1,200 Frequently Used Words

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					                  1,200 Frequently Used Words

The words in this word bank are listed in the order of their frequency of use
in everyday writing. Since the is the most frequently used word in our
language, its number is one in the word bank. The first 25 words are used in
33% of everyday writing, the first 100 words appear in 50% of adult and
student writing, and the first 1,000 words are used in 89% of everyday

Source: Word List from Sitton Spelling Sourcebook Series by Egger Publishing, Inc.

    list 1            list 2           list 3            list 4           list 5
     the                be            which               into           made
      of               this            their              has             over
    and               from             said             more                did
       a                 I                if               her           down
      to             have               do               two              only
       in               or              will               like           way
        is              by            each                him              find
     you              one             about               see               use
    that              had              how               time             may
        it             not               up             could            water
      he               but              out                 no            long
      for            what             them              make               little
    was                 all            then             than              very
      on             were               she                first          after
     are             when             many              been             words
      as               we             some                   its         called
    with             there               so              who                just
      his             can             these              now             where
    they                an            would            people             most
      at              your            other                my            know
  list 6       list 7      list 8        list 9      list 10
   get      another      again            line         few
through      came            off           set       those
  back       come         went          own         always
 much         work          old        under         show
    go       three      number          read         large
 good         must        great           last       often
  new       because         tell       never       together
  write       does        men               us      asked
   our        part          say           left      house
   me         even        small          end         don’t
  man        place        every        along         world
   too         well      found          while        going
   any        such          still      might         want
   day        here      between         next        school
 same         take       name          sound      important
  right       why        should        below          until
  look        help       home            saw          form
  think         put         big      something       food
  also      different     give        thought        keep
around       away            air        both       children

 list 11      list 12      list 13     list 14      list 15
   feet      need         paper      example       didn’t
  land           far        hard       heard          car
   side      hand           near      several     morning
without        high     sentence     change            I’m
   boy         year       better      answer        body
 once       mother          best       room         upon
animal         light      across         sea       family
     life   country       during      against        later
enough       father       today          top          turn
  took           let    however       turned       move
   four       night         sure       learn         face
 head       picture       knew         point         door
above        being            it’s       city         cut
  kind        study           try       play       done
began       second           told     toward       group
almost        soon        young          five         true
    live       story         sun      himself         half
 page         since        thing      usually         red
   got       white        whole       money            fish
 earth         ever         hear        seen       plants
     list 16       list 17      list 18       list 19        list 20
     living       inside        wind         special        strong
    black            ago      behind            ran         voice
       eat           sad      cannot             full     probably
      short        early        letter        town           area
United States         I’ll    among         complete        horse
       run      learned          able            oh        matter
     book       brought          dog         person         stand
     gave          close       shown            hot            box
     order      nothing        mean         anything          start
     open        though        English         hold         that’s
   ground           idea          rest        state          class
      cold       before       perhaps            list       piece
     really        lived      certain         stood        surface
     table      became              six     hundred           river
 remember           add           feel          ten       common
      tree      become             fire         fast          stop
   course          grow        ready            felt           am
      front        draw        green           kept            talk
  American           yet          yes        notice       whether
    space            less        built        can’t            fine

    list 21         list 22       list 23       list 24      list 25
   round          power              ice           lay    happened
     dark        problem            ship          size        foot
     past         longer      themselves          wild        care
      ball        winter          begin       weather          low
      girl         deep            fact           miss        else
    road          heavy            third      pattern         gold
     blue        carefully        quite            sky        build
  instead          follow         carry       walked          glass
   either        beautiful     distance         main          rock
     held       everyone       although      someone            tall
 already           leave             sat       center        alone
   warm         everything      possible         field      bottom
   gone           game            heart           stay      check
   finally        system            real         itself    reading
 summer             bring        simple         boat            fall
understand        watch           snow        question        poor
   moon              shell          rain        wide          map
  animals             dry      suddenly          least       friend
    mind           within          easy           tiny    language
  outside            floor       leaves          hour          job
  list 26       list 27         list 28      list 29     list 30
  music        correct         bright        plane       north
    buy          bed             sent        street     seven
 window       measure         present      couldn’t    famous
   mark        straight          plan       reason         late
   heat          base          rather     difference       pay
  grew        mountain        length       maybe        sleep
   listen      caught         speed         history        iron
     ask          hair       machine        mouth      trouble
  single          bird     information      middle       store
  clear         wood          except          step      beside
 energy         color          figure        child           oil
  week            war         you’re       strange     modern
 explain           fly           free         wish          fun
     lost      yourself           fell         soil     catch
  spring        seem         suppose       human       business
  travel         thus         natural          trip     reach
  wrote        square         ocean        woman             lot
   farm       moment       government          eye      won’t
  circle      teacher          baby            milk      case
 whose         happy            grass      choose       speak

   list 31       list 32       list 33       list 34     list 35
  shape        subject       material      various     anyone
   eight           skin          isn’t        race         rule
  edge          wasn’t      thousand            bit    science
     soft          I’ve          sign        result      afraid
 village        yellow         guess       brother     women
 object          party       forward      addition     produce
    age          force         huge       doesn’t          pull
 minute            test          ride       dead           son
    wall          bad         region       weight        meant
   meet      temperature          nor          thin     broken
 record            pair       period        stone       interest
   copy         ahead         blood             hit    chance
  forest        wrong            rich         wife        thick
especially     practice        team         island        sight
necessary        sand         corner          we’ll      pretty
    he’s            tail          cat     opposite        train
     unit         wait       amount           born        fresh
     flat      difficult     garden         sense         drive
direction      general            led      cattle         lead
   south        cover           note       million       break
   list 36      list 37       list 38      list 39       list 40
      sit     wouldn’t         fight     kitchen           visit
 bought        section       capital        pick        sheep
   radio        spent            fill      scale            I’d
 method           ring         deal       basic          office
    king        teeth          busy      happen            row
  similar        quiet      beyond          safe       contain
  return       ancient        send        grown              fit
    corn         stick         love         cost         equal
 decide       afternoon        cool        wear          value
 position        silver      cause           act          yard
   bear          nose        please          hat         beat
  hope         century        meat          arm           inch
   song       therefore        lady      believe         sugar
 engine          level         west       major            key
  board         you’ll         glad         gray       product
 control        death        action      wonder         desert
 spread          hole          pass      include         bank
 evening        coast          type      describe       farther
  brown          cross      attention    electric         won
  clean         sharp           gas         sold          total

    list 41       list 42      list 43      list 44      list 45
       sell        nine     separate       count          final
     wire        useful        truck       trade           rise
     rose        public          sing       chief         loud
   cotton     according      column        month           fair
   spoke           steel       twice      clothes       herself
     rope           salt    particular     doctor         slow
      fear      speech          shop      indeed         noise
   shore           forth       unless      dance      statement
throughout       nation         sport     church        hungry
 compare      knowledge      neither      original         join
movement        appear           met       enjoy          tube
  exercise          ate       wheel         string        rode
   bread         dinner        none          sister     empty
  process           hurt          hill    familiar      twenty
   nature        spend      television       onto        broke
   apart      experiment          bill   imagine          nice
    path         touch         solve        blow         effect
  careful         drop       pressure      quick          paid
  narrow          chair       report          law       motion
  mental           east       farmer           lie      myself
   list 46       list 47       list 48         list 49        list 50
  divide        variety      express        average            cent
  supply       season           shot             die       electricity
     laid        share         angry          liquid      everybody
   dear          jump       southern           alive           rate
 surprise      regular         dress         stream            dust
    gun       represent         bag         provide           worth
  entire       market         proud            drink      community
     fruit      we’re          neck       experience        captain
 crowd            flew        breath          future            bus
   band         finger       strength      tomorrow         protect
     wet       expect       member            drove           cook
    solid        army         twelve      population           raise
northern        cabin          mine            finish        further
  flower        camp        company          station         steam
     star      danger         current         shook          guide
   feed        purpose        pound           stage        discover
wooden        breakfast        valley       oxygen            plain
     sort       proper        double         poem             usual
develop          coat             till      solution           seat
shoulder         push         match             burn        accept

    list 51       list 52       list 53         list 54        list 55
  police        design           silent       spelling      muscles
consider      president      structure        chapter         model
   dozen       charge          height       swimming        climate
baseball       mistake       observe       opportunity        coffee
  rubber       hospital      indicate     immediately      whenever
  symbol       remain         railroad        favorite        serious
 support       service           knife         settled        angle
 exactly      increase        married      telephone         feather
 industry     students      suggested          repeat     determined
  they're       insects      entered         prepare       dictionary
beneath        address      magazine         instance       ordinary
   laugh      sincerely         agree         avenue           extra
groceries       dollars           fifty    newspaper          rough
popular        belong         escape          actually        library
   thank         bottle         threw      employee        condition
 quarter          flight       planet          review        arrived
climbed          forget     dangerous       convince        located
continue       bicycle          event         allowed      program
potatoes         secret        leader         nobody          pencil
 receive        soldier        peace           details       tongue
    list 56        list 57       list 58           list 59         list 60
      title    recognize        leather        influence          occur
   enemy       frequently      husband           cancel         foreign
   garage      character       principal       audience          quality
     lose       personal      medicine        apartment          terrible
vegetable      disappear      excellent           worse       instrument
   parents       success      operation     transportation     balance
     style         traffic      council           frozen          ability
education      yesterday         author           waste         arrange
  required      situation      organize          couple          rhythm
  political       realize      concern          function          avoid
 daughter       message       barbecue          connect            daily
 individual      recently     accident           project        identity
  progress      account         disease       pronounce        standard
altogether       physical    construction        offered       combine
  activities    neighbor         motor            apply        attached
   article       excited         affect         improve         frighten
equipment        whisper     conversation       stomach           social
   discuss      available     evidence           collect        factory
   healthy       college         citizen         prevent         license
   perfect       furniture   environment        courage      recommend

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