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					                                  Lean Manager Certificate Course
This course provides you with an introduction to the fundamentals of Lean. Recognized as one of the
most effective operating systems in business, the Toyota Production System (TPS) is the origin of what
has become known as Lean. Incorporating an introduction to all the aspects of Lean, this course is
designed to transfer knowledge in planning and implementation through interactive learning and examples
to anyone who is leading and/or is on a Lean implementation team for an enterprise. Participants will be
able to recognize the value and importance of Lean to an organization’s operations and identify
opportunities for improvement back on their jobs. As a result of this training course, participants will be
able to contribute to improvement projects in their own institution, government, business, or industry

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

       Describe the concept of a Lean operating system
       Define the tools supporting the Lean model
       Clarify internal and external customers
       Create value stream maps
       Use lean tools to reduce waste and improve process flow
       Describe how Lean can improve the performance of an enterprise
       Explain how the Lean tools work together to create a Lean environment
       Explain the importance of the role that people play in organizational change
       Relate lean principles to office processes, quality management, engineering, and supply chains
       Recognize opportunities for Lean improvements
       Construct implementation plans for a lean project
       Contribute to an organization’s improvement projects

Who Should Attend

Lean concepts are appropriate for any functional area within any organization. Lean principles can be
applied to any value stream within every aspect of a business, government, non-profit operation, including
healthcare, manufacturing and factory management, logistics and supplier management, customer
relations, office processes, product design and engineering, and curriculum design and delivery. There is
no prerequisite for this class.
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Hands-On Practice

The participant will receive a manual which contains the key concepts, definitions, and examples
presented in the course and hands-on exercises. The participant will opportunities to practice the skills
learned through a variety of class interaction and simulation exercises. The lessons are followed by
simulation in the classroom. You will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned, and then
discuss and debrief the situational exercises as they apply to the job environment. You will capture the
current state understanding where and when to apply Lean tools, brainstorm solutions, and design future
desired state.

Course Length

This is a three-day (24 hrs) course meeting 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

Course Outline

      Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma
      Lean Process Simulation
      Lean Principles
      Value Stream Mapping
      Process Flow Improvement
      Pull Systems
      Takt Time and Work Balance
      5S and Visual Tools
      Set-Up Reduction
      Total Productive Maintenance
      Measuring and Communicating Results
      Kaizen Preparation
      Project Selection and Definition
      Team Selection and Charter

The Lean Management Fundamentals Certificate Course includes:

      Three days of classroom training
      Training materials (hard copy and flash drive)
      Lunch for days of training
      Columbus State Community College Lean Manager Certificate
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Terri Jostes has 18 years experience in leading continuous improvement projects in manufacturing and
service industries. Terri is a Master Black Belt and has taught and mentored Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt
training in manufacturing, professional service, and educational settings. During her 12 years with
General Electric she gained extensive experience applying the tools in production operations, quality and
supply chain management. She went on to lead transactional LSS deployments in the Columbus area with
tremendous success. Students appreciate Terri’s practical approach to performance improvement and her
ability to relate to all types of businesses.



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You can register online, by using the attached form or call Carie Stillman at 614-287-2434

Customized On Site

This course can be brought to your company site for your entire team or department and tailored to your
specific needs. Contact Jim Kalna, Center for Workforce Development, Columbus State Community
College at 614-287-5425 or jkalna@cscc.edu

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