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									                    The Health Benefits of Having Good Posture

Good posture is not only great for your overall health, but it also does wonders for your image and is
insurance against aches, pains and injuries. It helps you look slimmer and taller, and the self-confidence
that comes with high self-esteem contributes to greater success in all walks of life. When you look great
you feel great, and when you feel great you look great, right?

But there is more to a good posture than just sitting up straight. If we knew exactly what good posture was,
we would always (try to) maintain it.

Improving your posture is not difficult and by remembering certain guidelines while sitting, standing,
walking, sleeping and even when lifting and carrying weight, you will be o your way to achieving that
mindless perfect posture we all want but never really have.

   Adjust your office chair so that your elbows are at 75 to 90 degrees and knees are even with the hips or
    slightly higher. Keep both feet flat on the floor and ensure that your shoulders are straight. Avoid sitting
    in one place for too long and walk around or stretch as needed.

   While standing, make sure your feet are slightly apart – about shoulder width – and ensure that all
    weight is not on your heels. When standing for a long period of time, shift weight from one foot to the
    other, or rock back and forward from your heels to your toes. Your chin should be tucked in a little to
    keep your head level.

   Keep your head up, eyes looking straight forward and shoulders properly aligned with the rest of your
    body while walking.

   Make sure that your back is firmly pressed against the seat while driving or sitting at your desk and
    ensure proper distance from your car pedals to avoid leaning forward.

   Always bend your knees and use your leg and stomach muscles while lifting a weight to avoid strain on
    the lower back. Switch arms and keep the weight to a minimum while carrying a purse or a bag.

   A relatively firm mattress and sleeping on your back helps posture while sleeping.

Chiropractic treatment is found to be very effective in helping people develop and maintain a good
posture. Poor posture is an indication of a problem with a person’s spine and nervous system.
Chiropractors are experts at analyzing the problems that contribute to the postural pattern a person
observes. They assess patients for changes in their stance like both feet turning outward, alignment of the
knees, height difference across the shoulders, an increase in spinal curvatures, forward head translation
and so on.

After recognizing ideal posture and gross body asymmetries, a chiropractor then sets clear treatment goals
for the patient. Several chiropractic health centers including our Orange County chiropractors have
been successfully helping patients develop good posture, using methods of hands-on manipulation of the
spine which is directly responsible for incorrect posture.

Bad posture has several adverse effects on your health ranging from pain to fatigue, but it’s never too late
to recognize it and get help.

Michael D. Berry, D.C. is one of the leading Chiropractors in Orange CA, researching and lecturing on the
subjects of health, nutrition and fitness for the last 35 years. Practicing at his Katella Chiropractic and Laser
Center and as a trusted Chiropractor in Orange CA, he is committed to helping his patients live healthier
and happier lives.

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