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Allen, Ellen Pike

Anderson, Jane Travis* DOB 10-9-1944
801 Pecan Street, Bastrop, TX 78602; (512) 303-7922, (512) 297-3669;
Melissa (1965), Jessica 1980 I was always impressed how interested we were in the
space programs and how many parents were involved at the very beginning. I was
sorry to leave Huntsville before my senior year so did not graduate with the rest of
the class, but my heart never left Huntsville. I received a BA from the University of
Texas at Austin in anthropology but soon realized that I needed something more
practical. Although I liked math and science, UT took all of my French and Russian
credits and rolled them over into English and gave me a teaching certificate in
English. I ended up teaching high school English, speech and journalism at Bastrop
High School for 27 years plus. I had a good time. Now I take care of my dad (94) and
grandchildren. I remember the junior senior program banquet. It seems that 4 or 5
of us danced the hula on the tables. I believe that Adele Archer was one of the other
Archer, Adele Kathleen Patrick
594 Grand St, Vermillion, Oh 44089

Baker, Virginia Sue (Susie) Adams* DOB 2-16-1945
11316 Birch Springs Dr, Knoxville, TN 37932-3101
(865) 966-3600, (865) 384-6040,
Erika (1976) I am retired after working in a primary school for over 20 years. Now am
concentrating on finishing ufo's (Quilting, counted cross stitch, embroidery, dining
room painting and outside landscape).I intend to write down my memories for my
daughter and have a couple of ideas for children's books that need to be jotted down.
Tom is still working. He is a PE and has moved his office to our home.
We both volunteer for the Inited States Pony Club and have for many years. We also
volunteer for local horse trails and are sponsors of White Oak Pony Club.
Tom maintains the fencing and vehicles for our daughter's horse farm. I help with
that too. The zero turn and I are good friends. I am looking forward to learning how to
naviage the new tractor, it has to be easier than the electronic sewing machine.
Erika is a professional equestrian. She events and trains humans and horses. She
graduated from UT and became a working student for two Olympic equestrians. After
training under another world class Eventer, she returned to Knoxville to begin her
own business. Erika has only furry children (About 6 horses, 2 cats and 1 dog).

Balch, Jane Diehl Smith* DOB 1-3-1944
918 Cherokee Rd, Charlotte, NC 28207-2242
(704) 333-5707, (704) 641-1944,
Gib III (1967); Michael (1970); Jackson (1973)
1200 Ridgewood Avenue, Ames, IA 50010-5208

Benson, Larry 6318 Trail Wood, Huntsville, AL 35811-8442 (256) 337-1160

Benson, Edward B.
3013 Thurman Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35805-4418; (256) 534-2801

Berisford, Edward

Berryhill, David* DOB 9-23-1944
1243 Edenfield Place, Acworth, GA 30101 404-245-0232 Spouse Pat; Church
Business Administrator for 37 years. Traded my basketball for a golf ball. I am still
trying to put the ball in the hoop. I have one daughter and son-in-law, Anna &
Jarneson Kinley. I also have one granddaughter, Ellison Laine Kinley
Biggs, Jerry William DOB 1-5-1944
4341 Thomas Dr., Box D-15, Panama City Beach, Fl 32408, (850) 625-9101
Jerry (1963), Terry (1965), Pat (1967), Angela (1974), Ashley (1981)

Blackard, Dottie Pearce-Ryan DOB 2-9-1944; 7609 Calcutta Run, Jonestown, TX. 78645;
(512) 632-0608; Retired Teacher; After high school, graduated from Auburn BS 1965,
Master’s l969. Moved to Tx and taught school in Round Rock, Cy-Fair, Plano ISD.
Retired and got a Master’s in counseling. Have lived in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Tx
areas. I’ve been traveling Rome, Paris, Vienna, London, Munich, Hawaii and US.
Living outside Austin near Lake Travis near grandkids now. Remember lots of fun on
our senior trip. Children Dana (1968), Carl (l969), Scott (l972); Grandchildren
Sophia, Sean, Alex, Gabe

Blankenship, David Brown* DOB 4-20-1944
1208 Deborah Dr SE, Huntsville, AL 35801-1413
 (256) 881-6081, Spouse - Jane; Retired; BS in business from U
of Al; JD from U of Al; Military Service - USMC 1968-1971; practiced law in Huntsville 1971-
2008; John David, born 1970; Laura Blankenship ,born 1983

Boles, Gloria Barich DOB 9-22-1944
4227 Guilder St, Sarasota, FL 34234-4931
(941) 306-6660, David born 1962 deceased 2001; Chris born
1966; Dana born 1964; Will born 1977 Oh boy..let's see. I returned to Fl. from
Atlanta in 1989, deciding all travelling was over. I gave up on marriage in 1987 (what
a smart move that was). When my two youngest ended up in Gainesville, I needed to
find a career and luckily Delta needed another flight attendant! (So much for not
travelling anymore). LOVED my job and would still be there had I not contracted the
beginning stages of COPD (the years a-go smoking and breathing recycled air the
culprits). Now I live with the love of my life-Scarlett, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel.
My daughter lives 20 miles down the road, talk to Paula Gattis almost every day ( and
yes, I know how a lot of you are doing!) Come on down! Visit the No. 1 beach (Siesta
Key) in the U.S.! we were juniors Paula Gattis was spending the night with me and we
double dated. The boys shall remain anonymous mainly because she can't remember
who her date was. We stopped by my house to change for the breakfasts and as we
pulled up in the drive, it was painfully (at least for me) obvious that my yard had
been TP'd. I jumped out of the car and left half my formal on my way to the front door
as the skirt had caught on the car's front bumper. yard was TP'd a lot.

Bolin, John William (Bill) Bolin* DOB 1-15-1944
2305 Victoria Crossing Lane, Midlothian, VA 23113,
Worked for Dominion Resources for 38 years as Manager of Environmental Biology
and Chemistry. Retired in 2010. We did environmental surveys for 13 power
stations in 8 states as well as other environmentally related issues eg protection of
bald eagles. Served as Chair of several national committees and won Presidential
Award for Environmental Excellence from President Clinton as well as appointed by
Governor of Virginia to be a special industry representative on 3 environmental task
forces. Because of my work with bald eagles and the award from Clinton, I was
featured in 2 TV commercials for Dominion as well as numerous print ads. I have
also continued to do watercolors as sideline and was featured in Southern Living,
Virginia Wildlife and Mississippi Living. I have 2 great daughters Mary Bess Bolin
(1974), Fran Bolin Absher (1976) and 3 wonderful grandchildren.

Booker, Ernest L. Jr
3830 Fairfax Dr, Chattanooga, TN 37415-3608

Braden, Deana Lou Braden*
9010 Berclair Road SW, Huntsville, AL 35802, (256) 882-6596,

Bragg , Lida Christian*
6216 Whitesburg Drive, Huntsville, AL 35802
(256) 883-1291;;

Bright, Ronnie
2019 Wrenwood Dr., Huntsville, Al 35803; (256) 883-8227

Brockman, Leonard
4521 Panorama Drive, Huntsville, AL 35801; (256) 534-3090

Brown, Linda (Cheryl) Storrs*
8317 Whitesburg Way, Huntsville, AL 35802 (256) 270-7650

Bruce, Sara Louise Hall DOB 2-14-1944
4702 Pineridge Circle SE, Decatur, AL 35603
(256) 350-3342 and (256) 260-3528
Buck, Theodarit (Don) McDonald, Jr.* 103 White Court, Greenville, SC 29615-5813;
 Spouse Martha Jo

Buckner, James (Jimmy) Robert* DOB 10-17-1944
9330 Royal Mountain Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37421
(423)313-5119,; Married 1965; graduated from UT 1966;
graduated from Law School l969; Military Service - Army l969-l973; Retired 2003;
Own McAlisters Deli Chattanooga. A.K. (1978) Chattanooga, Carrie Lynn (1980) Los
Angeles, Jeff (1985) Chattanooga

Buffington, David* DOB 12-15-1944
620 Sea Island Rd, Bx 162, St Simons Island, GA,31522-1767 Retired/Retarded
(912) 571-7731,,
I think I have a more favorable view of my high school years than most people, even
though I was at least as much ruled by adolescent longings and pains as anyone. I
have favorite school stories & what I regard as "funny" memories, but I'll have to wait
until the 75th to tell them, in order to protect the guilty. I went to 4 colleges,
majoring in alcohol, was drafted spent 320 fun-filled days in Vietnam as a glorified
bank clerk, graduated scl from Troy State in l969, began grad school, switched to law
school (UGA), grad. 1973. Worked a year in mountains for GA Legal Services; worked
5 years in Atlanta, moved back to St. Simons in l979, worked almost 25 years with
practice limited to “civil rights”, mostly voting rights; worked as counsel/consultant
(Reapportionment Group 2000, etc.) for local governments, legislatures, parties,
caucuses, etc from NC to LA to FL. Retired/quit in 2002 due to diabetes, heart
attack, etc. Many times I worked 16 hour days for weeks and weeks (the curse of a
hard-core litigator); many times did not work for weeks and months. Saw the latter
as my sacred duty for living on a barrier island – who else was going to catch all
those fish or leave all those footprints on the beach? Married for 5-6 years, no
children. Had various “live-in” arrangements for nearly 30 years, no more marriages,
no children. Lived singly for almost 6 years not, but like the song says, I may live
alone, but I an not lonely. I spent many days & trips on shrimp boats over the years.
Owned a succession of small boats up to 25 feet, fished inshore & off. Spent much
time on other Ga. Coastal islands, mainly Cumberland & Sapelo; represented
community groups & many individuals on Sapelo in wars against the state &
developers. Many, many stories about those places & their people.
My days are spent at my computer communicating with people & relatives all over
the planet & excoriating the enemies of truth, justice, & apple pie; reading history &
science fiction; watching sports & movies (& ‘Fringe’) on TV; walking & hanging out at
the beach when viable, & hanging around with friends, mostly those who are as
useless as me now, yet still alive. It’s been a tough life, but someone had to live it,

Bullard, Betty Jayne Creel*
3004 18th Avenue, Haleyville, AL 35565 (205) 541-6111

Burt, Carolyn
1176 S US Highway 17, Satsuma, FL 32189
Certain, James Phillip
2111 Birchwood Drive, Huntsville, AL 35811

Clark, Ernest (Howard)
10019 SE Willow Park Drive, Huntsville, AL (256) 715-1852

Cloud, Carolyn Gallardo* DOB 8-1-1944
2719 Fanelle Circle SW, Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 883-2923, (256)520-2647,
Spouse Manuel Gallardo; Owner of Latin Wines, Winde Distributor.
Graduated from University of North Alabama (Florence State) in 1966. Received
Masters degree in special education from C.W. Post College, Long Island, New York.
Lived in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and have returned to
Huntsville. Dawn Marie (1967), Eric (1970) Teresa (1976) Aaron (1985)

Clowers, Cecilia Faye Barfield
2902 Lafayette Road, Huntsville, AL 35801

Cloys, Howard Grant, Jr.
40 Knollwood Drive, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926-2500,

Cockrell, Mitzi Elizabeth Austin DOB 4-11-1944
PO Box 443, Melrose, FL 32666
(352)475-2439, (352)214-7147, Spouse Wayne
Lee Austin, (1967), Victor Austin, (1968) I have lived and worked in the Gainesville,
Fl area since 1966. Graduated Auburn, then attend UF Law. Practiced law from 1976
until 2010. Since then, traveling, painting and enjoying life.

Cole, David* DOB 7-29-44 97 Camerons Way, Lincoln, AL 35096-5235;
 (205) 763-1700 (205) 310-9526; Retired , spouse Judy Cole, no children; Enjoy
college sports – roll tide! Watching grass grow

Conant, Carolyn Diamond DOB 10-14-1944
122 Woodlawn Avenue, Winder, GA 30680
Rebecca (1970) Katherine (1972), Grandchildren Sarah and Emily
I graduated from the University of Georgia in 1966, having majored in Journalism
and Psychology. I married after graduation (I'm now divorced) and we adopted our
two daughters in infancy. I've lived in numerous cities and towns and am currently
back in the metro Atlanta area where I was born. I had a career in Property
Management and for many years I specialized in troubled properties within public
Cope, Ronald Derrick* DOB 02-29-1944        (256) 534-5820 1203 Fraser, Huntsville, AL 35801
Susan and I are both retired and actively involved in beach combing and shell
seeking…..sometimes I go fishing! Ronald Pharmacist – Retired; Susan Teacher –
Retired ; Derrick (43); Ben (41); Bobby (40); Austin (36) and 10 grandchildren!!

Corthell, Larry B. DOB 1-27-1944
25493 Beresford Drive, South Riding, VA 20152
(703)327-5833, (703)517-7184, , adopted son Michael
Disciplinary expulsion from Florence State in the Fall of l962. Worked at Van
Valkenburghs,; Drafted in l965. RVN l966-67 (Huey Crew Chief). Brief attendance at
Univ of AL after return from RVN. Married l970, divorced l984. Valvoline Oil in CA
for 2 years; Insurance salesman for awhile. Reenlisted in l9072-1977 (Infantry, EOD
(Bomb Squad); BS in accounting, Univ of AZ 1980-, CPA 1982, Various accounting
jobs. Married in l986, divorced l991. Boeing Company (WA and VA) l988 to1999.
l999 to present CFO/Treasurer at a small Government contractor in the intelligence
industry in Chantilly, Va.
I vaguely remember the senior party. I danced with somebody. The Peppermint Twist
was big. One of our classmate's (Blankenship?) father was a policeman. He found me
and others drinking in a car in the municipal golf course parking lot. I believe he just
told us to be careful and drove off. I was somewhat instrumental in starting the golf
team at HHS.

Cotter, Michael Timothy

Craddock, Ellen Rust Ivy

Creal, Richard DOB 8-15-1944
15 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood, NJ 7040, (973)762-5804, no children
University of NC, Chapel Hill l966, AB, Journalism; Captain, US Air Force l966-l970,
Shaw AFB, SC; Civilian career: Writer/editor for both general and trade press.
Worked on Wall Street (investor relations). Advertising sales; most recently. Past 11
years worked in information technology, retired Jan 13, 2012. Residences: New
York, NY l972-l989; Maplewood, NJ l989-present; Married (2nd time), l98. ..My
compliments to whoever put this website together—very impressive.
Really enjoyed those sock hops. There was some guy there who was the best boogie
dancer I ever saw. Anyone would know who I'm talking about? Also enjoyed those
Friday night football games (In NJ, games are always Saturday afternoon). Really
liked Coach Keech, and his psychology classes. Great guy. I doubt if many people
remember me; I was there only the first semester of my senior year.

Crouch, Judy

Curtis, Martha Lee Gateley, DOB 12-31-1943
9615 Dortmund Dr, Hsv, AL 35803
(256) 603-3773, Spouse James; Customer Accounts
Specialist; Aubra Danielle Gateley (Randolph) born 10-01-73 married 05-22-1999
Daniel, Ouida Carol Dickinson* DOB 4-11-1944
1100 Locust Avenue SE, Huntsville, AL 35801
(256)653-1525, (256) 653-1525,,
Ronald Derrick Cope, Jr. (1968), Benjamin Allen Cope (1970), Robert Daniel Cope
(1971), Ashley Bryant Robison Shady(1976)
GRANS Ronald Derrick Cope, III, Jackson Cope (parents Derrick and Kelly);
Kevin and Ryan Reily (parents Ben and Dana);Stephan Cope, Demitria Cope, Lola
Cope (parents Rob and Vita); Gabriel Alexander Robison and Daniel Lewis Shady
(parents Ashley and Deron); Aidan and Talin (parents Kevin and Skylar) I graduated
from the University of Alabama in 1966 with a BS degree in Math and Chemistry and
a minor in Secondary Education (required to qualify for an NDEA loan). After
graduation from Bama, I taught math courses at Mt. Brook High School - Calculus,
Algebra I and II, Plane Geometry and Advanced Math. One semester I had a class of
40 jocks who had failed Algebra II the first semester. That was quite interesting! I
took a sabatical from teaching to rear 3 wonderful little boys and later a wonderful
little girl. After returning to Huntsville, I worked for a while as a decorator for one of
the local construction companies. I returned to the TECH world in 1979 as an
assembly language programmer at Chrysler. I created, updated and maintained
software testing instruments panels and trip computers in all the Chrysler plants in
the US, Mexico and Canada. In 1981 I accepted a position at Intergraph Corporation
(formerly M&S Computing) as a customer engineer. (Unfortunately I'm not one of
those employees who made a fortune on INGR stock!). After 31 years, I'm still working
at Intergraph as a Senior System Consultant. I live in a house on Locust Avenue,
across the street from David Hardwick's family home. Mayor Searcy lived in this
house for 23 years residing here when we were at HHS. Ironically, my pix with Mayor
Searcy was printed in the Hunstville Times as part of a promotion for a HHS Booster
Club fund raising event. I never imagined I would one day occupy the same house as
Mayor Searcy. I've been mightily blessed!
My fondest memories are of cheerleading, teachers and friends at HHS. I will always
remember stopping at the SPUR station near HHS to collect quarters to purchase gas
for Marsha Jones or Lynda Sisco's cars. Surprising how much gas a quarter bought
and how far we could drive on that gas. I remember Friday nites after football games
parking our cars in a circle, turning on the lites, turning up the radios and dancing
in the newly created cul-de-sacs along Drake/Garth. I remember spend the nite
parties at Sparky's and going to work the next morning at Roper's Flowers at the
crack of dawn. With sadness I remember having my letter jacket and next days
clothes stolen at Shoney's. I attended the PSAT test the next morning in my still
damp cheerleading uniform. I laughingly remember those burlap bags (Flintsone
clothes) we wore to have our "favorite pictures" taken on Monte Sano. Those bags
were so big they went around us twice and they made us ITCH! Remember when
Jane Draughon decided I should have my eyelashes curled? She pinched my eyelid, I
jumped and pulled out half my eyelashes on that side. It took a while for those lashes
to grow back! Do you remember the lemony ice tea the cook made at for us at the Jr.
Grace beach retreat? I can still taste it and I've never been able to reproduce that
wonderful, refreshing tea. Remember Jane Draughon's sunburn? OUCH! Remember
BUS D - the last to see and the last to pee.
Daniels, Judy Elizabeth
1623 13th Place South, Birmingham, AL 35205, (205)939-3499

Dannenberg, Klaus DOB 3-25-1945
2921 Elmesmeade Court, Oakton, VA 22124,
(703) 281-6739, (703) 980-4863,
Spent a career in aerospace/defense at large companies and small businesses with
emphasis on start ups and turn arounds. With a BS in Aerospace Engineering and
an MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering, I worked on guidance and control systems
for launch vehicles, satellites, unmanned air vehicles, tactical and strategic missiles,
and aircraft. Then I switched to development and operation of tactical Command,
Control, and Intelligence systems and development of simulators. In 2005, I “retired”
from industry to become Deputy Executive Director of the AIAA (American Institute of
Aeronautics and Astronautics), where I focus on strategic business development. In
this job I do some lobbying for the industry, try to stimulate educational and public
outreach programs, and travel to neat places 6-8 times a year to generate aerospace
business deals. Would love to attend the reunion but will be traveling with my wife
and son and his family. We are taking 2 of our grands on their first trip to Europe
(Berlin, Rothenburg, the Rhine and London). Then we’ll be in Sylacauga for Betty’s
50th reunion in August. Will miss all of you.
Two middle aged kids (am I really that old?) - Kerry Dannenberg (1967) mortgage
banker in San Antonio, TX; Christer Kuile (1974) free lance advertising graphic
artist and full time mom in Dallas; Four grandkids - Kohlton Dannenberg (2000) and
Kierstin Dannenberg (2004) in San Antonio, Cora Kuile (2003) in Dallas, Wrenter
Kuile 2007 in Dallas.

Deason, Charles Russell DOB 8-2-1944
184 Foxglen Circle, Lexington, SC, 29072
 (830) 359-7765, (803)309-8101,
Spouse Lynn; Current-Home Builder; Retired Industrial Engineer
Russ, Michael, John, Joel

Dickey, John Harwell* DOB 2-22-1944 105 Main Ave S, Fayetteville, TN 37334, (931) 433-9228,
(931) 993-9222; Lawyer; Ruth (1985), Gilbert (l987)

Draughon, Eva Jane Savas* DOB 5-8-1944
8755 Warm Springs Way, Knoxville, TN 37923
 (865)539-9344, Spouse Sonny
Married 48 years; 3 sons and 6 grandchildren;Charles III (l964) and wife Kathy
Amanda 18, Hunter 16; Jim (l967) and wife Rhonda,Aaron 3, Bella 5; Stephen (l970)
and wife Cher, Felicia 19, Nicholas 16
Interests: family, traveling, gardening, reading

Ealy. Jan Bannister
1400 Oakwood Ave, Huntsville, Al 35811, (256) 650-4214
Eddins, Pamela Anne Griggs PO Box 147, Grand Rapid Mich 49501
 Spouse Tom; Occupation – Flower Shop; Second mom Jen (1969) and chocolate lab
Mikki. Moved to Minnesota and for crazy reason we love it. Lake Superior I think.
 How did time go so fast! I have lived in a kazillion places and have enjoyed hiking
and spending time outside in each. I think our high school biology class got me
interested in nature and my love of being outside has continued...even when the
temps drop below zero.

Ellis, Elizabeth (Liz) Sharman Peel* DOB 1-31-1944
Auburn Drive, Auburn, AL 36830 Retired from Auburn, University
(334) 821-9283, (334)703-1146, elizabethpeel@bellsouth.net655
Geoff (born 1972) and his wife Meredith are parents to Claire (2 1/2), Eveylnn (15
months), and one on the way due end of May (this one's a boy!)
Lara (born 1975) and her husband Daniel are parents to Jonathan (will be 14 in
June), Matthew (11), and Sara (7)

Ellis, James (Jimmy) Michael* DOB 5-5-1944
4818 Cove Creek Drive, Brownsboro, AL 35741
(256) 539-0994, (256) 682-4651, Military Service US
Air Force; Retired from NASA; Christy (1968), Mike (1970), Scott (1973); After
graduation I attended the University of Alabama and graduated in 1966 with a BS in
Chemistry and later got degrees in Economics and Computer Science. In June of
1966, I married my high school sweetheart, Chris Luke, and taught 9th Grade
science for a few months while waiting to go into the Air Force in December. I spent
eight years in the USAF enjoying travel to places such as Selma, Gulfport, Denver,
New Zealand and South Dakota. After leaving the USAF in 1975 (I stayed in the Air
National until 1989 and retired after 23 years), I worked for the Army at Fort Rucker,
AL until moving to back to Huntsville in 1979 where I worked for the Army in the
Patriot Project Office. In 1981, I accepted a job at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight
Center in Huntsville where I worked until my retirement in 2007. At NASA, I was
most fortunate to be involved in the management of Space Shuttle propulsion
elements during a 10 year period when it was launched over 70 times. After
retirement, I returned to NASA to work part-time as a contractor where I have been
involved retiring the Space Shuttle. Funny Story: When we were seniors, I owned a
1950 Chevy coup. It was bird egg blue, hand painted by me and Pam Eddins, and
even though it only cost $75, I was very proud of it! Well it so happened, that Don
Buck who lived just around the corner from me also had a 1951 Chevy. It looked like
mine except it was black and was in much better shape than mine. For some reason
(probably the price of gas at 25 cents a gallon), Don and I sometimes carpooled. He
would drive one day and I would drive the next. Well, it was one cold morning in the
winter of 1962 and we were running late and we each thought it was our turn to
drive. Because we were going to be late to school, neither of us took time to
adequately scrape the ice off our windshields. We both must have started out at
about the same time because we arrived at the corner at exactly the same moment. I
had run the stop sign and Buck had cut the corner, and much to our surprise, we
collided head-on right in the middle of the intersection. Neither one of us could see
out of our windshield well enough to know what had happened so when we jumped
out to investigate we started laughing. When we got to school, Mr. Stephenson was
writing tardy slips and when he asked for my excuse, I said “I had a wreck”. He then
looked at Buck in a very unbelieving way and said “I guess you had a wreck too”! He
couldn’t believe it when he learned that we had collided head-on and he kidded us
profusely about it for the rest of the year.

Erbskorn, Christl Taddei* D0B 3-28-1944, (864) 836-6384,(864)423-8374; Spouse Carlo; Retired
106 Misty Valley Court, Travelers Rest, SC 29690; Stephanie, born 1974, married to
Dave Paff, and we now have the best little grandsons, Karl David, age 5, and Cavan
Christopher, age 4. We split our time between South Carolina and Wisconsin (where
the kids are), and traveling. When in South Carolina I enjoy horseback riding and
just try to stay healthy!

Ewart, Thomas (Tommy) Wade* DOB 3-22-1944          (803) 788-7724, (803) 446-7221
416 Turkey Point Circle, Columbia SC 29223; Randy (1966) math teacher West
Harford CT, Chris (1972) a plastic surgeonAugusta, GA. Graduated West Point in
1966 and served in Europe, Vietnam (1968-69) and US. While on active duty,
graduated from Creighton University Medical School (1976) and then orthopedic
surgery residency in El Paso, TX until 1980. Retired from Army in 1987 in Columbia,
SC and began private practice with Moore Orthopedic Clinic. Was recalled to active
duty for the First Gulf War then returned to private practice. Started smaller practice
in 2004 and plan to retire from that in 2013.

Ewell, Tony (Prevost)* DOB 10-29-1944, spouse Hilary Frances (nee Bamford)
Foxgloves,Holford Manor Lane,"North Chailey, Lewes","England, East Sussex",BN8
4DU,United Kingdom,+44 1 444 471 379,+44 7785 251 133
After university, lived in New York and Richmond, Virginia. Went to England in 1970
working for a British firm (Woodhouse, Drake & Carey Ltd). In 1971, opened an
office for WDC in Hong Kong and remained there as Chairman/Managing Director
until I came to England in 1979. Worked for various firms before opening my own
company, Maritime and General Trading Ltd, in London. Sold this firm in 1987 and
joined James Capel Ltd as a member of one of the first Emerging Market Teams in
the world, investing in the local stock markets in Asia, Middle East, India, Smaller
and Eastern Europe and Latin America. Became Director of Latin American
investments at BZW (Barclays) International Equities Ltd in 1991 and then left in
1994 to open and head the London Office for Interacciones Global Inc., a leading
Mexican investment company, co-ordinating a pan-Latin initiative, particularly to
include Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Andean stock markets. In l998, established my
own company, Broadbourne Investments Ltd offering financial and consultancy
services to small U.K. and international companies based on global investment
experience. Retired in 2002.

Falt, Martha Priddy*
3109 Holly Hill Rd., Huntsville, Al 35802, (256) 881-7134;
One daughter, Amanda (1968), and one grandson, Chase almost 8-
Graduated Principia Upper School, St. Louis, MO 1962;(Reunion w/Class of '61 this
past Sept.);Look forward to y'all's 50th reunion & feel honored to be included!
Freshman year at Gulf Park College for Women, MS; Graduated Principia College, IL
1966; Taught school 15 years (mostly 2nd grade); Volunteer work; Enjoyed travel to Europe;
Art - sold a few watercolor prints; Book Club & Bridge Groups; Biggest joy is time spent with
my grandson.

Ferguson, Richard K.
36 Spray Rd, Fayetteville, TN 37334-6268

Fichtner, Sigrid Alice Scott DOB 8-1-1944,,
100 Kathy Lane, Carrollton, GA 30117, (770)834-0769,(404)8539-4345
 Retired from teaching in Alabama and Georgia; Spouse Jim; Chris (1968); Kerri

Fike, Susan Katherine Gaine 11519 Wayne Drive, Nashville, TN 37206-1255

Forbes, Nancy Sue LaPointe
154 Oak Beach Drive, Acworth, GA 30101

Ford, Tommy* DOB 1-22-1944
7808 Shadow Bend, Huntsville, Al 35802 (256) 881-8596;
Spouse Mel; Sparks (1968), Breck (1970), Hall (l980); Occupation CFO/CPA; 4
Grandchildren: Tripp and Palmer – 14 ; Twins Johanna and Jackson - 7

Forehand, Harriett Yvonne
702 Versailles Dr, Huntsville, AL 35803

Galloway, James Coleman (Johnny), Jr DOB 12-17-1943 (443) 674-8882, (443) 907 0622
106 Ridge Run Road, North East, MD 21901, Spouse Regina; Retired;
James C. Galloway, III, associate professor of physical therapy, University of
Delaware John Barton Galloway, artist and musician, Louisville, Kentucky
Grandsons: Nico (14), Nathan (11), and Nevan (7)

Gates, Sue Janell Morefield* DOB 7-1-1944 (281) 491-8375, (281) 734-9664
502 Calloway Dr., Sugar Land, TX 77479
Retired CRNA; Member of Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Sugar Land, TX. I volunteer
at a retirement Home in Sugar Land, TX - I play the piano for their Bible class on
Monday mornings. Volunteer at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - Telephone network -
Houston, TX. In 1989 I was diagnosed with large cell Diffuse Gastric Lymphoma.
Had chemo and radiation, was fed IV for 1 year and had 50+ blood transfusions. I'm
a 22 year cancer survivor! Single since 2003; Bradley (1974); David (1977)

Gattis, Paula Ann Weider* DOB 7-16-1944 (256)883-6971,(256)457-1836
2405 Penn St.,Huntsville,AL,35801 spouse Rodger (deceased)
Just living life….Lisa, Paige, Will; grandchildren- Patrick, Shannon, Jake, Gabby,
Tyler, Foster. Bonfires, football games, working on floats for parades, sock hops.
George, Charles (Chuck) L.
572 Keller Woods Dr, Marietta, GA. 30064 (770) 452-2212

Germann, Paul P., Jr DOB 1-22-1944, (256) 721-9838, (256) 653-6621,
126 Mountain View Lane, Madison, AL 35758, Spouse Melissa; Retired

Gibbs, Bill
2112 Fulton Drive NW, Huntsville, AL 35810-4163

Giles, Phyllis Marjorie* DOB 7-17-1944
204 Rocky Ridge Rd, Helena, Al 35080; (205) 358-8233
Beth (1978)

Gill, Gail Sanders* DOB 1-23-1944,, (615)333-3134, (615)491-5132
5013 Ashley Drive, Nashville, TN 37211; Spouse Havey (deceased); Retired Logistics
Mgmt Spec, USAMICOM, RSA, AL. I am very active with my church and stay busy
with my grandchildren and genealogy research. Mary Ann Smokler, Franklin, TN;
Janet Eleazar, Nashville, TN; Julie Gage, Franklin, TN; Jim Sanders, Roanoke, VA;15
grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren

Glover, William D0B 1-1-1944, (419)756-0686,(419)566-5054
614 Trenton Ct., Mansfield,OH,44904, The 20 year reunion is the only one my wife &
me have attended so far. I have had two careers one in insurance and one in
publishing. My wife retired from teaching. Brian Glover IT & PTA degrees Amy Glover
Doctor Of Pharmacy Degree

Goodrich, Jo Anne Brown
7717 Highwater Dr., Unit J-2, New Port Richey, FL 33442

Griffin, Carmen Reece Alexander
1603 Baldwin Row Circle, Panama City, FL 32405

Griffin, Carolyn Louise Boisselle DOB 1-19-1944
Boisselle,, (334) 588-0209
2634 County Road 107,,Hartford,AL,36344; Spouse William; Retired;
Melissa, Joseph,Lori, Christopher, Stacey

Haley, Nancy Katherine Laur
12121 Vonn Rd., Lango, FL 33774-3401; (727) 517-9410

Hamm, Kenneth
2763 Durham CT, Thompson Station, TN 37179-5296

Handy, Jo Anne Lee Catlett* DOB 7-28-1944 (863) 465-6477
214 Guymon Ave NW,,Lake Placid,FL,33852; Spouse Hugh; Tax Professional;
I attended Central Michigan University for a year and returned to Huntsville to get
married. We moved to Maryland in 1967, where my daughter, Kimberly, was born in
197l. I worked for a chemical lobbying group in Washington, D.C. until 1972 when
we moved to North Carolina. In 1973 we were sent to Saudi Arabia, where my son,
Kevin, was born in 1976, deceased 2007. Returned to Maryland until 1978, then to
Germany until 1981, then to Florida. Moved back to Maryland until 1991. then to
Florida, where we have lived since. All this was due to my husband's career. We lived
in Palm Bay, Florida until 2007 when my husband retired. We built a home in Lake
Placid, Florida to get away from the threat of hurricanes. Lake Placid is like
Huntsville was in the 1950's and 1960's. Small and quiet and two hours from big
cities. I retired last year after working 19 years for H&R Block. So now we just take it
easy and cruise and travel. I enjoyed working behind the scenes on the Senior Class
play Our Town. It was fun doing makeup and changing 17 year olds into 50 and 60
year olds. The cast and crew had a ball.

Hanson, Jo Ann Taylor
224 Turtle Creek Drive., Huntsville, Al 35806-1582

Hardwick, David* DOB 9-16-1943 (256)682-2180,(256) 536-4499
416 Winchester Rd, Huntsville,AL,35811

Harper, Betty Jane Adcock* DOB 6-14-1944 (256) 533-6662, (256)658-3220,
1004 McCullough Ave. NE, Huntsville,AL,35801, Retired RN, Leigh Adcock, (1971)

Harris, Linda Jane Wakefield* DOB 9-20-1944 (256) 770-1434
833 Coleman Drive, Anniston, AL 36207, Spouse Jimmy; Retired
Our primary hobby is bird watching and we travel some to pursue the birds. We are
retired. Soon to graduate from Auburn's Master Gardener program. Volunteer
regularly at the Anniston Natural History Museum. We have 4 children between us
and 2 grandchildren. All children seem to be adults and happy!
Paige Bullard Medina, born December 1966 Jedidiah Paul Bullard, born July 1979

Haynes, Mary Scott Sikorski DOB 10-14-1944 Retired
I have had an interesting life. Never a dull minute, that’s for sure! I am enjoying
retirement, reading, dreaming, planning, and writing. Grandchildren Emily and
Keegan are a great joy. Em is in the AL National Guard and a UNA student and
Keegan is a HS freshman. Jack (l963), Amy (1965), Daniel (1970)
I was terrified to start HHS as a JR. Being new to the school and being very shy was
hard for me. I do have some fond memories though and I am proud to be a member
of the Class of '62! Little did I know that my 3 children would graduate there also and
my Dad would teach there as his second career. Coach Keech was my favorite
teacher, I remember that well!

Haynes, William (Bill) Ernest* DOB 11-10-1943, (256) 479-1947(256)479-1947
15001 Irene Dr., Huntsville, AL 35803; Spouse Sheri; Military Service – Air Force;
Retired from Glidden Paint after 32 years. Attend Willowbrook Baptist Church, Boy
Scout Committee Member Troop 361; Daughter Deena born 1977; grandson Ryan
born 1999

Hearn, Julianna Bauter
308 E. Vanderen St, Newman, IL 61943-9716

Hedden, Don
100 Rathdoon Ct, Madison, Al (256) 830-9966

Henley, Glenda Faye

Hepler, Harry* DOB 5-18-1944, (256) 533-6867;
96 Senic Drive, Huntsville, AL 35801, Spouse Cheryl Smoot; Employee Benefits
Broker; Hank Hepler (1967); Kristen Hepler (l974)

Herrin, Barbara Jean Mason
1217 Londonderry LN, Ocean Springs, MS 39564-3207

Hersh, Winifred M. Coggins

Hinesley, Norma Laughmiller* DOB 6-13-1944     (252) 338-6570 Spouse Sonny; Educational Therapist
103 W Hunters Trail, Elizabeth City, NC 27909; Lance, born 1969 Jay, born 1974

Hinkle, Elizabeth (Betsy) Joyce Harrison 6209 Butch Cassidy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80923;
 (719) 622-1305 Matthew (1980), Elizabeth (l982); I am happily married and retired.
We live in Colorado Springs Co – a fun place to live! I regret I can’t come to the
reunion. We are going on a mission trip to Russia.

Hinshaw, Dorothy (Dot) Johnston DOB 6-3-1944, (703) 978-2371; 9815 Covent Court, Fairfax,VA,
Spouse Robert; Preschool Teacher; Lee, born 1970 Mark, born 1973

Hirschler, Elke Hodgin
1570 Vega Avenue, Merritt Island, FL 32952, (321) 302-6773

Holmes, Linda Towery* DOB 6-21-1944, (205) 213-0055, (205) 213-0055
2562 Acton Park Lane, Birmingham, AL 35243, Spouse – Don; Retired;
Donald Tyler Towery (1963). Brooke Holmes Towery Bush (1968 )

Holmes, Margaret Louise (Peggy) Hammett 6767 Blanche Dr, Lorton, VA 22079-1320; (703) 339-6539
Hornsby, Mary (Virginia) Martin
568 Kibbee Rd., McDonough, GA 30252, (770) 957-6511

Houck. Carolyn Diana

Hudgins, David Willis DOB 6-11-1944 (913) 681-0992
12839 Goddard Ave., Overland Park, KS 6213,
After HHS, I went on to Georgia Tech & U. of Texas for engineering degrees, marriage
and then an enjoyable 30 years in the aerospace industry. I lived in Huntsville,
Dallas, and now near Kansas City. After 26 years as an engineer with Allied-Signal
Corp. I took an early retirement and went back to school to get more credentials in
order to start a second career in academics. I have been teaching (now part-time) for
the last 13 years at Rockhurst University in Kansas City. An ill-advised (heh-heh!)
first marriage right out of college did bless me with a wonderful daughter Kimberly
…seen in a photo below. Also seen in the photos is my wife and main squeeze for the
last 30 years, Marianne, who is a medical doctor. When I can get her to slow down we
both enjoy travel (especially cruises!), 2 grandchildren, stargazing, Colorado hiking
and a bit of scuba diving from time to time. Lately I spend a lot of time doing
volunteer educational programs at a local observatory. Life has been good, and
Marianne and I have been blessed. I sincerely wish the same good fortune and happy
life to all my HHS classmates! Kimberly, born 1971

Hueter, Wendula
Lerchenauerster, 202, 800 Munich 45, West Germany

Hughes, Robert Louis
2954 Elk Meadow Dr., Brownsboro, AL 35741

Hunt, Alice Faye Nelson
508 McCullough Ave., Huntsville, AL 35801

Ingram, June Smith
167 Lincoln Rd., Hazel Green, AL, 35750 (256) 828-6493

Irvine, James (Philip)*, (256) 895-9700;
441 Bishop Road NW, Huntsville, AL, 35806-1207; Spouse Judy; Retired

Jamar, Lela Belle (Tinky) Robbins*
110 Site B Road, Parrish, Al 35580 (205) 686-5966; Spouse- Mike; Retired; active in
Laureate Rho Chapter of Beta Sign Phi; three children and 9 grandchildren.

Johnson, Claudia Ann McClung DOB 3-24-1944, 804-556-6943
1398 Maidens Rd, Maidens, VA, 23102, Spouse – Ross; Retired; JonScott, born 1971
Ellis Ann, born 1977

Johnson, Judi Campbell
3103 Grote Street, Huntsville, Al 533-5456 (256) 533-5456
Johnson, Mike
205 Daniel Drive, Huntsville, Al 35811

Johnston, Wells
1721 Oscar Patterson Rd., New Market, Al 35761;

Johnston, William H (Bill), Jr* DOB 7-20-1944, (256) 533 5770
400 Meridian St, Huntsville, AL, 35801; Spouse – Claire; Attorney;
William age 34; Anna Clay age 37

Jolliff, Elizabeth C DeLong* DOB 7-7-1944, (256) 883-1476
149 Noble Drive SE, Huntsville, AL 35802, Spouse – Tom; Mark, (l982) Amy (1985);
Graduated from Florence State (UNA), English, Education & History
Masters in Administrative Science, UAH. Worked at Social Security Payment Center,
Birmingham, for part of a year after graduation. Transferred to Redstone Arsenal
where I worked as an Army historian for 15+ years. Became a stay-at-home mom
after my son was born in 1982. He was followed by a daughter in 1985. I spent the
next 22 years volunteering at schools and church and in the community. Now enjoy
volunteering at the Friends of the Library Bookstore and the Botanical Garden,
singing in the church choir, and traveling. The children are in Atlanta and
Washington, DC, both wonderful places to visit, although I would not want to live

Jones, Marsha Lee Samples* DOB 4-22-44, (256) 881-8398; 115 Four Mile Post Rd, Huntsville, AL, Spouse –
Kyle, my best friend for 46+ years. Six months after we were married, he enlisted
and we had a 3+ year honeymoon in Chitose, Japan. While there I worked for the
DOD school system. Graduated from Auburn l966; Occupation Training – US Corps
of Engineers and RSA; Retired; Lee Anne Samples Bryant(l971) (granddaughter Wren
6); Stuart Samples (l974) (granddaughter Ryan 9); We are fortunate to have them all
in Huntsville and are thankful for every day!

Jones, Martha

Jordan, Alberta (Berta) Boswell Hargett*
1407 Glennwood Drive, Huntsville, Al 35801; (205) 533-4135; Retired; CPA;
Graduated from Vanderbilt

Kampemier, Ellen Margo Cordova*
126 Brigadoon Dr, Madison, Al; (256) 439-6160; Brian (1970), Karen (l973)
Retired; Spouse Benjamin

Keagy, Joan Marie Byrnes DOB 6-21-1944 (540) 825-2223, (540) 272-8724
113 W. Mason St., Culpeper, VA, 22701
Have lived in Virginia, Long Island NY, and back to Virginia since leaving Huntsville
in 1977. Have owned my own business since 1997--first antiques, then a teahouse.
Just retired and will help my son open and run a hair salon in Culpeper.
D. David Pate, born 1966 W. Scott Pate, born 1968 Conner Pate, grandson, born
2004 Jackson Pate, grandson, born 2009. I only went to Huntsville High for a year
and a half. Didn't have too many friends there and it looks like most of the friends I
did have are among the missing classmates.

Keeton, Elizabeth Lee (Betty) Hetzer* DOB 3-23-1944, (706)467-3084,(706)347-0079 spouse Chuck
Retired; 1090 Penfield Way, Greensboro, GA 30642, Shawn Ann and Dave Cross

Kent, Ancil (Buddy), DOB 3-10-1944, (205) 856 6690, (256) 679 9533,
5270 Austin St, Birmingham, AL 35235

Kent, Michael (Mike) Inge
548 Shelton Mill Rd., Auburn, AL 36830

Kilgore, Sallie B. Brewer
643 Ryland Pike, Huntsville, AL. 35811 (256)859-4828

Kinkle, Danny DOB 9-15-1944
581 Wilfar Strasse , Helen, Ga 30545-2914 (850) 206-7788; Spouse – Paula: Retired;
Military Service USAF and USN; John (1970); Carmen (l974)

Kirk, Barbara Lynn Jackson
Cedar Hill, TX;

Kopcha, Carol Ann Carter
4500 Stonewall Rd, Opelika, Al 36801; 334-737-2089; Spouse Stephen

Kraus, Godfrey
855 20th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33704;

Kroh, Brigitte Josefine Sinton* DOB 3-19-1944, (321)724-6928,(256)603-7072; Spouse David
6629 Canal Road, Melbourne Village, FL 32904

Lang, Gloria Jean Lang

Lang, Monica Lang

Laughmiller, Sonny*     (252) 338-6570 Spouse Norma;
103 W Hunters Trail, Elizabeth City, NC 27909; Lance, born 1969 Jay, born 1974

Lee, Glenn Randall
P.O Box 96, Lacy Springs, Al 35754
Lee, W.C.* DOB 7-29-1943 (256)534-3175, (256) 783-9382
3008 The Green Court SE, Hampton Cove, AL 35763; Brent (1967), Brian (1971)
Spouse Gail; Married in l964 and had children in l967 and l971. Worked in sporting
good sales since a Senior in high school for various companies. We opened our store
in l987 and is currently still operated by our sons on Leeman Ferry Rd., in
Huntsville. We have two wonderful grandchildren, Watson 11 years old and Maggie 8
years old. I now play a little golf with my buddies and attend all of my
grandchildrens activities. They are the sunshine of our lives!!

Lewis, Elizabeth (Betsy) R. Hodges
2801 Abercom St., Savannah, GA 31405-2102;

Lindner. Diethard DOB 3-2-1944 (706)302-6553 (706)845-0981
207 Northridge Drive, LaGrange, GA 30240; Spouse Kriss
Adult Children: Simon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Sandy, Madison, WI.
Blended family in LaGrange: Johnathon (11), Belinda (9) and Barbara (8)
Had my second retirement this September. Retired as President of Raytheon Systems
Georgia in 1999, and Chairman of the Development Authority in September 2011.
Member of Economic Development Team from Georgia that successfully recruited
KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia and suppliers to Troup County. Six trips to
South Korea, including one with Governor Sonny Perdue to sign $1.2 Billion
agreement. Created over 10,000 jobs in region.

Love, Bobby*
3255 J. Michael St., Fairhope, Al 36532-7247; (251) 928-0562, (251) 605-5606
Robby, MD Family Practice, Lucedale, Ms; Billy, Jones School of Law

Luke, Christa (Chris) Anne* DOB 6-26-1944 (256) 539-0994; 4818 Cove Creek Drive, Brownsboro, AL
35741; Spouse – Jimmy, Retired Teacher; I am enjoying retirement, and love
spending time with our six grandchildren who all live in Huntsville. My favorite
teacher, Mrs. Gray, got called out of the classroom during sixth period English class.
The room full of mischievous boys ( I won't name names but Howard Cloys and
Harold Reed come to mind) promptly picked desk up with me in it and put it on the
window shelf. Now there I was perched on the shelf in the desk horrified that Mrs.
Gray would think I would ever do any thing wrong! I think they saved us all from
getting into trouble by rescuing me right before she came back. Christy (1968) Mike
(1970) Scott (1973);

MacIlveen, James Torrey DOB 11-26-1944 (256) 351-7234
2408 Circle Drive, Decatur, AL 35603 Spouse Margaret; Retired
Douglas (1966), Scott (1968), Jeff (1970), Correy (1978) Military Service USN

Macomber, Shirley A.
Maddox, Sherry Lamar* 813 Annlau Ave, Huntsville, AL 35802: (256) 881-8704;
Spouce - Tom

Marshall, Patricia (Pat) Coats* DOB 10-8-1944,, Spouse Bob
209 Bellingrath Drive, Huntsville, AL,35802, (256) 882-9256, (256)508-1736
Linda Frances Coats (1967) currently resides in Huntsville; Deborah Ellen Coats
Rogers (1970), m. David Anderson 1991, divorced 2002, m. Bruce Rogers 2005;
Katelyn Marie Anderson (1994), Alexander Lars Anderson (1995), Samantha
Elizabeth Rogers (2006), Emily Bernice Rogers (2009) currently resides in
Chesapeake, VA, Charles Patrick Coats (1973), m. Lyndsay Appich 1997, Thomas
Harrison Coats (2002), Brian Robert Coats, (2003) currently resides in Huntsville. I
was limited to a year at Huntsville having moved here in 1961. I remember how many
friends I had and how much fun it was. Dropped out of Auburn to get married in
l965. Went back to school in l978 and graduated from LSU with a degree in
architecture in l984. Became a registered architect in l988. Retired in April of this
year. (laid off as a contractor at Marshall) have a part time job as a graphic artist for
Martha Pullen Industries. I am available for the design of custom high end homes.

Martinson Patrick (Pat) Jean Martinson DOB 5-10-1943 (256) 534-1858, (256) 312-4488;
1703 Chapman, Huntsville, AL 35811; Spouse Jane;John Thomas Berryhill, Becky
Martinson, Cross Willam Barnes Martinson, Andrew Patrick Martinson Military
Service National Guard

Mason, David
66 Mint Cir, Middleburg, FL 32068;

Mason, Samuel (Sam) A.* DOB 8-19-1944 (571)312-3213, (703) 314-1665
1104 Finley Lane, Alexandria, VA 22304; Spouse Joyce; Retired Episcopal Priest;
Valerie Burke Alexandria, VA Julia Wood New York, NY; Four grandchildren
Graduated Sewanee in l966. Served in the Peace Corps in the Marshall Islands.
Graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary in 1973. Served churches in
Scottsboro, Tuscaloosa and Mobile Alabama. Moved to Alexandria in 2007. Work
part time at a parish in Alexandria. Hobbies are reading and watercolor

Mathis, Carl Johnson* DOB 9-23-1944,, (919) 846-7875, (919) 215-3426,
3501 Mount Prospect Circle, Raleigh, NC; Spouse Penny; Manufactures
Representative; Military Service – Army; Christine, Bill

Matthews, Richard Lee* DOB 5-11-1944, (615) 790-2542, (615)598-3963;999 Scramblers Knob, Franklin,
TN 37069; Spouse Kay; Happily Retired; Michele, Richard, Jr., Ben
I graduated from Vanderbilt with a Chemical Engineering. Worked as a rocket
scientist for Rhom & Haas and then Thiokol. Hold two patents for solid rocket
propellants. At forty I became a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch for the next 16 years.
Retired in 2000 and moved to Franklin TN. Have been doing charity work and

May, Larry* DOB 6-23-1944 (256) 533-1068,
2026 Dellbrook Drive NE, Huntsville, AL 35811; Spouse Cynthia
BS Chemistry, Biology, Athens College, Class 66; Civilian Employee, Foreign
Intelligence, US Army Missile Command 26 years, retired l994; Military Service Army
Michael Lyn May, born 1970 Jason Vasser, born 1980

McCaleb, Mary Lou Louisa Brown DOB 8-4-1944 (334) 277-5210, (334) 467-3694
2626 Winchester Rd., Montgomery, AL,36106-3694, Spouse Ronnie
Ronald C.,Jr.(1974); Robert Banks, (1976); Mary Elizabeth (1984); Grandchildren -
(Ronnie,jr.)Katie- 6 1/2, Anna- 4 1/2; (Robert) Maxwell - 21 mos., expecting another
boy- late Oct. Retired from teaching, many moons ago. Involved with several
community organizations and help with grandchildren. Like to travel. Unfortunately
we will be out of the country the week of the reunion. I am so sad that the dates
conflicted. I would love to see everyone! I know it will be fun. Mary Margaret told me
about all the festivities that are planned. Would like to keep in touch – please email
me! I miss my frequent H’ville visits!

McCartney, Susan Irene Anderson* DOB 8-15-1944, 2703 High Bunker Court, Hampton Cove, AL 35763;
Spouse Sherwood; I am currently President, Huntsville Library Foundation Board;
Program Chairman, Masters Class 3, Leadership Huntsville/Madison County; HSO
Guild Ball and other committees; State Textbook Committee, Language Arts; Kiwanis
EliMiNaTe division coordinator; Committee of 100 and BizPac board Member and
GRANDMOTHER to Elena 3 and granddaughter due August 2012. Sherwood and I
celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary on May 15th. Sherwood is currently
president of the Kiwanis Club of Huntsville, completing his first novel and a perennial
member of the Valley UMC choir. Son Robert is an attorney working for a federal
District Judge in Wilmington, CE. He and wife Nancy, nee Campbell manages the
condo in which they live. They have 2 cats.Daughter Katherine is mother to Elena
and sister and wife for Stewart Wight of Brnoxville, NY. He is a consular officer with
the Department of State, now serving at the American Embassy, Baghdad. Their next
post is Riyadh, Saudi Arabia after further language training in Cairo, Egypt. We love
to spend time with family, travel and read ... and read and travel. I am also a
sometime gardener (love "instant" garden - even though a Master Gardener).

McKenna, Donna Marie Crook
2209 Omega Drive, Columbia, SC, 29223; (803)782-1266

McNelley, Donald

Merchant, Michael (Mike)
2209 Dover St., Knoxville, TN 2920 (865) 609-2300

Mollberg, Amy Ann Daugherty DOB 4-30-1944,, (713) 410-4287,(713) 410-4021
751 Divide Pass, Blanco, TX, 78606; Spouse Terry; After graduating from Univ of
North Alabama, I went to Library School at LSU; got married and worked as a junior
high school librarian in Ohio; did post masters work at the Univ of Texas on a
fellowship; got divorced after 5 years and moved to Houston to work as a public
library branch librarian, a children’s librarian and coordinator of the Houston Area
Library System. After 9 years I married again to Terry Daugherty and we’ve been
married for 28 years. We’ve lived in Salt Lake City where Terry worked for the YMCA
and I was the Salt Lake County Law Librarian. We returned to Texas where I worked
as the Librarian for the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at UT.
We moved to Houston where I spent 15 years working as a corporate librarian and
then as a reference librarian at CYFair College Branch Library. I retired over a year
ago in March and we moved to Blanco where we built a “not so big house” on 10
acres on top of a hill with a great view. We collect our water off the roof of the house,
compost and try to maintain a small carbon footprint. We ride bikes several times a
week, walk, lift weights and try to maintain a healthy life style. I’m already
volunteering with the Blanco Public Library and participate in the library book club.
We are enjoying being in such a small town, being retired and being in the beautiful
Texas hill country about 45 minutes from Austin and 50 minutes from San Antonio.

Montgomery, Margaret (Sue) Trapp
146 Billie Sue Dr., Winston Salem, NC 27104

Moon, Sandra Lynn Birdwell* DOB 2-7-1944 (205) 425-3348, (205) 305-2703;
1478 Waterside Cir. Hoover, Al; Teacher; Auburn 66; Brad Birdwell born 1971

Moore, Martha Jo Buck* DOB 12-15-1944 (864) 297-6476,(864) 313-4814
103 Whitbread Court, Greenville, SC 29615, Spouse Don
Cynthia (Ric) (1967), an attorney and has 4 children. Craig (Julie)(1969), in Const.
Mgt. and has triplets. Meredith (Eldon) (1973), Mstr. in Nursing and has 2 children.
Don and I have 9 grandchildren and all live in Greenville. The oldest is 17, triplets
are 16, then 15, 12, 11, 9 and 2. The day that Chris and I let the air out of the tire on
my car after school so Jimmy and Don would stop by after football practice and talk
to us!!

Morris, Bob 1201 11th Ave So, Birmingham, AL 35205,
Physician; My life story was profiled in the Delta magazine of Sigma Nu in October,
2011, probably available online; Military Service - Air force pilot, Phantom RF4
Grateful to HHS and fellow students for a supportive environment. I started high
school in Baltimore freshman year(Catholic seminary); sophomore at Lafayette, Ca;
and then good old Huntsville High for a fondly remembered final two years. Dad died
suddenly the morning after watching my first varsity football game in September
1961, leaving Mother, me and four younger siblings. So you see that I needed that
supportive environment! Thank you for your kindness.

Mullis, James Dwight
5000 Clardy Rd, Huntsville, AL 35810; (256) 859-2189
Murphy, James LeRoy (Roy)* DOB 12-1-1944 (256)604-8632 spouse Paula Deschere, Retired Naval Ofc and
Aerospace Eng., 8164 Winding Passage Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80924, After a
year at Georgia Tech, I attended the Naval Academy and graduated in l967. Spent 27
years on active duty flying for the Navy. After Navy retirement I spent 16 years
working for a couple of small systems engineering companies supporting Navy and
Army aviation projects. Fully retired summer of 2010 and am currently following
four of my six grandchildren around as their parents move from Army base to Army
base. We are in Colorado Springs for the next several years and then who knows?
Stephen, born 1972; Christopher, born 1976. Six grandchildren, 4 boys, 2 girls

Musick, Jimmy DOB 10-30-1943, (256) 539-7264 1914 Stevens Drive, Huntsville, AL, 35801

Neely, Mary Margaret Cofield* DOB 7-4-1944, 256-881-5298,256-651-0951
1018 Heatherwood Dr., Huntsville, AL 35802, Retired Speech Pathologist; 1 son
Enjoying every day since retirement

Nelms, Katherine Ann Payne* DOB 5-30-1944 (256) 534-2535, (256) 468-5001
1208 W Cleermont Cir, Huntsville, AL 3580; Spouse Dave; Retired
2 step sons, Mark and John 4 grand children, Davison, Hayes, Anne,& Sarah

Nelson, Jerry* DOB 8-25-1944 (256) 880-6296,(256) 656-1723
10039 Hoyt Way, Huntsville, AL, 35803; Spouse – Dottie; Self Employed; Michael &
Andrea; 11 Grandchildren

Neuman, Diana Maureen

Newby, Max L.* DOB 6-2-1943 (770) 471-4575,(770) 713-4499; SITTINGONACLOUD.COM
8367 Yale Dr, Jonesboro, GA 30236, Retired from Georgia Power Company,
Marketing Manager, Atlanta, GA (30 years) Member of the Forest Park Church of
Christ in the Atlanta area. Have been married to my high school sweetheart, Marilyn
(HHS Class of '64) for forty-five years. We moved to Atlanta after graduating from
Auburn, where we still make our home. We have one daughter, Robin (1978) and one
Jack Russel "terrorist".

Newell, Victoria (Vicki) Kaye
305 Raintree, Henderson, TN 37075

Overton, Martha Marie O’Brien DOB 11-8-1943
O'Brien, (256) 828-5147
296 Sanderson Road, Meridianville, AL 35759; Spouse James (deceased)

Owens, Larry Dennis* DOB 10-13-1944, (817)656-3183, (817) 542-4223
5904 Chestnut Bend, Colleyville, TX 76034; Spouse Nancy; Senior Program Manager;
Mike, born 1971 Chris, born 1972; Military Service – Navy; After graduation from
Auburn in Industrial Engineering, I went to work for GA Power as a distribution
engineer, then to Vietnam serving in USNR as electronics technician until 1969.
Moved to Oak Ridge TN and worked in atomic energy programs until 1998. Attended
University of TN for MS in Industrial Engineering and other post grad work. Private
consultant for 4 years in engineering and manufacturing projects. Returned to
Lockheed Martin in 2002 to manage airport security projects and currently work
International Production on the F35 fighter. Enjoy hiking, running and biking; ran a
couple of marathons and mini triathlons. Now I most enjoy being a grandad to two
granddaughters 10 and 6 in Fort Worth, TX. I had Ms. Drake for senior English and
could never read her. As we were lined up practicing for graduation she came walking
down the hall looking very stern and said " well I might as well start pulling them out
of graduation now " and grabbed my arm. I was ready to die and she cracked the
biggest laugh you've ever seen. I didn't know she had such a sense of humor.
I sat behind Barbara Kirk in study hall and she had a habit of taking off her shoes.
One day I slipped one of her shoes away without her knowing it and flipped it in the
air to someone behind me. Just as the shoes was leaving my fingers, the principal
looked in and I was toast. Bad timing!!!

Owens, Larry Sidney (Buggs)
2117 Giles Drive, Huntsville, Al 35811

Painter, David
12630 Wagon Wheel Circle, Knoxville, TN 37334-6282

Pape, William (Bill) Freudenberg IV
80 Woodhaven Wood Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77380 (281) 367-1783; Spouse
Nancy; Sales; Will and Adam; Grandchildren Paige, Devon, Jordan, Ryan, and
Lauren; Military Service – Air Force

Parker, Jerrilee Lewallen* DOB 11-26-1944 (931) 598-5680,(256) 508-4045
174 Carpenter Circle, Sewanee, TN; Spouse - Tom
Briefly, I went to the University of Texas 62-66; married in 67. We had two children
(Timothy and Lara). I went to IU LAW School in Indianapolis, divorced, and moved to
Huntsville in 77. Tom and I married in 79. We have one son (George). I practiced
law in Huntsville from 77-95 at which time we moved to Sewanee for me to attend
seminary. I was ordained in l998, served Episcopal churches in AL and TN and am
now retired. Lara and her husband Grant have two children (Atticus and Ruby)

Patterson, Patsy Gay* DOB 9-12-1944
113 Berry Creek Dr, Harvest, AL (256) 701-5079; Spouse Jerry
Lived in Asheville, NC until 2001. Worked with husband in his business, yearbook
publications. Stephanie (l965), Jeffrey (l969); Retired in 2001 and returned to
Alabama to care for our elderly parents.
Pearce, James (Mickey)* D0B 6-7-1944, 1206 Dale Drive, Huntsville, AL
35801; Spouse Kathy; Personnel Security; Ashley (l970); Kevin (1974); Military
Service ARNG

Perry, Betty Jean Hubbard* DOB 5-13-1944 (256) 683-6677; Retired
1706 Rosalie Ridge Dr., Huntsville, AL, 35811; Perry, 1970 Robert, 1973

Pickens, Ann Engelke DOB 11-9-43 (727) 415-2091
9 Crescent Drive, Marion, NC 28752;; Spouse Roger; Freight
Shipping Service Provider

Pierce, John J.

Pierce, Patricia Joan

Poole, Arnold Ray
217 Mulberry Rd., Hazel Green, AL 35750

Porges, James F. DOB 11-7-43
2860 Elkwood Section Rd., Hazel Green, Al 35750 (256) 828-0358; Spouse Debra;
Retired; Martin, Carey, Aimee

Potter, Elizabeth Jeanette Wilson
145 Cherry Dr., Toney, Al 35773

Potter, William (Bill) Joseph* DOB 8-25-1944 (865)219-0480, (865) 254-9218
5014 Beverly Rd, Knoxville, TN 37918; Spouse Frances; Business Ed Consultant;
Allison Hagner-Married to Chris Hagner, three children (Grandchildren) Jack,
Maggie, and Grace. Annandale, VA. Christa Cleary- married to Ryan Cleary, two
children (Grandchildren) Ethan and Emma. Franklin, TN.
Flying fast jets and converting gas to noise (the sound of FREEDOM) 21+ years with
the USAF. Ball Systems Engineering and Tecolote Research-Program and Financial
management support to System Program Offices contracts at Wright-Patterson AFB,
OH (Dayton). Teaching Business Technology for Knox County Schools at the High
School level (Bearden and Austin-East Magnet High Schools). Retired from KCS in
2010. Currently teaching 1-2 Business Technology courses each term for Pellissippi
State Community College. Currently love riding my 800 lb. gorilla ( a 1987 Honda
Goldwing). Jim Stull and I took "Betsy" to the prom. Military Service – USAF

Price, James Milford DOB 10-03-1944 205-879-1223 207 Windsor Drive, Homewood, AL 35209; I
have been married to my wife, Nancy Higgins Price, for 43+ years. We have had 3
children and 3 grandchildren: *daughter, Windsor Higgins Price Ferzli, who was born
in 1972, is married to Dr. George Ferzli, and lives at Hoover, AL; *daughter, Carson
Milford Price, who was born in 1977, and lives at Los Angeles, CA; *son, Austin
Martin Price, who was born in 1982, and died in 2001; and, *grandchildren, Yazmine,
Nicholas, and Luke Ferzli, who were born April 22, 2007 (Earth Day).
After graduating from HHS, I attended the University of Alabama where I obtained
both BA and MPA degrees. I continued my post graduate study at Georgia Tech
where I earned a Master of City Planning. I worked for 8 years as a city and regional
planner with 3 governmental organizations including the Birmingham Regional
Planning Commission, the Northwest Alabama Council of Local Governments, and
the Tennessee Valley Authority. My 26 year career with the Sierra Club, America's
oldest and largest environmental advocacy organization, included my service as the
Southeast Region Staff Director and Co-Director of the Club's Environmental Justice
Grassroot Organizing Program. I retired in 2009. My current interests include
playing with our triplet grandchildren (and being a gopher for their parents); learning
to be a capable house husband (I'm making headway); reading a lot (currently
reading Thom Hartmann's Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became "People"
and How You Can Fight Back); listening to satellite radio (love Bob Edwards'
interviews every morning on SXM Public Radio); working for justice (striving to live
my Unitarian Universalist principles by supporting Occupy Wall Street and Occupy
Birmingham working for the 99%); researching my family genealogy (really find helpful); taking train trips with Nancv (took AMTRAK's Empire
Builder from Chicago to Portland, Oregon two years ago); experiencing overseas travel
(attended a wedding in Beirut, Lebanon last year); birdwatching (from our backyard
to Dauphin Island and beyond); attending concerts (saw U2 in Nashville in June,
2011 and Bob Seger in B'ham in November); and following my beloved Alabama
Crimson Tide. Military Service – US Army Reserve

Quinn, Albert
5381 Palos Verdes Dr., Sarasota, FL 34231-4225

Rauch, Ekkehart O.
1331 Pasadena Ave, Atlanta, GA 30306;

Reed, Harold Lee
902 Cole Dr, Huntsville, AL 35802 (256) 881-8814

Reeves Tommy Reeves
5315 Funa Lane, Orlando, FL 32822, (321) 946-5164

Reid, Drew

Reid, Sue Ellen Field
1345 Shadow Ridge Dr, Sarasota, FL 34240;

Rice, Ann Paulette Phillips* DOB 1-13-1944 7833 Horseshoe Tr., Huntsville, AL 35802
 Spouse – Jerry; Scott, born 1971, married, no children

Rice, Harriet (Joan) R Tindall*
3205 Searcy Drive NW, Huntsville, Al 35810 (256) 746-1825
Rodgers, David* DOB 9-14-1944 (256) 539-3822, (256)683-1917
2105 Stanhope Dr NE, Huntsville, AL 35811; Spouse Joyce; After working for the
Circuit Court of Madison County for 30 years, I retired and now pursue hobbies flying
radio control airplanes and working with computers. I also help my wife take care of
seniors from our church, and sing bass in the church choir. Bill, born 1973 Patrick,
born 1976 Grandchildren: Owen, born 2006 Avery, born 2008

Rodgers, Linda (Joy)
713 Graycroft Dr, Huntsville, AL 35802-1756;
(256) 881-4866

Roncker, Lynda Roncker Beason* DOB 6-29-1944
2206 Georgian Drive, Huntsville, AL 35801; (256) 534-3644;
Spouse George; Retired from most volunteer activities. I have three wonderful
daughters and their families who all live in Huntsville and six precious grandchildren
ranging in ages from 4 years to 13. Wendy Beason Tucker (1966), Birmingham
Southern BA Accounting, Univ. of Al, MBA, 2 children; Elizabeth Beason Moore
(l970), Univ of Al, BA Business, Univ. of Miss, Juris Doctor, 2 children; Jennifer
Beason Douthit (l975), Univ of Al, BA Education, Univ of AL, MA Ed. Leadership, 2
children Life is good!

Rotenberry, Bill Rotenberry
49 7th St., Pleasant Grove, Al 35127; (205) 744-8382

Rousseau, Edith Louise Sulcer
2810 Moss Rd, Huntsville, Al 35810

Saffell, Diana Mildred O’Hearn
Unit 203, 6237 Rime Village Dr, Huntsville, Al 35806;

Samples, Charlotte Elaine*, 1940 Vanderbilt Circle, Huntsville, AL 35801 (256) 534-
8949; Retired

Samples, Kyle Kent* DOB 1-18-1943 (256)881-8398, (256)656-1707; 115 Four Mile Post Rd, Huntsville
35802; Spouse Marsha; Graduated from Auburn 1971; Fidelty Federal – Loan Officer
3 years; Allstate Insurance Agent 13 years ; Contracts US Gov’t l8 year; Retired;
Military Service Army Security Agency l966-l970; Lee Anne Bryant (1971) (Children’s
Librarian) and Stuart Jones Samples (1974) (Summit Roofing) both live in Huntsville

Scheer, Kermit Albert (Kerry) Jr
P.O Box 36933, Birmingham, AL 35236

Schramm, Cathrine Frances

Seaton, Dorothy Jane Joiner
118 Sanoma Dr, Madison, Al 35758 (256) 772-9018
Shady, Danny L.
601 Oak Park Drive, Huntsville, Al 35801; (256) 539-5216
Married Sandra Moon Shady;

Shaver, John Moorman DOB 8-10-1944 (256) 503-6808, Spouse Sue; semi-retired book dealer
1004 Fraser Av.,Huntsville, AL 35801, (256)503-6808, John born 1976
Grandchildren William 5 and Annie 2; Military Service – Army Reserve

Shulman, Kenneth (Kenny) Morton,
9237 Canter Drive, Dallas, TX 75231, (214) 349-8220, (214) 505-8473
Nathan born 1974 Tamara born 1977; Susan and I have been married 41 years. Two
grandsons Jordan 2 years and Ryan 3 years. Military Service – US Army Signal
Corps – Rank Capt. When I was a sophomore entering Huntsville High, I had grown
about 3 inches since 9th grade. I was approached by Coach Bob in the hallway to try
out for the basketball team as I was now 6' 5'' tall. Not having played organized Bball
it was during my first try out practice that I tripped over my size 13 feet and fell flat
on my face. After continued encouragement from Coach by my junior year I was the
starting center. I went on to play college basket ball at Middle Tennessee State

Shockley, Jimmy

Sims, Lou Lynn

Sisco, Lynda Ann Hays* DOB 12-03-1943, (276) 522-1013, (276) 624-3339,
295 Hays Rd, Ceres, Va 24318
Daughter Michael (1964) Bonfires before games, sock hops in gym, TT club trip to
Panama City every summer – fun, fun, fun years.

Sisk, Paula Ruth Roberson*
bill@therobersons 8030 Lauderdale Road, Huntsville, AL 35802, (256) 881-3346,
Jennifer born 1966; Scott born 1969

Smith, Donald M.
108 Markum Lane, Madison Al 35758; (256) 420-0196

Smith, Harriett DOB 1-5-1944
Somerville, , (205) 339-2749, (205) 394-0090
4410 Camellia Trail, Northport, AL 35473; Spouse Jim; Professor Emerita (retired)

Smith, Linda Carol* DOB 10-2-1944 (256) 881-5030,(256) 468-7742
8146 Oldfield Road,#8, Huntsville, AL 35802, jonathan Beck Deats, born 1969

Smith, Martha Josephine DOB 9-7-1944, 3818 Lakewood Dr., Huntsville, AL 35811 (256)858-8548
Snow, Elizabeth B. Rowe
10210 Granda Lane, Shawnee Mission, KS 66207;

Snyder, Mary (Virginia) Hinshaw
1845 Laukahi Street, Honolulu, HI 96821; (803) 373-9516

Sparkman, Peggy Tanner* DOB 3-3-1944 (256)894-4747, (256) 558-9325; spouse Bill; Farmer/Retired
1230 Oak Grove Road, Albertville, AL 35951; Auburn graduate; Hannah, (l988)

Sparks, Marguerite “Sparky” Lawrence
3122 Walton Way, Augusta, GA (706) 667-8822;

Staggs, Teet Shaw
 c/o George Staggs, Jr, 2403 Suzanne Terr., Huntsville, Al 34810

Stahley, Robert Paul
23720 Brownstown Square Dr, Romulus, MI 48174

Stokes, Fulton Humphrey (Butch)* DOB 4-28-1944 (601) 506-1604; 10 Avery Circle, Jackson, MS 39211;
Spouse Phyllis; CEO; Alvin 1975, Claire 1977

Strickland, Linda Lee Cobb* DOB 1-17-1944
1405 Big Cove Road, Huntsville, Al 35801 (256) 533-2759
Medical Secretary – I’m still working but hope to retire soon. I want to spend
more time with my grandchildren.
Christopher Ray Cobb (1968), Charles Andrew Cobb (1973)

Strong, Linda Louise Bennett* DOB 3-2-1944 (256) 539-0542, (256) 655-5883
1618 Pratt Ave, Huntsville, AL35801; Retired; Jeannie Bennett Cole born 1963 Jeff
Strong Bennett born 1967 Son-in-Law - Trevor Cole Daughter-in-Law - Geraldine
Bennett Grandchildren - Olivia Cole born 2002, Jamieson Bennett born 2003, Rowe
Bennett born 2008

Stull, James T. Jr
4120 Shady Hill Dr., Dallas, TX 75229

Talbot, Patricia Anne
c/o Jim Talbot 1105 Big Cove Rd., Huntsville, AL 35801

Thomas, Ronald (Ron)
1309 10th Ave, Decatur, Al 35601;

Thompson, Lucille Kathleen Love DOB 3-6-1944 (251)928-0562, (251) 605-5606
325 J Michael St, Fairhope, AL 36532
Robby, MD, Family Practice, Lucedale, Ms Billy, Jones School of Law, Montgomery, Al

Thornton, John Hugh
508 El Paso Dr, Denton, TX 76205-8502 (940) 387-0493

Todd, Joe B., Jr. DOB 2-9-1944 (318) 397-1000; 104 Cheyenne Dr, West Monroe, LA 71291
Retired after 35 years with State Farm; Single again

Tolen, James (Jimmy) Palmer DOB 2-25-1943, (256) 533-0374
194 Melbourne AV NE, Huntsville, AL 35801; Spouse Martha; Retired – Fireman;
Still like to play as I always did. I remember about school always having a great time.
Stephanie, born 1969, Jim, born 1972; Military Service – US Army

Towery, Don*, (205) 213-0055,(205) 213-0055
2562 Acton Park Lane, Birmingham, AL 35243, CPA – Retired;
Donald Tyler Towery (1963). Brooke Holmes Towery Bush (1968 )

Trewhitt, Barbara Parks
8603 Ooltewah Georgetown Rd., Ooltewah, TN 37363; (423) 238-4043;

Turner, Janice Elaine Klauss
31 Grove Avenue, Concord, NC 28025 (704) 305-6851

Varner, Sara Price DOB 10-23-1944, (404) 869-0877, (404) 576-6893
P.O. Box 20072, Atlanta, GA30325; Tamara born 1966, Laura born 1968

Vincent, Judith (Judy) Lynn Settle* DOB 9-2-1944 (256) 536-5918
2808 Dupree Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801; Retired; Vince Settle, Amy Settle Estacio,
Jack Settle

Wakefield, James (Jimmy) Sidney* DOB 3-19-1944 (225) 614-0279
833 Coleman Drive, Anniston, AL 36207; Katie Clay-Wakefield, born January 1981
Spouse Linda; Our primary hobby is bird watching and we travel some to pursue the
birds. We are retired. Soon to graduate from Auburn's Master Gardener program.
Volunteer regularly at the Anniston Natural History Museum. We have 4 children
between us and 2 grandchildren. All children seem to be adults and happy!

Walker, Kate (Katie) Noble Shaver
413 Locust Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801 (256) 539-5382; Spouse Charles;
Charles, Holly Shaver Hall. Three grandchildren
Walker, Linda Jean McAllister* DOB 12-15-1943 ( 256) 534-8354, (256) 783-4580
3719 Railway Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801, Spouse Bill – Retired Professor of Urban
planning A&M Univ; Retired Music Teacher/Choral Director; Melanie Singleton
Brock; Brett Leldon Singleton; Suzie McAllister; Bittmann Cliff McAllister; Sing in
Huntsville Master Chorale & First Presbyterian Church Choirs; Love contra dancing;
Enjoy children and 8 grandchildren; Take classes for fun at UAH's Osher Lifelong
Learning Institute - also on Board; Do water aerobics and Silver Sneakers exercise;
Enjoy traveling with Bill; Entertain & cook a lot; Enjoy living on Monte Sano

Walker, Robert Gilbert
116 Kelly Springs Rd., Harvest, Al 35749

Wall, Lin Jon Rowe* DOB 10-12-1944 (334) 347-2749, (334) 806-1266
133 Laurel Breeze Drive, Enterprise, AL 36330; Spouse Warren; Retired State of Al -
Social Worker; Jodee Thompson, Rachel Payne, Stacy Rowe (deceased)

Weston, M. J.
3774 White Lane, Hoover, AL 35216, (205) 701-3132

Wheat, Elmo (Sonny)
P.O. Box 5037, Durango, CO 81301

Wilkinson, Lydia Walls* DOB 8-21-1944, (334)821-6702, (334) 663-4679;
2215 Springwood Drive, Auburn, AL, 36830, Spouse – Jack; Program Developer,
Auburn University We moved back here 14 years ago, for only a year, and we are still
here! Happy to be a part of the class of l962 at HHS and hopefully able to make the
reunion. (depending on date) Thanks for making this site available for us.
Jason - Civil Engineer - Peachtree City, GA - four grandchildren, three 6 yr olds
(triplets) and one 8 yr old Nicole - Deceased

Worsham, William (Bill)
P.O. Box 29359, Atlanta, GA 30359

Wynn, John
St. Charles Road, Huntsville, AL; (256)536-8553

Yeager, Janie Ruth Hendrix* D0B 1-17-1944         (256)820-0643, (256) 239-3777
409 Russell Lane, PO Box 400, Weaver, AL 36277; Spouse Bobby; Retired; Paigh
married two children-Rex married four children- Vlad Sayenko married one child,
Claude Clayton,Young; Easy going busy life - nothing special just good! Health is
better than most our age - Most of our going and doing revolves around our church
life and family. I teach in the youth department (they act like me) and Bobby teaches
the old men (they act like him). Each summer we go on a mission trip. This year it is
the coal mines of WV. Bob and I head the cook team. I will go to a women's prison to
teach sewing. We work for our daughter twice a year for a huge children's sale in
     B'ham (Kids Market). This takes up about four months. Our two birth children live in
     the B'ham area and our Russian child and family lives in LA. We still live in Weaver -
     the best little town on earth. You can still leave the doors unlocked and key in the

     Young, Clayton
     9251 Seminole Rd., Jonesboro, GA 30236;

     Zeiler, Gerd D. A.* DOB 4-23-1944 (321)452-8529, (321) 431-7331
     1670 Sykes Creek Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32953
     Retired Pharmacist; Bradley b.1974, Mark b.1976, Michael b.1986, Spencer b.1988. I
     have mainly been working after graduating from Auburn in 1967. I was married in
     1970 to Denise in Jupiter Florida. We have 4 boys and I was in the Indian Guide
     program with all of them and have enjoyed camping and water sports until this day. I
     still keep active in my recent retirement, enjoy traveling and seeing new places but
     never get too far from home. I have many memories of HHS one that stands out was
     the trip to New Orleans by the football team in 1962 to see the Sugar Bowl. I was a
     manager and lucky to be able to go. On our trip we were told rules to follow while
     there.. one of which was no drinking on Bourbon Street. I don't remember who was
     with me at the time but a few of us went into Pat O'Briens and ordered a Hurricaine.
     As we were standing around drinking it we happened to be approached by Coach
     Lambert. He did not say much at the time but we did hear a lot from Principal Hyatt
     when we returned to Huntsville (also the parents).

*Attending 50th Reunion


Black, James Russell
Brooks, Christine Duvall
Buttler, James Clyde II
Cicero, Louis Thomas
Cobb, Billy Ray
Daniel, William W.
DeArmond, Butch
Deegan, Tony McFarlin
Fanning, Jimmy Fanning
Farrell, Robert Brian
Fretwell, Larry John
Futch, Marsha (Muffy) Sluga - 4,20,1944
Glasgow, Rebecca Jane Thomas
Griebel, Katherine Sieber - 9,24,1944
Gullion, Darryl (Wayne)
Keith, Milton Y.
Marsalis, Stephen E. Marsalis
McCord, Don
Mitchell, Dorothy Jean Houser
Pearce, Carl (Bo) Pearce
Powell, Thomas C. l
Pughe, David L.
Shrout, Tommy
Rodgers, Ruth Elaine Seidel
Stump, James Edward
Van Valkenburg, Joe
Watts, Jeni Sue Brooks
Weaver, Linda Louise Scott Pim

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