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					 Celebrating Black History 365

                 A Salute to Black History

     Understanding Wisdom And FOREVER Appreciating The Past

                         Dr. Alice Tyler Milton
  ~ Associate Dean of Business and Information Technologies Division ~
             ~ Acting Director of the Small Business Center ~
       ~ College Webmaster/BlackBoard/Tegrity Administrator ~

Wisdom may be defined as a practical outlook to the problems of life. Wise men
and women of our past and present made many sacrifices and used their life
experiences to help strengthened our confidence and abilities in ourselves.
Their life experiences have always been placed into words to conform our
thoughts as we present ourselves to the future generation. Adhering and
understanding the words help us to progress with greater opportunities to
success. Words of wisdom have always had the capacity to motivate, expound,
and discipline the minds of listeners. Thurman Arnold stated “Unhappy is a
people that has run out of words to describe what is going on.”

Moreover, wisdom is a flourishing fountain of virtue, respect, self-assurance, and
self-respect. Cultural understanding helps to nourish and keep the vision alive—
no matter what generation. History has shown that the most successful leaders
are those who have learned to draw upon our heritage of thought and
experience. Booker T. Washington believed that the story of his life was a typical
American success story, and he redefined "success" to make it so. Because of
the many wonderful accomplishments of the past that made our present and
future brighter, we must NEVER forget the history of all African Americans of our
past--no matter their disposition--they are still part of the times gone by.

Below are links, quotes, photos, etc. (click for information) that will enrich your
knowledge of the past and present and the selfless contributions made by just a
FEW of the MANY great Black distinguished individuals that have had a great
impact on our culture, paved the way for others to follow in that particular
vocation, or contributions have taught us insights to beliefs, life, morals, etc. We
can never say good-bye to yesterday, for yesterday--our past, made it possible
for our present and future . . .

Know Your Historical Contributions -- SOME Influential
                     Ctrl + Click on the Mixture of Pictures to Learn More . . .
                  Obama Obama Obama Obama

"I'm asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real

   change in Washington . . . I'm asking you to believe in yours."

                          Register to Vote
              Who Is The Man Barack Obama And Where Did He Come From

                  Amazing: Obama Helped Stranded Stranger 20 Years Ago

                                          Hope And Vote

                                  Signed, Sealed, And Delivered

                     LET US REMEMBER WHY WE SHOULD VOTE!

                                 A View From The Mountaintop

                                         Obama - In Detail

                                   Robert Kennedy's Prediction

       18th annual Patricia Roberts Harris Lecture - Senator Edward Brooke III: HU Stream - 2007

Click Here for Memorial Program of Bernard Jeffery McCullough - "Bernie Mac"
               Click Here for Overview of Life

Other African Americans Gone But Not Forgotten (2003 - 2008)

                    Russell Williams II
        Won 2 Oscars. Another 2 wins & 3 nominations
The Blue Baby Syndrome - Vivien Thomas

            Black U. S. Marshals

                Robert Moore
  CEO/Executive Recruiter, Robert Moore Associates

        Jack and Christine Hadley

  Jack Hadley Black History Museum
     The National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses

First Two Black NFL Coaches To Compete At The Super Bowl

                  Lovie Smith - Chicago Bears

                Tony Dungy - Indianapolis Colts
                  Winner of 2007 Super Bowl

                          Read Story
                     Ruben Studdard


                     Jennifer Hudson

A Salute to Coretta Scott King - A Virtuous Woman

         A Salute to Martin Luther King
     Martin and Coretta King's First Grandchild
         Yolanda Renee King - Born May 25, 2008
                       Article I
                       Article II

            A Salute To Black Gospel

Black Entertainers - A Tribute to Past and Present

             A Salute to Ray Charles

                A Salute to the First Black Nurses

          Inventors of Yesterday - A Salute of HBCUs
                      The United Negro College Fund

           Milestones in African American Education

                 Iron Hill School - One Room School

                    African American First . . .

          The HBCUs in the United States - Web Sites
African American Greek Organizations



                       Tavis Smiley Talks

The Association for the Study of African American Life and History

                     African American News

                African American Students News
                  African American Magazines - Ebony and Jet

                     African American Magazine - Essence

  The Murder of Emmitt Louis Till - Place: Money, Mississippi

               Link 1    Link 2   Link 3    Link 4

                  The Greensboro Four -- Sit In

                         Little Rock Nine

The Murders of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner

            First Totally Black Owned Search Engine

The Sixteenth Street Bombing - Place: Birmingham, Alabama
   Willie Lynch Letter: The Making Of A Slave

Apollo Theater - Many Entertainers Were Discovered

        Points Theatre - Empowerment Through Edutainment
        - The famous historian, Arnold Toynbee, once commented,
        "When we classify mankind by color, the only primary race that
        has not made a creative contribution to any civilization is the
        Black race." For 15 years and 2,500 performances, "1001
        Inventions" has been an unusually funny antidote for this gross

            The Myths, The Facts, The Stereotypes--The Realities
                       Click On The Picture Below

          Martin Luther King's Six Principles of Nonviolence
                                 Principle One
             Nonviolence is a Way of Life for Courageous People
                                 Principle Two
                     The Beloved Community is the Goal
                                Principle Three
                 Attack Forces of Evil, Not Persons doing Evil
                                Principle Four
        Accept Suffering without Retaliation for the Sake of the Cause
                                 Principle Five
   Avoid Internal Violence of the Spirit as well as External Physical Violence
                                 Principle Six
                     The Universe is on the side of Justice

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 Quick Links
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                                         African American Web Connections
  The Internet African American
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     Civil Rights Movement                      CNN Black History
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Africa's Most Honored Scientist and
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 Atlantic Monthly--Black History Milestones in African-American Education
 Learning Network/Black History            African American Inventors
  Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites Civil Rights Institute - Birmingham Alabama
 Maya Angelou--Biography/Poems        African-Americans By The Number
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                                              League Schools, etc.
     African-American History
                                              Black History Hotlist
          Black History.Com                  Black History for Kids
            Black Sports            Medal of Honor for Extraordinary Heroism
               The Bi-Centennial of Haiti                  Haitian Revolution

                                             Famous Quotes . . .
          Famous Quotes ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will
not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Our nettlesome task is to discover how to organize our strength into compelling
A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.
If a man is called to be a streetsweeper, he should sweep streets even as
Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote
poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will
pause to say, here lived a great streetsweeper who did his job well.
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
There is nothing more dangerous than to build a society, with a large segment of
people in that society, who feel that they have no stake in it; who feel that they have
nothing to lose. People who have a stake in their society, protect that society, but
when they don't have it, they unconsciously want to destroy it.
Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is
impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is
immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his
understanding; it seeks to annihilate rather than to convert. Violence is immoral
because it thrives on hatred rather than love.
“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and
conscientious stupidity.”

                        Famous Quotes
I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless
midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can
never become reality. I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have
the final word.
                                                       DR. CHARLES H.
                             MADAME C. J.              EPPS, JR. (Howard
SUSAN L. TAYLOR                                        University)
"In every crisis there is   WALKER -- "I had to
                                                       “I don’t consider
a message. Crises are       make my own living
                                                       myself brilliant, but I
nature's way of forcing     and my own
                                                       learned that I could
change--breaking            opportunity--Don't sit
                                                       work as hard as
down old structures,        down and wait for the
                                                       anybody to achieve
shaking loose negative      opportunities to come;
                                                       what I wanted to
habits so that              you have to get up and
                                                       achieve. I was willing
something new and           make them."
                                                       to go without the latest
better can take their                                  jacket, sneakers or
place."                                                whatever. It is more
                                                       important TO GET A

                            MUHAMMAD ALI               GEORGE
                            "Champions aren't          WASHINGTON
                            made in gyms.              CARVER
                            Champions are made         "How far you go in
                            from something they        life depends on your
                            have deep inside them-     being tender with the
COLIN POWELL                -a desire, a dream, a      young, compas-sionate
"There are no secrets       vision. They have to       with the aged,
to success: Don't           have last-minute           sympathetic with the
waste time looking for      stamina, they have to      striving, and tolerant
them. Success is the        be a little faster, they   of the weak and the
result of perfection,       have to have the skill,    strong. Because some
hard work, learning         and the will. But the      day in life you will
from failure, loyalty to    will must be stronger      have been all of
those for whom you          than the skill."           these."
work, and
                                                                                   Tavis Smiley

                                                          BOOKER T.
                              ALICE WALKER                WASHINGTON
                              "No person is your          "One cannot hold
                              friend who demands          another down in the
 "We must turn to each
                              your silence, or denies     ditch without staying
 other and NOT on
                              your right to grow."        down in the ditch with
 each other."

 "Excellence is the                                          More African
 name of the game no                                        American Quotes
                              A man can make what
 matter what color or
                              he wants of himself if
 what country you're
                              he truly believes that he
 from. If you are the
                              must be ready for hard
 best at what you're
                              work and many
 doing, then you have
 my admiration and

Famous Quotes ~ Tavis Smiley - "Remember the five "B's":

~ BE READY              When your opportunity comes.

                        You will never be a success trying to transcend who you
                        are. You have to embrace
                        yourself, including your Blackness.
~ BE SMART        Learn to think critically for yourself.

                  Your generation, in many respects has it all twisted, it
                  ain't about the ice and the bling-bling, it's about being a
~ BE A SERVANT    servant. Cornel West put it this way; you can't lead the
                  people if you don't love the people. And you can't save
                  the people if you don't serve the people.

~ BE HUMBLE       Because the toes you step on today may be connected to
                  the behind you have to kiss tomorrow."

African Americans
Entertainers . . .
Aaliyah                    Al Green                     Jeffrey Osborne
Ashford and Simpson        Fred Hammond                 Wilson Pickett
Yolanda Adams              Steve Harvey                 The Platters
Louis Armstrong            Isaac Hayes                  Leontyne Price
Pearl Bailey               Jimi Hendrix                 Lou Rawls
Anita Baker                Z. Z. Hill                   Otis Redding
Bar-Kays                   Billie Holliday              Minnie Ripperton
Be Be Winans               Lena Horne                   Marvin Sapp
Black Gospels              Cissy Houston                Shaq
Bobby Blue Bland           Whitney Houston              Sinbad
James Brown                The Isley Brothers           Smokey Robinson
Shirley Caesar             Mahalia Jackson              Micah Stampley
Kurt Carr                  Michael Jackson              The Staples Singers
Ray Charles                The Jackson 5                Johnny Taylor
Ce Ce Winans               Etta James                   KoKo Taylor
Chubby Checker             Alicia Keys                  Temptations
The Clark Sisters          Chaka Khan                   Carolyn Traylor
Cotton Club                B. B. King                   Chris Tucker
Natalie Cole               Gladys Knight                Tina Turner
                           Evelyn "Champagne"
Nat King Cole                                           Luther Vandross
Commodores                 Beyonce' Knowles             Sarah Vaughan
Sam Cooke                  Pattie LaBelle               Hezekiah Walker
Andrae Crouch              Queen Latifah                Dionne Warrick
Sammy Davis Jr.            Gerald Levert                Ethel Waters
Fats Domino                Left Eye Lopes               The Whispers
Earth, Wind, and Fire   Malaco Records     Barry White
                                           The Williams
Ebonys                  Hattie McDaniels
Duke Ellington          Mary Mary          Flip Wilson
Missy Elliott           Mo'Nique           Jackie Wilson
Aretha Franklin         Dorothy Moore      Vickie Winans
Kirk Franklin           Motown             Stevie Wonder
Marvin Gaye             Smokie Norful      Alfre Woodard
Larry Graham            The Ojays          Timothy Wright
                                           ETC . . .

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