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									              Minutes of Westcape Homeowners Association
                2010 Annual Meeting - September 11, 2010

President, Kurt Andreassen called the annual meeting of the Westcape
Homeowners Association to order at 5:00 pm on Saturday September 11,
2010. The roll was called and proxies were collected. It was determined
that a quorum was present. Each of the homeowners in attendance was
noted. No newcomers were introduced.

                     7942 - Absent    8010 - Absent
                     7944 - Proxy     8012 - Proxy
                     7946 - Proxy     8014 - Proxy
                     7948 - Present   8018 - Present
                     7954 - Proxy     8040 - Present
                     7956 - Present   8042 - Present
                     7960 - Present   8044 - Present
                     7962 - Present   8046 - Present
                     7984 - Present   8056 - Proxy
                     7988 - Present   8058 - Present
                     7990 - Proxy     8060 - Present
                     7992 - Proxy     8062 - Present

Minutes of 2009 Annual Meeting: Kurt asked for a motion to approve the
minutes of the 2009 Annual Meeting without reading them aloud. The
minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report: Marissa Smith stated that as of 06/30/2010 there was
$10,263.05 in the checking account and a total of $32,071.97 in 3 CD
accounts. Each homeowner was current on their dues as of 06/30/2010.
The financial report will be filed for audit.

Marissa then presented the budget for the coming year. Kurt made a
motion to make the following changes to the budget:
      Increase Lawn care from $10,800 to $11,800
      Increase Landscaping Projects to $3,080
      Increase Pool Service to $2,000
      Increase Pool Maintenance to $1,400
      And Proposal to decrease dock fund by $850 for dock repairs

Doug Saint Louis recommended the $850 be taken from the money saved
for the dock this year. The CD’s will show as follows:
          1 General: $13,122.07
          2 Dock: $18,950
A savings account will be created to keep dock funds separate from
Operating Capital. The accumulated money will be taken out from the
savings account at the end of the year to be placed in a Certificate of
Deposit designated for dock repair and improvements.
The 2010-2011 Budget was then approved.


Dues : The board asked the homeowners if there is an understanding that
HOA fees are/or should be due on the 1st of the month. Some homeowners
pay dues at the end of a quarter (making them essentially in arrears for a
few months) instead of the beginning of that quarter for the quarter. The
Board needs to discuss and rule on this.

Landscape Committee report: Diane presented the landscape committee’s
findings and is in the process of finalizing bids and timing for items that
need improving. The homeowners agreed that it would be wise to cut two
potentially dangerous tall pines down at the entrance to the property. It
was also agreed that we would continue our service with Westport Tree,
since they came in with the lowest bid out of the four other landscapers
interviewed. She asked for interested homeowners to join the Landscaping
Committee to provide other points of view regarding our landscaping

Dock: Joe Henderson presented the Dock Committee findings. He
informed us the dock was determined to be safe and sound. The added
flotation at the end of the gangway cost $850. Mark Pfundstein gave
information about replacing the flotation foam with black plastic
encapsulated foam. He will be looking into this and report to the Dock
Committee and Board. Tom Loveless proposed the dock committee look
into repairing 25% of the dock each year, thus giving us a four year plan for
the dock upgrades.

Pool: Cathy Loveless discussed the improvements made to the pool this
year. She thanked Gene Hudgens for his help and service over the years.
She then recommended that others join the pool committee and we learn
how to close the pool ourselves. She declined chairperson of the
committee for the upcoming year.

Insurance Certificates: The secretary is continuing to update the files.


   1 Kurt noted that the old AOL westcapehoa.com email is no longer
     accessible. The new email is westcapev@aol.com . A motion was
     made by Kurt Andreassen for the HOA to purchase a dot com
     domain at a cost of $50 per year. This will provide a safety net as it
     will be a place to permanently store the email history and accounts
     for Westcape. The motion was seconded by Jim Cutchins and

   2 The board requested that homeowners please refrain from sending
     emails to individual board members. The Board will check the AOL
     email at least once per week.

   3 Tom Loveless asked that all persons be kind when they send emails
     to each other.

   4 Email addresses will be updated and clarified by the Board.

   5 Marissa Smith brought up the fact that many financial intuitions work
     with Quick Books and requested that we be allowed to purchase this
     software. A motion was made and passed that we spend up to $200.

   6 Jim Crisco made a motion to refund the dock assessments. After
     discussion, the motion was defeated by 18 to 4.

   7 Peggy Cooney brought up the allocation of ramp access keys. It was
     noted by Jim Crisco that the board was in charge of these keys to
     prevent unauthorized use of the ramp. New keys will be made as
     needed. Homeowners who rent their townhome and use a property
     manager have their renters sign out their ramp keys through the
     property manager. (This way the key is accounted for by the
     homeowner.) If homeowners who rent their property do not use a
     property manager, the homeowner is responsible for the renter
     receiving the key and returning the key when the renter moves out.

   8 Some complaints were made by homeowners regarding renters. Tom
     Loveless asked that property owners remember they are responsible
     for their tenants being aware of and for following Westcape rules for
     property and amenity use.

   9 The procedure for Dock assignments was brought up. The HOA
     Board should be sent a letter, to be kept on file, requesting a dock
     slip upgrade.

   10 The bylaws for the homeowners are on a CD that was created by Jim
      Crisco. He stated that we could make copies and distribute to
      interested homeowners.

Election of Board Member: Kurt Andreassen nominated Marissa Smith to
fill the vacated board seat. The homeowners voted unanimously for
Marissa Smith to fill this seat.

With no other business, Kurt invited all to stay for refreshments. The
meeting was then adjourned.

Submitted by
Westcape HOA Board of Directors
Smith & Pfundstein
Co- Secretaries

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