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									                     Lean/Six Sigma Training and Certification
Lean and Six Sigma are methodologies that companies apply to all aspects of the business enterprise and
are applicable to ALL business sectors whether health care, retail, financial, etc., and real improvements
and benefits are being realized in every transactional, service, and other totally divergent business
environments. What grew out of manufacturing settings is now having the same powerful success in any
enterprise that provides any service or product in any business or office setting. The fundamental basis
for the success of Lean and Six Sigma methods in all facets of an organization is the ability to identify
waste, reduce it, and aggressively eliminate non-value added activities and improve response to that
business’ customer base whether internal or external.

The successful Lean/Six Sigma journey will have you:

      Focusing on the Customer, their expectations and what they perceive as value
      Passionate about Continuous Improvement in the elimination of waste in any form
      Identifying where an organization adds value through its processes, procedures, services,
       practices, etc., and the identification of non-value added activities
      Creating the ability for products or transactional activities to flow through the organization in the
       most efficient manner
      Understanding which of these methods or combination of methods and tools will have the greatest
       impact in a business

Lean/Six Sigma methods are designed to yield benefits by supporting the optimum methodology matched
to an organization’s business objectives and needs while establishing a sustainable process for ongoing
improvement. All work can be understood and analyzed as a process or series of processes, then data can
be gathered to fully understand the process so it can be re-engineered to eliminate unnecessary activity
and yield optimal results in most efficient manner. This is true of service or administrative processes, as
well as manufacturing operations. To allow an organization to make “fact-based” decisions vs.
“perception-based” decisions which are not only on-target, but bring real and positive results moving the
organization successfully toward its desired goals and future state.

A Comprehensive Lean/Six Sigma Training Program Creates Limitless Opportunities

The Columbus State Community College Lean/Six Sigma Training Programs provides comprehensive
learning needed to target improvements in every area of your business. The Lean/Six Sigma training
programs feature Lean Manager, Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt Training, and Lean/Six Sigma Black
Belt Training, as well as Lean Simulation, 8D Problem Solving/Decision Making, Set-Up Reduction,
and Analytical Trouble Shooting courses and workshops.

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