Building public infrastructure capacity for Canadian communities by a17N430


									                            Building public infrastructure
                            capacity for Canadian
                            communities – the UBC P3
                            project – funded by Infrastructure
                            Canada KOA program
Project directors:    Tom Ross, Phelps Centre for the Study of
                      Government & Business, Sauder School of Business, UBC
                      Alan Russell, Department of Civil Engineering,
                      Faculty of Applied Science, UBC

Industry partner: P3 Advisors, Ottawa (Patricia Tessier)
      First UBC P3 Project Research Workshop, 06 Dec 2006, Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel
Presentation objectives

 To provide an overview of Infrastructure
  Canada’s KOA program
 To provide an overview of the UBC P3

   KOA: The knowledge-building, outreach
    and awareness program

                 INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project   2
INFC KOA program
   INFC’s research strategy components:
     Knowledge generation
     Community building
     Knowledge dissemination & transfer

                    INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project   3
INFC KOA program

   The KOA program is a complementary tool for
    enhancing implementation of the INFC strategy and
    helping to foster evidence-based policy and decision
    making on infrastructure, cities and communities
    (accompanying this is the relatively new PRRS – Peer
    reviewed research studies program in conjunction with
    the granting councils of NSERC and SSHRC).
   Expectations by INFC of the P3 project are high, in part
    because of recent policy announcements by the Minister
    of Finance.

                      INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project       4
INFC KOA program

   20 projects funded to date out of 400 applications; INFC
    funding is $4.7 million
   Principal & title of projects funded under KOA
       L’Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-
        Brunswick: Scénarios de renforcement de la gouvernance locale
        au Nouveau Brunswick
       Association québécoise du transport et des routes: Programme
        de formation en viabilité hivernale
       Canadian District Energy Association: Urban energy solutions;
        partnering to advance district energy systems across Canada
       Canadian Standards Association: Developing engineering
        curriculum needs: climate change and infrastructure

                          INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project            5
INFC KOA program
    Canadian Urban Transit Association: A study on the Canadian
     status of HOV lanes – efficiencies, enforcement and innovations
    Centre d’expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines”
     L’élaboration du classeur de gestion intégrée des infrastructure
    Centre for Sustainable Watersheds: Watersheds InfoXchange
    City of Ottawa: Examining the social elements of public
     infrastructure impacts on competitiveness and implications for
    Community Energy Association: Toward energy sustainability of
     community infrastructure
    Creative City Network of Canada: Centre of expertise on culture
     and communities at Harbour Centre Campus – Simon Fraser

                        INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project                  6
INFC KOA program
    École Polytechnique de Montréal: Centre risque et performance
     (Dr. Robert)
    Green Roofs for Healthy Cities: Developing the green roof
     infrastructure industry in Canada
    Dr. Harry Kitchen: Municipal infrastructure financing: a
     prescription for the future
    International Centre for Sustainable Cities (PLUS Network):
     Sustainable cities and communities: planning for long term
    Kahnawake Envrionment Protection Office: Towards sustainable
     infrastructure for Kahnawake
    Memorial University of Newfoundland (K. Parewick): Things
     change, we change: community planning for resilience in
     Tuktoyaktuk, NWT.

                       INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project            7
INFC KOA program

    Queen’s University – Geo-Engineering Centre (Dr. Moore):
     Community infrastructure technology and innovation education
     symposia (CITIES)
    Université du Québec à Montréal – Département d’études
     urbaines et touristiques (Dr. Adenot): Le TOD – une approach
     d’optimisation urbaine intégrée
    University of British Columbia – Department of Geography (Dr.
     Bakker): Municipal water supply infrastructure governance in
     Canada: uptake of water conservation technologies in the
     context of utility restructuring
    University of British Columbia – Phelps Centre for the Study of
     Business and Government (Drs. Ross and Russell): Building
     public infrastructure capacity for Canadian communities

                        INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project                 8
UBC P3 project objectives & focus

In short form
 To create a centre of excellence with
  respect to P3’s at UBC, with partners
  across the country
 Three axes of focus
   Teaching  & outreach
   Academic research
   Applied research

                INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project   9
UBC P3 project activities
   Teaching & outreach
       Undergraduate & graduate course content in business and civil
        engineering courses
            Additions to Civl 403 Engineering economic analysis and Civl 522 Project
             and construction economics
            MBA course on Government & Business will include a component on P3.
            Draft curriculum for MBA module on P3 designed.
       Workshops for academia, industry & government
            Potential presentation to municipal administrators, February 2007
            First research workshop, 06 December 2006
            Risk identification / elicitation lecture and workshop, Russell, 13th Annual
             Canadian Construction Research Forum, 9-10 November, Edmonton,
            Lecture on P3s, Ross, part of a 3-day program on outsourcing, Centre for
             Outsourcing Research and Education (CORE), 14 June 2006
            Ross & Russell presentation to BC Colleges & Universities Facilities
             Directors, 18 May 2006, Camosun College – UBC P3 Project, and
             Implementing P3 projects at post secondary institutions

                                 INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project                             10
UBC P3 project activities
     Special studies for industry & government
          Project for Ministry of Advanced Education – Procurement mode evaluation
           methodology for the post secondary sector
     Advisory Board (Industry, Government, Academia) – first meeting 21
      June 2006
          Akkawi – Ernst & Young Orenda
          Neil Alexander, Private Consultant
          Jane Bird, Canada Line
          Larry Blain, Partnerships BC
          Scott Carson, Wilfred Laurier University
          David Clagget, Peter Kiewit Canada
          Stephen Nash, Ellis Don
          Nicholas Hann, Macquarie N. America
          John Haythorne, Bull Houser & Tupper
          Jane Peatch, CCPPP
          Charles Rate, SNC-Lavalin

                              INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project                      11
Three project dimensions & activities
   Academic research
       Applying complex value systems & treating risk in P3 decision
        making - public & private sector perspectives
            Russell, A. and Nelms, C. (2006) “The public sector comparator: uses and
             abuses”, CD Rom proceedings, CIB W65 International symposium, Rome,
             Italy, October 2006
            Nelms, C., DeZoysa, S. and Russell, A. (2006). “Application of an
             information and knowledge management methodology in analyzing the risks
             in construction projects”, CD Rom Proceedings of ICCCBEXI, Montreal,
             Canada, 14-16 June 2006
            Nelms, C., DeZoysa, S. and Russell, A.D. (2006). “Features of a risk
             management tool applied to a major building project”, CD Rom Proceedings
             of CSCE 1st International Construction Specialty Conference, ISSC-1, 23-26
             May, 2006, Calgary, Canada

                               INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project                        12
Three project dimensions & activities
     Costs and benefits of using private finance for public projects
          Bettignies & Ross (2006) “Public-Private Partnerships and the privatization
           of financing: An incomplete contracts approach” – submitted to Journal of
           Industrial Organization
     P3s as a means to develop transportation infrastructure
          Oum, T. (2006) “Privatization, corporatization, ownership forms and their
           effects on the performance of the world’s major airports”, submitted to
           Journal of Air Transport
          Berechmann, J. (2006) Risk sharing in P3 transportation investment projects
     P3s and the potential for innovation
          Russell, A. D., Tawiah, P. and DeZoysa, S. (2006) “Project innovation – a
           function of procurement mode?”, to appear December 2006 edition of
           Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering
          Tawiah, P. and Russell, A. (2006). “Assessing infrastructure project
           innovation potential as a function of procurement mode”, submitted to ASCE
           Journal of Engineering Management

                              INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project                             13
Three project dimensions & activities
   Applied research
      ASD options for urban, rural and special populations
             P3 Advisors (2006) “Examination of ASD options for urban, rural, and
              special populations throughout Canada: A look at the unique market
              characteristics, factors, challenges, special considerations and lessons
              learned”, semi-final draft
        Best practices guide to P3s in transportation
        Best practices guide to P3s for water & waste water
        Review of Canadian success & failures of P3 projects – lessons
             Vining, A. and Boardman, A. (2006) Public-Private Partnerships in Canada,
              submitted to special issue of Canadian Public Administration
             P3 Advisors (2006) “The Bottom Line on Procurement: Effective Tools and
              Achieving Best Value”, first draft

                                 INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project                          14
Dissemination of work

   Working paper series will be initiated in early 2007 to
    assist in disseminating all work produced to date, and
    work in progress

                       INFC Workshop - UBC P3 Project         15

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