World History II SYLLABUS by Hh6tb8


									       World History 2 SYLLABUS
Mrs. Barton

Welcome to World History 2! This course is designed to cover world history from
1500 to the present.

Tentative Calendar of Topics:
1st Quarter: World in 1500; Renaissance & Reformation; Age of Exploration

2nd Quarter: Absolutism, Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment; Revolutions and
Unifications, Industrial Revolution

3rd Quarter: 16th-18th Century Art and Culture; Imperialism; World War I;
Interwar Period & World War II

4th Quarter: Cold War, Independence Movements of 20th century, Modern World,
Review for SOL’s; Final Project

Required Materials:
 2” to 3” binder
 Composition notebook or small spiral notebook
 Pack of loose leaf paper
 Blue or Black pens
 #2 pencils
 Highlighter
 Text Book

Classroom Expectations: My goal is to make the classroom a safe and comfortable
learning environment where students feel good about participating and trying. To
achieve this goal, students will:
       1. Be in class and On Time
       2. Respect Each Other and Our School
       3. Be Prepared for Every Class

Make-Up Work: When you are absent it is your responsibility to obtain your work
from the make-up folder and complete it in a timely fashion. Lecture notes will be
available in a binder that students may use before or after class and during study
hall, as appropriate. Graded class work and homework must be completed within one
week of the last day of an absence.

Late Work: You are expected to turn all assignments in on time. Late work will be
accepted for a reduced grade until the unit exam. After the unit exam, work
appropriate to that unit will not be accepted.

Food & Drinks: Food and drinks are allowed in class on two conditions: 1) You must
clean up after yourself and 2) you cannot let it become a distraction.

Cell Phones & Electronic Devices: Cell phones & all electronic devices including
ipods must be turned off and stored out of sight. If I see it (or hear it), you will
receive one warning and be asked to turn off the device and put it away. After that
I will confiscate it without additional warning.

Bathroom/Water Breaks: Bathroom breaks will not be given 20 minutes after or
before the bell rings. One student at a time will be allowed to leave the classroom.
An excessive use of breaks will result in the loss/ decrease of privileges. Please do
not interrupt me to ask to leave the classroom.

Cheating & Plagiarism: Cheating & plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in
a zero for the assignment. See the attached spectrum for more information on
what is considered cheating.

Assessment: This course will include a variety of assessments, including class
participation, homework, in-class assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects. Grading
will be done on a point scale. The breakdown is as follows:

Homework assignments (10-20 points)

Journal Entries & Other Formative Assessments (10 points)

In Class Assignments (20-25 points)

Quizzes (25-50 points)

Tests and projects (50-100 points)

Extra Credit: Students will be given opportunities to improve assignment, test and
project grades for extra credit during each quarter. Students will have to prove to
the teacher that they are ready to re-take or improve the grade BEFORE
beginning. All extra credit must occur during the applicable quarter. For example,
during the 3rd quarter, you cannot try to improve a 1st quarter grade.

When You Need Extra Help: I am available before school for extra help. In
addition, I may be available during certain study halls and during my planning (2nd
block). My goal is for everyone to be successful in this course, so please contact
me when you need to.

I have read and reviewed this syllabus.

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I have reviewed this syllabus with my child.

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