introduction
      F- Ch. 1: Sociological Perspectives & The Study of Minorities

Week 2: January 22-26
      M-Ch. 1: Minority Groups
      W- Ch. 2: Culture and Social Structure
      F-Ch 2: Ethnic Stratification

Week 3: January 28- February 2
      M- Ch 3: Prejudice and Discrimination
      W- Ch 3: Discrimination (Discussion Questions Due #1)
      F- Movie “Eye of the Strom” / Discussion

Week 4: February 5-9
      M-EXAM 1
      W-Ch 4: Dominant- Minority Relations (Discussion Questions Due #2)
      F- Ch 4: Dominate Group Response /Class Discussion
      Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
      Website: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/jimcrow/jimcrowguide.pdf

Week 5: February 12-16
      M- Ch. 5: Northern and Western Europeans
      W- Ch. 5: Northern and Western Europeans
      F-Ch. 5: Ch. 6: Southern, Central, and Eastern Europeans

Week 6: February 19.-23
      M- Ch. 6: Southern, Central, and Eastern Europeans
      W-Ch 6: Southern, Central, and Eastern Europeans
      F- EXAM 2

Week 7: February 26-March 2
      M- Video American History X
      W- Video American History X
      F- Video American History X / Discussion
Week 8: March 5-9
      M-Ch 7: Native Americans (Movie Review Paper Due)
      W-Ch 7: Native American Life Today
      F- Open

Week 9: March 12-16
      Spring Break

Week 10: March 19-23
      M- Ch. 13: Women as a Minority Group
      W- Ch. 13: Women as a Minority Group (Discussion Questions Due #3)
      F- Discussion

Week 11: March 26– 30
      M- Ch. 8: East and Southeast Asian Americans
      W- Ch. 8: East and Southeast Asian Americans (Discussion Questions Due #4)
      F- Discussion

Week 12: April 2-6
      M-EXAM 3
      W- Ch. 9: Other Asian and Middle Eastern Americans
      F- Ch. 9: Other Asian and Middle Eastern Americans

Week 13: April 9-13
      M- Ch. 10: Black Americans
      W- Ch. 11: Black Americans
      F- Class Discussion -Without Sanctuary (Discussion Questions Due #5)
      Website: http://withoutsanctuary.org/main.html

Week 14: April 16-19
      M-Ch. 11: Hispanic Americans
      W- Ch. 12: Hispanic Americans
Week 15: April 23- 27
      M- Ch. 12: Religious Minorities
      W- Ch. 12: Religious Minorities
      F- Video Crash
Week 16: April 30- May 4
      M-Video Crash
      W-Video/ Discussion
      F-Final exam Review

Final: Tuesday, May 8 7:50- 9:50 a.m. Quigley 208.
*Readings/ assignments may be modified based on the instructor’s discretion; notification will be given in
a timely manner. The instructor reserves the right to make changes/corrections to this schedule at any time.

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