Black sunflower oil by KhanMahbub


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									                                   Black oil
                                   sunflowers are
                                   sunflowers that
                                   grow to heights of
                                   6 feet or more Use
                                   the oil from the
                                   seeds of these
                                   cooking. Black
                                   seed is sold
                                   snacks and meal
                                   combinations. It is
simple to enjoy the flower grows and, during the
development of the seeds of these plants is amazing

Sunny area select the growth of black oil sunflower
seeds in your garden. In this factory, full-sun requires a
minimum of 6 hours a day.
Dig shovel your to a depth of one foot of the last frost in
the soil after use. Remove the debris, rocks, branches, and
other junk. Use your rake on the surface.
Pour about 2 inches of compost comb space. Work 1 ft
depth of soil, rake the surface again.
Use a shovel and dig one last Saturday then. Indent drag
shovel or sink is height of sunflower lines and. Process 6- 8
inches apart, and again parallel to the first line. Reach
soil peak formation of a mound of dirt, all rows in the
transfer Center.
Using your fingers or the branches are peak of the Hill is 1
inch at the top of deep hole, about 6 inches away interval.
Place the more smooth soil and sunflower seeds each
Cute splatters water then spray the entire line. It sprays
water too harsh if you can expose the seeds. Once a day
water keep the soil moist watering until seed
germination. If the weather is hot and dry more frequent
water then.
Species are bud from the ground after the trench is direct
water. Ditch water plant watering encourages root growth
is strengthening, downward auction.
As the interval of the sunflower plant about 18 inches, 5
inches high removes the least healthy seedlings.

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