zpp fortnightly no2 050331 by WhiONJZ


									                                   FORTNIGHTLY MONITORING REPORT

       Weeks 3–4 (16th–31st March 2005)                                                            Zimbabwe Peace Project


      Despite assurances and claims by                                                                         after the assault, the assailants
                                                      intimidation, assault and arson. At
   the government that peace would                                                                             urinated in the victims’ cooking
                                                      least 200 cases of harassment and
   prevail in the run up to the March 31st                                                                     pots, food stuffs and ripped open
                                                      intimidation were recorded, while 41
   general elections, the situation on the                                                                     bags of mealie-meal before relieving
                                                      cases of assaults surfaced. Monitors’
   ground is completely at a tangent with                                                                      themselves into the bags.
                                                      reports have five cases of arson attacks
   this these claims.                                                                                            It was reported that on the 24th in
                                                      while unlawful detentions mostly
    According to reports from the ZPP’s                                                                        Mabvuku, T, an MDC supporter
                                                      perpetrated by the Zimbabwe Republic
   community-based primary monitors                                                                            was kidnapped along Guzha Street
                                                      Police (ZRP) and Zanu PF adherents
   the political tension currently                                                                             before being systematically tortured
                                                      were reported as having increased.
   permeating the country’s legislative                                                                        by three unidentified Zanu PF youth
                                                        In Mutare South on 19 March
   electoral constituencies is a sure                                                                          militia who accused the victim of
                                                      2005, Movement for Democratic
   indication that the prospect of a free                                                                      being aligned to the MDC.
                                                      Change (MDC) youths guarding the
   and fair election being held is highly                                                                        Arson attacks, though having
                                                      venue of their party’s rally at
   questionable.                                                                                               occurred negligently, were
                                                      Munyarari were allegedly assaulted by
     Manicaland recorded a sharp                                                                               employed by rowdy political
                                                      Zanu PF youth militia led by war
   increase in cases of harassment,                                                                            activists in the capital. It was
                                                      veterans M and MN. It is alleged that

                                             Figure 1: Comparison chart showing the human rights violation cases received from the
                                             Northern and Southern regions during the last two weeks of March 2005.
                  1                                                                                           8                                0
Executive Summary 1           1                                     t
                                                                  en                           212                                   84
Regional Chart    3           1                               ce
                                                           la ion                                    10                                    2
Methodology                   3                         sp idat
                                                     Di im ion
                                                         nt nt           0                                    3
NORTHERN REGION                                       t/I te e
                    10                              en l De rtur                         4                                     2
Harare/Chitungwiza 11 3                          ss
                                                   m fu
                                                              To IP
                                               ra lwa
                                              a n                 M                                      6                                 1
Mashonaland East       5                     H U
                                                                     on                        9                                     4
Mashonaland Central    7                                         rs
                                                               A g
                                                                  tin                                163                                  34
Mashonaland West       8                                       oo t
                                                            t/L aul 0
Manicaland                                               ef s
                    14 10                             Th As n
                                                                    io                         2                                     1
SOUTHERN REGION                                                  ct
                                                              du ng
Bulawayo                      14                          Ab ppi         0                                    1
                                                           d na pe                                            1                                0
Matebeleland South            15                         Ki Ra
Matebeleland North            15                                ur 0%        10%   20%   30%       40%       50%   60%   70%   80%       90% 100%
Midlands                      16
Masvingo                      19
                                               Northern Region                           Southern Region

reported that on the 17th in Mutasa       areas.
South, Zanu PF activists, DG, LT, TS        The country’s main opposition party,         on the 16th by five war veterans
and others set fire to houses belonging   the MDC also made a ‘contribution’ to          led by NM and CM
to MDC members JP, LK and GM              irregular acts. In Gokwe (Nembudziya)            Incidents of kidnapping have
destroying property worth more that       for example, three MDC supporters M, C         also been reported as having
$8 million in the Muchena area.           and another identified as Chikara, on the      been rife. It was reported that
  It is alleged that on the 16th, in      21st allegedly harassed two Zanu PF            on the 16th in Buhera South,
Mabvuku SG, an MDC supporter was          members M and M after demanding that           JC, a Zanu PF activist from
thoroughly assaulted and had his car      the two ‘reform’ by joining the MDC.           Chapanduka was kidnapped and
torched by six Zanu PF youths               The ZPP finds it quite worrying to note      severely assaulted by three
belonging to the notorious                that the country’s uniformed forces, who       MDC activists MA, AJ and
Chipangano militia group after they       are essentially supposed to be impartial,      CM.
accused him of supporting what they       continue to portray themselves as                Politicisation of food has been
called a ‘sell-out’ party at Matongo      partisan. In Gokwe, an AB of                   a countrywide phenomenon. In
shops.                                    Mapfungautsi residential area was              Buhera, two MDC supporters,
  Midlands recorded an unusually          alleged forced by police details to join a     M and M were allegedly
high number of violence cases, most       Zanu PF slogan drill in which some             assaulted by three war veterans,
of which were allegedly perpetrated by    members of the uniformed forces were           M, MN and M who are also
Zanu PF supporters. In Gokwe              alleged to have participated on the 16th.      said to have barred the two
(Kana), a Zimbabwe Electoral              In Harare North on the 22nd, two police        from accessing maize from the
Commission official, MT was, on the       officers allegedly harassed RN, JP and T       Grain Marketing Board (GMB)
17th allegedly harassed by SM, a Zanu     for putting up campaign posters in             at Zangana Business Centre.
PF supporter who was inexplicably         Mabelreign.                                      The ZPP urges all political
angry after having been informed that       Intra-party clashes have been occurring      parties to exercise tolerance
the March 31st ballot boxes would be      sporadically. In Dzivarasekwa, on 17           especially after the polls. We
transparent.                              March, RC, an MDC supporter was                also commend the country’s
  The ZPP would like to urge relevant     allegedly assaulted by fellow party            law enforcement agencies for
electoral bodies to put measures in       members KD and TS who were riled at            reacting in good time to resolve
place to ensure that such elements are    the said victim’s election as a local          some of the violent situations
brought to book, as well as ensure that   Chairperson.                                   associated with the elections.
voter education programmes are done         Displacements have also occurred as a        The police must at all times
extensively with the sole aim of          result of political differences. In Seke       exercise their duties in a non-
providing correct information to the      for example, JR, an MDC supporter was          partisan manner to remain
electorate, especially those in remote    reportedly displaced from Brenton farm         credible.

  Figure 2: Graph showing numbers of different incidents of human rights violations recorded for the last two
  weeks of March 2005.


                      0           50        100          150          200          250         300          350

                     MURDER                                           RAPE
                     KIDNAPPING                                       ABDUCTION
                     ASSAULT                                          THEFT/LOOTING
                     ARSON                                            MALICIOUS INJURY TO PROPERTY
                     TORTURE                                          UNLAWFUL DETENTION
                     HARASSMENT/INTIMIDATION                          DISPLACEMENT


  This report is based on reports                                                electoral constituencies of                                      verifying reports from the
  from ZPP long-term community                                                   Zimbabwe). These monitors                                        monitors, the provincial
  based primary peace monitors                                                   reside in the constituencies they                                coordinators compile provincial
  who observe, monitor and record                                                monitor. The monitors compile                                    fortnightly monitoring reports that
  cases of human rights violations                                               reports that are handed over to                                  are used to come up with this
  in the constituencies they reside.                                             ZPP provincial coordinators who                                  report-the ZPP fortnightly
  ZPP deploys a total of 240                                                     lead ZPP offices in the ten                                      monitoring report.
  community-based primary peace                                                  administrative provinces of
  monitors (two per each 120                                                     Zimbabwe. After receiving and


     50                                                                             44                                                                                  45

     10                                              2                                                  4           1                                     2                                4
                          0          0                                  0                                                     0              0
                      r                          g                  n              lt               g                                                  n                 n             t
                   de           pe             in               tio             au                in          so
                                                                                                                n        IP
                                                                                                                                        re         tio               tio            en
              ur              Ra             pp              uc               ss             ot             Ar
                                                                                                                                    or          en                da              em
             M                             na              d                A              Lo                                     T          et                  i               c
                                       d                 Ab                            ft/                                                lD               nt
                                                                                                                                                              im              la
                                     Ki                                              he                                                 fu              t/i                isp
                                                                                    T                                                                                   D
                                                                                                                                       w             en
                                                                                                                                   Un          ss
                                                                            Type of cases                                                   ra
                                                                                                                                         Ha                               Mar-05

Budiriro                                                                                allegedly forced to don Zanu PF t-                                        reported that RC, an MDC
                                                                                        shirts and to house a Zanu PF                                             supporter was assaulted by fellow
14 March 2005                                                                           campaign poster in their bus. It is                                       MDC supporters KD and TS who
                                                                                        further claimed that they were                                            were riled at the said victim’s
It is alleged that SC, an MDC                                                           threatened with a ban from plying                                         election as a local Chairperson.
supporter was assaulted by JS and                                                       the Budiriro-town centre route if
MS, Zanu PF youths after they                                                           they refused.                                                             20 March 2005
spotted him wearing a red cap which
the youths claimed was an MDC                                                           26 March 2005                                                             At Pfukwa shops four people were
garment. This is said to have                                                                                                                                     allegedly beaten by thirteen Zanu
occurred at Budiriro Shopping                                                           LK was reportedly assaulted by her                                        PF youths dressed in police
Centre.                                                                                 sister and a friend GK and LG (Zanu                                       uniform on allegations of
                                                                                        PF) for wearing an MDC t-shirt.                                           displaying an ‘unbecoming
16 March 2005                                                                                                                                                     behaviour’. The alleged assailants,
                                                                                        Dzivaresekwa                                                              it is said, underwent two-week
In Budiriro 4 it is believed that JH                                                                                                                              training courses to front as police
was harassed and intimidated by his                                                     14 March 2005                                                             officers.
TKM, a neighbour who is also a war
veteran. It is alleged that the war                                                     In a case of unlawful detention,                                          26 March 2005
veteran accused the said victim of                                                      three youths namely, W, T and D
receiving money from the MDC.                                                           were purportedly harassed and                                             In Warren Park D, it is reported
                                                                                        forced to attend a Zanu PF meeting                                        that many people including A, A
20 March 2005                                                                           by nine ruling party youths.                                              and MN were harassed and
                                                                                                                                                                  intimidated by a group of twelve
JT, WC and unnamed youth,                                                               17 March 2005                                                             Zanu PF youths who were forcing
commuter omnibus workers were                                                           In Westlea residential suburb, it is                                      the victims to attend a ruling party


meeting and to register as voters.        regalia.                                  reported that people were
                                                                                    forced to attend a Zanu PF
In a separate incident, it was reported   Also, at Chisipite Shopping Centre,       meeting by about thirty Zanu
that four MDC youths, JM, ST, RT          SN (MDC) was reportedly harassed          PF youths.
and BM assaulted TM in                    and beaten by a Zanu PF youth who
Dzivaresekwa after having been seen       accused the said victim of preferring     23 March 2005
wearing a Zanu PF t-shirt.                to don MDC garb to Zanu PF t-
                                          shirts.                                   At Machipisa Shopping Centre
Harare Central                                                                      it was also reported that people
                                          For wearing an MDC bandana, JK            were forced to attend a Zanu PF
11 March 2005                             (MDC) was allegedly harassed and          meeting by four Zanu PF
                                          beaten by three Zanu Pf youths TK,        youths.
It was reported that three MDC youths     GC and J.
JM, SM and CC were assaulted by                                                     Kambuzuma
NC, an ardent Zanu PF activist at the     Harare North
Ximex Mall for commenting on the                                                    18 March 2005
large turn out at an MDC rally the        17 March 2005
previous day.                                                                       It is alleged that in Section 5,
                                          AM (Zanu PF) was reportedly               members of the public were
13 March 2005                             beaten up by three MDC youths PR,         harassed, intimidated and
                                          WM and LG for denouncing the              forced to chant Zanu PF slogans
At the Main Post Office it is alleged     MDC.                                      by four men claiming to be war
that six MDC youths harassed and                                                    veterans.
assaulted four Zanu PF youths who         22 March 2005
were coming from a Zanu PF meeting.                                                 26 March 2005
                                          Two police officers allegedly
25 March 2005                             harassed RN, JP and T for putting         In Section 2, it is said that three
                                          up campaign posters in Mabelreign.        Zanu PF activists were engaged
AT Copacabana terminus, two                                                         in acts of intimidation, forcing
commuter omnibus operators M and T        26 March 2005                             residents to produce Zanu PF
were reportedly harassed and                                                        membership cards. It is further
intimidated by three Zanu PF youths       It is alleged that AB, a Zanu PF          alleged that those who failed to
T, J and G after they refused to stick    activist harassed and forced a Mrs.       produce the cards were either
up a Zanu PF campaign poster on their     B to attend a ruling party rally in the   assaulted or threatened with
vehicle.                                  constituency.                             unspecified action.

Harare East                               27 March 2005                             Mabvuku

21 March 2005                             Two Zanu PF youths, B and S               16 March 2005
                                          allegedly assaulted S at the Fort
At Kamfinsa Shopping Centre, it is        Concrete complex after they               It is alleged that SG, an MDC
alleged that vendors and patrons of a     discovered the said victim supported      supporter was thoroughly
Portuguese restaurant were forced to      the MDC.                                  assaulted and had his car
attend a Zanu PF meeting.                                                           torched by six Zanu PF youths
                                          Highfield                                 belonging to the notorious
23 March 2005                                                                       Chipangano militia group after
                                          16 March 2005                             they accused him of supporting
Zanu PF youths were allegedly                                                       what they called a ‘sell-out’
intimidating and harassing residents of   It was reported that at Machipisa         party at Matongo shops.
Rhodesville, especially women, to         Shopping Centre, eight suspected
register and vote for the ruling party.   Zanu PF youths assaulted PS and           24 March 2005
                                          four others after the said victims
27 March 2005                             declined the ‘offer’ to close their       In Gudza Street it is said that T,
                                          flea-markets and attend a Zanu PF         an MDC supporter was
At Msasa shops it is reported that AN     rally.                                    kidnapped and tortured by three
(Zanu PF) was harassed and beaten by      18 March 2005                             Zanu PF youths for his
MDC youths for wearing Zanu PF            In the Lusaka residential area, it was    allegiance with the MDC.


                                                                     Zanu PF.                                                                                Chikomba
26 March 2005
                                                                     24 March 2005                                                                           17 March 2005
For wearing an MDC t-shirt, N, an
MDC youth was reportedly                                             Ten MDC women who were                                                                  At Marindamashanu shops it is
kidnapped and tortured by three                                      campaigning for their party were                                                        reported that a driver belonging to
unidentified Zanu PF youths along                                    reportedly harassed by an unidentified                                                  the MDC was assaulted by a group
Shambare Street.                                                     Zanu PF youth.                                                                          of thirty Zanu PF youths led by CM
                                                                                                                                                             and PM. The victim was accused of
Mufakose                                                             Along Chaminuka road, the outgoing                                                      supporting the MDC.
                                                                     MP, JS’s driver was allegedly attacked
18 March 2005                                                        by three Zanu PF youths.                                                                19 March 2005

At Zvevatsunga shop, it is reported                                  27 March 2005                                                                           Twelve people including Mrs. C
that RG was harassed by NM (Zanu                                                                                                                             were reportedly harassed,
PF) for increasing the volume of his                                 At Chigovanyika shops it is alleged that                                                intimidated and chased away from a
television set every time an MDC                                     five MDC youth who were campaigning                                                     Zanu PF meeting by local Zanu PF
campaign advert was flighted.                                        for their party were harassed and                                                       leaders led by Mr. Z, who had
                                                                     intimidated by two war veterans.                                                        accused the more than dozen Zanu
23 March 2005                                                                                                                                                PF supporters of having attended an
                                                                     Zengeza                                                                                 MDC rally.
SK was supposedly harassed by two
Zanu PF youths, TK and JM for                                        17 March 2005                                                                           20 March 2005
failing to attend a Zanu PF meeting.
                                                                     MC was reportedly threatened and                                                        An unnamed woman was reportedly
26 March 2005                                                        harassed by more than ten Zanu PF                                                       evicted from her lodgings by K for
JG was allegedly assaulted by two                                    youths calling for a meeting along                                                      supporting the MDC.
MDC youths who were forcing him                                      Nhungu Street.
to wear an MDC t-shirt.                                                                                                                                      21 March 2005
                                                                     21 March 2005
St Mary’s                                                                                                                                                    SP was said to have been harassed
                                                                     It is reported that more than twenty-five                                               and intimidated by ten Zanu PF
19 March 2005                                                        Zanu PF youths barred MDC youths                                                        youths who accused him of ferrying
                                                                     from campaigning in Unit D, following                                                   MDC supporters to the small town
MJ, a Zanu PF supporter was                                          clashes between the two groups.                                                         of Chivhu for their campaigns.
allegedly assaulted by TP, an MDC                                                                                                                            24 March 2005
activist who demanded that the                                       Mashonaland East                                                                        In Chivhu it was reported that ‘top
victim should cease campaigning for                                                                                                                          five’ Zanu PF youths were

                                                                                    Mashonaland East                                                                             41
              35                                                                            28

               5               0           0                0                   0                                2           0         1                 0         2                             1
                           r                                                               lt                                                                     n                                t
                         de           pe              in
                                                                                         au               tin
                                                                                                                         n        IP
                                                                                                                                                    re         io                io
                       ur          Ra               pp              ct                ss                oo           Ar
                                                                                                                                 M            r             nt                 at             em
                      M                           na              du                A                /L                                    To           e te                 id             c
                                                d               Ab                                ft                                                 lD                nt
                                                                                                                                                                          im             la
                                                                                            T   he                                                 fu              t/i              D isp
                                                                                                                                                  w            en
                                                                                                                                            Un               m
                                                                                     Type of cases                                                     ra
                                                                                                                                                    Ha                                 Mar-05


 remanded by a Chivhu magistrate for        It is alleged that teachers in          19 March 2005
 harassing MDC supporters and tearing       Marondera were forced to attend a
 MDC posters.                               Zanu PF meeting at Nehanda hall in      Headman N was reportedly taking
                                            Dombotombo by a war veteran K,          down villagers’ names and
 Goromonzi                                  and LK a Zanu PF provincial             threatening them with death if
                                            member. At the meeting the              they chose not to vote for Zanu PF
 17 March 2005                              teachers were strictly ordered to       in the parliamentary elections.
                                            vote for Zanu PF in the
 A Zanu PF youth, MM, ostensibly            parliamentary elections if they were    21 March 2005
 harassed and assaulted NS at Mungate       entertaining hopes of retaining their
 shops for putting on an MDC t-shirt.       jobs after the elections.               It is alleged that in Mahusekwa,
                                                                                    Zanu PF youths led by AM forced
 Four Zanu PF youths allegedly              18 March 2005                           people to a rally and denied all
 assaulted RC and CK with an electric                                               known MDC supporters access to
 cable after being accused of               It was also reported that members of    free medical treatment.
 supporting the MDC.                        the Roman Catholic Church were
                                            harassed and forced to attend a Zanu    Murewa North
 18 March 2005                              PF meeting at Nehanda hall in
                                            Dombotombo by LK and Mrs. G             17 March 2005
 LM, TM and Z (MDC) were                    who claimed that their priest, by
 reportedly harassed and intimidated        virtue of being white, was an MDC       At Chikupo shops it is alleged that
 for wearing MDC t-shirts at                supporter and therefore should be       VM who was putting up MDC
 Mverechena shops by suspected Zanu         expelled from Marondera.                posters was harassed and
 PF supporters.                                                                     assaulted by two Zanu PF youths,
                                            In Nyameni residential area, three      AM and DZ.
 19 March 2005                              Zanu PF members reportedly
                                            harassed and intimidated EM, the        In Chitongo village it is alleged
 At Juru growth point, EM (MDC) was         wife of a late MDC activist before      that SC was assaulted by two
 allegedly harassed by JM a Zanu PF         attempting to force her to join Zanu    Zanu Pf youths GM and TM who
 supporter for supporting the MDC.          PF.                                     accused the said victim of
                                                                                    supporting the MDC.
 Hwedza                                     19 March 2005
                                                                                    18 March 2005
 16 March 2005                              It was reported that AM was
                                            harassed and beaten up by two           At Mahachi shops three MDC
 It is alleged that TM, an MDC              MDC members, ZM and PG who              supporters who were putting up
 supporter was assaulted for attending      accused him of spying for Zanu PF       campaign posters were reportedly
 an MDC rally by TM a Zanu PF youth         at Marondera Country Club.              assaulted by five Zanu Pf youths,
 at St. Joseph’s School.                                                            TZ, PK, AM, JC and TZ.
                                            22 March 2005
 17 March 2005                                                                      19 March 2005
                                            It is purported that Mrs. J and her
 At Mutiweshiri shops, it is alleged that   family were harassed and                It is alleged that Chakanyuka
 FG, a Zanu PF member had his t-shirt       intimidated by three Zanu PF            villagers were threatened with
 torn by two MDC members, FG and            Women’s league members at her           assaults by three Zanu PF youths,
 JG following a political                   house who accused her of                JM, DM and FK for failing to
 misunderstanding.                          supporting the MDC.                     attend a Zanu PF meeting.

 20 March 2005                              23 March 2005                           20 March 2005

 At Mapumbu School, it is alleged that      At Cherutombo shops, VM, an             Ward 9 residents were reportedly
 two MDC supporters, TM and FG              MDC supporter was allegedly             harassed and intimidated by Zanu
 were assaulted by three Zanu PF            harassed and intimidated by two         PF youths on door-to-door
 members MJ, PN and FG who accused          Zanu PF supporters WG and EG for        campaigns.
 them of spying for the MDC.                reading MDC pamphlets.
 Marondera East                                                                     21 March 2005
 17 March 2005                              Marondera West                          FN, an MDC member was
                                                                                    reportedly assaulted by three Zanu


PF youths MG, MR and CC for not                                                   At Brenton farm it is alleged that JR,                                     26 March 2005
having a Zanu PF membership card.                                                 an MDC member was harassed and
                                                                                  displaced by five war veterans led by                                      Zanu PF youths are alleged to have
Murewa South                                                                      NM and CM.                                                                 clashed when GJ (29) and T J (34)
                                                                                                                                                             waved at their relatives while
19 March 2005                                                                     18 March 2005                                                              travelling on a bus. This was said to
                                                                                                                                                             have irked M, a fellow party
It is reported that MK and her family                                             JM, an MDC supporter was reportedly                                        member who allegedly attacked the
were denied access to GMB maize                                                   forced to attend a Zanu PF rally by                                        two. It is said an unnamed police
being given to other villagers by Zanu                                            ruling party youths led by BM and                                          constable had to be called to quell
PF youths who accused them of                                                     WM.                                                                        the situation.
supporting the MDC.
                                                                                  19 March 2005                                                              27 March 2005
23 March 2005
                                                                                  DC and other three Zanu (Ndonga)                                           CG (28) of Zanu PF was reportedly
ON was reportedly harassed and had                                                supporters were reportedly harassed                                        assaulted by CM (32) of the MDC
MDC membership cards confiscated                                                  and intimidated by Zanu PF youths led                                      after the former refused to remove
by eight Zanu Pf youths led by LZ at                                              by EC for putting up their party’s                                         campaign posters for his party.
Chemapango shops.                                                                 campaign posters.
                                                                                                                                                             Mazoe East
Mutoko South                                                                      20 Mach 2005
                                                                                                                                                             17 March 2005
18 March 2005                                                                     At Golden Acres farm it is alleged that
                                                                                  RM, a Zanu PF supporter was                                                CM (30) a suspected MDC
TM, an MDC supporter was                                                          harassed by MDC supporters who                                             supporter was allegedly assaulted by
reportedly assaulted by ZM and PM                                                 attempted to force him to attend an                                        GM (25), a Zanu PF activist after he
(Zanu PF activists) for attending an                                              MDC rally.                                                                 came upon CM discussing with an
MDC rally.                                                                        22 March 2005                                                              unnamed friend about the country’s
                                                                                                                                                             economic woes. It is said GM took
19 March 2005                                                                     CM, an MDC member was allegedly                                            it as an affront against the ruling
                                                                                  harassed and intimidated by suspected                                      party.
PH, a suspected MDC supporter was                                                 Zanu PF youths at his homestead for
allegedly harassed by ZK a Zanu Pf                                                being actively involved MDC                                                20 March 2005
youth for refusing to be elected into                                             activism.
the Zanu PF structures.                                                                                                                                      KZ (30) allegedly assaulted MM
                                                                                  Mashonaland Central                                                        (25) at Tsungubvi Beerhall in
Seke                                                                              Mazoe West                                                                 Glendale for wearing an MDC t-
16 March 2005                                                                                                                                                shirt. The police intervened and
                                                                                                                                                             detained the assailants for a while

                                                                                   Mashonaland Central
               20                                                                         15                                                                             15

                5            0           0              0                     0                             0           0         0                 0       0                              0
                         r                                                               lt                                                              n                             t
                       de           pe            in
                                                                   t   io
                                                                                       au            tin
                                                                                                                    n        IP              tu
                                                                                                                                               re    tio             t..
                                                                                                                                                                         .           en
                     ur          Ra             pp              uc                  ss             oo           Ar
                                                                                                                            M            r         en            /in              em
                    M                         na              bd                  A            t/L                                    To        et              t               c
                                             d                                              ef                                                lD             en               la
                                         Ki                 A                                                                                              m               isp
                                                                                         Th                                                wfu           ss              D
                                                                                                                                         la           ra
                                                                                               Type of cases                          Un           Ha



and released them after cautioning    They were subsequently labelled      the knowledge of people who had
them.                                 MDC apologists.                      put up MDC campaign posters in
                                                                           the area.
23 March 2005                         Mt Darwin South
                                                                           28 March 2005
For having three sons actively        19 March 2005
involved in MDC activities Mrs Z                                           LC (35) and CK (30) of the MDC
(45) allegedly suffered               Headman GG (50) of Kamundati         were allegedly harassed by Zanu PF
victimisation from KZ (30) of         village was reportedly harassed by   youths led by J (35) after they were
Zanu PF. She is said to have been     PC (50) at Kumundati Business        spotted erecting MDC campaign
resultantly denied a stall at the     Centre for letting his people        posters at Mutungagore Business
market to sell her wares.             attend an MDC rally                  Centre.

24 March 2005                         20 March 2005                        Mashonaland West
At a Zanu PF rally, G (50) of the     TN (62) was allegedly harassed       Manyame
ruling party allegedly harassed       by BM (54) and BK (34) staunch
former farm workers at Villa          Zanu PF supporters. T was            18 March 2005
Franca farm in Glendale and           suspected to be instigating the
threatened to evict them if the       youths in the area to leave Zanu     PZ (38), the Zanu PF candidate for
ruling party loses in parliamentary   PF and support MDC the               the constituency, with two sidekicks
elections in the constituency.        allegation he refuted.               S (27) and (29) allegedly threatened
                                      21 March 2005                        teachers in Norton that they would
Guruve South                                                               lose their jobs if the ruling party
                                      An unnamed training officer and      were to lose in the elections.
18 March 2005                         war veteran (60) seemingly
                                      harassed and insulted Mr M           24 March 2005
M (45) and SJ (25) of the MDC         Headmaster of Nyamazizi
were reportedly harassed and          Primary School who is not            Mrs N (36) of the MDC is reported
assaulted by some suspected Zanu      affiliated to any political party    to have been assaulted by J (29) and
PF youths after they refused to       accusing him of being one of the     three others who accused her family
attend a Zanu PF meeting which        organisers of an MDC rally that      of supporting the MDC.
the youths were calling for.          had taken place in the area.
19 March 2005                         25 March 2005
                                                                           16 March 2005
P (35) and C (25) were reportedly     An unidentified war veteran
harassed by C (30) and K (20) of      allegedly harassed DK (25) an        EM (45), RP (38) and AM (35) of
the Zanu PF at Shinje Business        election observer demanding to       the MDC reportedly had food items
centre for displaying MDC             know why he wanted to observe        worth $150,000 confiscated by DG
posters at the business centre.       and what he would do with the        (35), JK (30), EK (29) and TM who
                                      results of his observation.          were suspected to be state agents on
20 March 2005                                                              a door-to-door campaign harassing
                                      26 March 2005                        people. It is said the police managed
One M (30) of Zanu PF is alleged                                           to record statements from the
to have harassed and threatened C     PC (50) and VD (35) of Zanu PF       victims.
(25) and GC (30) with death after     allegedly led a group of Zanu PF
he saw them putting up MDC            youths to harass and bar three       19 March 2005
campaign posters.                     MDC supporters, SM (30), NM
                                      (25), and TM (50) from attending     B (40), C (40), PM (30) allegedly
23 March 2005                         an MDC rally.                        harassed OJ (25), JP (25), V (23)
                                                                           and an unidentified youth aged 26
K (40) and G (50) are suspected to    SM (46) a CIO, MM (48) war           who intended to attend an MDC
have harassed K(35) and S (40)        veteran and SP (46) a soldier        rally. It is said after the said victims
who did not remove MDC                allegedly harassed JM (35) and       reported the matter to the police,
posters from their shops’ walls.      OM (40) accusing them o f having     they (police) arrested and detained


                                                                             Mashonaland West                                                                          40
          45                                                                          35

          10                 0           0            0                 0                           0           0            2                 0         0                               0
                         r                                                         lt                                                                  n                             t
                       de           pe           ng
                                                                                 au           in
                                                                                                            n           IP                re        io              i..
                                                                                                                                                                       .           en
                     ur          Ra           pi             t                             ot           Ar
                                                                                                                    M               r   tu       nt
                                           ap             uc                  ss         Lo                                      To             e                im
                                         dn             bd                  A
                                                                                      ft/                                                    et               nt
                                     Ki               A                                                                                   lD              t/i               la
                                                                                  T he                                                  fu             en             D  isp
                                                                                                                                       w          sm
                                                                                           Type of cases                         Un           as


 the MDC supporters and only                                                               villagers to agree to vote for Zanu                                                   party reportedly harassed and
 released them after the MDC rally.                                                        PF.                                                                                   assaulted the former
                                                                                                                                                                                 Hurungwe West MP, PM
 21 March 2005                                                                             Hurungwe West                                                                         (55) after he agreed to hire
                                                                                                                                                                                 out his vehicles to the MDC
 T (20), KC (25) and MZ (20) of the                                                        17 March 2005                                                                         for their campaign activities.
 MDC are said to have assaulted CK
 (21) and WM (25) of the ruling                                                            D (49) of Zanu PF reportedly                                                          Kadoma - Ngezi
 party accusing them of denying                                                            intimidated villagers and ordered
 MDC supporters the right to                                                               all kraal heads to accompany                                                          21 March 2005
 campaign freely in the area. The                                                          villagers to the poling stations so
 MDC youths were arrested and were                                                         they could point out to them, the                                                     TT (27) and BL (29) were
 later released on $100,000 bail each.                                                     ruling party candidate before they                                                    allegedly assaulted by four
                                                                                           cast their votes.                                                                     unidentified Zanu PF youths
 25 March 2005                                                                                                                                                                   who were accusing them of
                                                                                           18 March 2005                                                                         withdrawing from the
 It is reported that CM (35) and                                                                                                                                                 campaigning team.
 unidentified two others lost kapenta                                                      B and J allegedly intimidated
 fish worth $100,000 to MM (35) and                                                        Zebra Downs residents at a                                                            25 March 2005
 LB (40) who confiscated the goods                                                         meeting where they threatened to
 after accusing the trio of                                                                ‘deal’ with all MDC supporters in                                                     Six Zanu PF youths aged
 campaigning for the MDC under the                                                         the area. The are further alleged to                                                  between 20 and 29 allegedly
 guise of selling fish.                                                                    have threatened to deny suspected                                                     assaulted CK (19), MP (24)
                                                                                           opposition supporters access to                                                       and RM (21) who failed to
 26 March 2005                                                                             food aid in the area,                                                                 attend a party meeting.

 It is alleged that MM (27) and SM                                                         Hurungwe East                                                                         Sanyati
 (30) harassed ZR (32), LM (35), SK
 (37) and AM (20) of the MDC, who                                                          16 March 2005                                                                         17 March 2005
 they accused of supporting the
 MDC.                                                                                      It is alleged that GM (36) of Zanu                                                    M (48), an MDC supporter
                                                                                           PF harassed and assaulted PC (41)                                                     was allegedly harassed by N
 Kadoma - Sanyati                                                                          of the MDC in an effort to force                                                      (27) and S (30) of the ruling
                                                                                           him to withdraw his participation                                                     party after the said victim
 24 March 2005                                                                             in the polls as an MDC party                                                          refused to join the ruling
                                                                                           agent.                                                                                party.
 It is reported that DM (30) and other
 villagers in ward 24 were harassed                                                        21 March 2005                                                                         Kariba
 by GH (39) and M (47) of the ruling
 party who attempted to get all                                                            T (32) and R (36) of the ruling                                                       25 March 2005


                                                                                                                                                          16 March 2005
 SC (29) was reportedly harassed                                               It is alleged that FM (29), SM
 by NM (39) of the ruling party                                                (21) and ET (34) of the MDC                                                It is alleged that JC, a Zanu PF
 for organising a ZESN public                                                  were assaulted by five Zanu PF                                             activist from Chapanduka was
 meeting in Kariba, which the                                                  supporters for painting Zanu PF                                            kidnapped and severely assaulted
 alleged perpetrator reckoned was                                              posters black.                                                             by three MDC activists MA, AJ
 an MDC meeting being held                                                                                                                                and CM.
 under the guise of civic education.                                           22 March 2005
                                                                                                                                                          Two MDC supporters, M and M
 Zvimba North                                                                  For refusing to attend a Zanu PF                                           were allegedly assaulted by three
                                                                               rally CS (33) and WT (29) were                                             war veterans, M, MN and M who
 26 March 2005                                                                 attacked by thirteen Zanu PF                                               are also said to have barred the
                                                                               women’s league members at their                                            two from accessing maize from
 TC (28) and EC (25) were                                                      market place.                                                              the Grain Marketing Board
 reportedly intimidated and                                                                                                                               (GMB) at Zangana Business
 harassed by TM (32), M (43), DC                                               Manicaland                                                                 Centre.
 (46) and I (27) of the ruling party
 on accusations of being MDC                                                   Buhera North                                                               17 March 2005
                                                                               16 March 2005                                                              SM of the MDC was allegedly
 Kadoma Central                                                                                                                                           assaulted with a sjambok by two
                                                                               A group of Zanu PF youths are                                              Zanu PF activists TN and EM at
 16 March 2005                                                                 said to have fallen upon WM, an                                            Dowe village.
                                                                               MDC activist from Makumbe
 EM (22), TM (29), JM (32) and                                                 village, who was allegedly                                                 19 March 2005
 JB (49) of the MDC were                                                       stabbed with a knife by SZ. The
 allegedly assaulted by Zanu                                                   injury was said to be minor and a                                          EM of Zanu PF was allegedly
 youths RC (19), CS (21), HD                                                   police report was not made.                                                beaten by his two sons A and EM,
 (32), RM (29) and RM (19) for                                                                                                                            supporters of the MDC after he
 wearing MDC t-shirts.                                                         20 March 2005                                                              had repeatedly wooed them to join
                                                                                                                                                          Zanu PF.
 17 March 2005                                                                 DC, a soldier based in Gweru
                                                                               reportedly harassed and                                                    Chimanimani
 KK (32), TM (49) of Zanu PF                                                   threatened to assault BHS for
 were reportedly harassed by eight                                             wearing an MDC t-shirt at                                                  19 March 2005
 MDC youths led by KM on                                                       Matimba Township.                                                          At a campaign rally at Bumba
 allegations of pulling down MDC                                                                                                                          Centre, Zanu PF aspiring member
 posters.                                                                      Buhera South                                                               of parliament SM, AZ, PS, SM
                                                                                                                                                          and others reportedly threatened
 20 March 2005                                                                                                                                            to assault and evict those who

                                                                                        Manicaland                                                                212

       100                                                                        41
        50             0           0                0                 3                              3           5         4                 0        8                              8
                   r                                                             lt                                                               ..                             t
                 de           pe               ng
                                                                               au              in
                                                                                                             n        IP                re     n.              t..
                                                                                                                                                                   .           en
               ur          Ra               pi             t                                ot           Ar
                                                                                                                     M            r   tu
                                         ap             uc                  ss            Lo                                   To
                                                                                                                                             te           t/in             ce
                                       dn             bd                  A
                                                                                       ft/                                                 De          en               la
                                   Ki               A
                                                                                     he                                                 ul          sm               isp
                                                                                 T                                                   wf          s               D
                                                                                                                                   la          ra
                                                                                          Type of cases                         Un          Ha



would have voted for the MDC,                                                   SM f the MDC was reportedly
claiming that it would be easy to tell   16 March 2005                          forced into a truck to attend a
as the ballots would be counted at                                              rally that was addressed by the
the polling centre.                      PC, BK and other workers at            second Vice President JM at
                                         Lowveld Trading company were           Mutema.
22 March 2005                            reportedly forced to close down
                                         their business and attend a Zanu PF    21 March 2005
MDC activists who wanted to attend       rally at Gaza Stadium which was
the funeral of a colleague were          addressed by the Zanu PF leader        HK was allegedly assaulted by
reportedly harassed and barred from      RGM. The perpetrators were named       unnamed Zanu PF youths who
doing so by ZC, the deceased’s           as GC and C.                           accused him of wearing an
sister who is also a known Zanu PF                                              MDC t-shirt at Mwacheta
member.                                  19 March 2005                          village.

24 March 2005                            EN was allegedly victimised by DC      Makoni East
                                         and EM of Zanu PF for allegedly
At a campaign rally at Bvumbura,         masquerading as a Zanu PF              16 March 2005
SM, PS, M and DK of Zanu PF              member. The victim was threatened
reportedly threatened MDC                with assault after the elections.      Mrs. T, R and C of Zanu PF
members and those who did not                                                   allegedly harassed F, who is
attend the rally with assault and        20 March 2005                          also a Zanu PF supporter for
expulsion from the area.                                                        supporting MM, whose faction
                                         At Mutema, Mrs. M was                  opposed the ‘imposed’
26 March 2005                            purportedly injured in a stampede      candidature of SC.
                                         for Zanu PF campaign t-shirts after
At a funeral at Kuretu homestead         she and others were forced to attend   18 March 2005
(Bvumbura), JK, the headman              a Zanu PF rally that was addressed
allegedly threatened all those who       by JM, the second Vice President.      WS, headman of Shambira
did not vote for Zanu PF during the                                             village purportedly victimised
elections with evictions.                23 March 2005                          his villagers by labelling them
                                                                                MDC members. It is also
Mutasa South                             M and S of Zanu PF reportedly          alleged that WS communicated
                                         harassed and threatened to evict MS    to the District Administrator
17 March 2005                            from her house after she was seen      KM to set up a polling station
                                         campaigning with MM of the MDC.        in his village so he could
For not attending a Zanu PF rally                                               closely monitor his subjects’
addressed by JM at Watsomba, PS,         26 March 2005                          voting preferences and
TM, RM and FM were reportedly                                                   behaviour.
harassed by KM, KB and LB of             Mrs. M of the MDC was allegedly
Zanu PF.                                 harassed by a group of Zanu PF         19 March 2005
                                         youths who wanted to ostensibly
19 March 2005                            search her house for weapons.          Nyabadza village headman
                                                                                allegedly told villagers that they
It is alleged that at Muchena, Zanu      Chipinge South                         were to go with him to the
PF activists, DG, LT, TS and others                                             polling station so he could
set fire to houses belonging to MDC      17 March 2005                          determine the number and
members JP, LK and GM destroying                                                names of those who voted for
property worth more that $8 million.     NC of the MDC was reportedly           the MDC. It is said he further
                                         evicted from his lodgings at           threatened MDC supporters
22 March 2005                            Checheche complex by JDC and M         with evictions if Zanu PF won
                                         after he coordinated an MDC            in the constituency.
At Manica Bridge, MDC supporters,        meeting at Myanyisa School. EP,
SD, GS, EM and GS were harassed          the Zanu PF aspiring MP owns the       20 March 2005
by Zanu PF supporters, CT, PC, TM        complex
and others, who were on a door-to-                                              MC, a village Health worker at
door campaign.                           20 March 2005                          Rugoyi was reportedly
                                                                                dismissed from work by two
Chipinge North                           At Musapingura Business Centre,        Zanu PF women’s league


members GM and AW who                allegedly threatened with death by      the voting process.
accused her of supporting the        CC of Zanu PF after he accused the
MDC.                                 of supporting the MDC.                  Mutare North

20 March 2005                        Mutare Central                          16 March 2005

FM and family were reportedly        19 March 2005                           For supporting the MDC, JN of
evicted from their home by Zanu                                              Odzi was said to have been
PF activist PM and DZ after being    EM of Mupfumi Commuters                 threatened with eviction, before
accused of supporting the MDC.       allegedly victimised Dangamvura         being barred from buying maize.
                                     residents by withdrawing his fleet of
21 March 2005                        buses after accusing them that they     OB, a primary school child was
                                     were boarding his buses to attend an    allegedly forced off a bus carrying
Mr M and M of the MDC were           MDC rally at Sakubva Stadium.           school children by Zanu PF
reportedly barred from buying                                                women’s league members from
maize (GMB) at Nyamatanda by         CM, a City Council employee was         Marange where they had attended
Councillor GM and DZ of Zanu         purportedly assaulted by unknown        a Zanu PF star rally. It is alleged
PF.                                  suspected Zanu PF youths, who           that the women branded the child
                                     accused him and other workers of        an MDC supporter because his
Makoni West                          preparing Sakubva Stadium for an        father is a well-known MDC
                                     MDC rally which they also               activist.
17 March 2005                        attended.
                                                                             17 March 2005
J K of the MDC was allegedly         21 March 2005
assaulted and had property valued                                            DC and 15 other MDC youths
at over $3 million destroyed by      For wearing an MDC t-shirt AM           who intended to attend an MDC
three Zanu PF activities, HJ , D P   was allegedly assaulted and             rally at Odzi were allegedly
and MK.                              threatened with further punitive        arrested and detained by Sergeant
                                     action by two Zanu PF women LG          C.
19 March 2005                        and MSJ who also confiscated her
                                     MDC t-shirt.                            Zanu PF members were
DM and TM of Zanu PF allegedly                                               reportedly barred from holding a
broke into LH and EG’s (MDC)         25 March 2005                           campaign meeting at Kennedy
house and stole blankets, plates                                             farm by farm workers. The farm
and other household goods            At Boka junction in Dangamvura,         owner is now under investigation
claiming the move was part of a      PK of the MDC was reportedly            by the District Administrator and
‘reorientation’ exercise to all      assaulted by a group of Zanu PF         has been threatened with eviction
MDC supporters.                      youths for having organised a tour      from the farm.
                                     of Dangamvura for the MDC leader
20 March 2005                        MT and his entourage. It is also        BM of Zanu PF (Mupfumi
                                     alleged that the assailants made off    faction) was allegedly intimidated
HM of MDC was allegedly              with the said victim’s money            by members of the C.I.O and
assaulted and unlawfully             amounting to $250,000.00.               other Zanu PF youths who visited
dentained by two Zanu PF                                                     her home in Sakubva and accused
activists, FB and an unnamed         28 March 2005                           her of decampaigning SB, the
accomplice at Chinyadza Village.                                             ruling party candidate. She was
                                     BM and M of the MDC were                threatened with ‘disappearance’.
21 March 2005                        reportedly harassed by Z and AB
                                     after attending an MDC rally in         Police at Odzi under the command
For failing to attend a Zanu PF      Dangamvura.                             of Sgt. C reportedly unlawfully
rally at Mavhudzi Primary School,                                            arrested and detained MDC
JM and CM of the MDC were            31 March 2005                           supporters, JN, Mrs. B and others,
reportedly harassed by SM , ZN                                               it is claimed, coerced them to pay
and PJ of Zanu PF.                   Zanu PF youths allegedly went           unreceipted fines.
                                     around areas designated as polling
26 March 2005                        stations singing liberation war songs   18 March 2005
                                     and intimidating voters who were in
NC, GC and family were               the queue in an attempt to disrupt      SS, a house owner in Odzi was


 reportedly victimised by Zanu PF      list’ targeted against MDC             after the perpetrator saw MDC
 agents led by SM and M for            supporters.                            posters pasted near the victim’s
 allowing MDC members to stay at                                              bottle store. The victim, it is
 his house as tenants. He was also     More than 50 villagers from            alleged, was made to sit on top
 allegedly threatened with death.      Madziwana villages were reportedly     of AM’s moving vehicle to
                                       forced to attend a Zanu PF meeting     instil fear into him.
 23 March 2005                         at kraal head M’s homestead by M
                                       and G.                                 21 March 2005
 DC and 12 other travellers in a
 Harare-Mutare train were              24 March 2005                          AC, an MDC supporter was
 reportedly victimised and                                                    allegedly assaulted by three
 reportedly forced to roll on the      A war veteran and Zanu PF activist     Zanu PF activists SZ, CM and
 train’s dirty floors at Rusape        M reportedly pulled down MDC           CM at Shawambiri village.
 station by members of the Zanu        campaign posters at Ngomasha           MDC posters he was carrying
 PF youth militia who accused          village.                               were reportedly confiscated and
 them of ‘public drinking’ before                                             destroyed. It is said the viictim
 labelling them MDC activists.         Mr M of Mambondiyani village was       was also threatened with death
                                       purportedly harassed and threatened    for carrying out MDC activities.
 Mutare South                          with eviction from his home for
                                       supporting the MDC by unnamed          28 March 2005
 19 March 2005                         Zanu PF youths who came to his
                                       home at night and sang liberation      TJ, an MDC activist
 A number of MDC youths                songs at his home.                     purportedly had his tobacco ban
 guarding the venue of their party’s                                          set on fire by TC and a group of
 rally at Munyarari were allegedly     26 March 2005                          Zanu PF youth militia for
 assaulted by Zanu PF youth                                                   supporting the opposition
 militia led by war veterans M and     WN of the MDC was purportedly          party.
 MN. It is alleged that after the      victimised and had his MDC t-shirt
 assault, the assailants urinated in   torn by M, a Zanu PF activist at       29 March 2005
 the victims’ cooking pots, food       Tamisai Business Centre.
 stuffs and ripped open bags of                                               ST and TM of the MDC were
 mealie-meal before relieving          Mutare West                            reportedly assaulted by EC and
 themselves into the bags.                                                    F, a war veteran after they were
                                       18 March 2005                          spotted at an MDC rally at
 20 March 2005                                                                Mhangaureve.
                                       An unnamed Zanu PF convict on
 It is said that JRS of the MDC and    community service at Marange           Nyanga
 a colleague were illegally            hospital, RPM allegedly harassed
 detained by ZRP details while         and threatened NM an MDC activist      16 March 2005
 they were on their way to attend      with death for supporting the
 an MDC rally at Munyarari.            opposition party.                      Zanu PF activists led by KM, T,
                                                                              SK and JC allegedly ejected
 MN and a Zanu PF colleague            19 March 2005                          MDC members SC, MN and
 were reportedly assaulted by                                                 SM off their flea market stalls
 unnamed MDC youths on a               MDC members SM and RM were             at Sedze Business Centre.
 revenge mission after they            allegedly harassed and threatened
 (victims) had allegedly assaulted     with eviction by Zanu PF agents JM     17 March 2005
 MDC youths before spoiling their      and AM who warned them against
 food the previous night.              furthering MDC political activism in   Mr. and Mrs. T were allegedly
 It is alleged that Mrs. MK, a Zanu    the area.                              assaulted and evicted from a
 PF activist masqueraded as an                                                shop they were leasing at
 MDC official, took down people’s      20 March 2005                          Nyamuumba Centre after they
 names ostensibly for an MDC                                                  were labelled MDC members
 food handout programme. It is         GM an MDC supporter and a bottle       by KM, T and SK, notorious
 further alleged that she submitted    store attendant at Katsidzira bottle   Zanu PF activists in the area.
 the list to FK, the Zanu PF           store was allegedly victimised and
 parliamentary aspirant and war        assaulted by AM of Zanu PF
 veterans who added it to a ‘hit


         8                                                                                                                                                   7

         2                                                        1               1            1
         1            0           0             0                                                          0         0                 0        0                         0
                  r                                                          lt                                                                n                              t
                de           pe           in
                                                       t   io
                                                                           au           tin
                                                                                                       n        IP              tu
                                                                                                                                  re       tio               tio
              ur          Ra            pp          uc                  ss            oo           Ar
                                                                                                               M            r            en               da             em
             M                        na          bd                  A            /L                                    To           et                i              c
                                  d                                             ft                                                lD                 im             la
                              Ki                A
                                                                              he                                                                  nt             isp
                                                                            T                                                   fu            t/i              D
                                                                  Type of cases                                             la
                                                                                                                               w           en
                                                                                                                         Un              m
                                                                                                                                Ha                                 Mar-05

 Bulawayo                                                                             18 March 2005                                                              26 March 2005

 Lobengula/Magwegwe                                                                   IM of Gwabalanda was allegedly                                             Suspected Zanu PF supporters
                                                                                      manhandled and harassed by                                                 allegedly harassed BN who was
 15 March 2005                                                                        suspected Zanu PF supporters at                                            wearing an MDC t-shirt at
                                                                                      Chigumira shopping Centre after                                            Ingwegwe Shopping Centre in
 It is alleged that three Zanu PF                                                     they accused him of being an                                               Pumula East.
 supporters accosted Mr N at his                                                      ardent MDC supporter.
 home and ordered him together                                                                                                                                   27 March 2005
 with his family to accept Zanu PF t-                                                 20 March 2005
 shirts they were distributing.                                                                                                                                  Mr M, a Zanu PF campaign
                                                                                      Suspected Zanu PF supporters                                               manager was reportedly
 19 March 2005                                                                        allegedly attempted to disrupt an                                          harassed and assaulted by some
                                                                                      MDC meeting in Cowdry Park                                                 suspected Zanu PF youths after
 N.M and ZM were reportedly                                                           residential area when they threw                                           she failed to ‘dutifully’ provide
 ordered to undergo terror                                                            stones at the participants.                                                them with money, t-shirts and
 campaigns organised by the ruling                                                                                                                               food.
 party so they could be enrolled to                                                   21 March 2005
 train as nurses.                                                                                                                                                Bulawayo East
                                                                                      ET of Gwabalanda was allegedly
 23 March 2005                                                                        assaulted by suspected MDC                                                 25 March 2005
                                                                                      youths after they accused him of
 VB and EL, both MDC supporters                                                       being a Zanu PF informer.                                                  JM was reportedly assaulted by
 were reportedly asked to cook at a                                                                                                                              TM at Glengarry Shopping
 Zanu PF rally scheduled for                                                          23 March 2005                                                              Centre after he was accused of
 Masotsha Secondary School.                                                                                                                                      provoking the Zanu PF
 However, the two declined after                                                      DM of Pumula East reportedly                                               campaign team.
 which they were threatened with                                                      woke up in the morning to find
 unspecified action by four                                                           Zanu PF posters posted all over                                            26 March 2005
 unidentified Zanu PF youths.                                                         her house including. It is said she
                                                                                      had to seek alternative                                                    Some suspected Zanu PF
 Pumula/Luveve                                                                        accommodation in fear, after she                                           supporters in Mahatshula and
                                                                                      was warned not to remove the                                               allegedly bundled unsuspecting
                                                                                      poster.                                                                    people into their trucks before


                                                                         Matebeleland South

                               1                                                                                                                1
                                           0          0              0                           0           0         0                0                                0
                           r                                                    lt                                                                n                          t
                         de           pe            ng        io
                                                                              au           in
                                                                                                         n        IP               re          io             io
                       ur          Ra            pi        ct                           ot           Ar
                                                                                                                 M              rtu         nt              at
                   M                          ap         du              A ss         Lo                                   To             te              id           ce
                                                       Ab                          ft/                                                  De            tim           la
                                       K                                         he                                                 ul            /in             sp
                                                                               T         Type of cases                           wf          e nt              Di
                                                                                                                           Un             sm
                                                                                                                                  Ha                               Mar-05

driving them to Ntabazinduna where                                                       is alleged that soon after the                                              within the ruling party in the
there was a Zanu PF star rally. It is                                                    meeting, the participants clashed                                           constituency.
further alleged that the said victims                                                    with MDC supporters, leading to
were forced to wear Zanu PF t-shirts.                                                    three people being injured.                                                 Beitbridge

Matebeleland South                                                                       23 March 2005                                                               26 March 2005
                                                                                         At Wabayi Sofa Business Centre it                                           At Chabhili Primary School it is
18 March 2005                                                                            is alleged that all known MDC                                               alleged that the Headmaster EN
                                                                                         supporters were denied access to                                            and teachers, were victimised and
It was alleged that DG and NN of                                                         cash, food, and benefits from the                                           denied the chance to participate in
Mahwanke were harassed by MDC                                                            government resources and the Social                                         the March 31st elections as
youths as they were coming from                                                          Welfare programmes                                                          monitors, polling officers,
preparatory meeting for the                                                                                                                                          presiding officers because their
Independence Celebrations, and had                                                       Gwanda                                                                      school was in the vicinity of the
their bicycles confiscated for about                                                                                                                                 MDC candidate SM’s home area.
2hours.                                                                                  26 March 2005
                                                                                                                                                                     Matebeleland North
20 March 2005                                                                            MM and a number of teachers in the
                                                                                         district had their names reportedly                                         19 March 2005
It was reportedly that 3 Zanu PF                                                         removed from a list of those
activists accosted TH of the MDC at                                                      undergoing polling                                                          M of the MDC was reportedly
his home where they confiscated 4                                                        officers/presiding officers’ training                                       subjected to harassment by the
bags of maize after claiming that the                                                    programmes after they were accused                                          Estate Manager of Hwange
victim did not deserve the maize                                                         of secretly belonging to the MDC.                                           Colliery Company and the
because of his political affiliation. It is                                                                                                                          Zimbabwe Republic Police
said the local police only promised to                                                   Insiza                                                                      allegedly for carrying out an
look into the matter after the elections.                                                                                                                            MDC rally after the Colliery had
                                                                                         19 March 2005                                                               denied them entry into any of
At Mtshabezi turn-off, it was reported                                                                                                                               their stadium. The rally was said
that a meeting was held by the ruling                                                    At Silisa beer hall, CMS, a Zanu PF                                         to have been later held outside the
party to devise more effective ways of                                                   supporter was allegedly assaulted by                                        stadium.
intimidating and coercing MDC                                                            fellow party activists he failed to
supporters into voting for Zanu PF. It                                                   identify. This follows a spate of                                           An ‘emergency’ road block was
                                                                                         intra-party clashes and suspicions


                                                              Matabeleland North
            12                                                                                                                                 10
             4                                                      1
             2              0           0      0          0                       0           0            0          0            0                            0
                        r                                        lt                                                              n                          t
                      de           pe     in
                                                               au           in
                                                                                          n           IP            re       t io               .         en
                    ur          Ra      pp                               ot           Ar
                                                                                                                 tu                         i..
                                                 uc         ss         Lo                                                  en            nt           ce
                                       a        d         A          t/                                     T           et           t/i
                                   Ki         Ab                  ef                                                 lD           en                la
                                                               Th                                                  fu           m                isp
                                                                                                                w           ss               D
                                                                        Type of cases                                     ra
                                                                                                           Un          Ha


reportedly mounted at Cross Dete in                                       alleged to have a notebook in which                                                       Mr N and MB and other Ministry of
Hwange West to trap K and AN                                              in records their details before                                                           Transport workers reportedly had
who were searched and harassed. It                                        harassing some of his subjects                                                            their company vehicle stopped by a
is further alleged that the two were                                      including SJ.                                                                             group of Zanu PF who allegedly
accused of spying for the American                                                                                                                                  made them chant ruling party
government after having been seen                                         Midlands                                                                                  slogans. It is said those who failed
talking to NGO employee.                                                                                                                                            were beaten up.
22 March 2005                                                                                                                                                       Mr LK and SS of Torwood, who
                                                                          15 March 2005                                                                             were heard expressing their
At Spot-On Supermarket, a group of                                                                                                                                  optimism that the MDC would win
people in a bread queue discussing                                        A group of MDC supporters was                                                             the general elections are said to have
the state of the country’s economy                                        accosted by Zanu PF activists led by                                                      riled M and M of Zanu PF who
was harassed, and AK, who declared                                        Mrs F who allegedly proceeded to                                                          allegedly harassed them and warned
his intention not to vote for Zanu PF                                     harass the MDC supporters while                                                           them against ever making such
in the up coming parliamentary                                            demanding that they produce Zanu                                                          statements.
elections was reportedly arrested by                                      PF cards.
plain clothes policemen who made                                                                                                                                    20 March 2005
him pay a fie of $200,000.00 despite                                      20 March 2005
having failed to lay any specific                                                                                                                                   Residents of Rutendo suburb were
charges against the victim.                                               It is alleged that Mr M, a tuck-shop                                                      allegedly coerced into attending a
                                                                          operator of Mkoba 18 reportedly                                                           Zanu PF rally where they were
Nkayi                                                                     lost business after refusing to allow                                                     promised ‘project grants’ by the
                                                                          Zanu PF youths to stick their party’s                                                     ruling party.
16 March 2005                                                             posters on his shop. The youths are
                                                                          then said to have chased away                                                             In another case, CM of Gobo
Gwelutshena members of the                                                buyers in the shop.                                                                       Primary School was allegedly
community were allegedly harassed                                                                                                                                   assaulted by Mrs R and Mrs M who
and threatened by Zanu PF members                                         22 March 2005                                                                             admonished for failing to attend a
led by MM who accused them of                                                                                                                                       well publicised Zanu PF meeting.
supporting the MDC. This followed                                         National Youth Service-trained
a poor attendance of the Zanu PF                                          Zanu PF youths allegedly mounted a                                                        Chirumanzu
rally that was held in the area.                                          barricade along the Mambo-Mkoba
                                                                          road where they demanded                                                                  18 March 2005
23 March 2005                                                             motorists to produce Identification
                                                                          and Zanu PF membership cards.                                                             JZ of Zanu PF was reportedly
YM, a kraal head of Gezekhaya                                                                                                                                       harassed by the Provincial District
village reportedly went round the                                         Silobela                                                                                  Administrator who denied him
village demanding to know every                                           19 March 2005                                                                             access to Zanu PF resources after he
villager’s political affiliation. He is                                                                                                                             was accused of having been seen in


                                                                                           Midlands                                                                 60
           30                                                                       19
           20              2           1              1                 0                             3           1         2                 2         1                             0
                       r                                                           lt                                                              n                              t
                     de           pe           in
                                                                                 au           t in
                                                                                                              n        IP                re    t io                .            en
                   ur          Ra            pp
                                                                                                                      M            r   tu                      i..
                                                          uc                  ss            oo                                  To           en             nt               em
                  M                        na           bd                  A          t /L                                               et            t/i             la
                                     d                A                             ef                                                  lD           en              isp
                                                                                  Th                                                 wfu
                                                                                                                                                   m              D
                                                                                          Type of cases                            la        ra
                                                                                                                                Un        Ha


the company of known MDC                                                          16 March 2005                                                                     perceived as anti-government,
supporters.                                                                                                                                                         threatened her with unspecified
                                                                                  Two Zanu PF activists, EC and JN                                                  action if she failed to sing what they
20 March 2005                                                                     (female), allegedly kidnapped NM                                                  termed Zanu PF music which was
                                                                                  at night, before force-marching him                                               ‘more inspiring’.
Mr PK, the MDC’s Midlands                                                         to an unknown place, where they are
spokesperson was allegedly                                                        said to have taken turns to assault                                               Gokwe
harassed by the DA who accused                                                    and interrogate him, demanding to
him of abandoning Zanu PF to ‘join’                                               know what campaign strategies the                                                 15 March 2005
(British Premier) Tony Blair. This                                                MDC has up its sleeve. The alleged
was after PK had put up the MDC’s                                                 kidnappers are said to have released                                              In an act of gross intolerance, J, an
campaign posters in Mvuma.                                                        the victim after three hours. The                                                 uncompromising Zanu PF supporter
                                                                                  local police are said to have refused                                             allegedly prevented churchgoers
Kwekwe                                                                            to act upon the mater after it was                                                GM and EC from attending a church
                                                                                  reported to them.                                                                 service and demanded that they
15 March 2005                                                                                                                                                       instead attend Zanu PF meetings.
                                                                                  17 March 2005
KM and SM of Phoenix Mine were                                                                                                                                      16 March 2005
allegedly harassed by suspected                                                   It is alleged that unidentified MDC
Zanu PF activists who are said to                                                 youths thoroughly assaulted JN, a                                                 In an unfortunate incident, AB of
have accused the duo of supporting                                                Zanu PF militant supporter who, it                                                Mapfungautsi residential area was
the MDC’s campaign activities in                                                  was claimed attempted to prevent                                                  alleged forced by police details to
the area.                                                                         the youths from erecting MDC                                                      join a Zanu PF slogan drill in which
                                                                                  campaign posters throughout the                                                   some members of the uniformed
19 March 2005                                                                     constituency.                                                                     forces were alleged to have
Intolerance reared its ugly head                                                  18 March 2005
when the MDC’s parliamentary                                                                                                                                        In a separate event, Zanu PF
candidate for Kwekwe, BC and his                                                  Zanu PF allegedly harassed a group                                                activists led by a SC (female), who
assistant SM were threatened with                                                 of youths after accusing them of                                                  is said to be a notorious party cadre,
unspecified action allegedly by                                                   snubbing Zanu PF meetings and                                                     allegedly assaulted LM (female) in
Zanu PF youths for sticking MDC                                                   rallies and opting instead to support                                             the Gwehava-Muyambo area for
campaign posters on trees and walls                                               the MDC’s campaign activities in                                                  showing a keen interest in an MDC
in the town. It is claimed that the                                               Zhombe.                                                                           poster. The alleged assailants are
youth subsequently destroyed some                                                                                                                                   reported to have reminded the said
of the posters in full view of                                                    20 March 2005                                                                     victim that Zanu PF was still in
members of the public.                                                                                                                                              power, and therefore it was
                                                                                  Two Zanu PF activists, LM (52) and                                                ‘incorrect’ for anyone to support any
Zhombe                                                                            DM ( a woman aged 48), after                                                      other political party in Gokwe.
                                                                                  hearing TN sing songs they


18 March 2005                            Mutenda village struck off names of
                                         people he was convinced were MDC          Two families from the Mazungunyu
It is alleged that supporters of BM      supporters, from a list of villagers      and Dzore clans were reportedly
the losing Zanu PF parliamentary         who had paid to receive maize at a        denied access to food by the local
candidate for the constituency           cheaper price.                            Zanu PF leadership who accused
threatened to assault DC of                                                        them of supporting the MDC.
Mapfungautsi if he refused to attend     17 March 2005
Zanu PF meetings and rallies in the                                                16 March 2005
area.                                    A Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
                                         official, MT was allegedly harassed       Two Zanu PF activists, TC and TN
20 March 2005                            by SM, a Zanu PF supporter who            allegedly threatened RM of the
                                         was visibly angry after having been       MDC with unspecified action if he
A ZS allegedly threatened kraal          informed that the March 31st ballot       refused to renounce his support for
heads with unspecified retribution at    boxes would be transparent.               the opposition party.
a Zanu PF meeting in Kariangwe
village, if they allowed their           In a related event, Kraal heads at a      17 March 2005
subjects to attend MDC meetings          Zanu PF meeting held at Gawa
and rallies in the area.                 Business Centre were allegedly            Two teachers at Chinyenyetu School
                                         warned by Zanu PF activists not to        were threatened with assault by
Gokwe – Nembudziya                       reveal to villagers that the ballot       alleged Zanu PF supporters who
                                         boxes would, this time around, be         accused them of supporting the
15 March 2005                            transparent, instead of the traditional   MDC after a soccer tournament at
                                         wooden ones.                              Nembudziya School.
Zanu PF youths are alleged to have
forced three girls only identified as    19 March 2005                             21 March 2005
V, F and C, and a young man S to
join in the creation of a ruling party   SN of Magwizi village was said to         Three MDC supporters M, C and
campaign base.                           have been exhaustively assaulted by       another identified as Chikara
                                         unidentified Zanu PF youths after         allegedly harassed two Zanu PF
18 March 2005                            uttering sentiments to the effect that    members M and M after demanding
                                         the ruling party was responsible for      that the two ‘reform’ by joining the
A rally scheduled to be held by the      the country’s economic woes.              MDC.
MDC at Kasuwe Primary school
was said to have been cancelled          In the same connection, PB, an            Gokwe – Chireya
following a spate of intimidations       MDC supporter was allegedly
and threats allegedly by Zanu PF         assaulted by war veterans led by N,       18 March 2005
supporters led by PM, a local Zanu       after the said victim’s father TB
PF ‘heavyweight’. It is also alleged     beseeched the alleged assailants to       Fifteen Zanu PF supporters
that villagers in the area were forced   discipline PB’s ‘wayward’ political       allegedly assaulted EG of the MDC
to register their names with their       inclinations.                             who was putting up MDC campaign
kraal heads ‘for electoral purposes’.                                              posters before accusing him of
                                         Gokwe – Nembudziya                        working for the British.
A Roman Catholic Church priest,
Fr. Antonio was allegedly barred         15 March 2005                             29 March 2005
from continuing with a building
project at Chitekete by a group of       Zanu PF activists allegedly harassed      EG, an MDC youth was reportedly
about 20 Zanu PF activists, who          AM, a District Secretary of the party     assaulted by Zanu PF youths after
accused him of being financed by         in the Chinyenyetu area, after            distributing MDC flyers to
either (US leader) George Bush or        ‘discovering’ that he was                 interested members of the public.
the British government.                  clandestinely passing over party
                                         secrets to the MDC.                       Shurugwi
Gokwe – Kana
                                         In an act of gross political              18 March 2005
16 March 2005                            intolerance, Zanu PF supporters led
                                         by RC and RH allegedly harassed G,        FW, a Zanu PF supporter was
Maize distribution is allegedly being    a 68 year old blind man and S (57)        reportedly threatened with evicted
done selectively in the constituency.    whom they accused of supporting           from his home by LS, a war veteran
It is alleged that Headman M, of         the MDC.                                  after the said victim refused to buy


opaque beer for the war veteran.          is alleged that TD had attend a Zanu    employed by Zanu PF. He was
                                          Pf rally but had decided to go and      labelled a member of the MDC.
22 March 2005                             fetch some water and that when the
                                          police thought he was leaving the       29 March 2005
LC, an MDC supporter was                  meeting before it had officially
reportedly harassed by unnamed            ended and started beating him up.       ST of Nyanyani Village 60 was
Zanu PF supporters after pointing                                                 reportedly harassed by two Zanu PF
out that people were free to wear         Mberengwa East                          youths AS and his friends. It is
their parties’ symbols without fear.                                              alleged that ST was organising a
                                          16 March 2005                           party meeting when he was
Zvishavane                                                                        approached by the Zanu youths who
                                          TM of Chief Mapiravana and              then disrupted the whole process by
16 March 2005                             headman under the same Chief was        threatening ST with physical assault.
                                          reportedly harassed for having
PS, suspected MDC supporter was           attended an MDC rally in the area.      Masvingo
assaulted for seemingly being MDC         The chief is said to have summoned
members by unknown five                   for the headman to his court and        Bikita East
suspected Zanu PF youths.                 quizzed on why he had attended the
                                          MDC rally.                              17 March 2005
17 March 2005
                                          19 March 2005                           It is alleged that VV was assaulted
SH and SD suspected MDC                                                           by AM who accused the victim of
supporters were reportedly harassed       It is alleged that TS of MDC was        supporting the MDC. This was after
by Zanu PF youth who approached           defrauded of her money by GMB           VV had attended a ZESN election
them and while they were putting up       officials after she had paid money in   observers’ training workshop.
MDC campaign posters. The two             advance for the maize knowing very
were told to stop putting up posters      well that the opportunity to purchase   21 March 2005
and leave the area immediately.           maize from GMB was only
                                          accorded to the Zanu PF members         OM was reportedly assaulted by AK
18 March 2005                             only. It is reported that when the      after he had refused to join a Zanu
                                          maize came the victim was denied        PF campaign team.
Two suspected MDC supporters              access to acquire the commodity and
were purportedly assaulted on             was not refunded.                       31 March 2005
allegations that the two, AN and
MM had attended an MDC rally.             Mberengwa West                          The Presiding Officer at Uteke
                                                                                  Primary School Mr M was said to
In a separate incident, it alleged that   18 March 2005                           have barred MC, a ZESN observer
for putting up MDC campaign                                                       from observing the electoral process
posters T was arrested and detained       Two MDC supporters PM and RZ            citing the observer’s accreditation
overnight by police.                      were forcibly made to buy party         was invalid.
                                          cards from Zanu PF in a bid to make
19 March 2005                             them denounce and renounce MDC.         Bikita West

FH was reportedly assaulted by KV         20 March 2005                           31 March 2005
of MDC when they were attending
one the Destiny For Africa                It is alleged that a member of MDC      At Gumunyu Primary School, Zanu
meetings. FH had commented that           MS set on fire the home of MM of        PF candidates were reported to be
the scheme was good yet KV took it        the Zanu PF as a matter of fixing the   singing as the votes were being
to be campaign gimmick by Zanu            party and at the same time showing      counted, while their candidate CM
PF.                                       the strength of MDC.                    allegedly threatened to expel all
                                                                                  MDC supporters from the
27 March 2005                             24 March 2005                           constituency in the event that he
TD (18) was reportedly assaulted by       SS, Zanu PF is alleged to have been     31 March 2005
members of the support Unit and           beaten up by his fellow party
was wounded and later died from           members for questioning the             At the Bikita Chief’s hall, Zanu PF
the injury incurred in the beating. It    meeting organising strategies           activists were reportedly driving


                                                                                           Masvingo                                                                 22
           15                                                                          8
            5              0           0             0                 0                              0           0         0                 0        0                             0
                       r                                                          lt                                                                n                            t
                     de           pe           in
                                                            t   io
                                                                                au             tin
                                                                                                              n        IP              tu
                                                                                                                                         re     tio            t..
                                                                                                                                                                   .           en
                   ur          Ra            pp          uc                  ss              oo           Ar
                                                                                                                      M            r          en           /in              em
                  M                        na          bd                  A              /L                                    To         et             t               c
                                        d                                              ft                                                lD            en              la
                                   Ki                A
                                                                                     he                                                fu            m              isp
                                                                                 T                                                    w           ss            D
                                                                                           Type of cases                           la          ra
                                                                                                                                Un          Ha


voters to polling stations while                                                        25 March 2005                                                                    police having had sanctioned the
‘urging’ them to vote for Zanu PF or                                                                                                                                     meeting earlier.
face beatings.                                                                          Chief Tshovani was allegedly
                                                                                        harassed by his driver, C after the                                              Chivi North
31 March 2005                                                                           chief had refused to let him stick a
                                                                                        Zanu PF poster on his car, leading to                                            18 March 2005
At Hozvi Primary School, the                                                            his driver labelling him an MDC
incumbent Zanu PF MP CM is                                                              sympathiser.                                                                     Kraal head M reportedly warned
reported to have quizzed KM, a                                                                                                                                           villagers not to campaign for the
ZESN observer how he had been                                                           Chireddzi North                                                                  MDC as thiswould mean being
given an observer status and what he                                                                                                                                     barred from accessing food from the
would do with the reports.                                                              18 March 2005                                                                    GMB.

31 March 2005                                                                           War veterans at Bolie allegedly                                                  21 March 2005
                                                                                        assaulted MM who was wearing an
At Pfupajena Clinic, MDC agents                                                         MDC campaign t-shirt. The                                                        JH and CM who were found spray
were reportedly chased away from                                                        assailants are said to have used                                                 painting the road by Zanu PF
the polling station after their names                                                   knobkerries in the assault.                                                      supporter WM were reportedly
were found missing from the                                                                                                                                              threatened with assault unless they
gazetted list of names.                                                                 21 March 2005                                                                    erased the markings and that other
                                                                                                                                                                         Zanu PF youths would be called to
Chiredzi North                                                                          Police Special Constabularies led by                                             deal with them.
                                                                                        IM reportedly assaulted and arrested
19 March 2005                                                                           EM, VM and PM who were putting                                                   Chivi South
                                                                                        up MDC campaign posters and
The Zinyani village head M                                                              distributing flyers.                                                             18 March 2005
reportedly threatened to deny
villagers access to food if the MDC                                                     22 March 2005                                                                    Headman SH who is allegedly MDC
won in the area.                                                                                                                                                         was reportedly arrested by Chief
                                                                                        MDC youths EZ and BN who were                                                    MM and charged a fine of
20 March 2005                                                                           wearing MDC T/shirts and caps                                                    $50,000.00 after failing to attend a
                                                                                        were seemingly assaulted by Zanu                                                 Zanu PF meeting held at Musvosvi
An ex-combatant and Zanu PF                                                             PF supporters DZ, TZ and others                                                  Business Centre.
supporter M together with his                                                           who were going to an Zanu PF rally.
cronies allegedly approached                                                                                                                                             19 March 2005
members of the MDC holding a                                                            26 March 2005
rally at Chisambiyi and harassed                                                        Two CIOs ME and AM allegedly                                                     Zanu PF youths led by AM and CT
them. It is also said they threatened                                                   cannoned into an MDC polling                                                     allegedly confiscated MDC
them with starvation.                                                                   agents meeting and demanded that                                                 campaign flyers from GT and HD
                                                                                        participants disband, despite the                                                before burning them.


  22 March 2005                         SU for distributing food at her rally.   lorry they were travelling on
                                                                                 that its doors suddenly opened
  NT and DM were reportedly             30 March 2005                            by Zanu PF supporters.
  assaulted by fellow Zanu PF
  supporters HT and AM after they       An ex-soldier, DR together with TM       31 March 2005
  reportedly tainted the President’s    and others of the Zanu PF reportedly
  portrait emblazoned on Zanu PF t-     moved around Sisk area                   It is alleged that people at the
  shirts they had been given.           intimidating people as well as           Charumbira Primary School (a
                                        urging them to vote for Zanu PF.         polling station), who included
  27 March 2005                         Well known MDC members TN,               the Presiding Office, Polling
                                        MZ and CN were harassed.                 Officers, monitors and police
  Zanu PF supporters MH and RT                                                   details were assaulted by
  allegedly assaulted fellow Zanu       31 March 2005                            unknown people late into the
  PF supporters RC and NG who                                                    night. It is said they fled,
  they accused of being too             It is alleged that at most polling       leaving ballot boxes unattended
  ambitious.                            stations in places in Masvingo           for some time. Three of them
                                        Central at about 2030 hours,             had to be admitted at the
  Gutu North                            observers were being told by             hospital including a policeman.
                                        presiding officers to move off as
  31 March 2005                         counting was about to begin.             Masvingo South

  NV was reportedly barred from         31 March 2005                            16 March 2005
  witnessing the vote counting
  process at Chikosha Primary           A war veteran and kraal head TM          TC was allegedly assaulted by
  School despite being an               reportedly urged his people to come      his uncle TC for wearing an
  accredited observer.                  and vote with him so that the elders     MDC t-shirt while visiting him
                                        and suspicious people would be           in Chani Village.
  Gutu South                            assisted to vote so as to ensure Zanu
                                        PF emerges a winner. Failure to do       18 March 2005
  24 March 2005                         so would be calling for expulsion
                                        from the village.                        Zanu PF youth militia allegedly
  It is a alleged that members of the                                            donned MDC t-shirts and went
  Zimbabwe National Army                Masvingo North                           on the rampage ina bid to
  allegedly addressed a gathering at                                             tarnish the opposition party’s
  Chopumu township were they            23 March 2005                            image.
  threatened to unleash their
  military abilities against the        AM of Zanu PF allegedly threatened       19 March 2005
  people if the MDC won in the          JT who had attended an MDC rally
  constituency.                         in Masvingo town to leave the town       An army officer CM was seen
                                        after the elections or face              removing MDC posters and was
  Masvingo Central                      unmentioned actions.                     allegedly arrested by police.
                                                                                 The suspect denied the charges.
  18 March 2005                         27 March 2005
                                                                                 27 March 2005
  In Mazanhi Village GMB maize          SM who was distributing Zanu PF t-
  was sold to card carrying Zanu PF     shirts and other campaign material       The Zanu PF candidate, WM
  supporters only. This happened        was reportedly threatened and later      allegedly warned people at
  moments before the arrival of the     assaulted by RZ who had been             Rupiko shopping centre that a
  senior Vice President JM’s visit .    denied one following accusations         pro-MDC vote meant no food
                                        that he was an MDC supporter.            assistance from the government.
  21 March 2005                                                                  It is further alleged that he went
                                        29 March 2005                            on a ‘voter education’
  A group of men garbed in military                                              campaign, informing the rural
  fatigue allegedly assaulted           Two people, JM and Mrs Z who             voters that computers donated
  civilians who were critising the      were among people forced to attend       by the President in the area had
  ruling party’s aspiring MP for        a Zanu PF rally at Maranda were          an ability to trace who would
  Masvingo Central for Zanu PF,         reportedly severely injured when the     have voted for the MDC.


31 March 2005                         EM, an MDC supporter was              BM, an MDC female supporter
                                      reportedly assaulted and seriously    allegedly beat up Mr M whom
GM was reportedly assaulted by        injured on the eye by BB, a Zanu PF   she accused of not trying to
her brother HM, an MDC activist       supporter who accused her of          work for change of government.
after she revealed that she had       ‘advertising’ the MDC’s existence
voted for the ruling party.           by wearing the party’s t-shirt and
31 March 2005
                                      24 March 2005
WM, the Zanu PF candidate
allegedly distributed Zanu PF         SN and EN who attended a ZESN
campaign materials in polling         local observer training workshop in
stations during the voting process.   Masvingo were reportedly accused
                                      of attending an MDC training
Zaka East                             programme by kraal head MG.

20 March 2005                         26 March 2005


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