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									                    Dewey Decimal Classification System and Call Numbers

        Melvil Dewey developed the Dewey Decimal Classification System in 1876 books.
This classification system has ten major subject headings or classes. These classes can be
subdivided into ten subclasses that can be divided into ten subclasses, etc.

000 Generalities                                          520 Astronomy and Allied Sciences
       010 Bibliography                                   530 Physics
       020 Library and Information Sciences               540 Chemistry and Allied Sciences
       030 General Encyclopedic Works                     550 Science of Earth and Other Worlds
       060 General Organizations and                      560 Paleontology
       Musicology                                         570 Life Sciences
       070 Journalism, Publishing, Newspapers             580 Botanical Sciences
       080 General Collections                            590 Zoological Sciences
       090 Manuscripts and Book Rarities
                                                  600 Technology (Applied Sciences)
100 Philosophy and Related Disciplines                    610 Medical Sciences
        110 Metaphysics                                   620 Engineering and Allied Operations
        120 Epistemology, Causation, Humankind            630 Agriculture
        130 Paranormal Phenomena                          640 Home Economics and Family Living
        140 Specific Philosophical Viewpoints             650 Management and Auxiliary Services
        150 Psychology                                    660 Chemical and Related Technologies
        160 Logic                                         670 Manufactures
        170 Ethics (Moral Philosophy)                     680 Manufacture for Specific Uses
        180 Ancient, Medieval, Oriental                   690 Buildings
        190 Modern Western Philosophy
                                                  700 The Arts
200 Religion                                              710 Civic and Landscape Art
        210 Natural Religion                              720 Architecture
        220 Bible                                         730 Plastic Arts Sculpture
        230 Christian Theology                            740 Drawing, Decorative and Minor Arts
        240 Christian Moral and Devotional                750 Painting and Paintings
        250 Local Church and Religious Orders             760 Graphic Arts Prints
        260 Social and Ecclesiastical Theology            770 Photography and Photographs
        270 History and geography of Church               780 Music
        280 Christian denominations and Sects             790 Recreational and Performing Arts
        290 Other and comparative religions               796 Sports

300 Social Sciences                               800 Literature
        310 Statistics                                     810 American Literature in English
        320 Political Science                              820 English and Anglo-Saxon Literature
        330 Economics                                      830 Literatures of Germanic Languages
        340 Law                                            840 Literatures of Romance Languages
        350 Public Administration                          850 Italian, Romanian
        360 Social Problems and Services                   860 Spanish and Portuguese Literatures
        370 Education                                      870 Italic Literatures    (Latin)
        380 Commerce                                       880 Hellenic Literatures (Greek)
        390 Customs, Etiquette, Folklore                   890 Literature of other Languages

400 Language                                      900 General Geography and History
        410 Linguistics                                  910 General Geography
        420 English and Anglo-Saxon Languages            920 General Biographies
        430 Germanic languages (German)                  930 General History of the Ancient World
        440 Romance Languages (French)                   940 General History of Europe
        450 Italian, Romanian, Rhaeto-Romanic            950 General History of Asia
        470 Italic languages      (Latin)                960 General History of Africa
        480 Hellenic Classical   (Greek)                 970 General History of North America
        490 Other Languages                              980 General History of South America
                                                         990 General History of Other Areas
500 Pure Sciences
        510 Mathematics
Reading the Dewey Number: The first 3 digits of a Dewey number should be read as a
whole number with a decimal following the third number: 570 should be read five hundred
seventy or five seven zero decimal, and any number after the decimal should be read
decimally. Please review the examples below:

                                          Call Numbers

A call number is combination of numbers, letters and symbols which identifies a book,
videocassette or other materials in the Library Media Center. Each CBA call number has at
least 2 parts: the Dewey Classification number and the first 3 letters of the authors last name
or the first three letters of the title of the book. Other components may be included:

         Location code directs patrons to the area in which this book is located.
                       REF Reference
                       SC     Story Collection
                       NP     Non-Print
                       PRO Professional
                       VID Video
                       CAS Cassette
         Edition Date The year when the book was published
         Volume Number The book’s volume number in a set of books such as
         Copy Number Used the library media center has more than one copy of a book

NP             Location code for non-print
CAS            Location code for audio cassette
812            Dewey number
DEA            First three letters of the title of the cassette

REF            Location code for reference materials
031            Dewey number
ACA            First three letters of the title of the book
1992           Edition date
V. 19          Volume number

PRO            Location code for Professional area
370.11         Dewey number
LIC            First three letters of author’s last name
Spine Label The sticker (label) on the skinny side (the spine) of the book and has the call
number on it.

Fiction Books Fictions books are arranged by the author’s last name and have a location
code of FIC.
FIC Location code
KIN First three letters of the author’s last name

FIC    Location code
STE    First three letters of author’s last name

Shelf List An author may write several fiction books. To arrange these books on the shelf,
use the title of the book to determine the order on the shelf. First words such as “The”, “A”
“AN” are ignored.

FIC AIK        Black Hearts in Battersea
FIC AIK        The Embroidered Sunset
FIC AIK        The Five-Minute Marriage

FIC KIN        Bag of Bones
FIC KIN        Black House
FIC KIN        Firestarter

822.33 SHA Antony and Cleopatra
822.33 SHA King Henry VIII
822.33 SHA The Taming of the Shrew

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